The 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Kratom as a Nootropic

Most people turn to medication whenever they feel anxious or depressed. It’s been the norm for quite a while.

However, while medicines are effective, they offer temporary relief. What’s more, they have some unpleasant side effects.

The best move you can make is to include Kratom in your daily life. Many individuals opt Kratom Krush to buy high-quality kratom online and use it for both recreational and medicinal purposes. You can also use it as a nootropic.

Maybe you’re learning about Kratom for the first time. Or, you know very little about it and would like to know more about its nootropic capabilities. This is the right post for you.

What Does the Term ‘Nootropic’ Mean?

It loosely means ‘cognitive improver.’ A nootropic is a substance that:

  • Boosts alertness
  • Improves focus
  • Increases cognitive processing speed
  • Enhances memory

Other names for nootropics are:

  • Neuroceuticals
  • Smart drugs
  • Cognition-improving supplements
  • Memory improvers
  • Cognitive improvers
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Brain drugs
  • Racetams
  • Brain supplements
  • Intelligence enhancers
  • Nootropic supplements
  • Neuro-enhancers

About Kratom

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a Southeastern Asian tree of the Rubiaceae family, of which coffee is a member.

Dutch botanist Pieter Korthals gave the genus its Mitragyna name in 1839. He named it that since its flowers and stigmas looked like the shape of a bishop’s miter.

You can also call it:

  • Mambog
  • Krathom
  • Ketum or biak-biak
  • Kakuam
  • Thom or ithang

It exists in three main strains:

  • White vein Kratom
  • Red vein Kratom
  • Green vein Kratom

It has two main alkaloids that are in charge of its effects: Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These alkaloids are agonists of the u-subtype opioid sense organ (MOR). 

Neuronal Ca2 plus channels, postsynaptic a2-adrenergic sense organs, and 5-HT2a (a sub kind of serotonin sense organ) are included in mitragynine’s unique action as well.

People have traditionally used Kratom as dried or fresh blades. They either chew the leaves or steep them into tea. Individuals use Kratom for its stimulant impacts at lower doses. They use it to fight exhaustion.

Kratom may have more of an anxiolytic and sedative impact at higher doses. Specialists have used it in natural and traditional medicine as an option to opiate medicines.


How Much Kratom Should You Take?

Kratom dosage is essential when your goals are for particular impacts. You won’t receive any benefit from a too-low dose. A higher-than-usual dosage may result in pretty harmless but unattractive side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, or even sweats.

Please note that Kratom has a brief half-life. Therefore, you should dose it several times each day to keep stable degrees in your structure.

Professionals recommend the following dosages:

  • Gentle impacts- one to two grams
  • Medium effects- two to five grams
  • High results- six to fifteen grams

Note that strength can differ a lot between varying Kratom threads. And the location where reapers harvest Kratom. There’s no ‘standardized’ dose. Instead, physicians base the dosage on user reports and experience.

Usually, lower doses are more stimulating. Higher dosages are more sedating. However, every Kratom thread has a general, optimal dosage for its healing worth and ‘feel-good’ impacts.

Most people discover that Kratom works better when you ingest it on an empty tummy. Consuming it with a meal could dramatically lower or nullify its impacts.

Common Ways of Taking Kratom

There are several ways to enjoy Kratom:

In capsule form,- it offers the preferred therapeutic benefit within twenty minutes of ingesting the capsules. Plus, it eliminates the unbearable taste.

The ‘toss ‘n’ wash’ technique- here, you put an amount of Kratom powder in your mouth and chase it down with water. Some people also use juice or yogurt, but water is ideal.

Brewing it into tea.

The traditional technique- using fresh blades, eliminating veins and stems, bundling the leaves, then chewing them. 

Mixing it with chocolate milk, yogurt, peanut butter, juice, or applesauce. 

Young woman
A young woman is drinking a beverage

Why Experts Consider Kratom to be A Nootropic

They think of Kratom as a nootropic since it may enhance cognitive ability and brain function while lowering anxiety and stress. People in Southeast Asia have utilized it as a natural heal-all for years. And it’s now gaining acceptance globally.

Researchers have shown the compounds in the tree to increase clarity and concentration while also assisting people in getting through daily tasks efficiently.
They found Kratom’s active component, the main alkaloid mitragynine, to have powerful impacts on the cerebrum, enhancing cognition.

What You Didn’t Realize About Kratom As A Nootropic


Kratom is effective as a nootropic in the following ways:

It May be an Antidepressant

Kratom consumers regularly talk of its capability to tame anxiety and elevate mood soon after ingesting it. Investigators have verified these qualities in an animal survey.

A Malaysian study assessed the antidepressant impact of mitragynine in rodents. The mice got thirty mg/kg and ten mg/kg of mitragynine.

