The Importance of Healthy Lunch Foods for School Kids

We have all heard healthy lunch foods are important for students, but why is that exactly? What are the facts about why lunch is such an important meal?

According to a recent study, almost 100% of parents know that it’s important for kids to establish healthy eating habits when they’re young so that they eat healthy later in life. Yet, only about 20% of parents consider their kids’ diets to be “very healthy.”

If you suspect your child might not be adopting the best dietary habits, one way you can change that is by considering which lunch foods you’re giving them access to at school. Kids should be eating tasty sandwiches made with whole-grain bread and plenty of fruits and vegetables for lunch, not processed foods that are filled with calories, fat, and added sugars.

You simply can’t overstate the importance of providing school kids with healthy lunch foods. Check out some of the benefits that kids will get to enjoy when they eat things that are healthy for lunch at school every day.

Ensures Kids Get the Necessary Nutrients

As a parent, it’s important for you to make sure that your child is getting the necessary nutrients in their diet each day. It’s going to be difficult to do this if you aren’t taking advantage of lunchtime by sending your kids to school with healthy lunch foods.

These lunch foods should set your child up with a good blend of all the necessary nutrients. This includes:

Vitamin A
Vitamin C

You might serve lots of foods at home that contain these nutrients. But if your child isn’t eating healthy at school, it’s going to be a missed opportunity. They might still have nutrient deficiencies in some areas and struggle to maintain what would be considered a healthy diet.

Reduces the Risks Associated With Childhood Obesity

Obesity has become a major problem for every age group in this country. It affects almost 100 million American adults as of right now, and that number is growing all the time.

It has also started taking a huge toll on the younger population. There are about 14 million children and teenagers living with obesity at this time.

Unhealthy lunch foods aren’t solely to blame for this issue. Many of the kids struggling with childhood obesity fail to eat healthy during most of their meals, not just the ones they eat at school.

But providing a child with healthy lunch foods at school will guarantee that at least one of the meals they eat each day is healthy. It’ll cut down on the chances of them dealing with childhood obesity and the many health risks that come along with it.

Helps Kids Focus Better on Their Schoolwork

In this day and age, it’s already hard enough for most kids to sit down and focus on their work when they’re at school. Kids—and people of all ages really—have shorter attention spans than in past years. This is due in large part to the rapid evolution of technology.

Lunch foods that are jampacked with added sugars and other things that aren’t good for kids can make this problem even worse than it already is. When kids load up on sugars at lunch, they’ll sometimes have a tough time sitting still and paying attention in class. They’ll also crash land once the sugar supply in their body runs out.

Lunch foods that are good for the brain are a much better option for these kids. School lunch delivery services often include things like apples, nuts, greens, and more in their meals since they’ve been shown to help kids in school.

Pushes Kids to Try Foods They Might Not Eat Otherwise

There are some kids who are picky eaters and aren’t going to try new foods no matter what you do. Depending on who you believe, anywhere from 5% to 25% of kids are considered picky eaters these days.

But there are also a lot of kids who don’t ever get around to trying out certain kinds of foods simply because those foods have never been put in front of them. When they think, “What should I eat for lunch?“, some types of foods don’t even enter their minds since they haven’t been exposed to them.

Healthy American school lunches have started to change that a little. Many schools now provide students with meals that they might not be given otherwise. This has turned at least some of these students into fans of healthy foods that they never had before.

By giving your own child healthier lunches, you’ll push them to try things that they’re not eating elsewhere. You could very well stumble upon foods that your child loves by taking this approach to giving them lunch food.

Establishes Healthy Eating Patterns That Will Last a Lifetime

Most kids aren’t going to spend their entire childhoods eating junk food and other unhealthy things and then magically wake up one day when they’re adults and start eating healthy. They’re going to continue to eat the same foods they’ve conditioned their bodies to eat.

You don’t want to put your child on this path, do you? You can help them steer clear of finding themselves stuck in this pattern one day by incorporating more healthy school cafeteria food options into their lives.

By teaching kids to eat right, you’ll improve their health now. But to a larger degree, you’ll also improve their health in the future and provide them with the eating patterns they’ll need to stay healthy for many years to come. 

Making Sure Kids Eat Healthy Lunch Foods in School

For a long time, most parents and school administrators didn’t give much thought to which lunch foods were served to school kids. Kids routinely chowed down on things like hamburgers, pizza, and other foods that weren’t all that healthy.

