What are nappy bag essentials?

A well stocked nappy bag is the key to surviving any outing with your baby. Remember there are several places you can go which don’t have diaper changing tables. There are several other places you can go where you cannot feel good breastfeeding in public. For this reason, you have to ensure that your nappy bag has everything you need along the way. Just start by shopping for a good nappy bag on nappybagstore.

Diapers and changing gear

Remember its called a diaper bag and so it should have all that the baby needs including diapers and the changing gears. Ensure that at all costs you have as many diapers as possible. You should have diapers for every hour that you spend out with the baby. You can as well include some extra nappies just in case. What I am trying to mean is that if your baby needs eight diapers for the day and you will take a full day out, you should carry 8 diapers plus a few extras.

Food and clothing

It doesn’t matter the age of your child; you don’t have to leave the house without some extra foods. The fact is that babies often get hungry and for this reason, you need to carry some bottles of formula or breast milk. If you are going for the formula milk, you shouldn’t come out of the house without preparing it. You also need some extra clothes for the outing. You don’t have to spend the whole day with dirty cloths simply because your baby vomited when feeding her. You can get extra cloth for the day.

Medicine and extra care items

If your child is under medication, you need to ensure that you have the right medicines for the day. You can preplan this by checking on all the medications that he/she is supposed to take when you are out. It is also very crucial to pack the bag with some first aid extras. You should include a small first aid kit, baby-safe pain reliever, a pacifier, antibiotics cream and a security blanket.

Hand sanitizers

If you are dealing with a toddler, it is very common for you to get some bodily fluids on your hands while you are changing or even handling the baby. Another thing that you should note is that you may not have direct access to soaps and water and for this reason, you should have a hand sanitizer for the purpose.


One thing that you should bear in mind is that babies are not strangers to diaper rash and for this reason you should keep cream and ointment on your diaper bag.


If you think that you are going to spend some time out with your baby, then you should pack some toys with you especially when you are not dealing with newborns. You should pack a compact toy or even get a toy that you know he/she likes the most.


Another necessity that you should get in your nappy bag is water. You can buy two bottles of water for the day. The fact is that you never know when you may need it.

How to Keep Your Kids Happy Even When Times are Tough

Life is not always going to be as full of joy as the day that your children were born. There are natural ups and downs that happen, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try extra hard to make life a little sweeter and happier for your kids. There are things that you can do when life gets tough to keep your kids happy.

No matter what the difficulty is, your kids deserve their childhood and they deserve their happiness. It doesn’t have to drain you to afford this peace and joy for your children. Here are some ways to keep your kids smiling and happy even during difficult times.

Let Them Be Your Stress Reliever

Although it may not seem like motherhood can relieve stress, there are ways to use your maternity to reduce your stress. Playing with your children can help you feel like a child again and reduce your worries as a parent. Whenever you have to deal with the negativity in your life, take a break to play with your children without the interference of screens or other people getting in your way.

Playing with your kids is an excellent way to keep both of you happy. It may drain you of energy, but like exercise, it can also help you feel better and actually raise energy after the fact so that you feel better in the long-run.

Consult Professionals

Sometimes, the situation is simply too big to face alone. By yourself, it seems like a mountain impossible to cross, so it is good to know some professionals who would have your back. When it comes to your kids, hiring the right babysitter to keep them happy while you deal with life might be one of the best things that you can do for them.

Depending on the situation, you may also benefit from consulting with a divorce attorney, psychologists, and educational professionals. Don’t think that you have to go through anything alone just for the sake of your kids. They can feel your stress and they would want you to get the professional help that you need.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Talking to your kids is by far the easiest way to sort out anything between you. If there is something happening that is affecting you and the overall health and wellbeing of the family, then you should be open and honest with your kids about it. When talking to them, be sure

  • To communicate in terms that your children understand
  • To be honest, because lying will inevitably make any bad situation worse
  • To talk to them not just about the situation, but about both your feelings and their feelings
  • To keep optimistic

Don’t Think of Money as Being Key to their Joy

Usually, bad times coincide with times where money is tight. However, you shouldn’t think of this time as the need to buy your kids’ happiness. Small kids will be just as fine with the pots and pans that you already have as with the hottest new toy. Take your kids out for a day at the local park when the weather is nice. Both of you could probably stand to smile and swing again.