The researchers concluded that mitragynine encourages an antidepressant effect in rodents. Interaction with the neuroendocrine HPA axis structure seemed to mediate the impact.

It May Give Energy

Kratom impacts dopamine D1 sense organs which assist in boosting mood and energy.

It May Lower Pain

People have traditionally used Kratom to treat different kinds of diseases, mainly in Malaysia and Thailand. Research indicates that mitragynine affects the serotonin and norepinephrine pathways in the cerebrum, contributing to its ache-soothing attributes.

It May be an Anxiolytic
In a Malaysian study, investigators treated Sprague-Dawley rodents with ten, twenty, and forty mg/kg of mitragynine or ten mg/kg of the benzodiazepine diazepam an hour before evaluating.

The specialists chose the Kratom dose based on human equal dosages from previous reports.

As per the survey, mitragynine created anxiolytic impacts resembling diazepam, which scientists attributed to interactions among dopamine, opioid, and GABA sections of the cerebrum.

It May Help With Withdrawal From Opiate Addiction

Investigators at Prince of Songkla University in Thailand researched the impacts of Kratom extract on morphine withdrawal in rodents.

They gave male Swiss Albino rodents morphine until they relied on it. Afterward, they gave the mice administrations of naloxone, an opioid agonist, to encourage morphine withdrawal manifestations.

They assessed the mice, then gave them Kratom extract and evaluated them once more. The extract lowered the seriousness of morphine withdrawal manifestations considerably.



Kratom is a healthy and effective nootropic. All you have to do is ensure that you take it in the recommended dose. And purchase it from a certified vendor. The herb works wonders for people differently. Therefore, please be consistent in your intake even if you don’t notice any changes.

Try Kratom today for its nootropic benefits if you haven’t already, and discover why it’s growing in popularity as the days go by.

New Baby at Home? How to Get More and Better Sleep

There is no better feeling than bringing a new baby into your home. It’s like a dream come true, only better. However, there’s one thing you’re likely to struggle with: sleep. Your baby needs you during the night, so you’re going to spend a lot of time awake. 

If you want to get more sleep and better sleep – even if you have a baby that needs you throughout the night – there are some simple steps you can take. Here are five things that you should do:


1. Read as much as you can

You have a lot to think about as a new parent. From choosing the right baby clothes to ensuring that your child gets a good night’s sleep, your mind is always racing. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to research things you can do to improve your own life. 

There is no shortage of books, websites, and blogs that provide tips and advice for how to get a better night’s sleep — even if you have a newborn who is doing their best to keep you awake for hours on end. 


2.Track everything

There will be times when you feel like you’re getting the proper amount of sleep. There will also be times when you wonder if you’ll ever get back to your normal schedule. This is something you should expect. By tracking everything you do, you can pinpoint both the good and the bad. 

For instance, make note of when you go to sleep and when you wake up. This should include all the times that you wake up in the middle of the night to tend to your child. It’s important to get the proper amount of sleep, but you’re not going to do so unless you have a clear idea of what’s working and what’s not. 


3.Put away your phone

When you finally get the chance to hit your pillow, it’s time to fall asleep. Don’t spend time searching the internet. Don’t browse social media. The more you do this, the greater chance there is that you’ll stimulate your brain and make it more difficult to fall asleep. Keep your phone turned off. And while you’re at it, do the same with your television. 


4.Watch what you eat

Healthy meals are placed in plastic boxes

No matter if you have a new baby at home or not, what you eat before you go to bed can impact how well you sleep. This goes along with tracking everything. Should you find that a certain food doesn’t sit well with you, cut it out of your diet. 

A good example is eating spicy food before you retire for the evening. It may taste good on the way down, but it can result in acid reflux. And if that happens, you could suffer through a night full of pain while still having to care for your newborn. 


5.Upgrade your mattress

That old mattress should find its way to the curb sooner rather than later. Even if you think it’s comfortable, it could be wreaking havoc on your sleep and your health as a whole. Learn more about modern mattresses, as you’re likely to find that an upgrade can do wonders for your mind and body. 

Tip: even though online mattress companies are growing in popularity, it may be best to shop locally. This gives you the opportunity to test out each mattress on your shortlist before you make a final decision. Doing that can save you time, money, and aggravation over the long run. 


Final Thoughts

A lack of sleep can affect your mental and physical health, so you need to fight back against it to the best of your ability. The one thing you need to remember is that this is just a temporary phase. There will come a time when your baby sleeps through the night. That thought alone should be enough to keep you going. 

Take as many steps as you can to get more and better sleep. Even if you only take small steps in the right direction, it’s sure to do wonders for how you feel.

What tips do you have for sleeping better with a newborn at home? Is there anything that didn’t work for you?