Kids can still eat some of those things today. But kids eating lunch at school are also given the option to eat healthy meals. It has allowed many of them to unlock the benefits that we’ve listed here.

Are you a mom worried about your child’s health? Read the other articles on our blog for more tips on helping your child lead a healthier lifestyle.

Ways to Enhance Your Beauty as a Busy Mom

Moms that work and all moms, in general, don’t get enough credit for what they are doing, which is work all the time, and most of that isn’t paid it’s for the family. During the busiest and most stressful weeks, it looks like that moms work more than 98 hours a week. So it is super important to spend some time pampering yourself to feel as beautiful as you can.

Eat Healthy Snacks

During those hard busy days having snacks is important because if you don’t, you will get hungry. When hunger hits you, if you don’t have some healthy food near you, of course, you will eat whatever you can find near you. To avoid those moments, prepare some healthy snacks for the upcoming week. Having a healthy snack will give you more energy and keep you from gaining unwanted pounds, and most important of them all, it will make you feel more beautiful and good about yourself. These Lactation Bites are delicious bite-sized snacks that include wholesome ingredients and beneficial herbs to give lasting energy. They’re also full of antioxidants and galactagogues which help Moms produce more breastmilk.

Sleep As Much As You Can

As we all know, sleep is essential. Most moms get only 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night. But that is not enough rest for a woman that works all day every day. Not getting enough sleep will affect how much you eat, how you look and how you feel. Moms need beauty sleep too. It is very important that you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. With a good night’s sleep, not only will your body be thankful, but your skin and face will have a magical glow.

Always Wear SPF

Most moms don’t have the time to go out on a ton of different moisturizers every morning. But wearing SPF will protect your skin from sun damage and skin cancer. So before you start skipping on putting SPF, look for BB or CC creams that have SPF in them, with that you are putting foundation and SPF at the same time. With this step in the morning, you will not only protect your skin, but you will also enhance your beauty.

Moisturize Your Hands

Moms are always cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, and because of that, your hands will suffer. Because of that, you need to be moisturizing them all the time. Put little tubes of hand creams into places that are easily reached, like your purse, car, desk drawer, or cabinet. Keeping up with moisturizing your hands will make your hands feel and look amazing. And we all know that ladies feel most beautiful if their hands are smooth and nice looking.

Save Time by Getting Eyelash Extensions

This is one of the best time-saving beauty tips for moms. Getting eyelash extensions, you are saving time every morning because you don’t have to spend time putting mascara on and putting fake eyelashes. Lash extensions are out in your current natural eyelashes. Many women who get lash extensions don’t wear any eye makeup at all, because they are such beauty on their own. They won’t leak and smudge as mascara will, and you will have fuller and more curled lashes. All you need to do is get high quality mink lash extensions, and you will feel the most beautiful even right after you get out of bed.

These are some easy, quick, and practical beauty tips and products in mind as you go about your hectic mom’s life. As a mom, you need to take a few minutes every day to take care of and pamper yourself, and that will do miracles for both your inner and outer self.

Guest Blogger Bio

Maggie Holmes is a passionate blogger keen on writing about beauty and fashion. Her exclusive hobby is to surf the net to find amazing articles that can inspire her with some fresh ideas for article writing. She loathes being a common person who wastes her time. 

You can follow her on Twitter at

Why Stainless Steel Water Bottle Is Good For Travel

People often wonder how safe and clean is the water that they drink when traveling or out of their usual homes. One of the ways to ensure that everyone gets to drink healthy water is by carrying an adequate supply with them where ever they intend to travel. In water containers, the steel water bottle could be one of the most useful options to use. Compared to the alternative solutions available to carry water around, it makes perfect sense to use steel carry bottles most of the time. 

It is not that people are not offered options to carry around water to drink. But the advantages of using a steel carry bottle like the Fill2Pure ones are to be noted as below. 

Reusable in construction

With most water bottles made of plastic and other disposable materials, the bottles are mostly single-use most of the time. This adds to the extra burden of having to dispose of the bottles after their use. Plastics are some of the hardest materials to degrade in the environment and hence the ecological cost of using single-use plastic bottles is only to be noted. 

It would be found that having a reusable disposition, the steel water bottles are more eco-friendly than ever before. In fact for the factor of reusability of water bottles a large part of the plastic types have been redesigned to act as multi-use bottles as well. Steel is the ideal multi-use water bottle material of choice at the moment. 

