Story Writing Tips for Children

Tell your child to read a book and they’ll tell you it’s OK, this book is a film on streaming services now, so there’s no need to actually read the book. It’s not a problem with imagination that children have when it comes to enjoying a good story, it’s a problem with the delivery. See, if the story is being read to them, the character voices and the build-ups and the quiet parts are all narrated in keeping with the rhythm of the prose. But when they’re on their own? That’s like asking a child to be excited about someone else’s imagination, rather than using their own. That’s why children love storytime. And what they love even more than storytime is writing their own stories. This will light up their thinking caps with bells and whistles, and keep them occupied for entire hours, what with drawing the characters too, and designing a front cover. Here’s how.

Writing a story from scratch

In the adult world, there are seven established pathways or ‘plotlines’ that build convincing narratives. It is very difficult to write a good children’s book, but you can get some great advice here. When it comes to your child writing their first story, we’re going to borrow heavily from one of these seven types of story: “overcoming the monster”. For this, you will need a beginning, middle, and end (and you’re going to need printer ink, lots and lots of printer ink because if there’s one thing that kids love to do with their word documents, it’s hit print, you have been warned – see

Once upon a time…

The beginning of the story should start with a disaster caused by the “monster”. This means you’ll need a location and a villain. Let’s say the location is a castle and the villain is a dragon. The disaster could be an attack on the castle, in which the dragon steals treasure from the king and queen.

The resistance begins…

The middle of the story should contain the voyage of a hero or heroes that fight the villain to right the wrong that was done at the start. In our example, we’re going to suggest that a brave prince and princess duo set off to challenge the dragon for the stolen treasure. Along the way, they’ll have to help each other to climb through the branches over a swamp that contains mythical ‘mud-sharks’. Again, ask your child to write what’s happening and draw the scene as they imagine it.

The end…

The dragon is defeated, the treasure is recovered, etc. An obvious ending, but kids aren’t looking for a twist. And if your child struggles with the drawing element, check out free online drawing lessons for children for great tips.

All About CBD and What Parents Should Know

The market is currently filled with many CBD-based products. It seems that CBD is gaining popularity among the masses. With the legalization of cannabis plants in many countries, the CBD industry has grown rapidly. Many who use CBD use it for medicinal purposes. Many people have come forward and affirmed how CBD has been vital in making them better. CBD is gradually proving to aid many people in ways that other medications have failed. Many adults and children are now using CBD for different health reasons. 

As a parent, you are always looking for ways to better your child’s life. Though many parents are now giving their kids CBD, it is understandable if a parent has certain concerns. Below is what parents need to know about CBD.

What is Known About CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is among the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Most of the CBD used is extracted from hemp. Though it comes from the cannabis family, it is quite different from the controversial marijuana plant. What mainly differentiates hemp from marijuana is the fact that hemp has minimal THC. THC is what gives marijuana users a ‘high’ feeling.

Though it may come to a surprise to many people, hemp has been used by humans since ancient times. It was used to cure various illnesses like pain. CBD from the hemp plant is used by people of all ages because it is not psychoactive like THC. It is important to note that as of now, only one cannabis-based medicine is approved for use in children from the age of two years old. Epidiolex has been at the forefront of helping many children who suffer from epilepsy. 

Since we are only in the early stages of the legalization of cannabis, more is still to be discovered. This may create concerns, especially when children are issued with CBD.

Concerns About CBD

Though CBD has been found to have many health benefits, there are concerns raised on how safe it is. Since there are many CBD products on the market, many find a hard time purchasing the right product. It has been discovered that many products tend not to have a specific amount of CBD that they claim.

Some products may contain other substances besides CBD. This is common in products from unreliable retailers. To make sure that the CBD product you purchase only contains CBD, you need to check if there is a certified lab approval of the product. To ensure that you get the best quality product, make a point of purchasing from a well-known and established retailer. You can get more information for your reference here.

Since there are various ways that CBD products are used including vaping, consuming orally, and applying topically, many may not know how much is being consumed. Different ways of using CBD may mean a different amount being consumed. Some may be extremely higher than others, making them harmful. Many parents might not know what amount to give their children.


As a parent, you need to do proper research before giving your child CBD for health reasons. CBD has many benefits for both children and adults. More is still being researched on the potential benefits of CBD.

9 Top Boy Toys Every Boy Wants

Do you remember when you were a kid? There were some toys that you would have loved to have! Now, it’s time to give your little man the top boy toys he wants!

