Christmas Party Beauty Tips and Tricks

Holiday parties at the end of the year have always been the most glamorous events. People usually prepare for them months in advance, carefully choosing a location and the outfit.

Well,  this year, that will not be the case. Due to the pandemic, none of us will have the chance to attend a grand party.

Even though there is no need for extra expenses on a pricey outfit, we can dress up and makeup to look awesome for a small family gathering as well as for Instagram photos. Therefore, we are bringing you some beauty tips and tricks for a great look (at least in the photos).

Glowy skin


For shiny, spotless skin, constant care is the most important. A balanced diet without fast food and sweets will reflect positively on your skin. You will not need to cover it up too much if you are well rested as well. So, stay stress-free and step up your skincare game before the holiday season starts.

If you don’t have the chance to visit your beautician regularly, there are a lot of effective skincare routines you can practice at home. Natural ingredients can do wonders to your skin and you probably have all of them at home. Treat yourself to a spa night at least once a week – enjoy long bubble baths and a DIY mask afterward. 

Festive Makeup


This holiday season, dramatic eyeliner is a must. If you like wearing it but hate spending too much time applying it and trying to make the wings look even, maybe you should leave it to a professional. Professional permanent eyeliner will make you look great 24/7, never gets smudged, and is always on point. 

For the Christmas party, we suggest always trendy red lipstick. Along with black eyeliner, this combination is perfect for the festive season. You can choose among different shades, such as scarlet red, coral, or the classic one. 




We all tend to get lazy and gain some weight during cold months. If you are unwilling to hit the gym, or your gym is closed due to the pandemic, try to keep up with your workout routine at home as much as possible. A lot of fitness instructors are offering online workout sessions, so why not join one. 

In addition, stay hydrated and avoid processed foods if you want to stay healthy and fit. We know that festive food is delicious but you might feel bloated if you eat too much. 

Stylish Hair 


Keep your hair nurtured and healthy by avoiding exposure to the heat. So, try not to use the hair straightener or curling iron for a couple of weeks. Brush it regularly and treat it with some hair masks that will keep it healthy.

For the Christmas party, choose stylish hairstyles that fit you best. The most elegant look will be achieved with a low, messy bun combined with elegant, shiny earrings. If you are not very skillful in making it yourself, ask someone to help you or try to find a “how-to” video online. 

Soft Feet 


Don’t neglect your feet during cold months. They need constant care, especially in winter, because the skin tends to dry and they can become itchy and painful. Give yourself a DIY pedicure every now and then. Wash them properly, remove dry skin and moisturize them regularly with proper foot cream or a lotion. It is also a good idea to soak them and buy or even make a mask for your feet. 

Holiday Nails


We believe you keep your nails neat and manicured all year round, but why don’t you make them look fun and festive? You can color them in vivid colors or add some cute holiday features. Glittery nail polish is a must for the holiday season, so add a layer of glitter over your favorite nail polish. 

If, on the other hand, that is just not your cup of tea, you can go classy with stylish red nails or just neat french tips. For those bolder, choose frosted tips instead of french. 



Don’t forget to have a good time! Relax, get enough sleep, and don’t exaggerate with food and alcohol, and you will look and feel beautiful.


How to Design a Fashion Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Strategy

Fashion is an ever-evolving brand that keeps on revisiting old and new ideas. You can convey a message so clearly through fashion because it gets across to a large medium of people. Fashion brands are those that have a larger audience. They become brands when they are loved by large masses of people willing to buy any item related to that specific brand just because of the association. Social media has revolutionized the game for fashion brands, as now they can reach so many more people through the medium of apps and videos.

You may be the founder of a fashion startup, but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t implement social media marketing. Since starting the brand, you probably have an idea and minimum foundation of social media, but social media is always changing. There are still new channels, new product features, and new potential uses for social media all the time.

So, it is essential to stay relevant and get people interested in your brand. You develop a strategic, well-executed social media marketing strategy that will help your brand and your sales.

This article will look at some social media marketing strategies that will help you gain the experience needed to boost your social media influence on your fashion brand.



Whether they are in fashion or not, there are always great content creators out there, so you should never stop finding and following them. They are the ones that are testing the boundaries of social media content and can provide you with a lot of inspiration and examples of what’s working.