Hot and cold use

Few materials can hold hot and cold liquids with equal ability as steel can when made out into water bottles.  An added insulation not only keeps the temperature of the fluids from deteriorating and at the same time makes it rather easy to carry around. The good property of steel to withstand boiling temperatures without defect and this is one of the reasons why steel is the preferred material for use as water bottles. 

Lack of taste or odor

With other alternatives to steel water bottles, it is key to understand that they impart some kind of odor or taste to the water in them.  This factor is particularly acute when carrying the water for extended periods of time. Steel water bottles tend to keep the natural taste of water to a larger extent than possible plastic or PET alternatives. 

This ability to retain the taste is key when hot fluids are carried in the water bottles. The plastic types do not tolerate heat to any extent and even the slightest of warmth helps in odorizing the water in them.  

Extra abilities

Steel water bottles on one hand can be made to act in so many different ways. One of the most notable methods of using steel water bottles is as a portable water purifier.  By having additional add-on facilities on the water bottles, it is possible to be able to filter out and purify the water that is stored in the bottles. This is achieved in a number of ways and has been found to be rather effective too. 

Machine washable

There would not be a home that does not have a dishwasher or a similar facility to keep clean the vessels and containers that handle food materials. The steel water bottle is to be noted for its characteristic that it can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning up after use.  Few other alternative materials can offer this scope of action as borne out by the water bottle. 

Variations in presentation

When compared to the alternative solution to carrying of water, it is possible to have a wider variety of presentations in the case of the steel water bottles. It is possible to color the bottles in many ways, add designs to the exterior of the bottles and so on. Plastic or mud water bottles do not offer this type of variations in presentations. 

Hard and tough

The steel water bottle is one of the hardiest of materials to be had around to carry water.  Most drops on the floor would not damage the bottle quite unlike the plastic materials in popular use. It is for this reason that steel bottles are used by adventure enthusiasts and athletes most of the time. The hard exterior of the steel flask often tends to present one of the toughest of materials. 


No doubt, water is a precious commodity that few people can do without. Carrying water around for use is made all the more pleasant if the right kind of materials is hard for their use. Steel bottles and flasks have been around for some time and despite the onslaught of newer materials tend to be in high demand for the sheer good experience that comes with using them. 

Find the Best Healthy Food That Fits Your Metabolism

We have all been in a situation where we hear how someone has a certain kind of metabolism that is different from ours. And it is true. There are different types of metabolisms connected to our cravings and body type. If you want to boost your metabolism and lose some weight, you need to know how to eat for your type, and what foods serve as boosters. So, here is a little guide on the basic things you need to know.

Eating for your metabolism type

Foods you should be eating for your metabolism type according to the cravings you have.

Sugar cravings

Some people naturally crave sweets more than any other type of food. This may mean that your body actually needs carbohydrates, but you are giving it sugar through the cake, ice cream, and chocolate instead. Some of the common signs that point to this type of metabolism are fluctuating weight, coffee dependency, and weak appetite in general. Since this type of metabolism craves carbohydrates, that is what you should fuel your body with. However, you should eat fruits, whole grains like barley, brown rice, and whole-grain bread, as well as lots of protein and fiber-based vegetables.

Salty food cravings

Another common craving is salty foods. These people often reach for snacks like potato chips and fatty foods. You will recognize this metabolism type by experiencing frequent anxiety, high blood pressure, and increased appetite. If you do have some of these symptoms, a safe choice for you is a diet rich in protein from dark meat like beef, dark turkey, or even salmon, and fish. Full fats from dairy products and eggs are also good for you since it is not the same type of fat you find in salty snacks. Of course, whole grain bread, and brown rice, instead of carbs is one more thing to add to your diet.

Metabolism boosters from around the world

Regardless of your metabolism type, you should stick to a healthy diet and certain foods that will boost your metabolism anyway. Different countries have their own recipes and foods that can boost your metabolism, so if you want to step out of the traditional frames, and eat something delicious and new, you should try some of these.

In China, a cold watermelon soup with ginger helps detoxify the body, has multiple benefits for the kidneys, and it boosts metabolism. Another secret of theirs is sweet corn, which lowers cholesterol, and helps with proper bowel movement, which leads to a healthy gut, and a faster metabolism.

From New Zealand, we have the sweetest, most delicious thing that has a variety of health benefits as well. Their best suggestion is to buy Manuka honey, which improves your metabolism by helping your digestive tract. It also helps with oral health, sore throats, and has wound healing properties.