Are you looking for a popular boy you know the special boy in your life will love?

With all the toys for boys on the market, how do you decide? You want to put a huge smile on his face when he opens your gift, not a frown.

Don’t stress. Our boy toy scouts have scoured the internet looking for the top boy toy gifts he’ll love.

Without further delay, we bring you the top boy toys on the planet right now.

9 Top Boy Toys Boys Really Want 

Check out these popular boy toys like the fastest power wheels and more popular toys he can’t live without. 

These 9 boys will redefine what it means to have a toy. Boys will have exciting adventures with these toys. 

1. Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger RC Truck (1:6 Scale)

Do you have a boy who loves Monster trucks? If your answer is yes, you’ll floor him with this toy.

The name monster is far from an understatement. It is a monster.

The Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger RC truck comes in a 1:6 scale. If you know anything about Monster trucks, that’s colossal. 

Some of the features on the truck he’s seen in commercials include mega-sized tires, lights that really work, and awesome graphics. As an added benefit, parents don’t have to buy extra batteries for the monster truck.

That’s because it has a USB charging cable built right into it. Just plug it into any USB port or AC adapter. It’s charged and ready to go again.

The young man in your life will enjoy moving this huge truck over rocks in the backyard. It glides right through puddles and stands way above his other trucks.

2. Marky Sparky Blast Pad Rocket Launcher 

Want your kid to get away from video games for some outdoor fun? He won’t give you an argument with the popular Marky Sparky Blast Pad Rocket Launcher.

Your little astronaut will power his own rocket from a blast pad. Then he’ll watch as he shoots it into the sky.

The Marky Sparky Blast Pad Rocket Launcher comes equipped with three foam-tipped rockets for safety. It also contains a blast pad, launch tube, blast pad base, and a hose.

It’s a perfect gift to get your kids outdoors during the spring and summertime. This rocket-launching gift is portable which makes it easy to bring along to parties and playdates.

3. National Geographic Mega Slime and Putty Kit

It’s a known fact. Boys ooze at the idea of playing with slime. But this isn’t just any slime gift. The National Geographic Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab gets kids excited. 

The kit comes with eight different kinds of slimes and putties such as glow-in-the-dark slime, fluffy slime, magnetic putty, and putty that changes colors right before his eyes!

He’ll love the bouncing putty included in the kit. He can make a ball and watch it bounce high into the air. 

4. BMW Vision RC Car

This sharp looking toy is simple to control. It’s also an exact replica of a BMW.

Get a few so your kids can race each other. It contains three frequency bands that enable three kids to race simultaneously. 

5. Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Class Protectobot Figure

Transformer toys aren’t going away for a long time. Kids love Transformer movies and playing with their cool toys. That’s what makes it one of the top boy toys.

The Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Class Protectobot figure is one of the hottest toys to date. Your kids will watch it change from a firetruck to a robot as it takes 17 steps. Transformer films may be fun to watch but this toy is even better.

6. Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Designed for older boys, it’s a great summer gift. The Quest Skateboard Super Cruiser Longboard is constructed from hardwood maple and artisan bamboo which makes it durable.

Forty-four inches long, the skateboard comes with a really rad kicktail. The board is available in green and purple. Get one of each. Another great gift to get your kids outdoors!

7. Sands Alive Glow Sand Car Crashers Kit

You don’t have to take your kids to the beach to play with sand. Now they can play with it indoors. I know what you’re thinking! No need to worry. Sands Alive by Play Visions is non-toxic, anti-bacterial sand that isn’t messy.

You may have seen the commercials or eyed Sands Alive Glow Sand Car Crashers Kiton the shelf at your neighborhood toy store. This popular boys toy comes with a whole pound of glow sand.

This toy molds to make awesome-looking cars. It has three car body shapes, three chassis, and a smoother roller as well as its dedicated play mat.

The UV LED glasses and UV pen enable kids to see the plastic components in the dark. It won’t dry up. Made for kids ages three and up. But watch out for dad. He’ll want to play with it, too!

8. Legos

Who doesn’t love Legos! They provide a great option for your boys to practice manual building and problem-solving skills while they have fun creating something.

Legos come in a variety of options for boys of all ages. Young boys enjoy Lego Duplo. Kids ages 6 through 10 love standard Legos.