Creators have always been at the leading edge of new trends in social media, and you will start to see patterns as to where social content is headed. You may even find creators and influencers that you can partner with for future marketing campaigns. There are also Public Relations companies, like Pressfarm, to link you with these creators and build your marketing campaign.

You need to look at the type of media they are posting, focus on the photos, videos, live-streams-text, etc., and look at how they’re messaging it.



Startup founders know that social media is an essential tool in their marketing campaign; they need to make it easily accessible and integrated for their customers.

Whichever brand you choose to align yourself with, make sure it is easily accessible to your customer. This essentially means making it easier for the customer to browse through your shop quickly and find what they want. If it’s on a social media platform, please provide links to your website where they can go and cruise through the different options.

Make sure you have an easy payment system where there are many steps that the customer has to go through. You don’t want the customer thinking, “leave it, ill see somewhere else.” That is not what you want, and that is not what is going to happen. Make sure everything is straightforward and clean, so there is no doubt.

It is indispensable that if you run a fashion brand and decide to branch out on social media, you know your app. There are so many social media apps that you can use to improve your reach, so you must be aware of which app is your go-to. Choose the platform that best promotes your brand. Choose the one that you think your audience will respond to the most and use that platform to spread information about your brand and what you offer, from sales to promotions to promo codes for select customers.

Social media can always be taken steps further. Once your vital social channels are highlighted on your email and every owned media you have, you can go a step further and invite social engagement through your channels. For example, ask people to tag your Instagram when posting a photo with your fashion designs, and be sure to re-share those photos. Fashion Nova is an excellent example of that by getting celebrities and social media influencers constantly posting on their Instagram.

You can also bring social media into offline retail. If you plan to create a pop-up shop, you should make sure your Instagram handle is visible on any decorations, and front pieces that people coming in can take photos in front of.



Different social media channels provide different ways to interact and engage. You can use the interactive tools to start actual conversations with your customers. You can use features like hashtags to get followers to vote on a design style, a color, or a name for your latest product. Use what you have done in the past to find your community and help your organization find you.

Instagram is a great social media platform to showcase your products, use the poll feature, ask questions, start chats, etc.

Ultimately, social media is not just a loudspeaker for you to speak to more of your customers; it’s a conversation between you and your customers.

New product features and tools are coming out every day for social media. At first, it may seem like they don’t make sense for your brand, but don’t limit yourself. Consider creative ways to use these tools to communicate with your audience.




You cannot expect your community to see every message you post immediately. So whatever content you create, while you need to ride that delicate line, it can help you post-key messages and content multiple times. Share to various channels and share a few reminders just if they didn’t see the first post.

You can check the analytics on your social media channels to see if there is content that did quite well; you should share it again to see if your engagement stays strong. If you are growing your social media audience, there are continually going to be new people that you can reach who hadn’t seen what you published before they started following you.



Use social media as an opportunity to get personal with your customers. As an early-stage fashion startup entrepreneur, you are linked very closely to your brand. It means that customers want to get to know you, you can share more insights into what your day-to-day life looks like, what it is like to be a startup and the experience, and even what kind of struggles you might be facing.

Social media is where you can get a little more intimate and have genuine conversations with your community. Consider introducing yourself and your brand regularly on social media. Focus on sharing your brand vision, founder story, and fun facts.



Social media marketing is essential for fashion brands, among other industries. However, it is ever-changing, so brands need to come up with strategies that are continually changing. It is important to stay transparent to your customers and make sure that they stay up-to-date with what you are trying to do with your brand.



Let Your Hair Do the Talking – Most Popular Hairstyles and Hair Tips for 2020

2020 has been an interesting year mixed with successes, failures, emotions, and so far, absurdities on a global scale. While everyone is grappling with what the year has given us, the masses are still holding on to what the future presents.

And for this piece, instead of looking at health and politics, we’re focusing on something the 2020 woman is concerned about – hair and style.

Despite 2020 not offering many opportunities to slay publicly, hair trends and tips have still cropped up to define what the year should look like for the modern woman. In this piece, we’ll go through the most interesting of these hairstyles and hair tips that will rock the rest of your year. So, read on.

Short Hair Is Getting Popular

With everyone under lockdown, keeping those long locks kempt is becoming quite an issue. Thus, more women are leaning towards short hair.