Again, from the Asian culture, specifically from Japan, we have the well-known Macha green tea. This powdered tea is beneficial aside from being delicious in boosting your metabolism before and after exercise, for example, which makes it a great companion for all of you who are into fitness.

Healthy foods for any metabolism type

Now we are going to mention some of the everyday foods you may not have known were good for your metabolism.

First of all, foods rich in protein are a must, because your body uses more energy to digest them. Chili peppers, although a bit odd, help you burn more calories and with that boost your metabolism. Garlic is another common food that will help you lose more fat during the day. Citrus fruits are also good because they have low levels of sugar, and high levels of Vitamin C, which helps metabolize fat faster. Other foods you can try are lentils, coconut oil, nuts, berries, beans, oats, coffee, and green leafy vegetables. Some spices like ginger powder and cinnamon can be mixed with water, which is another simple yet very effective booster, especially if you drink it with cold water, right after you wake up.

Having a healthy, balanced metabolism is important not only for weight loss and control but also for increasing your energy and boosting your mood. You can change your diet to fit the metabolic type you have, but regardless of it, do try these foods for amazing results.

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, then you’ve probably read or heard about the benefits of drinking green tea for your diet and overall health. Green tea has been used for centuries as a healing herb that can protect your digestion, prevent cancer, and calm anxiety. Mostly used by the Chinese as a healing drink, green teas come in all different varieties nowadays.

Tea, in general, is used to soothe us when we’re sick, keep us warm in the winter, and can even protect against certain viruses, accelerate digestion, and aid menstrual cramps. Green tea, however, has special properties that make it even more of a healthy addition to your diet.

Many researchers and enthusiasts would say that green tea is by far the healthiest beverage you can drink. Most of this is owing to the high number of antioxidants, and the natural ways in which drinking a cup a day can improve several aspects of your health and body. You won’t want to go back after you see how green tea can help you stay on the right health track.

Which compounds make up green tea?

The reason that green tea is so good for you is that it naturally contains certain compounds that stimulate parts of the body and digestive system in very positive ways. For example, one of these nutrients is called polyphenols. These specifically act to reduce inflammation in the body and can even work toward preventing cancer. If you have a history of cancer in your family, or if you suffer from chronic pain or any other ailment that includes inflammatory side effects, think about implementing green teas into your diet.

Other healing properties in green tea include catechins. These protect free radicals from spreading in the body. They also have a whole range of positives. Catechins act to protect the cells from damage by eliminating free radicals that could potentially hurt existing cells. Free radicals are responsible for any adverse side effects in the aging process and the spread of diseases.

Green tea can improve your brain functioning!

Some more good news about green tea? It doesn’t just help your body in staying healthy. It also helps your brain! Green tea does contain caffeine, which allows the body to stay alert (and doesn’t have as much as caffeine, which can have negative effects on the brain).

Beyond caffeine, green tea also has an amino acid called L-theanine, which acts in crossing the blood-brain barrier. L-theanine increases the flow and activity of neurotransmitter GABA, which also works to calm anxiety. It also increases dopamine! You can be so joyful while sipping your tea.

L-theanine appears in several different products besides teas, like Zach Attack Supplements, which also helps the digestive system for the better.

Make green tea your newest obsession.

Just like “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” a cup of green tea a day can drastically improve brain and body functioning. If you don’t believe us, try it yourself!

Healthy Habits – 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Overall Health

It’s very simple. The way you treat your body will determine how well it will function as you grow older. Most of us are aware of this and also of what exactly we should do to keep our body and mind healthy well into our golden years. So, why aren’t we all doing what we should? Mostly because it’s much easier to reach for fast food than to cook a proper meal, it’s faster to get somewhere by car than on foot, and sitting in front of the TV with a huge bag of chips is often more convenient than going jogging. Plus, when you think of all the things you should change about your lifestyle, you can get overwhelmed. The key is to do it gradually, one small but firm step at a time. Here are five steps towards better overall health and improved quality of life.

Keep your drinks sugar-free

When it comes to hydration, it’s very important for your wellbeing. However, not everything you drink is good for you. The best choice is, obviously, plain water, and about eight glasses of it per day. If the taste of water bores you and you want something different, you can always infuse it with some fresh fruit. Squeeze a lemon or a grapefruit, or even some pomegranate for that refreshing flavor. Another option is to boil some tea, especially green tea. Whatever you choose, just don’t let it be sugary drinks, such as soda or fruit juice. Those are loaded with sugar which can lead to obesity and some even more serious health issues, such as heart disease or type 2 diabetes. Even those drinks which are advertised as healthy and with antioxidant properties usually contain too much sugar to actually benefit you in any way, so try staying away from them.