Personalized Holiday Gift Guide

Finding holiday gifts used to be a task that was relatively easy. We’d wrap up a few candles or mugs, bake a few dozen cookies, sign, and mail the cards, and then cross everything off our to-do list. These days, when it comes to holiday gifting, the bar’s been raised. This is because things like app promotions, online sales, and the higher prices that are accompanying things mean that gifting can easily break a budget. That is unless you do your shopping with a list. To that end, here’s a quick list for people who want a more personalized guide.


The Healthcare Professional

This is someone who loves taking care of others, so why not pamper them a little bit. You could get them something like healthcare shoes since they tend to be on their feet all day. Another idea for this essential worker would be a set of comfortable scrubs that have enough pockets for everything they need to carry. You might even want to splurge and get them a day at a spa so they can relax a bit.


The Gym Rat

This person will check their steps on their Fitbit while they’re doing the shopping, ride one of those cruiser bikes that looks akin to the old-style Schwinns when they take a spin around the neighborhood, and she may even wear leggings on a daily basis. You might even say she’s a gym lover or ‘gym rat.’ Try sprucing up the sneakers look with a nice tunic sweatshirt that has a high-low hem. These flatter all body styles. You might also want to go for a knit hat lined with fleece that has a faux fur accent to help them stay warm if they like to get some exercise outdoors.


The Trendy Type

This lady’s always the first one to wear and do everything from sock booties to shag hairstyles. This is because she shops for new and trendy things and the term ‘age-appropriate’ never even crosses her mind. These days, retro dazzle seems to be the thing. To that end, try a sequin shirt paired with black pants and a slouchy shoulder bag. 


The Earth Lover

This person might be a vegan who loves fashion and beauty with a sustainable, green twist. Feed her altruistic lead with green gifts that have a Fair-Trade certification, are made from recycled materials, or are organic. These might be gifts that you make yourself or those you can buy from a variety of stores, both online and off. Beloved has some great body mists in a myriad of scents, which are all-natural. 


The Classic

A happy young girl is on the street that is decorated for Christmas while it is being snowed

Do you know that woman in your life who wears pants instead of jeans? Maybe she pairs them with loafers as opposed to kicks and won’t wear a sweatshirt but will rock a sweater anytime. If you know the lady in question, you also know that she tends to not leave the house without perfume and lipstick, so either of these would be a good gift option. Get her something that’s polished and sophisticated but up to date just enough to make a bit of a difference to contemporary style. You may even want to splurge and get her a translucent glass jewelry box so that she can keep either her makeup or her bangles organized and on display where she can find them whenever she needs them.

No matter which woman in your life you’re shopping for, as long as you think about who she is and what types of things she enjoys, you’ll be able to find her a gift that she’ll absolutely love because it’ll show the effort you put forth.

Surgery or Chemo: Which is Best for You?

In medical science, there are different treatment methods for various diseases. But the patient’s condition matters a lot in this regard as doctors make recommendations by analyzing the patient. When you hear the name of cancer, it automatically gives you goosebumps as it is one of the scary and deadliest diseases. Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy are standard treatment methods you can consider after diagnosing cancer. Diagnosis is one of the critical elements of cancer treatment because the earlier it is diagnosed, the better chances a patient will have to survive.

Proper consultation with the doctor is required after the cancer diagnosis. It is essential to keep track of everything from medication to diet to ensure that the patient’s body starts recovering soon. It would be better if you know some of the common symptoms of cancer, such as constant cough, fever, and never-ending fatigue, to take the measures at the right time. The question remains whether surgery or chemotherapy is better for cancer patients. Let’s find it out without any further delay.


Surgery Treatment

If you or any of your loved ones are diagnosed with cancer, you must know different aspects of cancer surgery. It is an operation used to remove the tumor from the body.

You need to have complete surgery information as a primary caregiver to ensure that treatment moves forward in the right direction. Surgery is one of the oldest treatments that is used for cancer patients. A doctor specializing in surgery is known as a surgical oncologist.

Surgery helps determine the tumor’s location in the body and prevents it from affecting other body parts. Surgical operations also require medications to reduce the pain according to the surgery type and patient’s condition.


Types of Surgery

Doctors recommend different types of surgery by analyzing the patient’s condition. Again, you should know that early diagnosis always provides better survival chances to the patient.

The biopsy is the initial level of surgery to diagnose cancer. Doctors mostly cut the skin to take some part of skin tissue for examination. Doctors can also take the whole or small portion of the tumor in some cases. Image-guided and needle aspiration are common biopsies known as less invasive processes. A pathologist examines the skin tissue under the microscope during a biopsy to assess the cancer cells.

Staging surgery helps to figure out the size of the tumor. It also helps the medical experts to find out whether cancer has spread to other parts of the body or not.

Tumor surgery is one of the standard and important types of cancer surgery. Doctors remove the tumor and the healthy skin tissue around it. Tumor removal mostly requires a more significant cut as compared to biopsy. Some advanced treatment methods are available for tumor removal, like robotic and laparoscopic surgery, which are less invasive. These methods also ensure quicker recovery with less pain.


Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy is known as the use of drugs to treat any disease. You should know that all medicines and drugs cannot similarly treat cancer. The only drug that can treat cancer is the standard or traditional chemo. Although there are different types of drugs available for chemo, standard chemo is still known as the best type of chemo.

Chemo is the systematic process as drugs move across the patient’s entire body to kill cancer cells. If your doctor recommends the chemo treatment, you should know its goals. It includes the cure, control, and palliation.


Cure in Chemotherapy

Doctors closely monitor the patient’s condition, and if it is possible, they decide to cure it through chemotherapy. It means obliterating cancer from the body and ensuring that it does not return.

Most doctors describe it as treatment with curative intent as nothing is certain when dealing with a complex disease like cancer. The cure is the doctor’s ultimate goal in such situations. Still, it takes years to determine whether the patient is completely recovered or not. The body of every individual is different, so the immune system of everyone also differs. Some individuals recover in months, while some take years.

Infusion is being given to the patient


Control in Chemotherapy

If a cure does not work for the patients, doctors can consider controlling the patient’s cancer through chemotherapy. This type of treatment aims to reduce the size of the tumor or prevent its growth in the body. It helps the patient to feel better and increases his survival chances. In some cases, it is tough to get rid of cancer entirely, but it can be treated like other chronic diseases. In other cases, doctors successfully control cancer and live longer.


Palliation in Chemotherapy

Chemo controls the symptoms with a treatment that is caused due to cancer which is known as palliation. Suppose cancer has advanced into the body and becomes hard to control. In that case, chemo is given to the patient to improve the quality of life. It is used to ease off the patient’s pain to help and shrink the tumor to reduce its pressure.

The treatment that improves the comfort level of a cancer patient or reduces the symptoms is known as palliative care. The anti-nausea treatments and other pain-relieving medications can use at any stage of the treatment to control cancer. But if the goal of treatment is to comfort the patient, then a palliative care plan becomes part of chemo.



Cancer is one of the scary diseases that can make anyone lose their senses and composure. When it comes to cancer treatment methods like surgery or chemo, each one of them has its effectiveness. The condition of the patient holds special significance in this situation. No matter how advanced level chemo or surgery you are using for the treatment, if the cancer is in the later stages, it becomes tough for the patient to survive. It is crucial to spot the cancer symptoms as early as possible. Whether it is chemo or surgery, you should make the right decision after consulting the doctors because nobody knows better about the patient’s condition. So, they can suggest whether chemo would be the right fit for the patient or surgery.

How to Encourage Your Child to Study: 6 Tips and Ideas

Personality plays an important part in children’s academic success. However, most good students are not born with a passion for studying and the ability to embrace knowledge. While kids are not empty canvases you can design based on your wishes, they can, with your guidance, be directed to live up to their potential.

In other words, there are various strategies that parents can turn to in an effort to encourage their children to study. All of them require the parents to be aware of their children’s needs, conscious of the language they’re using when talking with them, and supportive during their struggles. With that in mind, here are a few tips and ideas that will help you motivate your children to study.


Cultivate a Reading Atmosphere

Children who love reading are more likely to have a positive mindset toward studying. That’s why it’s important to cultivate a reading atmosphere in your home. To do that, you need to lead by example. When kids see their parents reading (and enjoying it), they will be more likely to do the same. Reading can be your quality time with the kids before bedtime, and it’s a way to associate positive emotions with this activity. Other things that have the same effect are a home library, a reading nook, or fun trips to your local library.


Make Studying Fun

Studying is a chore. It’s something children need to do to achieve academic success and develop properly. Naturally, kids don’t enjoy staring at the books trying to memorize everything by heart until their brains hurt. When they view studying as an interesting activity, it’s easier for them to learn new information and retain knowledge longer.

Dramatic instead of silent readings can make it easier for kids to remember things. Also, kids need to take breaks in between learning sessions to be physically active. Since most people are visual learners, drawing pictures that illustrate important points helps them understand more complicated concepts. Finally, you can play educational games.


Show Interest in Their Education

Even when kids are independent in their studying, homework, and other chores, they need your support and guidance. You need to be on top of their schoolwork and communicate regularly with their teachers.

Also, it’s important to talk to your children to see how they’re doing at school and if they have some difficulties. Be informed about their exams and grades. There are some specific tests, such as the cognitive abilities test that assesses students’ abilities and potentials, that can also help you learn where to direct your attention.


Provide Structure

Proper time and space management are crucial for motivating children to read and learn. Be consistent and definite when determining a study routine. Assign a specific time within each day for studying, reading, and homework. Having a routine will make learning a habit and a part of their system.

Spatial organization is also important. Kids need to have a quiet place without distractions where they can study. Show them how to tidy up their study table, but encourage independence in organizing according to their needs.