And even without considering the lockdown, celebrities had already started building a short hair trend as early as the year started. Most notable of them were Karlie Kloss and Kaia Gerber who donned super-chic, super-short hairstyles at the beginning of the year.

However, short hair doesn’t mean that the blade has to cut everything. You can try Bob cuts, which are the more popular short hair alternative. The classic bob is very versatile, sleek, and looks sophisticated.

Embrace Natural Texture

A common 2020 hairstyle theme is texture. More and more women are starting to embrace their natural locks and thus showing off their natural texture in any hairstyle they wear. This means that we’ll be seeing less of over-styled, super-sleek hair.

Instead, hairstyles will be having more natural texture – whether it’s curly or relaxed and tousled. That’s why classic Bob cuts, for instance, are getting popular.

This means that for 2020, heat tools should be used less often. And if you do, they should accentuate your natural texture instead of suppressing it.

Try Deep Waves and Curls

Long hair is still a popular hairstyle in 2020. Specifically, more women are leaning towards deep waves and curls. The main reason for this is, deep waves are easy to make, maintain, and can work even with thin hair complimented with hair extensions.

Deep waves only need hairspray and a wand to make. The wand creates the curls or waves while the hairspray gives the hair some hold. For ladies with thin hair, these deep waves perfectly add volume to your hair. All you have to do is run a brush through your hair once the curls are done.

Bold Roots for Depth

Color creates depth. And for 2020, bold roots are what you need for healthy-looking and voluminous hair. The best part is, this trick requires minimal effort from you.

Bold roots add more interest to your hair color. All you have to do is let your roots grow naturally as they would. The natural bold color of the roots adds the much-needed depth and edge to your hair and hair color.

And since trying this look requires little maintenance, bold roots are great for the year since most salons are not open or operate within restrictions.

Warm Hair Colors

Warm hair colors should be your colors of choice for 2020. That means no more Icy Platinum Blonde dies on your hair. Instead, warm blondes, mahogany spice balayage, and auburn highlights are the new trendy tones.

These colors don’t require much upkeep, which makes them perfect for 2020 where movement is mostly restricted. These colors also grow out nicely if you use techniques like face-framing highlights. Plus, they brighten your looks too.

Alternatively, you can go for solid colors instead of highlights – which ruled most of 2019. These single-process colors also require less maintenance, thus fewer visits to the salon.

6 Pro Tips Shared by a Celebrity Nail Tech

Have you been inspiring to become a successful nail technician? Who else can give you better advice than a celebrity nail technician herself? Let’s get started!!!

1. Listen to Your Client

As a nail tech, many clients will want to have a conversation with you. While it is not a great idea to be very chatty at work but do not shut them down as well. Instead, ask them how they are doing but refrain from sharing too much information about yourself. Be a good listener and talk only as much as needed. Do not gossip about other clients as it shows that you are unprofessional and not trustworthy.

2. Be Professional

Even when nail technicians work with a celebrity, they say, they try to keep the conversation really professional as being too friendly may make them lose focus from their work causing bad results. When you are working for high profile clients, it is extremely important to stay focussed and do your job well. You need to be reliable and give good results every time which shows you are consistently good at what you do which will increase your clientele base. Do not share inside news or final look images of celebrities to the media as it is considered highly unethical and you may get blacklisted from working for many celebrities in the future.

3. Be Consistent

When you start as a nail technician, you may not get many clients for months. In fact, in the first few months, you may lose money but do not give up so soon as consistency is the key to success in this field. It may take you a while to establish your brand and get a good clientele base till then work part-time in other salons to build your network and make your ends meet.

4. Keep Learning

You cannot even start a career as a nail technician if you do not learn the necessary skills.  You can gain more information by watching online videos, reading beauty product stories or visiting conferences regarding the same, but initially, it is essential that you get a formal education to become a nail technician where you will learn all the tricks that only professionals know. Do not stop there, even when you start to work, gather more information about new nail fashion trends to always stay updated.

5. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Initially, when you start building your clientele list, you will have a lot of free time hence you can take up part-time jobs in nearby salons to just get more customers to practice on as the more you practice, your techniques will improve. It will require a few years of practice before you can call yourself a pro.

6. Work Harder Every day

No one has reached the top by just slagging at their job hence work harder every day to reach where you want to be and even if you are successful, you do not have time to be lousy at work as the competition is high and any mistake can take to down to the bottom of the barrel. 