Commit yourself to a physical activity

Regular physical activity keeps you fitter and improves your immune function, and that can lower your chances of getting hypertension, stroke or heart disease down the road. Also, it enhances your strength, flexibility, and stamina, allowing you to perform your everyday tasks with more ease. Exercise is also beneficial to your mental health, as it boosts your mood and your self-esteem. Therefore, if you’ve been living a sedentary life and haven’t been active for a long time, start with short walks and then keep adding distance and speed to them as you gain back your strength. Also, there are many types of workout which you could find joyful. If gym exercises aren’t your cup of tea, try yoga, dancing, or get a bike and ride it instead of driving your car whenever possible. Once you get a hang of it, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to start.

Reconsider your choice of protein sources

When you mention protein, most people’s minds instantly wander towards meat. However, there are some great options which don’t originate from animals. In fact, there are multiple vegan protein sources you can rely on for proper nutrient intake, and it’s a common misconception that vegans don’t get enough protein. For instance, soy products, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and beans are loaded with protein. If those don’t interest you, how about potatoes, spinach or broccoli? So, instead of gorging yourself on steaks and deep-fried chicken, try switching to these plant-based foods, which will most likely make you feel light and energetic.

Get enough rest

Sleeping enough is another requirement for good long-term health, but one that we often don’t pay enough attention to. This is something you should work on. Getting your eight hours of sleep is crucial for your body, and especially your brain to work normally. When you’re sleep deprived, you could easily become nervous, irritated and have trouble concentrating on anything, which then decreases your productivity. This can even lead to stress and anxiety. It’s up to you to create a routine which will have you in bed and out of it at the same time every day, including weekends, and one which won’t include you staring at your computer, phone or TV until the moment you close your eyes. The lights from those screens send your brain the signal that it’s not time to sleep yet, which can make it difficult to fall asleep. Instead, have a cup of chamomile tea and get some uninterrupted and restful sleep every night.

Choose fresh over-processed foods

Processed foods can be very tasty. Actually, that’s how they’re made. The companies who sell them want you to buy their products, so they make them so desirable to your taste buds, that you simply can’t resist them. However, these foods are usually full of sugar, or even worse, high fructose corn syrup, salt, bad fats, and various artificial ingredients. More often than not, they contain a high count of empty calories, meaning that they don’t contain the nutrients you need to stay healthy. They are the primary cause of obesity and they can damage your metabolism greatly. This is why it’s always a good idea to choose real food over the processed, especially fresh fruit and vegetables. Also, avoid eating junk food during the day and visiting restaurants that serve it. Rather make your own meals at home, from scratch. Nowadays, there are so many quick and simple recipes for healthy meals online, that you really don’t have an excuse to keep eating something which could harm you and eventually make you sick.

Nothing’s as precious as health, so invest your time and effort in yourself by following these five steps. You’ll be glad you did once you’re older.

Daily Workout Routine for Ladies—What You Should Do to Gain the Best Results

Do you want to look leaner and stronger? Or do you want to lose a few pounds before your vacation or that important event? Or are you just aiming to be healthier and more active? Working out should be your path no matter what your goal is! Here’s a little guide to help get you on the right track and some tips that will maximize your results.

Do cardio for weight loss

If you want to lose weight, boost your metabolism and improve your cardiovascular health, you must do some cardio! This type of workout keeps your blood flowing efficiently and keeps your endurance high. Plus, you have literally a ton of workout options from jogging outside to hitting the elliptical. You can also try functional movements like kettlebell workouts (usually used in strength training, but if you lower weight and boost reps, you’ll get a good cardio exercise). However, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: your heart rate has to be high in order for the activity to be cardiovascular. While your target heart rate for weight loss is unique to you, a good starting point is to aim for anywhere between 120 and 150 beats per minute and keep it there for 45 to 60 minutes.

Strength training is a must

Many women avoid doing any strength training because they are afraid they will put on too much muscle. You’re not going to turn to She-Hulk unless you lift crazy weights, keep your diet spotless and train two times a day, so don’t worry. However, what you will gain from strength training is sexy lean muscles, better figure, and many amazing health benefits. Also the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism is which will help with your weight loss. In order to build some muscle, you should work for your major muscle groups two times a week. You can also try adding some supplements to your diet and workouts. For instance, you can find great supplement ideas here and pick up a fat burner that will aid weight control. Have a fat burner in the morning and experience a great feeling of fullness and a surge of energy perfect for your workouts!