Put Them in the Driver’s Seat

Speaking of independence – in the educational process, children are often in the back seat, with the teachers and parents being the drivers. The lack of control over their education can cause them to withdraw from learning.

On the other hand, when they are given a chance to have direct input regarding their studying choices, they feel encouraged and empowered. Some of the ways to empower kids in the learning process include:

  •     providing them with options (e.g., when choosing a theme for a project)
  •     focusing on their areas of interest
  •     allowing them to choose their extracurricular activities


Highlight the Importance of the Process Instead of the Results

Children are going together in school

Parents want their children to be successful at school. However, pressuring them to get straight A’s can often be counterproductive. So, avoid emphasizing poor performance. Instead, highlight the effort put into learning and all the insights gained from the experience. Even when they get good grades, they should be aware that grades are not the main reason for studying.


In Closing

These tips will help you encourage your kids to succeed in school and guide them in a healthy way throughout their academic life. But on top of all these effective strategies, there’s the tip you don’t need because you already know it: be there for them and support them all the way.

Leggings are Back on The Agenda: 7 Ways to Wear Them in 2022

If there’s one clothing item that is perfect for multiple occasions, then it’s women’s activewear leggings. They’re comfortable, and stylish and can be worn with a wide variety of outfits. This is why they’re going to be popular in 2022, which after all, isn’t a big surprise. So if you’re a fan of comfortable, diverse clothing pieces, then here are some useful ways that will show you how to match leggings with the rest of your clothes.


Wear them with a chic tunic or a long shirt

If you have a tunic or a long button-down shirt then you love wearing, adding leggings to the combo can seriously elevate your whole outfit. Plus, they’re lighter and more comfortable than jeans or regular trousers, which is why they’re such a great choice when you want to cover your legs without wearing pantyhose. Pantyhose are great but really suitable for cold weather, and in that case, leggings can be a great replacement.


Make them colorful to spice up your outfit

Those who love colorful and vibrant outfits might consider wearing statement leggings with floral or animal print motifs. You can go even a bit further and combine such legging with other prints and colors for a more exciting effect. Mixing and matching contrasting patterns can be done, but it’s important to be careful and pay attention to every little detail, in order to create a balanced look. 



Wear them as part of your activewear outfit

The easiest and most practical way to wear leggings is while exercising. After all, this is why they exist. You can either wear loose or tight clothing while exercising, as long as you feel comfortable and motivated to reach your fitness goals. There are no definite rules, but many people prefer tight clothes as they feel it gives them better control of their bodies during exercising. 


Find an elegant jacket to match with your favorite pair of leggings 

Those who love business casual fashion will be happy with the next outfit. Since leggings are such a versatile clothing item, that means you can combine them with pretty much anything, and the final result will be stunning. So if you choose a pair of seamless leggings, you can add an elegant jacket to the mix as that will likely make you look both stylish and laidback. Since sneakers are fashionable again, that also means you can wear them as well, and still look amazing regardless of the occasion. 


If you want the ultimate stylishness, then go with leather leggings 

Leggings are the savior of every fashion-conscious lazy girl, which is not surprising. If you consider yourself a bit lazy, then leather leggings will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. They fit perfectly to almost any top, and leather definitely makes everything look more stylish. For those who prefer unique colors, then feel free to pick burgundy, as this color is going to be very trendy in 2022. 


Make sure to pick the right material

The choice of material matters a lot if you want to look your best while wearing leggings. Even many big designers’ names are starting to catch up, so now it’s possible to find matte, shiny, and lace inserts that are all perfect for different occasions. If you enjoy elegance, romance, and sophistication, and you need a quick solution for a fancy night-out outfit, then lace leggings are a perfect choice for you. When it comes to leggings, there’s a spectrum of different materials, so picking the right one should depend on your aesthetic preferences and the occasion.

A young woman is wearing leggings in the nature

Know your style goals 

Knowing your style goals is important, as it helps you pick the best clothes. And when you rely on leggings, it’s important to know the best pieces to match with them. For example, if you love a casual look, then combining leggings with a leather or denim jacket is the right thing to do. Then again, if you love an active lifestyle, choose sports leggings and pair them with a casual tee or a sports bra. 



Wearing leggings is going to be trendy in 2022, and these tips will help you pick the best pair, and match it properly for the most stylish effect. So feel free to experiment with different prints, materials, and colors. As long as you keep everything proportional and balanced, you’ll look amazing no matter what you wear

Key Freight Member Regulations You Have to Meet Before Joining a Freight Alliance

If you’re a freight forwarder working independently, joining a freight alliance makes a lot of sense. Freight alliances help their members increase their business profitability. As members of international networks, freight forwarders also get access to key industry information. They get to understand how the bigger players operate.