You can always use social media to promote your work and get a larger clientele base.  The secret to becoming a successful nail tech is nothing but the combination of skills and the right attitude towards work which will make you popular in this field, with time.

7 Health Benefits that Come With a Good Hygiene Routine

There is no better feeling like taking a morning shower and stepping out of the bathroom, feeling clean and fresh! 

A person who maintains tip-top hygiene is always particular about how he looks, smells, and feels. By washing our hands frequently, and taking care of all the other hygiene principles, we get oodles of energy and positivity.

It is somehow easier to go on with the daily routine if everything about and around you is clean!

Growing up, my mother (like every other mum) used to be very strict about adopting basic hygiene habits. She never let me sleep without brushing my teeth, kept my nails trimmed, and made sure my hair stays lice free. She also taught us how to disinfect the house.

Back in those days, I had little sense to understand how beneficial these habits are going to be for me. I always followed her cleanliness advice. But it was more out of fear and guilt rather than for the sake of it, until one day, I grew up to learn about the health benefits of hygiene.

Both scientifically proven and as a matter of fact, good hygiene and wholesomeness go hand in hand. WebMD suggests washing hands frequently to get rid of potentially harmful bacteria. They state that it is the best way to protect ourselves from several types of illnesses. More so, it is also imperative to go for regular dental check ups; especially at good clinics like Maywood Dental Care within LA.

Here are some health advantages to staying clean.

1. Ward off both bacterial and viral diseases

For many who were not cleanliness freaks, the Covid-19 pandemic must have been an eye-opener. Hygiene is now more important than it was ever before, and we all know how it is the first line of defense against all sorts of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Epidemics and pandemics of the past were deadlier in terms of mortality rate. Also, all the other infectious diseases (diarrhea being one of them) had a higher death rate earlier. 

The reason for the reduction in the numbers now is the better accessibility of standard sanitation resources like clean water, soaps, and toilets, and hygiene awareness. A well-known fact estimated by WHO is that washing hands with soap and water could reduce the number of deaths associated with diarrhea by 50 %. For poor countries, sadly, there is still a long way to go. 

Just a simple habit of washing one’s hands frequently can save so many lives, and get rid of several types of bacterial and viral diseases. When a hand washing facility is not available, you can use an alcohol-based sanitizer, which will also serve the purpose well. One more study by PubMed proves that hand washing can reduce the risk of respiratory infections by 16%. 

Some common diseases which can be prevented by adopting a good cleanliness routine are:

  • Cholera
  • Dysentery
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A
  • Diarrhea
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Pneumonia
  • Cold, flu
  • Pinworms
  • Ringworms
  • Trachoma 

2. Eliminates body odor

A lot can be perceived about you just by the way you smell. If you are causing discomfort to anyone who is within a close distance to you, then you need to improve your personal hygiene. 

Regular bathing, changing into clean clothes afterward, and the use of good quality deodorant will help you smell fresh for the whole day. You can also resort to natural methods like alum to curb odor-causing bacteria.  

If you are facing the body odor problem, then you must know what level of the embarrassment it causes during social interactions. Getting even a bit near to someone causes anxiety. 

According to Mayo Clinic, if you regularly take a bath, the number of bacteria on your skin will keep in check. As a result, odor-causing bacteria will not be able to linger on.

3. Lesser susceptibility to pubic area infections

Intimate hygiene keeps infections down there at bay. Washing your pubic area regularly, drying it up afterward, and using clean undergarments daily, will save you from some annoying itches and irritations.

As per the Tommy John survey, keeping your underwear for more than a year can lead to UTIs, yeast, bacterial, and skin infections. Wearing clean boxer briefs or any other type of moisture-wicking undergarments will reduce the risk of these nasty infections in the groins.

4. Keeps skin diseases at bay

Skin health and hygiene go hand in hand. Failing to do so may give you issues as little as zits popping out from improper facial hygiene, to skin diseases such as scabies, pubic, head or body lice. 

A study published in the Research gate was conducted among primary school children in India. It found a significant association between hygiene and skin diseases. Children, therefore, should be taught basic hygiene principles from the beginning to strengthen their habits. It will eventually help them stay away from several types of skin diseases, even in adulthood.  