If you don’t have time for longer workouts, try something short and sweet. High-intensity interval training is super hard, but it’s also short, 20 to 30 minutes max. Structure your HIIT properly and you’ll burn a lot of calories during the afterburn long after you get home from your workout. Keep in mind to hold your heart rate high during the entire workout. If you can easily keep up for more than 30 minutes, it means you’re not keeping the intensity high enough.

Have active recovery days

In order to achieve the best results, you need to allow your body to rest. While you could sit and watch Netflix as a form of recovery, you can also do something light, easy yet active to boost your body’s range of motion and increase your calorie burn. For instance, try taking a walk, going for a light swim or joining restorative yoga.

Keep your diet clean

While working out is very important for getting in shape and losing weight, you must also watch out what you eat. A clean diet is just as important as exercise, if not even more. If you have good impulse control, you don’t have to change much, just decrease your portions a little bit and stay away from empty calories like sugary drinks, fatty snacks, and sweets. If you need a more structured plan, you can check out MyFitnessPal that will help you keep track of everything that you eat and offer inspiration for meals and workouts.

Don’t forget to have fun

Losing weight and getting in shape should be a pleasant and happy activity. After all, you’re starting a new path in life and that’s something to be celebrated. So, don’t dedicate all your time to workouts and cooking! Go out with your girlfriends, have fun and enjoy life! That’s super important for your mental health!

If you combine good exercise, with plenty of rest and clean eating, you can expect to see amazing results in no time. However, make sure to be patient! Most effective changes happen over a longer period of time, not overnight!

Science Of Snacks Says When Is More Important Than What Your Eat

Science is something that you will find everywhere, even when you eat your food. Therefore, do not be surprised when it is said that science meets snacks as well. According to it, it not just what you eat that is important but it is equally important to take a note of when you eat your food, snacks or a meal.

Consider your breakfast first. Science says, according to the food you have in your breakfast, you should plan your foods and eat smaller meals in the day. Why? Science says that when you have a healthy breakfast it will kick off your metabolism. In order to balance it up, you need to eat small throughout the day but it should comprise of healthy food items as well as the meals should be spaced strategically. This will keep up your energy all day.

According to science, you should also avoid eating late dinners. According to the scientists, you should try and eat your dinner earlier. Ideally, they suggest that you should fast for at least 14 to 16 hours until you have your breakfast the next morning! 

Several studies are conducted that suggests that eating when you are most active will only help your digestive system to get a long break every day. This will, in turn, help you to regulate your weight.

Importance of fruit and vegetables

When you order for home snacks make sure that you focus on ordering more of fruits and vegetables. Once again according to science fruits and vegetables are good things to include in your diet list because these are:

  • Low in calories
  • High in nutrient content 
  • Packed with vitamins
  • Has lots of minerals
  • Contains a lot of antioxidants and 
  • There are lots of fibers. 

However, make sure that you stick to the recommended daily amounts of these fruits and vegetables. Ideally, you should include at least five servings of different fruit and vegetables. This will help you to fill you up and at the same time, it will help you to cut back on your unhealthy food habits.

In your intake of fruits and vegetables, you should include a serving of half a cup of raw fruit or vegetable that may include a small apple or a banana as for example. In fact, if you want to make the best of your fruit and vegetable intake you must take double the amount that you take currently. In order to increase your intake you should:

  • Add berries that are rich in antioxidants to your favorite cereal in your breakfast
  • Eat a mix of a sweet fruit such as oranges, apples, mangos, grapes, and pineapples for dessert and
  • Swap the usual amount of rice or pasta and include a side dish such as a colorful salad.

However, do not ever rely on eating processed snack foods. Instead of these, you should focus on snacking on different vegetables such as carrots, cherry tomatoes, and snow peas. You may combine these veggies with a spicy hummus dip or even plain peanut butter.