Freight forwarders can even create business connections within these networks to bolster their operations. But, joining a freight forwarder alliance is not easy. While there are many freight forwarder alliances located all around the world, the best ones have strict regulations for members.


Understanding How Freight Forwarding Alliances Accept Members

International freight forwarder alliances are extensive groups of international freight forwarders. The best attracts the best. Hence, to join the best freight forwarder alliances, members have to go through various vetting processes. Why do freight forwarders have to meet these standards to become a part of the alliance? Transparency.

According to key players in the global supply chain, the lack of transparency is the biggest threat to profitability. When there’s no transparency, there’s no accountability. When things go wrong with shipments, end customers usually have no recourse. The best freight forwarder alliances don’t want irresponsible or non-transparent members.

That’s why these alliances enforce the following freight member regulations 


Vetting Before Joining the Alliance

Before joining a freight forwarder alliance, applicants have to fill out various forms. These forms request the freight forwarder’s company details, financial details, track record, etc. After submitting these forms, freight forwarders have to undergo strict screening and vetting processes. These vetting processes are designed to –

  • Check the financial stability of the freight forwarder’s company
  • Confirm the specific objectives of the applicant’s freight forwarding operations.
  • Verify the applicant’s reputation to ensure a high degree of reliability.

When each member of the alliance passes these rigorous screening processes, the overall trust inside the alliance grows. No freight forwarder wants to be associated with professionals who have poor track records or outstanding financial obligations. These types of faults reflect poorly on the alliance.

So, the best freight forwarder alliances always have extremely rigorous qualification processes. These alliances want to maintain high standards for their members.


Acceptance of the Proposal – Joining the Alliance

A man is holding a piece of a paper

If you’re a freight forwarder who is new to alliances, don’t expect to climb up the ladder too soon. You’ll have to pay the membership fee. Then, your company’s details will be added to the freight forwarder alliance’s network database. These details are accessible to all members.

Bear in mind – your fellow members will be high-quality freight forwarders themselves. But, once you prove your reliability to the freight forwarder alliance’s administration team, you receive a host of perks. Some of the basic benefits include –

  • Assistance with day-to-day business operations via access to the latest shipment tracking/managing software tools.
  • Payment protection plans.
  • Insurance.
  • Marketing services.
  • Partner discounts.

While it’s easy to see the advantages of joining a freight alliance, there are several rules you must follow before you can join one. Here are some key points to remember:

  1. Be an established freight forwarder with a proven track record
  2. Sign contracts with clients for at least 12 months
  3. Pay membership fees
  4. Follow the alliance’s rules and regulations
  5. Abide by the code of ethics set by the alliance

If you can meet all these requirements, it’s likely that your freight forwarder business will benefit from being a part of an alliance.

The quality of benefits depends on the quality of your freight forwarder alliance. The better the quality of your freight forwarder alliance, the stricter the membership rules. Memberships in such alliances come with hefty fees and strict requirements. But, ultimately, these fees translate to direct business advantages.

How to Come up with a Custody Schedule That Works

Divorce is not an uncommon situation today, with half of all children in the US going through the experience of their parents getting a divorce. However, a marriage ending does not mean that the family has to end as well. Many parents who decide that their marriage can no longer go on are concerned about minimizing the impact of the divorce on their children and want to make sure that their kids still feel safe, secure, and with a family to belong to no matter what has happened between their parents in the past. When it comes to making sure that the impact of divorce is minimal on your children and they are able to continue growing up in a way that is happy and healthy for them, a custody agreement is often essential. This agreement creates guidelines for your family when it comes to parenting time and how responsibilities are shared, making it easier for you to adjust to your new lives and providing much-needed stability for your children.


Modern Custody Agreement Trends

Some experts have noticed that these days, dads are no longer satisfied with older-style custody agreements where kids tend to traditionally spend more time with their mother, and only spend time with their dads on one weeknight and every other weekend. The good news is that more dads are looking for spending more time with their kids and genuinely want to share the parenting responsibilities 50/50, rather than only going for this kind of custody agreement as a way of getting out of child support. While after a divorce, children do not get to see both parents at the same time anymore, it’s usually healthiest for the child if an equal custody agreement can be reached, as they are not spending more time with one parent compared to the other. For more information, check out Onward for advice on parenting time guidelines. Onward offers an app that you can use to split costs and childcare responsibilities with your ex, and their advice on parenting time guidelines can be used to help you come up with a custody plan that works best for you.


Popular Custody Agreement Ideas

The brother and a sister are standing together

With more and more children now sharing their parents more equally after a divorce, and more dads looking to spend more time with their kids than the traditional every other weekend, both families and legal professionals have become a bit more creative when it comes to the different ways that they can divide this time. Some of the most popular ways to divide parenting time when it comes to custody agreements include:

Alternate weeks: The child will spend one week with one parent, and then the next with the other. Most families switch over on a weekend or Monday morning.