Legos are always age-appropriate. The manufacturer prints the age recommendations on the box which makes shopping easier for parents and grandparents.

9. H102 Velocity RC Boat

Looking for a great birthday gift under $100 for a boy who likes fast toys? Then the super popular H102 Velocity RC Boat is it. It’s fast and really fun to drive.

The RC Boat gets back on the right course he drives it off track. All kids need to do is put it in the water. A great gift for a day at the beach.

The Takeaway on the Top Boy Toys Boys Love

Now you know nine of the top boy toys every boy wants. Whether you’re shopping for your son, brother, nephew, or grandson, you’re sure to put a smile on this face holiday time, on his birthdays or any time of year.

Looking for more cool content? Explore more of our blog. 

Tips for Saving Enough Money to Go on Vacation with the Family

After a long year of working and attending school, your entire family could benefit from going on a long, relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, if you’re living from one paycheck to the next, it can be downright impossible for you to try to save up enough in order to start planning your next adventure. There are many ways for you and your family to save up money so that you can start planning ahead.

Bring in Extra Money

There are lots of ways for you to bring in some extra money that can be put directly into your vacation account. You might choose to sell some unused furniture or items that are just lying around the house. You can sell these either by holding a yard sale or selling them online to local buyers. If you don’t have much to sell off, you might want to consider taking on some overtime at work or doing some freelancing.

Refinance or Consolidate Older Debts

If you’re in a significant amount of debt, it can be suffocating to try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re trying to save up some cash for a vacation while tackling debt, you probably won’t be able to meet your monetary goals. For this reason, you need to either refinance or consolidate the debts that you have. If you have old student loans, you can refinance them to save some money and get a longer repayment term.

Set Up a Special Account

The problem with trying to save up money for a vacation in your regular checking or savings account is that you’ll be tempted to use it. Your account is running a bit low, so you simply take it out of the savings. You need cash for an emergency, so you dip into what you have saved up. It’s a good idea to create a special account specific to going on vacation. You may even want to set a restriction that you cannot dip into these funds until it comes time to travel.

Send Funds Automatically to Your Vacation Fund

You can automate your savings in order to prevent forgetting to put into the account. Most banks allow their customers to set up automatic transfers that allow them to choose the amount and time to send money over to a separate account. You won’t even realize that money is being put into this fund each week, and you’ll have significant savings when it’s time to take a trip with your loved ones.

Plan Ahead

The earlier you plan for your trip, the cheaper and more affordable it is going to be. Likewise, you’ll be able to get a feel for how much the vacation will cost so that you have enough time to save up for it. You can check flights and hotel fees well in advance to actually needing them. If you have the money for it, don’t hesitate to establish some bookings while you are able to get them at their absolute cheapest and most affordable.

How Your Sleep Patterns Affect Your Children’s Sleep

Adequate sleep is something that people of all ages need to stay healthy and happy. It’s especially important during childhood and adolescence when the brain is still developing. Unfortunately, many children and teens aren’t getting the sleep they need. According to Sleep Standards, most teens are sleep deprived — a recent study found that only 15% reported sleeping 8 1/2 hours on school nights.

As a parent, you probably know just how important it is for your children to get enough sleep. But have you ever thought that your own sleep patterns could be affecting how much rest your kids are getting? Here’s what you need to know so the whole family can get more (and better) sleep.

Know the Facts About Sleep Deprivation in Children & Teens

To understand just how important sleep is for kids and teens, we need to look at how a lack of sleep can have an impact on their health and well-being. Overall, sleep deprivation can contribute to diabetes, obesity, mental health disorders, disruptive behavior, and more. Having the proper tools and information at your disposal to understand the effects of a lack of sleep is important and can primarily affect vulnerable populations.

The effects of sleep deprivation can even disrupt normal brain development. Poor and inadequate sleep has been associated with structural changes in the brain and can contribute to issues with memory, cognition, and attention.

Sadly, chronic sleep deprivation in young people is very common. In 2013, 68.4% of high schoolers were sleeping less than 8 hours each night. Younger children need even more than 8 hours to stay healthy.

Be Sure to Reduce Screen Time Before Going to Sleep

By this point, we all know that we shouldn’t have screens in our bedroom. The light from electronic devices can disrupt melatonin production, making it harder for us to fall asleep. Plus, if we’re engaged with media use, it’s much more interesting to keep using our devices than it is to go to sleep.