Making the vegetables tasty

There are several useful, effective and scientific ways in which you can make even the most boring and common vegetables and plain salads most tasty. Especially when you consume steamed veggies it can become very bland in taste very quickly but there are plenty of ways in which you can add to the blandest and ordinary vegetable dishes. A few of the scientific and healthy ways to make vegetables tastier include:

  • Adding color: You should focus more on the colors of the vegetables. Why? Do you think that it will make your dish look more attractive and palatable? No. science says that colored vegetables will not only make a dish brighter and deeper but it will contain high concentrations of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It will also make a difference in the flavor of the dish apart from making it more visually appealing. Therefore, add color to your palate using fresh or even sundried tomatoes, beets, glazed carrots, roasted red cabbage wedges, and yellow squash. You can also use sweet and colorful peppers for that matter.
  • Dress the salad: Liven up the salad greens using more ingredients apart from the most common lettuce. You can consider other ingredients such as kale, arugula, spinach, and broccoli or mustard greens, and Chinese cabbage as well. All these are loaded with useful nutrients. If you add these to your salad greens it will not only enhance the flavor but will also increase the nutrient quotient of it. You can be creative in this matter and add a drizzle of olive oil to make it a spicier dressing. You may even consider sprinkling almond slices, a little bacon, chickpeas, parmesan or goat cheese to make it even tastier.

No matter whatever you do, you should focus on your taste and preference but most importantly you should satisfy your sweet tooth if needed. There are lots of naturally sweet vegetables that you can add to your dishes such as beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, yams, squash and bell peppers. 

All these will add sweetness to your dish and at the same time, it will also help you to reduce the cravings for added sugar. Make it a point that you add it up to the soups and stews and even to your pasta and sauces to have a satisfying and within the limit sweet kick!

Planning for quick and easy meals

Science also says that if you have easy and quick meals it will help you to reduce your cravings. Therefore you should focus more on items such as green beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and asparagus and cook them in new ways. How? Instead of boiling or steaming these healthy vegetables you should try roasting, grilling, and even pan-frying them. Add a few chili flakes to it if you want to spice it up along with garlic, mushrooms, shallots, or onion. Marinate these with lime or tangy lemon before cooking for that extra kick.

In short, snacking is all about science, a strategic plan, and your diligence, if you want to stay healthy in and till the end.

10 Best Weight Gaining Food for Kids

Children tend to gain weight very fast as they keep on growing, generally, children are healthy but in some cases, they tend to be lean and thin. There might be some genetic issues in them because of which they don’t gain weight and are healthy. It is often believed and also researched that the weight and appearance is not always the appropriate measure of overall body health of a child instead, it is just to keep a check on the average BMI of a body which should be appropriate according to the body of a child. It is also said that if the BMI of the child is not up to the mark and if it keeps them in the underweight category than the parents should start planning to give the child healthy and weight gaining food so that they can grow properly, stay healthy and gain proper weight while they keep on growing.

How to check the BMI

The BMI calculator is being used by the doctors or the parents can also themselves use it to calculate the BMI of their child. You can find it online nowadays and all you need to do is to feed in the details that the calculator needs to give you the BMI of the child. It generally needs the height and the weight of a person so that it can give you back the proper BMI.

Children are generally given healthy food that contains all the necessary nutrients a child needs for proper growth. However, weight gaining food is given only to those who are underweight and has a low BMI so that they can achieve the stage of required BMI.

To help some of the parents track what should be given to the child that will not harm their growing body and will also help in increasing the BMI of their body. Below we have compiled a quick list of some of the health gaining food which is ideal for the children. The list is as follows:

  1. Eggs– One of the best source of proteins, eggs can be one of the best and wholesome food that can help in increasing the weight of your child. Muscle tissue and body growth increase the bodyweight of the kids. Boiled eggs are a very good option for them and should be served in small quantity every time so that the dose is not overdone.
  2. Tofu– One of the best sources of amino acids it is also loaded with proteins. Made with the help of soya milk it is the best that can be served to the children in a number of ways and a number of dishes can be prepared with the help of it that will be loved by the children. A source of the number of nutrients, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It can be very good for the kids. Loaded with a number of nutrients it does not contain calories.
  3. Honey– Often used as a substitute for sugar in almost every diet, the composition of honey is 18% water and the remaining 72% is carbohydrates present in it. Since carbohydrates are believed to increase the weight of a human body, honey can be a great source that can help in weight gain of a human body.
  4. Milk– Since it is a food item which is generally served to kids, but you should continue giving your child milk every day since is the best source of protein and calcium. One full glass of milk can help the child have a healthy overall weight in the body. Milk also helps in building strong bones in the body and since your child is growing he will automatically develop stronger bones. Milk is also a food for 8-month baby.
  5. Dry fruits– Available in a wide variety of dry fruits and nuts are a rich source of protein, iron, vitamin, and magnesium. You can serve them in a number of different ways so that the child doesn’t get bored of having them on a regular basis. Top them in ice-creams, mix them in smoothies. They can munch them as a snack option such as almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts, etc.
  6. Oatmeal– A rich source of carbohydrates oatmeal is usually the best breakfast option which is probably the best option with which can child will start his day. It is gluten-free and also rich in fiber. The carbohydrates present in them helps in keeping the stomach of your child full for long since it burns slowly.
  7. Beans and Pulses– Another rich source of proteins, they also contain calories and is the best option of food that can be included in lunch and dinner as well. They also contain fibers that are soluble in nature so that it regulates the sugar level and helps in treating mood swings.
  8. Olive Oil– Either top it on the salad or make wholesome meals for your child as it is the safest option for the overall health of your child.
  9. Banana– It is the best fruit that helps in easy digestion and is packed with nutrients. It is rich in fiber and also helps in improving the eyesight and brainpower in children.
  10. Corn– One of the food items packed with the goodness of many nutrients and can also be enjoyed by your child. It also contains carbohydrates that help in healthy weight gain in children.