2-2-5-5- split: With this type of agreement, parents will alternate back and forth with having the kids. First, there’s a shorter period of two days, then two longer periods of five days each. As a result, parents do not go more than five days at a time without spending time with their children and the children can spend one half of the week with one parent, and the next half with the other.

2-2-3-3 split: With this agreement, one parent will have custody of the child for two days, before the child goes to the other parent for another two days. The first parent then has three days, and then the other has three days. This allows parents to alternate weekends spent with their kids.

3-4-4-3 split: This type of custody agreement split allows parents to divide the week almost in half, with each parent getting the kids for three days one week, then four days the next.


How to Come Up with an Ideal Parenting Time Agreement

Every family is different, and when it comes to deciding on a child custody and parenting time agreement, different things will work for different people. While there are various ways to divide parenting time that you might be able to choose from if you think that one is going to work well for you, keep these tips in mind as you decide on a parenting time agreement to help you come to a decision that you can all be happy with.

Use an App: There are plenty of apps available now that are designed for co-parents to create shared calendars and more. This makes it easier to communicate with your ex when it comes to working out your schedule and can help you with parenting time over occasions like birthdays and the holidays.

Be Flexible and Creative: Standard parenting time or custody agreements might not always work for every parent, for example, parents might have unusual work hours that require a more flexible and creative agreement. If you or your ex-partner work unusual shifts, for example, then it might be necessary for you to spend a little more time coming up with an agreement that is going to work.

Consider the Children’s Schedules: Often, this has to be the top priority when coming up with a custody agreement as the last thing that you want is to cause disruption to your child’s life. If your ex lives nearby and is easily able to take children to after-school activities and sports, for example, this is unlikely to be a huge problem. However, if not, it’s important to think about how a custody agreement is going to affect your child’s schedule and what the best way to minimize the impact will be.

Ask Your Child: While most experts don’t recommend allowing your child to make the final decision, it’s worth getting their input on what they think might work for them, especially if you have older kids who are capable of understanding what’s going on and can voice their own wishes. Not only could speak to your child make it easier for you to come up with ideas that you may not have thought of yourself, but it also demonstrates to them that hearing them is a priority during what can be an unstable situation.

Deciding on a custody agreement that works for everybody is not always easy, but with the right strategies, you can create a schedule that everybody is happy with. 


Invest in One Cargo Tracking Tool or Multiple Tools? The Complete Guide for Merchants

Visibility over the location of your containers is critical if you’re a shipper, importer, or exporter. Unless you track your containers at each stage of their journeys, ensuring reliable and on-time arrivals is impossible. Your organization can lose money if it doesn’t track its shipments and they go missing or experience delays.

Cargo or container tracking tools allow shippers to track the locational data of their sea cargo. These tools provide the cargo’s exact coordinates, port details, and other important information. A top shipment tracking tool always boosts’ a company’s productivity, accountability, and profitability.

Thankfully, modern-day shippers can choose from different real-time cargo tracking tools. They can even monitor their cargo at all times by using different cargo tracking tools. Should you opt for one cargo tracking tool, or should you use different tools? If you’re using only one tracking tool, what features should it offer? Let’s explore your options.


The Different Types of Cargo Tracking Systems

Here are the basic cargo tracking systems that most cargo tracking tools use–

  • Standard Tracking: This basic form of container tracking system records the movements of the cargo’s journey as it passes through major ports. This type of data is scattered. Standard tracking systems don’t provide a complete picture of the cargo’s status and location.
  • GPS Container Tracking Systems: These systems use GPS technology (Global Positioning System) to declare the real-time location of containers on merchant’s vessels. Containers need to have GPS tracking tools (with battery packs) installed inside for these systems to work effectively. GPS container tracking systems can even show the container’s temperature, travel speed, latitude, and longitudes. Some advanced GPS container tracking systems even provide “shock reports” documenting the damages ensued by the cargo during transportation.
  • Automatic Identification Systems: Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) collect digital data from nearby AIS stations on ships, satellites, bases, etc. If your container is next to an AIS station, your AIS tracking system will instantly detect its location. AIS stations are present on all merchant ships, satellites, bases, and ports. Hence, you can determine the exact loading/unloading time of your cargo using the data from the AIS systems. This digital data exchange with nearby AIS stations gives AIS-powered cargo tracking tools increased data accuracy.
  • Multi-Tracking Systems: These systems are specifically designed for logistics service providers. As the name suggests, multi-tracking systems collect locational data using a variety of technologies. Your multi-tracking system may use GPS data, AIS data, and other types of data to determine your cargo’s location. These real-time tracking systems are by far the most efficient.


Which Tracking System Should You Choose?