Habitual cleanliness also prevents other diseases like the Athlete’s foot and the Hot tub Rash.

5. Oral hygiene; A million-dollar smile, and prevention of several oral diseases

Oral hygiene is highly important. Not only it gives you a confident smile, but it will also ward off all sorts of diseases in the oral cavity. If you are not yet aware, oral diseases are a leading cause of school and work hour loss due to the discomfort they cause.

Dental caries, more commonly known as cavities, are one such condition caused by poor oral hygiene. A person who flosses and properly brushes their teeth will less likely fall victim to cavities. 

6. Keeping your surroundings clean keeps you and your family free from various illnesses

To help keep the health of all your family in check, you should keep your surroundings clean and disinfected. A clean home with clean purified air will never be a breeding ground for germs. Hence the chances of anyone falling sick are minimum.

Cleaning the toilet, getting rid of rubbish, washing clothes and bedding frequently, and storing food properly are a few habits that will lessen the transmission of any disease in your household.

In the current scenario, the spread of the coronavirus can be curbed if you properly disinfect all the surfaces with a bleach solution or a disinfectant.  

7. Psychological benefits of good hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene has profound benefits on your mental health. When you stay clean, you will naturally feel positive and safe. It will also help you stay socially confident. Hygiene practices, thus, play an imperative role in building self-esteem and improve our self-perception.

Mental health is of utmost importance besides general health. Several mental conditions, like depression and anxiety, cause a person to neglect his personal hygiene as well. 

Alongside therapies and other forms of treatment, the patient must be encouraged to stay clean to catalyze the healing process. The relaxation and confidence as a result of personal hygiene will help them feel better about themselves.

Final thoughts

Lailah Gifty Akita, author of Think Great: Be Great, said, “good hygiene enhances sound well-being”

One can’t disagree with the above quote. The benefits of following good hygiene are evident from the points mentioned above. It’s high time that we realize how maintaining a hygiene routine will protect us and how poor hygiene puts us in the high-risk group. 

Let us pledge to change our habits if they don’t comply with the required hygiene standards and make us and our loved ones safe and healthy.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna for New Moms

The body needs a lot of healing after child birth. Infrared sauna can help new moms in many ways. In fact, as per studies, it can combat a lot of symptoms such as chronic joint and muscle pain, anxiety, fatigue, and inflammation that are experienced by women during the post-partum period. Here is how beneficial an infrared sauna can be if you are a new mom:

It improves circulation

Infrared sauna emits gentle radiant heat that can penetrate your skin and raise your body temperature by about 3 degrees Fahrenheit. This can increase the blood circulation in your body significantly. It counteracts all the poor circulation problems such as swollen feet and hands you experienced during your pregnancy. It can also heal up the wounds of a cesarean surgery

It gives a cardio vascular boost

The intense fatigue associated with early motherhood might make it tough for you to access any form of cardia such as exercise or jogging. But with an infrared sauna, you can achieve the same impact of an intense workout.  The cardiovascular boost that this gives is equivalent to that of a light jog or a brisk walk.

It improves milk production

Circulation of infrared in your body can help unclog ducts or mastitis if any. This is one of the problems nursing mothers face which can be extremely painful. Infrared sauna is a gentle way of treating this problem. Alternatively, you can also use a hot wash cloth or soak your breast in a bowl of hot water

It alleviates inflammation

Mild systematic inflammation is quite common in all pregnancies. Left untreated, it can even lead to complications such as pre-eclampsia. Mild infrared light coming from the infrared sauna has the power to penetrate through your tissue and reduce the inflammation in a healthy way.

It reduces Fatigue and Pain

All new moms experience pain and fatigue during post-partum period. Pushing your body to its limits will have its effects even if you haven’t faced much of that childbirth trauma. But there is nothing a couple of infrared sauna sessions cannot take care of.  In fact, one session of this infrared therapy can help you experience a 70 percent reduction in your pain level.

It minimizes depression and anxiety

Infrared therapy is said to release endorphins in your brain that can help you combat anxiety, depression, and any other mental disorder that you may be facing. You can also use it as a preventative measure to reduce your chances of post-partum depression and anxiety.

If you are still wondering why you should buy a full spectrum infrared sauna, understand that an infrared sauna session can be deeply healing. It gives you that “me time” that you can use to care for yourself and indulge in some self-pampering. After all, it can be really tiring and exhausting to take care of a newborn with absolutely no time for yourself.

