How to Make the Most Delicious Pecan Pie in 7 Easy Steps

Crisp on the outside, chewy in the center, and with some of the best flavor you can imagine, homemade pecan pie is a special treat not to be missed. Although it’s considered a traditional dish for certain holidays, many people enjoy it year-round. In this article, we’ll teach you how to make an amazing pecan pie from scratch. We’ll take you to step by step through each stage of preparation so that your final product comes out perfect every time.


1. Purchase the best pecans and the best pie crust.

The rolling pin is used at the beginning of the process of making pecan pie

 Here we go with some of the most important steps: buying pecans and a good pie crust. Of course, you can make your own dough, but if you don’t want to get out of bed or breathe in flour dust (it’s bad for your lungs), then buy pre-made dough at the supermarket!

 As for the pecans, a lifestyle influencer and founder of a PR agency, Amra Beganovich advise to: “look for shiny ones!” If they seem dull, either their oil has dried up or they were previously microwaved. The latter is not a big deal since it only destroys a small number of nutrients, but still! You can also ensure that you’ll have tasty pecan halves by purchasing them from a store that sells them loose by weight. If you’re interested, just ask the cashier what other customers usually put in their bags when they leave 🙂

 An old proverb says that the best pecans are always found where squirrels can see them. I don’t know how true this is, but it’s an interesting idea to think about while grocery shopping!


2. Put the pecan halves in a zip-lock bag or Tupperware container along with 1/4 tsp of salt per cup of pecans.

 The next step, putting the ingredients in a container together, ensures that all of your efforts will be worthwhile! No more bland pie crusts or sad-looking pecan pies for you unless you follow these steps! You can add some honey or spices to the mix too, but it’s completely up to you.


3. Use a rolling pin to crush the pecans into more of a paste than a whole nut.

 As for this step, if you don’t have a rolling pin then use what you have! I once used my credit card and that worked out just fine 🙂 This step is very important because it ensures even cooking throughout all parts of your pie crust. Or maybe it doesn’t do anything? I’m not sure what this step’s purpose is, but it certainly isn’t the most important one can pie without putting dough over the “filling” first? It would be like eating mashed potatoes with no gravy… what’s even the point! Whether you made your own dough or bought it from a store, make sure to roll it out so that you have enough for your crust AND so that there are no air bubbles before hardening it into a solid block of deliciousness 🙂


4. Bake the pecan paste at 300°F for 30-40 minutes.

 There are many different baking methods out there! You can choose whichever suits your tastes best. Here are some tips to keep in mind though:

 – Don’t let the pecans burn! If the baking process takes too long, then take them out of the oven.

 – Don’t overcook! After 30 minutes, check on your crust every five minutes just to make sure that it’s not getting too dry and browned. Once it reaches a golden color, take it out IMMEDIATELY !!! Overcooking will cause all of those delicious nutrients in the pecans to denature and become useless.


5. Bake until golden brown on top.

 Here it comes cooking time! In order to ensure that all of the flavors blend together just right, you should cook the pie for about 45 minutes to an hour. Just check it now and then to make sure that your crust is golden brown on top, but don’t take it out too soon! The best pecan pies are always cooked until all of the flavors have melded together into one delicious slice of goodness 🙂


6. Let cool before serving.

Pecan pie
Pecan pie is ready to be served

 The last step, do not to eat your pie hot out of the oven … unless you want a mouthful of burnt sugar or dough! This step is important because it gives all of those scrumptious flavors time to blend together perfectly. And if you’re pressed for time because you can’t wait until tomorrow morning to try this recipe, I understand completely since I’m an impatient person too. Luckily, this pie tastes just as good at room temperature or even chilled! I know that the oven takes up a ton of space and you might not have any more room for other dishes, but don’t worry… there’s still one more step left after this!