There are a number of food items available in the market for your children that are a rich source of so many nutrients and can help in healthy weight gain of your child. Some of the fruits and other food items can also be used as food for 6-month baby so that they can get required nutrients from an early age.

The Joys of Getting Sushi Meals Ready at Home

One of my favorite dishes, sushi, has fascinated me for many years. Why do you ask, because of it’s amazing health benefits and ease of preparation? Now, thanks to sushi roll machines, it’s never been easier to make your own at home. There are many benefits to preparing your own sushi. In this article we will explore three of the top benefits preparing your own sushi at home provides while examining the absolute joys eating heart-healthy sushi gives.

Cost Savings

Anyone who’s been to the supermarket lately will testify to the fact that, although sushi is extremely healthy, it is also very expensive if you haven’t prepared it yourself. What if I told you instead of paying 10 to 15 dollars a person, you could save money preparing sushi yourself at home for a fraction of the cost, a $1.40 per person to be exact.

When deciding to prepare this amazing dish at home, the most important ingredient is sushi grade fish. Typically, there are 5 main types of sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi, Maki, Uramaki, and Temaki. Most often, you’ll see sushi prepared either one of three ways, as Maki (rolled) where seaweed is on the outside, Uramaki, where seaweed is on the inside and rice on the outside, or Temaki, a cone-shaped piece of sushi that’s rolled by hand. Depending on your preference, you may prepare it any one of these ways.

Ease Of Preparation

With machines, like the Sushi Machine Australia available, preparing sushi is a breeze. For those of us who have to prepare it by hand, don’t sweat, here’s a delicious recipe anyone can use to prepare Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Rolls in the comfort of their own homes with or without a machine.

First, start by preparing your rice. Rinse rice with cold water and place in a heavy-duty saucepan. Add water. Next, turn the heat on your stove to medium-high a bring water to boil. Reduce to simmer and cover. Let it cook for 15 to 20 minutes until rice is nice and soft. Turn off heat and allowed to cool. After the rice has fully cooled, add rice vinegar, 1 to 2 tablespoons are plenty. Now, set this aside until ready to prepare your sushi rolls.

Once your rice is cooked, make teriyaki chicken. Slice your chicken breast into thin strips and place in a plastic bag. Add some teriyaki sauce, a pinch of brown sugar, and sesame oil. Mix everything together in the bag and place in your fridge to marinade for about an hour. Now, fry your chicken with a spot of olive oil for 3 or 4 minutes until chicken is thoroughly cooked and slightly crisp on the outside. Once finished, set a frying pan to the side and allow to cool.

Almost done. Next, assemble your sushi rolls. Using a sushi mat, lay seaweed shiny side down. Add sushi rice so that seaweed is covered leaving the top inch bear. Add additional ingredients like chicken, avocado slices, and asparagus, then start rolling the sushi from top to bottom.

Make sure you roll it tight as you don’t want it to fall apart once you slice it. Finally, rap the roles in saran wrap and store in the fridge until ready to cut. With a serrated knife or sushi machine, cut each roll into 28 thin slices and serve with your choice of wasabi or vinegar on the side.

Health Benefits

Sushi has been shown to have an enormous amount of health benefits. Studies have shown it not only fights heart disease and lowers LDL cholesterol levels, but one of its condiments, wasabi, has been shown to exhibit anti-cancer activity. Sushi can help boost your metabolism while lowering your bad cholesterol levels and reducing your overall risk for cancer. Put down the fast food, give sushi a try, you’ll be glad you did.