Buying a full spectrum infrared sauna can be very beneficial to a new mom like you. Nevertheless, make it a point to drink enough water to replenish your body. Make sure you get your heavy metal levels tested before going for a session.

Explaining Cellulite: The Orange Skin Peel Effect

Summer season is almost here, and you are trying to get rid of all the fat in your body. You find that the body is trimming, but the unpleasant cellulite can still be seen. Cellulite is also known as the ‘orange peel effect’. Just like an orange peel has bumps and uneven layers, cellulite looks exactly like that. 

Cellulite is something you cannot escape from! If you are a woman, it is possible that you WILL have cellulite on your body. It is a part of being a woman

Now, here’s a post that tells you everything about cellulite. What is it? Where does it appear? 

What is cellulite?

Experts explain that no matter how fit you are, cellulite can appear on your body. Women get older and it becomes even more common to get the orange peel effect. Cellulite is nothing but uneven lumps on your skin. It is also called cottage cheese skin, mattress phenomenon, and hail damage. This is mainly because of the texture of your skin! 

The question is – Where do these appear? The lumps and unevenness can appear on your buttocks, thighs, and hips. 

What are the causes of cellulite?

Majority of the people believe that the exact cause of cellulite is unknown. Almost 80-90% have cellulite in their body. Due to the texture of the skin, it is also called ‘orange peel effect’. 

Let us cut to the chase and talk about the real causes. Firstly, hold your genetics responsible for the unpleasant lumps on the skin. If your grandmother or mother had it, then you will have it too! Having cellulite is a ‘womanly thing’. 

It is also caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. When you smoke heavily, drink too much or eat a lot of junk, it can be the cause of cellulite. 

Aging is also one of the reasons for cellulite build-up. If you are growing older, cellulite will start forming under the layers of your skin. 

How to Get Rid of Cellulite?

If you have an active lifestyle and follow a balanced diet, then it is possible that you will get rid of cellulite. It will be a slow but efficient process. 

However, people can opt for shockwave therapy. This has been proven that shockwave therapy can reduce cellulite in just 3-4 weeks. If you want to undergo a safe procedure, then this is the best. 

Msinsight Appelsinhud Behandling procedure has been popular and the majority of the women are opting for shockwave therapy. You will be able to see the results in just 2 sittings/sessions. While exercising and healthy eating should be a part of our day to day life, but the shockwave therapy is creating waves (in a good way). 

It alters the tissue structure in your body. Most people opt for this surgery to get rid of stretch marks too! Basically, you get the best of both worlds. 

So, if you are tired of cellulite, then opt for the procedure and choose a good clinic. Life is too short for posing around the beach with cellulite on your thighs and buttocks! Get rid of these in just 4 weeks with shockwave therapy.

Beauty Treatments You Can Safely Enjoy during Pregnancy

Beauty Treatments You Can Safely Enjoy during Pregnancy

Have people been telling you you’re glowing and radiating positive and warm energy since you got pregnant? Well, this is more than possible due to pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow that makes you look fresh and attractive. However, as your pregnancy continues, you might start feeling everything but sexy and radiant. What can you do what you’re feeling down and looking tired? Luckily, there are still many beauty treatments that will make you feel and look like a million bucks and which you can safely enjoy during pregnancy. 

Everyday beauty routine

Is your daily beauty routine your saviour, your safe haven and your light at the end of the tunnel? Rejoice, since you don’t have to change it just because you’re pregnant. Most things like hair products, creams and nail polishes are perfectly safe to be used while you’re expecting. If you wish to reduce the number of chemicals reaching your skin, you can switch to organic products which are healthier, but all in all, as long as your products fit your changing skin and hair, you and your baby will be fine.  

Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

Hair dyeing

Many women struggle with their hair during pregnancy. Hair is known to lose its shine and volume when attacked by all these pregnancy hormones, it’s natural that you want to do something about your locks. Luckily, you can still dye your hair. Even though some chemicals might get absorbed through the skin, the amount is so small, it can be neglected. Some experts recommend avoiding bleach, but as long as you stay away from this chemical, you can dye your hair without fear. 