7. But wait… there’s another important step!

 Pecan pie is delicious by itself, but if you want to make it “pop” then serve it with vanilla ice cream! This completes the flavor profile because now your pecan pie will taste like caramel sauce drizzled on top of vanilla flavored creaminess. Adults and kids alike are sure to enjoy these two together at any time of year 🙂


Are you craving some right now? You know what to do!

 I hope that you enjoy these steps and see for yourself how easy it is to make the most delicious pecan pie in 7 easy steps! Please let me know how you like this recipe if you decide to try it out, I’d love to hear from all of my fellow sweet tooths out there 🙂

 What are your favorite fruits or nuts? Have any good recipes with them that you want to share? Let’s chat about it in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to follow me on my other social media pages for updates on when new blog posts go live! Thanks again 😀

Most Inspiring Health and Wellness Blogs to Follow

No matter where we live, good health and wellness assist each of us to function effectively daily. We strive to eat a balanced diet, do some physical exercises, and take time to relax for our peace of mind. In searching for ways to gain better health and wellness, we depend on what we read, who we consult, and what works for us. Health differs from one person to the next. Therefore, as we try to bring about better physical, emotional, and mental health, we find varying and overwhelming information. How can you sort for essential knowledge? We have good news. What is it? Accessible health and wellness experts who willingly share their know-how on ways to gain an improved healthy life. Why not find out more from these mentioned professionals?

1.ELANZA Wellness 

Many women seek ways to improve their fertility status. ELANZA Wellness is a tech company that helps people proactively create their fullest lives through high-touch fertility and family-building coaching. They share information and experts advising on fertility wellness for women. Also, as a single source of fertility wellness, ELANZA Wellness offers personalized and transformational digital experiences accessed via employer benefit and fertility clinic partners.

2.Femtech Insider 

Are you searching for all things femtech and women’s health innovation? Look no further than Femtech Insider. Fermtech insider, the number one source for its industry-leading weekly industry information on femtech companies. The source of these insights gained through invited industry experts, founders, investors, and activists contains interesting health features and technology firms currently changing women’s health and well-being.


As they say, a good healthy body begins with our emotional and mental well-being. DailyOM’s desire to unite the world leads them to offer messages of awareness and well-being to people wherever they may live. DailyOM approach to holistic well-being gives support to people desiring to live a conscientious lifestyle. This platform offers courses targeted towards emotional happiness by improving activities that might affect physical and mental health.

4. Binto

For better health, we all need to have easy access to healthcare professionals and products. Binto, a women’s health, and femtech company helps women seeking healthcare in two areas. Binto helps women get access to safe and effective over-the-counter products. They also make it easier for women to access licensed healthcare professionals at achievable consultant fees. To redefine a woman’s journey from period to menopause, Binto focuses on improving women’s health through the use of preventative medicine rather than prescription drugs. The beauty about this platform is that you can take the Binto quiz to get matched with your personalized supplements and access Binto’s professional team of women’s healthcare providers.

5.Oh She Glows 

Oh, She Glows motto ‘Grow from the Inside Out’ explains it all. Said differently, whatever we eat should cause glowing health and wellness. Oh, She Glows inspires its readers to embrace healthy plant-based foods in their diet through over 500 healthy award-winning recipes posted on its sites. Oh, She Glows founder Angela Liddon shares her recipes blogs that attract those who prefer a vegan/plant-based diet.

6.Made by Coopers 

Natural herbs and aromatherapy oil are displayed on the table

As the market for natural and organic health products grows, Made by Coopers is a modern apothecary crafting natural and organic products that boost and balance emotional and mental health. Its founders Darren and Clare Cooper created this UK-based brand in 2017, aiming to sell natural aromatherapy oils, mists, candles, and skincare products. All of its products aid relaxation, ease anxiety, and boost wellness.

7.Just Thrive 

Just Thrive’s value of letting others know about good health and nutrition motivates them to offer probiotic supplements. This platform sells probiotics, which means ‘for life,’ products, and antioxidant supplements that help to improve its users’ overall health conditions. Just Thrive proudly states that with ‘Just Thrive®, reconditions the gut,’ thus allowing the body to improve its digestion.’ 