As a parent, you need to set boundaries surrounding screen time and enforce them for the whole family. If you tell your kids to turn off their devices two hours before bed but you’re still surfing on your iPad, they might not take the rules very seriously.

Are You Letting Your Kids Get Enough Sleep?

Kids and teens need more sleep than adults. Their developing brains need extra time for rest, and it’s important for parents to help them get the amount that they need. The amount of sleep needed decreases as a child grows up, but even children as old as 13 may need up to 11 hours of sleep each night, while older teens need 8-10 hours.

So how can you, as a parent, help your child get enough sleep? You might consider setting an earlier bedtime for the family so that everyone goes through the ritual of tucking in for the night together. Then, the adults can get up early and have some time for themselves in the morning before the kids get up. You need to let your kids get enough sleep, even if that means making some adjustments in your schedule.

Consider Having Kids and Teens Meditate Before Sleep

Kids are often over-stimulated in the evening, whether from media use, homework, or family time. When bedtime rolls around, it’s a good idea to have everyone take a deep breath and start to wind down.

One good way to do this is to implement a daily meditation practice in your household before bed. Relaxation techniques can be helpful for children who find their mind racing at night, have anxiety, or just can’t calm down enough to sleep restfully. Meditation can help to improve well-being, and might just set the mood for a restful night’s sleep.

Be Active With Your Kids During the Day

Achieving deep and restful sleep starts long before bedtime. Exercise is important for both physical and mental health but will also help kids sleep more soundly. Physical activity doesn’t have to mean structured exercise—it can be tag in the backyard, yoga together in the living room, and even chores like cleaning or helping with dinner.

Kids spend a lot of time in front of their devices or sitting at a desk, especially during the school year. You might have to get creative to keep the family active, but it will be well worth the effort. Plus, it’s good for you, too!

Be a Good Role Model

When it comes to building better sleep habits in your household, you can’t just tell your kids what to do. You have to model good behavior yourself. Being a role model for good sleeping habits isn’t always easy, but it will make your home happier and healthier more quickly than you might imagine.

Some Simple Tips For Baby’s Skin

Weather can be difficult on the delicate skin of a baby. That those lips which you adore could turn also wind-burned, leathery and reddish since the seasons shift. Thus, before you venture out, here are a few baby skincare ideas to safeguard your child from sunlight exposure, dryness and even much more all year long.

Prickly Heat – What’s Prickly Heat?

This is an itchy rash of small red spots on the baby’s face, back,  chest, neck, thighs or on the parts of your baby’s body that are exposed to hot temperatures. It is also not a serious condition.

What Are the Causes?

Prickly heat is caused by the body’s sweat glands when they are blocked. And then, they cause skin irritation and the characteristic heat rash. It’s also by clothing that can make your baby sweat.


You have to spend time in a cool and dry environment. Avoid exposure to excessive heat and humidity. Use a humidifier for the baby can be used to stabilize room temperature. Keep your baby’s skin cool by using loose-fitting clothes.

Seek medical advice to know how to use a lotion or cream because they will help cool your baby down, soothe baby’s skin and prevent further sweating.

Baby Yeast Infections – What Are Yeast Infections?

Yeast infections are the result of a naturally occurring fungus and know as thrush. They are in the mouth and on the tongue. It’s most common in babies and older adults.

What Are the Causes?

They’ re caused by the Candida fungus because of the baby’s immature immune systems. Yeast infections can spread in a warm, moist, and dark area. If your baby is irritated by diaper rash, a yeast infection can also develop.


Use an anti-fungal liquid medicine or gel to treat yeast infection if they don’t clear up within a few days. Besides, talk to your doctor about yeast infections in your baby.

Infant Sunburn – What’s Infant Sunburn?

An infant sunburn is basically a burn. When your baby is sunburn, her skin will be pink or red. Your baby may feel painful and itchy. This burn will probably peel in five to seven days.

What Are the Causes?

Infant burn is caused by too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Your baby’s skin is very delicate and easily gets the risk of damaging sunburn.



Use sunscreen regularly if your baby is being exposed to the sun. Protect your baby from sunburn by covering your baby’s head with a wide hat and infant sunglasses. It’s important to go to the doctor if your baby is sunburn.

Jaundice – What’s Jaundice?

Jaundice is a yellow coloration of baby’s skin and eyes that often appears within two to three days of birth.

What Causes Jaundice?