Besides freshening up your look, a good facial is one of the best ways to relax, unwind and relieve some of that pregnancy stress. But keep in mind that some facials contain harsh chemicals that can penetrate your skin, get absorbed in your bloodstream and reach your fetus in the uterus. So make sure to opt for a natural version of a facial treatment without toxic chemicals, and you won’t do any harm to your baby. The stress you will relieve, on the other hand, will do plenty of good for you and your baby.  


This treatment is used to rid you of all sorts of tissue damage (medically called lesions) by applying low temperatures on the areas. The best thing about cryotherapy is that it’s simple, painless and cost-effective. It’s very safe and fast, especially if you find a renowned aesthetic clinic to perform your procedure. Since cryotherapy involves minimal preparation time, minimal risk of infection and no sutures, it can be done during pregnancy, but like with any other procedure, you want only pros to handling your body and administer treatments.

Photo by Garon Piceli from Pexels


For many women, pregnancy is filled with all sorts of pesky pains that can prevent you from enjoying this wonderful time of your life to the fullest. If you often feel stiff and achy, book a massage that will rid your body of pain. Massages are a great way to regulate blood pressure, boost blood flow, control swelling and relieve stress, so as long as your pregnancy is healthy and free of complications, you can get a nice rub down whenever you like. Of course, your massage therapist needs to be certified, but that’s something you already know. 

Cosmetic acupuncture

Make sure to stay away from Botox and any fillers during your pregnancy. But, if you feel like your face needs a helping hand, you can trade your Botox needles for acupuncture needles. Cosmetic acupuncture can help your skin regenerate and rid it of all those stubborn lines and droopy areas. Your skin will improve its volume and you’ll look fresh and snatched. And, unlike Botox and fillers, acupuncture is 100% natural and uses the body’s natural defenses to improve your look, so you can practice it during pregnancy without any worries.  

Fake tan

Want to look golden and sun-kissed without exposing yourself to hours of harmful UV rays? Well, you can hit a salon and leave with a fake tan even in pregnancy. Fake tan products are usually safe to mix with your baby bump, just make sure to avoid sunbeds. Harsh rays from sunbeds can break down folic acid and prevent normal fetus development. Also, you risk overheating which can definitely harm the baby. 

Sometimes, all you need is a little beauty treatment to feel like yourself again and get back some of your old sanity. With these treatments, you can have your cake and eat it too, because they will definitely make you feel and look amazing while allowing your baby’s healthy development.

Ways to Enhance Your Beauty as a Busy Mom

Moms that work and all moms, in general, don’t get enough credit for what they are doing, which is work all the time, and most of that isn’t paid it’s for the family. During the busiest and most stressful weeks, it looks like that moms work more than 98 hours a week. So it is super important to spend some time pampering yourself to feel as beautiful as you can.

Eat Healthy Snacks

During those hard busy days having snacks is important because if you don’t, you will get hungry. When hunger hits you, if you don’t have some healthy food near you, of course, you will eat whatever you can find near you. To avoid those moments, prepare some healthy snacks for the upcoming week. Having a healthy snack will give you more energy and keep you from gaining unwanted pounds, and most important of them all, it will make you feel more beautiful and good about yourself. These Lactation Bites are delicious bite-sized snacks that include wholesome ingredients and beneficial herbs to give lasting energy. They’re also full of antioxidants and galactagogues which help Moms produce more breastmilk.

Sleep As Much As You Can

As we all know, sleep is essential. Most moms get only 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night. But that is not enough rest for a woman that works all day every day. Not getting enough sleep will affect how much you eat, how you look and how you feel. Moms need beauty sleep too. It is very important that you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. With a good night’s sleep, not only will your body be thankful, but your skin and face will have a magical glow.

Always Wear SPF

Most moms don’t have the time to go out on a ton of different moisturizers every morning. But wearing SPF will protect your skin from sun damage and skin cancer. So before you start skipping on putting SPF, look for BB or CC creams that have SPF in them, with that you are putting foundation and SPF at the same time. With this step in the morning, you will not only protect your skin, but you will also enhance your beauty.

Moisturize Your Hands

Moms are always cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, and because of that, your hands will suffer. Because of that, you need to be moisturizing them all the time. Put little tubes of hand creams into places that are easily reached, like your purse, car, desk drawer, or cabinet. Keeping up with moisturizing your hands will make your hands feel and look amazing. And we all know that ladies feel most beautiful if their hands are smooth and nice looking.