8.Best Life Herbals 

 Are you searching for how to remain with good health and wellness? Well, for over 17 years, Best Life Herbals have diligently worked to answer this very question: what does it mean to live your best life? What leads them to educate on wellness and offer natural supplements? Their customers’ and readers’ insights and stories, which strikingly differ from each one. That’s why they educate and empower across a wide range of health and wellness topics while also offering high-quality, natural supplements for many needs.

9.Proper Healthy Living

If you want to live healthier and get the latest information about nutrition, exercise regime and other health-related topics, the team at Proper Healthy Living got you covered! They’re health enthusiasts who want to share their health and fitness discoveries and motivate and inspire others to start living healthier life too.


How To Make A Salted Caramel And Chocolate Pretzel Milkshake

As summer returns, so do the appeal of cold indulgences! Whether you’re coming back from the pool, spending the day at the park, shuffling kids to activities, or running errands, nothing hits the spot like an icy cold dessert on a hot day. That’s why, from ice cream cones to popsicles to milkshakes, summer desserts are often big on the chill factor. This year, why not take those sweet indulgences up a notch by making a milkshake that’s an elevated version of the classic? Your kids won’t soon forget a special sweet such as this!

Get the best of sweet and salty flavors in a single beverage with a salted caramel and chocolate pretzel milkshake: It’s the kind of warm-weather refreshment that feels luxurious but is super simple to whip up at home by yourself. Keep reading to learn how to make one for you and your kids this season, and make this summer’s snacks a little more special.

Why Salty and Sweet Are Such a Great Combo

Gourmet caramel apples, chocolate-covered pretzels, or caramel corn: what do these age-old combinations all have in common? Each one brings together two of the most popular tastes of all time: salty and sweet. When paired with something sugary, salt heightens the sweet pleasure and brings out a food’s flavor. It’s as true for salted chocolate chip cookies as it is for a salted milkshake. If your kids already crave peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, there’s a good chance they’ll beg for second helpings of this, too.

Recipes such as this milkshake satisfy the sweet tooth, while also giving you a more interesting, complex taste sensation. You don’t have to visit an ice cream shop or fancy restaurant to experience it, either. With as few as three ingredients, you can indulge in an amazing sweet-salty milkshake any summer day you please.

Ingredients You Need for This Milkshake

Making a salted caramel and chocolate pretzel milkshake starts with two ingredients you may already keep on hand: milk and vanilla ice cream. Beyond that, all you need is a long chocolate- and caramel-covered pretzel stick.

When you’re ready to make the milkshake, here are the ingredients to gather. The following proportions make enough for one serving; to serve your whole family, multiply by the number of people who will have a shake.

  • 1/2 cup of your preferred milk or milk alternative
  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 1  large chocolate- and caramel-dipped pretzel

In addition to the three ingredients listed above, you can dress up your drinks further with various optional extras: A generous dollop of whipped cream using Nangman‘s cream chargers and caramel syrup, for example, can give your shake that restaurant feel. You could also add a few chocolate- and caramel-covered pretzels to the top, or crumble them all over for a pretty finishing touch.

How to Mix Up the Milkshake

As long as you have a blender, creating a killer homemade milkshake only takes a few minutes. To create yours, combine milk, vanilla ice cream, and a pretzel together in the blender, and blend until fully pulverized. Pour the finished mixture into a large glass, and top with garnishes as desired. Anyone who enjoys a good, salty, crunchy pretzel can appreciate the appeal this snack adds to a sweet milkshake. Using a chocolate- and caramel-topped version makes it even better! At the end of a long, hot day, reward yourself and your little ones with this perfectly delicious recipe, or make a bunch of them to wow family and friends for backyard barbecues and other gatherings this season. One thing’s for sure, any summer day gets a little sweeter (and saltier!) with one of these incredible cool-down drinks.