This is caused by too much a breakdown product of red blood cells called bilirubin.


You can treat jaundice with more frequent feedings as well as phototherapy. You can also ask your health care provider to test to measure the amount of bilirubin in the blood if your baby has jaundice.

Cloth Diapers With Your Baby’s Skin:

Using cloth diapers is considered to be a great choice for most mothers. They are gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. Besides, they are also free of toxins and artificial chemicals. Cloth diapers are usually soft terry clothes made of natural fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo. When you use cloth diapers, your baby’s bottom will get more air circulation, therefore, your baby not only feels comfortable but also avoids diaper rashes. All you need to do just is laundering, drying and making them durable because they are reusable. You can check out our article about cloth diapers reviews on to get more information.

Baby Massage Tips – Benefits Of Massage:

This is a lovely way to express your love for your baby. It can help her easily sleep. Moreover, massage also brings many different added benefits as improving circulation, aiding digestion, easing teething pain, and improving weight gain.

How To Massage:

You shouldn’t use oils that are scented or contain nuts because they may get into your baby’s mouth. Gently stroke and massage your child’s arms or legs, always use one hand to support the ankle or wrist. Massage your baby’s tummy with a circular motion going clockwise. It’s important to stop massaging if your baby is upset or falls asleep

To Sum It Up:

Most mothers can’t resist stroking babies’ faces and nuzzling the tops of their heads. However, your baby’s skin is so sensitive. Therefore, your baby’s skin needs more than nuzzling. One of the most basic rules is never doing anything to aggravate the skin. Through the article with some simple tips for baby’s skin care, you will know how to provide your baby’s skin a special protection and keep her skin smooth and healthy. Also, you also should be sure to check out our sections on the article to learn more about some skin problems such as rashes, sunburn or eczema.

You might to want visit my blog Babyvenue to read some useful information for take care your baby.

Baby Carrying Guide Through Different Types of Carriers

As a parent, you tend to go out with your baby every now and then. Using a stroller is a good idea that increases mobility and gets you close to your baby. But have you ever considered a babywearing wrap?


If not, after reading this article, you’ll definitely consider having one. So, we help you choose one baby carrier that eventually proves to be very purposeful. After all, it’s about keeping the fader down the baby comfortable and maintaining the closeness they have from the beginning.


So, let’s start with the standard features that all the baby carriers have and then jump onto the differences between these types.


The Standard Features of all Baby Carriers


  • Most of the carriers, if worn comfortably, prove to be soothing for the parent and the baby. You have to practice reading every type with the help of another person.
  • Every carrier can be used until a certain age of the baby. After that limit, the baby is comfortable, and you might find it difficult to carry him all around. Maybe, a stroller is a better option after the baby reaches 45 pounds.
  • Any baby wrap that is made of fabric is more comfortable than any other type.
  • Not every baby carrier is of the same size, and you have to choose one according to your comfort.
  • You have to get used to the baby carrier, but you cannot have someone by your side every time. So, make sure you practice using it alone after a few tries.
  • Every baby carrier wrap has to be versatile in fitting everyone who uses it. For example, if you and your babysitter use the baby carrier, it should fit both of you perfectly.


The Differences Between Baby Carriers


After going through these common features, let’s find the differences between different types of baby carriers. Let’s go through these details and help you find one according to your requirements.


  • The first type of wrap, which was traditionally a simple piece of cloth wrapped around the body. The loose ends of the baby run over your shoulder, making a cozy, secure place for your baby. You can find different baby wraps in the market with different materials and styles. Take proper typing practice for a beginner. It is ideal for locations with heavy winters as it adds an extra layer of clothing.
  • Then comes the ring sling that is just a wrap with a ring to fasten one of the ends through it. It has almost the same features as the baby wrap.
  • Then comes the soft structured front carrier. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to carrying babies with a soft structured seed for them that you carry in the front. It is ideal for almost every situation.
  • Then you have the backpack carriers that are designed to wear like a bag at the back. These can be faster and around your waist and chest, and the baby is fully secure. Your body bears uniform weight distribution for more extended periods.


So, after going through all these types, you can choose the best baby wrap, backpack, or sling according to yourself. Make sure you think from the perspective of yourself and the baby.

5 Top Sleep Tips for New Parents

For nine months, parents are sleepless with excitement, but as soon as you welcome your new family member into your home, you discover that the many joys of parenting will inevitably be riddled with challenges – sleep deprivation included. However, too many parents take this at face value and simply embrace the fact that sleep will be scarce and that they won’t have a single moment to themselves until their offspring grows up a little bit.

