6 Ways To Prevent Breakouts On Your Skin

Healthy skin begins the moment you decide to take care of yourself.” -Hydra Girls Johor Bahru 

People believe that beauty is only skin deep; it is what on the inside that matters. However, our insides are essential too, but your skin is the first layer of defense from the outside world. Your skin reveals some significant facts about your overall health. It would be best if you learn to take care of your skin so that your skin can continue to take care of you.  

Skin is the most beautiful organ in the human body and needs constant care. The skin is merely the frame to the picture, and sadly, many people judge themselves according to this frame. Having healthy skin is the first step towards self-assurance as it gives you confidence.  

In your everyday routine, you often forget to look after your skin, and as a result, it starts breaking out. However, it is entirely normal for your skin to break out. But if you keep a good skincare routine, the chances of breaking out will reduce and your skin will look glowing and healthy.  

Being a teenager or an adult, it is certainly not easy for you to cope with your skin. Some days or nights, mostly in winters, your skin becomes so bad that day by day your confidence shatters, and you start stressing out, which is not suitable for your inside out.  

Sadly, you are not able to go out anywhere without makeup. Thus, it is crucial to pay extra attention to your skin to stop it from breaking out. To help you out in this challenging situation, we have come up with some ways that will help you to follow up a strict skincare routine.  


Know Your Skin Type:  

Before jumping onto any skincare routine, you must be able to figure out your skin type. Everyone has unique skin, but very few can identify where their skin fits the most. You may have oily or combination skin and normal to dry skin.  

Knowing your skin type will make it easy for you to choose the correct skincare products. Many people get confused when deciding the skin type. To make it easy for you, here are two ways to quickly know your right skin type.   


A method with a bare face: 

You need to wash your face with any of your mild cleansers. Do not apply any moisturizers or serums to your face. After 30 minutes, observe your cheeks, chin, forehead, and your nose areas. Check whether your skin feels dry or not while making any facial expressions. If you feel a sudden tightness, you are most likely to have dry skin.  

Contrary, your skin may be oily to combination one if you have a noticeable shine on your T-zone area.  


A method with a blotting paper:  

This method is the easiest way to know your skin type. Using blotting paper, gently pat on the various parts of your face. Now hold the paper in sunlight to determine how much oil it has. If the sheet has no oil on it, you have dry skin. If only the T-zone areas have oil, then you have a normal to combination skin.  

And if the blotting sheet contains excessive oil, you may have oily skin.  


Cleanse your face properly:  

It would help if you washed your face with any mild cleanser twice a day. But if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, it may become impossible for you to cleanse your face daily. To avoid more breakouts, refrain from using too harsh cleansers. Instead of that, you may use non-alcoholic cleaners, or you may also use skin script raspberry refining cleanser.  

You would be surprised to know that there is a proper way to wash your face. To clean your face, you have to wet your face with warm water, not too cold or hot. Now gently massage your face with a mild cleanser. Then rinse your face thoroughly.  


Drink lots of water to stay hydrated:  

Dehydration makes your skin look dull and patchy. It may also force your skin’s glands to produce more oil. Therefore, to be hydrated, you need to have at least 8 to 12-ounce glasses of water daily. Drinking enough water will help your body to remove toxins while giving you healthier glowing skin.  


Invest in a good sunscreen:  

We all know how sun rays damage the skin. However, it is good to intake vitamin D. Still, as your skin is too sensitive, the ultraviolet rays from the sun may damage your skin and cause sunburn. Without sunscreen, your skin invites a lot of new problems to your face.  

Therefore, you need to protect your skin from sun damages. Invest in a good sunscreen that fits your skin. If you haven’t added any sunscreen to your skincare routine yet. Then what’s the use of investing your money in expensive moisturizers? Start investing in a sunscreen that contains more than 60+ SPF.  


Avoid touching your face:  

Throughout the day, your hands come in contact with dirt and bacteria. And whenever you touch your face, those bacteria quickly transfer to your skin, which welcomes various skin issues. However, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face as much as possible. 


Avoid junk food:  

Avoid eating junk as much as you can. Eating junk food may worsen your skin condition. Foods and beverages like chips, soft drinks have never been nutritious for your health and skin too. So, urge to ditch all the fast foods and jump on to the healthy eating routine to get glowing skin. 


Final Thoughts:  

Your skin needs changes from season to season and taking steps to figure out what’s best for your skin is quite challenging. It has never been an easy task to protect your skin from any breakouts. Though it is normal to get pimples on your face, they do not go off quickly.  

Do not go overboard with all the skincare products. Use the ones that suit your skin. Let us know if we have missed out on any of the tips. You may comment down below! And if you follow our guidelines, you may not witness any breakouts on your skin. 

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