Save Time by Getting Eyelash Extensions

This is one of the best time-saving beauty tips for moms. Getting eyelash extensions, you are saving time every morning because you don’t have to spend time putting mascara on and putting fake eyelashes. Lash extensions are out in your current natural eyelashes. Many women who get lash extensions don’t wear any eye makeup at all, because they are such beauty on their own. They won’t leak and smudge as mascara will, and you will have fuller and more curled lashes. All you need to do is get high quality mink lash extensions, and you will feel the most beautiful even right after you get out of bed.

These are some easy, quick, and practical beauty tips and products in mind as you go about your hectic mom’s life. As a mom, you need to take a few minutes every day to take care of and pamper yourself, and that will do miracles for both your inner and outer self.

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How to Detox Your Beauty Routine in 5 Steps

Read on to learn more about beauty routine detox.

Our beauty routine changes as we get older, which is quite understandable considering that our needs aren’t the same when we’re teenagers, so it’s only logical to change products that we use. There are so many various beauty products, that choosing something appropriate shouldn’t be hard, yet the biggest issues with a lot of these products are their ingredients. Unfortunately, not many people know how to read them, so they often end up using products that can be quite harmful to their skin and hair. 

Therefore, in order to get the maximum out of your beauty routine, it’s sometimes necessary to do a bit of detox so you can be sure that you’re using the right products, so for that reason here are some tips that will help you make that happen:

1. Cut out the fragrances

Fragrances (often labeled as “parfum”) are the staple part of almost every ingredients list, and their main and only purpose is to provide you with a pleasant smell and also to cover the smells from more aggressive chemical ingredients. Since almost everyone loves floral and fruity scents in their products, it’s easy to see why brands still stick to adding fragrances. Yet, for some, these same fragrances can be the cause of allergic reactions, so if you’re looking to detox your beauty routine, the safest place to start is to switch to skincare and haircare products that are completely fragrance-free. 

2. Learn to read the ingredients

Reading the ingredients can be quite hard, especially if you weren’t that keen on chemistry lessons at school. But, in order to understand what your product consists of, you should at least learn to recognize the ingredients that could potentially be harmful to your hair and skin. Also, it’s important to remember that the ingredients are placed in descending order of concentration, meaning that the most concentrated ones are always on top, so if you ever see drying alcohol or parabens near the top of the list, it’s better to skip buying that product. 

3. Focus on plant-based and organic products

There is a difference between natural and organic products, and it’s totally up to you to decide which is your cup of tea. Still, if you’re looking to change your beauty routine, it would be great if you could try using products that contain more plant extracts and fewer synthetic ingredients. This can be especially important when choosing hair care products, as they’re often full of complicated ingredients that tend to weigh your hair down and cause buildup on your scalp. 

If you are prone to hair greasiness and buildup, then you should consider getting an eco-friendly and allergy certified oily hair shampoo that will leave your scalp clean and your locks bouncy and shiny. Aggressive shampoos can strip off your scalp of its natural oils which can only cause further oiling, as your scalp works to make up for everything that’s been lost by using a sulfate-heavy shampoo. 

4. Determine your needs

Every person had different needs and preferences, so for example, a skincare junkie would find great pleasure in Korean 10-step beauty routine, while an ultra-busy mom who juggles multiple tasks will benefit from a simpler skincare routine. So, in order to make your beauty routine simpler, first, you need to realize what is that you need. If you’re too busy (or lazy), then there’s no point in buying too many products that you won’t use. The best tip would be to start with the basics and then add other products if you feel like you need them.

5. Don’t overspend

Some natural and eco-friendly products are a bit more expensive than the mainstream ones, but that price is mostly due to their quality ingredients and ethical manufacturing practices. Yet, there’s no need to overspend, especially if you’re unsure whether these products are the right for you. In case you want to try a certain cream or a cleanser, then it’s best to buy a mini or travel-sized bottle, as these are more than enough to make sure whether these products are worth buying or not.

In conclusion, detoxing your beauty routine is necessary, especially if you’re suffering from certain conditions that simply won’t go away. Still, reading the ingredients and monitoring your skin and hair are the best ways to make sure that you’re using the right products that are beneficial to you.