Still, this is not entirely true. It definitely pays to reevaluate your attitude, to pick up a few handy tips from versed parents and to start adjusting your routine to make more room (and time) for proper rest. Now that you’re embracing your new roles, it’s time to introduce some self-care practices and prepare for the new, extraordinary chapter of your life, preferably while not gluing your eyelids to keep ‘em open. These tips should do the trick!

Nap while your baby sleeps

One key way in which parents can get more rest is to use the natural sleep cycle of their little ones. Whenever your baby falls asleep, you should pick up your favorite pillow, a blanket, and get some rest yourself. Tune out all distractions and make sure that you always have a comfortable place with no noise and chaos around you so that you can fall asleep more quickly and without any trouble. 

Ensure comfort for you and your partner

Too many of us are completely clueless about what kind of beds, mattresses, and bedding we should get, let alone the right positions for our spine and neck and how we should sleep to get the most of our downtime. The right choice can mean the difference between getting ample sleep and ending up restless during the night, so it pays to find out more about the right bedroom essential to get enough rest.

Start by choosing a mattress that will give your entire body enough support while also ensuring ample comfort to help you fall asleep faster without causing any pain. A hybrid mattress that blends the memory foam with steel coils, for example, which makes it a great option to ensure comfort and support.

Set up a schedule

You and your partner have decided to bring a baby into this world, and you’re in for one rewarding, yet bumpy ride. It’s vital that you share every single obligation when it comes to taking care of your little earthling since you’ll also be cherishing all the joyous moments together. A schedule for those shared responsibilities is a great way to set up a system that both of you can develop together and adjust according to your needs. 

For example, you and your partner can take turns getting up during the night for feeding your baby, whereas you can also switch when someone makes meals, takes care of the dishes, and handles nappies. Some parents easily communicate these chores, but just in case one of you feels overwhelmed, you should share your concerns and find a fair way to share chores with a newborn schedule.

Build a support system

Moms and dads everywhere: you’re not alone. Your friends and family members are also there for you, as they should be, and you can and should ask for help when you need to get some rest. There is no shame in letting your loved ones know that you’re exhausted, so they can jump in occasionally to take care of your little one while you get a few hours of sleep.

In case you don’t have a big family and none of your relatives are able to help, there are professionals whom you can hire. A sitter or a trained nurse can be of great help from time to time. 

Practice sleep-inducing rituals

It’s easy to think that you’ll fall immediately asleep as soon as you put your little angel down for the night. As many parents will attest to, this doesn’t always turn out to be true, because many parents are too tense or have many other chores to think of, so they end up revising their to-do lists for hours in bed instead of falling asleep. To help your body unwind and turn on that sleep mode in your mind, you can introduce relaxing rituals. 

For example, you can use scented candles with lavender to add this lovely, soothing fragrance to your bedroom. Also, you can prepare and sip on a cup of chamomile tea while you read a book to let go of all those daily worries. Some stretching and belly-breathing can also be of great help!

Parenthood is a time of revelation, beauty, and of course, ups and downs. Take downtime seriously, because you will have more energy to bond with your baby, you’ll reduce your risk of developing postpartum depression, and you’ll also preserve and deepen your connection with your partner. Hopefully, these tips will help you get your shuteye and rest more easily, and ultimately help you enjoy your new role for months to come. 

About the author

Mia Taylor is a 33 year old blogger who writes about beauty, fashion and travel. She had always been passionate about fashion and over time she had developed a style of her own.  Mia loves to mix and match and inspire girls with her advice about outfit and accessories. She loves telling a story about her travels, providing beauty tips with readers.

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4 Gifts That Will Get Your Kids Outside

It’s true that kids these days spend more time inside then they do in the great outdoors. Most children absolutely love spending time in nature and getting muddy, dirty, exploring and climbing trees, it’s just convincing them to step away from their screens and the comfort of their own bedrooms that proves to be a sticking point.

Getting kids outdoors gets them some fresh air, it sparks their imaginations, they can get some exercise and learn a lot about the world around them in the comfort and safety of their own backyards. It’s such a shame that most of our kids would prefer to stay indoors and watch TV!

