The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are plenty of benefits that come with having whiter teeth (and wanting to smile more often). It’s not just about the aesthetic beauty of whiter teeth, it’s about your overall mood and self-confidence as well. Wanting whiter teeth is a common desire, but is it worth the extra cost to get professional teeth whitening at your Dentist’s office instead of opting for over-the-counter methods? The short answer is yes. Over-the-counter whitening treatments or whitening strips that you can buy at your local drug store are not going to yield the same results as a professional teeth-whitening treatment at your Dentist’s office. And this is why you should head over to to check out some professional teeth whitening treatments.

Professional whitening may be slightly more expensive, but it should save you money in the long run since the results are more effective and last longer. In-office whitening with your trusted Dentist is the safest and most reliable way to get that perfect Hollywood smile. If you’re thinking of fixing stained, dull or yellow teeth, you’ll be happier with the results if you seek treatment from a professional. Below are some benefits of opting for professional teeth whitening, along with some general benefits that come with whiter teeth:

Customized Results

Dr. Cowen at Juban Cowen Dental Care reminds us that an in-office, professional whitening treatment is the best way to get a customized treatment plan. For example, if two of your teeth are much more yellow than the others, your Dentist can customize the whitening treatment to ensure those two teeth get extra attention. Only professional treatment can give you the customization and tailored results that you’re after. The drug store brand is a one-treatment-fits-all mentality, and it may not suit your specific whitening needs.

Faster and Better Results

Do you want whiter teeth, as fast as possible? Professional teeth whitening is the best way to get fast and amazing results. Some professional teeth whitening treatments can get you results in an hour, whereas over-the-counter whitening strips can take weeks to garner results. These results might not even be satisfactory after all of that waiting time. Not only will the results of an in-office whitening treatment be faster, but the results will be better (and whiter) too!

It’s Safe and Comfortable

Your professional service includes special attention to your sensitivities. If your teeth are extra sensitive, your Dentist will pay attention to this to ensure that you are comfortable during your treatment. It’s also much safer to get your teeth whitened professionally. You don’t have to worry about risking an over-application or damaging your tooth enamel.

Improved Self-Confidence

Confidence is attractive. Do you know what else is attractive? Someone who smiles. You’ll kill two birds with one stone when you get your teeth whitened because you’ll be more confident and you’ll be inclined to smile more. A beautiful smile is like a magnet – it attracts people all around you, and draws people in. Everyone wants to be around someone who smiles a lot – perhaps you simply need an excuse to smile more? Freshly whitened teeth can be that reason to smile more.

Better Oral Health

Another benefit of professional whitening treatment is better oral health. Your teeth are simultaneously being cleaned and polished with the removal of stains and plaque during a professional whitening session. Therefore, your teeth are getting cleaner, stronger and healthier. This improves your overall oral health, and this also improves your oral hygiene. (Teeth whitening can even improve bad breath!)

You’ll Gain More Trust And Notice Better First Impressions

Recent studies have shown that individuals with whiter teeth are seen as being more trustworthy, dependable, attractive, professional and successful. Whether it’s a job interview, a sales pitch, a first date or an important meeting, your white teeth will give you an added advantage.

A Better Mood

Studies have linked an improved mood with smiling more. Since your beautiful, white teeth will have you smiling more, it’s obvious that teeth whitening treatment can actually improve your overall mood.  The physical act of smiling induces a chemical reaction in the brain, releasing certain feel-good hormones including dopamine and serotonin. Smiling really is that powerful – it can reduce stress and trick your brain into feeling happier.

2 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening”

  1. I like how you mentioned that a benefit of professional whitening treatment is better oral health. My brother smokes a lot and due to that, his teeth have some stains. I will recommend him to quit smoking and to get a teeth whitening treatment.

  2. My mom told me that she would like to find a home remedy to get her teeth whiter. I like how you mentioned that professional teeth whitening is the best way to get fast and amazing results. I will help her look for a dentist near her so that she can get a teeth whitening treatment.

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