Tracking system

From a cost and convenience perspective, investing in one multi-tracking system makes the most sense. These systems can provide rapid responses and second-by-second updates regarding cargo coordinates. You can now fully integrate multi-tracking systems on your websites.

By doing so, you can make your website the direct source of all information regarding the location of your containers. Invest in one secure, easy-to-use, and low-cost multi-tracking system. Use it to optimize your delivery schedules.

Top Health and Well-being Trends for 2022

2020 and 2021 have changed perspectives about health and wellness drastically. People all around the world have begun prioritizing health than ever before and quite surprisingly in newer ways.

The pandemic has pushed us to explore areas of our lives, which we either preferred ignoring or weren’t even aware of. Consequently, we see a brand new array of health and well-being trends in the coming times.

Let’s check out a few.


Disease Determination Using DNA

Fields like bioinformatics and biosciences are also progressing to make the best of their knowledge and make this world a better place, especially after the horrors of the pandemic. In 2022, DNA will serve as a major means of determining diseases.

This determination could help predict possible health risks as per the genetics of a person. And consequently, keep the particular individual from contracting those diseases. 

This health trend will particularly apply to infants. Before birth, DNA tests will help medical professionals detect the possibilities of diseases in the developing baby. The mother will be given medications and treatments to eliminate the possibilities for those diseases.


Stress Tracking

Currently, technology is helping us take better health initiatives by suggesting beneficial stuff. In 2022, this technology will move one step ahead. And more and more devices and technology will incorporate health monitoring systems. These mini-systems will keep us updated with our heart rate and stress levels.

Be it physical stress, emotional, or mental stress. Users can use this data to enhance their routine and lifestyle and eliminate factors that cause stress.


Zero Commitment Makeovers

The world is becoming fast-paced, both professionally and socially. Most of us find ourselves searching for the perfect look almost every other day. This leaves minimal room for permanent changes, such as dying your hair and investing thousands in getting extensions that you will eventually get removed.

Hence, people are shifting towards wigs, accessories, and make-do beautifying stuff that serves temporary needs. If you’re an Instagram influencer who wishes to transform into a new persona for their audience, then this news may as well be the biggest win for your next year!


Facial Exercises Becoming a Part of Skincare Routine

Facial exercises will be trending in 2022 as well. Fundamentally, facial exercises help with improving the appearance of facial skin. With facial exercises or yoga in implementation, the skin will become more fresh and smooth.

It will be excellent for those who wish to straighten out wrinkles and marks of stress from their face. Along with relieving tension, it will increase circulation as well.


Balanced Diets & Must-Have Breakfasts

During breakfast, different kind of food is displayed on the table

COVID swept off a lot of people because of two reasons. Either these people had a weak immunity system or they took the virus quite too lightly.

The only solution for COVID-affected was to have a heavy and nutritious diet. For that very reason, the diet has come forth in the spotlight.

People have learned their lesson for good and it’s going to walk into 2022 with us. We will be witnessing a great inclination towards consumption of a balanced diet involving whole grains, nutritional yeast, dairy foods (low-fat), fruits & vegetables, proteins, etc.

With that said, breakfasts appear to have gained the most priority. We’re witnessing people planning ornate but essential & refreshing meals to begin the day with. That’s because a healthy breakfast such as Kosher bread basket, eggs, low-fat dairy, fruit, and vegetables delivers the much-needed dose of glucose and nutrients at the start of the day, empowering us to function at our best throughout the day. Plus, it reduces the risk of illnesses. 


Health Policies Prioritized in Work

Many people lost their mental stability working from home. The same applies to those who suffered extreme economic crises and got turned down by companies for whom they’d work for decades.

Naturally, this has led to an increased rate of suicide, mental instability, loss of work efficiency, and whatnot.

For this very reason, the year 2022 will be witnessing a rise in the development and implementation of health policies. Work environments are becoming more forgiving and acknowledging health issues. Newer policies like more paid leaves are coming into existence.

Some companies have even expanded their range of valid excuses, considering mental instability an acceptable excuse in case the work comes to a halt. Greater grants and leniencies are also coming forth.


Portable Well-Being Tools

Biomedical engineers of the present times have come up with innovative solutions. You can now carry wellness tools anywhere and everywhere to keep your sensitive body metrics in check.

For example, the use of self-purifying bottles helps keep the water fresh and safe. EKG monitors help keep a check on your heart rate. And a portable massage gun could help you get relieved as you practice your mini-workout routine in your office.


Virtual Healthcare

Similar to portable well-being tools, healthcare services are also becoming available on the go. You need not dedicate a day to book an appointment and travel back and forth to the healthcare center. Instead, you can book an appointment and consult a medical professional online only.

If you have therapy sessions or consultation sessions due, you can take these online too.


Final Thoughts

 Summing up, health and well-being will be a prioritized concern in 2022. We may see more trends apart from those listed above. Surely, this is a positive change. Let’s hope for the best!