Luckily, if your child has a birthday or a special occasion coming up – click here to discover the best toys for an 8 year old – you can easily treat them to an amazing gift, all whilst encouraging them to head outdoors. Looking for a little inspiration? Read on for 4 gifts that will get your kids outside.

Something sporty

If your child is into sports, then spoiling them with some simple sports equipment to use at home could tick all the boxes. A simple goal to get them practicing their football skills away from the pitch, a netball or basketball hoop, even some simple cones so they can dribble a football or dribble with a hockey ball and stick. The possibilities are endless, and no matter what their favorite sport is you’ll probably find something to suit! However, if your child is more of an indoorsy type, there are plenty of alternative options for them to enjoy here.

A fairy garden

You have a couple of options here, you can either purchase a pre-made kit from a toy shop or you can create your very own from scratch. Either option is simple. A fairy garden allows children to plant their own grass seed in a small planter and decorate the surface area with a fairy house, fairy, wishing well and other little accessories. It’s a cute way to spend an afternoon and your child can spend the subsequent weeks watering and tending to their fairy garden. Once the garden has grown, they can have even more fun playing with it!

A bubble machine

Kids and adults of all ages cannot resist the urge to blow and pop bubbles! They’re so much fun! A bubble machine is a simple, inexpensive yet entertaining gift that they can use all year round. Whether they’re chasing bubbles around the garden or seeing who can pop the most in 30 seconds!

A tent

Tents are another gift that just keeps on giving and they’re great for inducing imaginative play and getting the kids outdoors! From a battle fort to a princess castle, a camping trip to a mock home-style environment, your kids will have a blast outdoors in their very own play tent. There are lots of different options available, either a simple pop-up version will suffice, or you could go all out and purchase a real camping tent with lots of different rooms and compartments to play in! Your kids will have hours of fun!

5 Common Health Problems During Pregnancy (And What to Do About Them)

During pregnancy, your body undergoes several changes. Some of these changes can cause problems. Here are common health problems during pregnancy.

Do you have concerns about common health issues during pregnancy? Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience, but you need to be aware of certain health problems that might occur during the process.

Take a look at these 5 common health problems that you might have. Here’s how you can manage these issues.

1. Headaches Are Common Health Problems

You may experience headache pains during your first, second, or third trimester. These could be natural headaches that you may experience. 

Some of these are tension, cluster, and migraine headaches. You may experience dull aches, throbbing pains, or pains on both sides of your head.

These headaches may also occur at different stages of your pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms you may also experience from your headaches.

To alleviate this problem, you can try acupuncture, yoga, and meditation relaxation techniques. 

2. You May Have Abdominal Pains

At some point during your pregnancy, you may experience abdominal pains. This could be a sharp or stretching pain in your lower abdomen.

This could be a natural pain that occurs as your body undergoes significant changes during your pregnancy. Gas, bloating, and constipation could also be the cause of your abdominal pains.

To ease your discomfort, you need to avoid the consumption of unhealthy foods such as high-mercury seafood, undercooked or processed meat, high sodium foods, alcohol, and processed foods that may cause digestive problems. 

Focus on eating organic fruits and vegetables and taking pregnancy vitamins to ensure you’re getting an excellent variety of nutrients that can help you to achieve a safe and healthy pregnancy.

3. You May Get Varicose Veins

Do you have swollen or painful areas on your legs? Your pregnancy hormones are a common cause of varicose veins.

These veins will usually appear as bluish or swollen on your legs. If you have painful varicose veins, you need to avoid standing for long periods or crossing your legs at the ankles when you’re sitting.

To relieve this problem, you can perform light walking exercises and wear supportive stockings. You can also get in the habit of elevating your feet and legs at a level that’s higher than the rest of your body.

4. You Could Get Backaches

Since you’re carrying around extra weight from your pregnancy, you may experience backaches. Due to the increasing size of your uterus, it could also be difficult for you to walk or stand for long periods.

Try to avoid lifting heavy objects to reduce your backaches. It is also beneficial for you to sit in a chair with good back support.

You can also engage in light exercise routines that help to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. 

5. You May Have Sleeping Problems

You may have difficulty sleeping when you’re pregnant. Getting a body massage before you go to bed helps to relax your body and makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

You can also relax your body by reading a book or listening to music. 

Get the Best Solutions

If you’re experiencing these common health problems, make sure you tell your doctor. Whether you’re having problems during or after your pregnancy, you can get the treatment that’s suitable for your situation.

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