Get creative when it comes to playing and having fun at home. You don’t need to have anything fancy or special to have a good time.

Keep Routine as Normal as Possible, but Add Fun Where You Can

Your children will appreciate a sense of normalcy during these trying times, so try to keep their routine and schedule as consistent as possible. However, when it comes to fewer fun tasks like chores or homework, try to incorporate fun elements such as rewards, games, stickers, and other incentives.

Doing things together can also help pack more fun into routines. For instance, helping your kids wash the dishes or make their beds can give them something to look forward to more time with you.

Happiness is Never too Far Away

You always have the chance to make and keep your children content, even when it sometimes feels that happiness is far away and an impossible task. Let your children bring you joy and let you be able to return joy to them as well.

A Bright and Colorful Living Room Makeover: Unwind Your Life

A living room is the most important space in your home. Chances are that it is also the place you spend most of your time. After all, this is where you entertain guests, watch TV with your partner and have family time with your kids.

After a long day at work or tiring tasks, this is also the room where you unwind your life and relax. But in order to do so, the overall décor must be not only comfortable but aesthetically agreeable as well. Therefore, here are some bright and colorful ideas for living room makeover that will help you reinvent your space and yourself.

1. Change the colors

While many believe that changing the colors is the easiest way to change the room, it can actually be a tedious task. After all, you need to find the color scheme that all members of the household will like and fit it in the design. But sometimes, choosing a new and unexpected shade can really be the pivotal point of having a bright and colorful living room makeover.

Try living coral shade which is new Pantone Color of the Year and will support natural earthy tones for those who want to add just a splash of bolder tones. Instead of painting all walls, use flower wallpaper on part of the wall to create an interesting pattern and create complex patterns. Velvet is in this season, and green furniture will go well with natural materials like wood and gold details like a vase or mirror frame.

2. Add an interesting detail

Never underestimate the impact an interesting detail can have on the room. And this year, interior design will be about highlighting certain features of the room. A huge colorful painting on the wall can open up space and create a playful ambiance.

But if you are for something more subtle, consider saying goodbye to symmetrical patterns and saying goodbye to a straight line. Since the living room is the place to spend leisure time but also have parties, consider adding a fixture like a fireplace to define the room as both relaxing and dramatic. Use bolder colors like lime green or fuchsia for the mantel and your living room will immediately become ore livelier and fun.

3. Make small space bigger

Even the smallest of living rooms can offer an abundance of space and become your sanctuary if you know a few design tricks. The minimalist design may be out this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t adapt its principles to the new trends. Think about pieces of furniture that have more than one purpose, like a coffee table that is a storage unit and a chair at the same time.

Instead of going for massive pieces, look for cozy and simple furniture that will be comfortable and not swallow the room. Wall mounted bookshelves are ideal to free the space, while a small colorful rug instead of a carpet will brighten up space. A huge mirror opposite the window will expand the space and also bring more natural light to your living room allowing its colors to pop.

4. Redefine the lights

If you consult with a renovator like Precision Planning, you will learn that lighting is one of the most important things for the room. It will help you define certain areas and set the ambiance which will further mark the overall style in your living room. If you have an open floor plan, then using lights to separate different aspects of the space will make the décor more interesting and dynamic.

On the other hand, small rooms will look bigger if you allow more natural light in and change the fixture so that they have a wider range. Use lamps to set the atmosphere for parties, movie nights or simply to take a nap on the couch.

5. Establish a focal point

If you are keen on darker styles, you can still make your living room bright and colorful. While some details here and there, like flamboyant cushions for the couch, can live up space, a focal point will define it. Choose one area of your living room and place a truly daring piece of furniture, decorative item or art there.

This can be a colorful chair like yellow or red that will be in contrast with the dark walls and add a layer to space. On the other hand, a stone wall with golden details among the natural granite will highlight the elegance and give your room more character.


Sometimes, a small change can make a big difference. A splash of color here, a new art piece there can help you rediscover the aesthetics thus creating a bright and colorful living room. After all, this is a special place in your home where people come together and you find peace to unwind your life.

About the author

Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.