Dessert Recipes With an Ingredient – Coffee

Coffee is the perfect morning drink that tones the body and allows you to structure your thoughts. But that’s not the only benefit you can get if you decide to buy good beans. Did you know that there are hundreds of popular desserts, and coffee is their main ingredient? Everything is simple. Knowing the recipe, you can repeat this at home and enjoy aromatic pastries or delicate smoothies with the best Ethiopian coffee. Check this out!



This amazing dessert, and even invented by the biggest coffee lovers, namely Italians, is rightfully included in the best food list. Everything is prepared simply and quickly. Mix 2 cups of coffee with a strong dessert wine. Separate the yolks from 3 eggs from the whites and, using a mixer, grind with 50 grams of sugar for 15 minutes. After that, mix the resulting cream again with 500 grams of Mascarpone cheese.

The egg whites are whipped until a foamy mass is formed and mixed with another 50 grams of powder. Such a mass is gradually mixed with the previously obtained cream. Cookies prepared in advance are dipped in coffee and evenly smoothed into a mold. The biscuit is covered with half of the cream, on which the biscuit layer is again laid out. Everything ends with a new portion of cream, which is evenly sprinkled with cocoa powder for beauty.


Curd Coffee Dessert

It’s not just a dessert, but a mix with kiwi. However, no one bothers to try other fruits to taste. You will need very few ingredients to make this cool, airy breakfast wonder. Whip 200 grams of cream and add it to 300 grams of cottage cheese. Then mix the mass with vanilla, two tablespoons of sugar, yogurt (250 g), lemon zest, and well-chilled coffee. Combine all this with a mixer. Fruit must be peeled and chopped in a blender, adding half a spoonful of sugar. It remains only to lay out the dessert in layers, alternating the curd mass and chopped fruits.


Coffee Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Take 50 ml of milk and brew 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee in it. It is enough to read the budget coffee makers review to choose a good and cheap kitchen device.

Add sugar to taste, strain well, and set to cool. You can even put it in the refrigerator. Whisk well 300 grams of cream and stir in the cooled coffee. The ice cream is almost ready. All that remains is to put it in the mold and put it in the freezer.


Coffee Muffins

Take two eggs, half a glass of sugar, add 100 grams of butter and mix it very well. Add a floured glass with a spoonful of baking powder and a quarter cup of kefir, then whisk again. You will need a little flour, literally six spoons. Now it’s time for the main ingredients. Don’t forget cocoa and vanilla. You can pour it into tins and bake at 220 degrees. Pre-cooled muffins can be removed from the mold, and cream is perfect as a decoration. But you shouldn’t forget about proportions.


Tunisian Halva

It’s a rather original recipe that came from hot Tunisia, which is worth trying for any connoisseur of coffee and sweets. Melt 450 grams of sugar until brown and stir in toasted hazelnuts (about 250 g). Heat the mixture and chop finely. Take five eggs, pour the whites, and mix the yolks with sugar, adding 100 grams of coffee and vanilla in the process. Remember to refrigerate the substance. It is best if you wait about two hours or put halva in the refrigerator. Then you get the branded fibrous structure.


Chocolate Coffee Cupcake

For dessert, you can serve a large coffee-and-chocolate dessert. And the main ingredient will be 80 ml of excellent, strong coffee. Espresso is perfect, for which you need a good coffee machine. So, coffee, 130 ml of milk, the same amount of vegetable oil, and two eggs are mixed with a glass of sugar and beaten thoroughly.

A glass of flour, 80 grams of cocoa powder, a couple of spoons of baking powder, a spoonful of vanilla, and a pinch of salt are added to the mixture. The mold is oiled and lined with parchment to prevent the cake from sticking. It is very important not to stop in the middle of the journey and quickly add all the ingredients to the mix. Dessert is baked at 180 degrees for no more than 40-50 minutes. This great dish will be the highlight of the day if you follow the instructions carefully. Try not to forget about all the ingredients.


Final Words

These are just a few interesting and easy-to-prepare desserts. You can easily make this at home if you have all the ingredients, coffee, and an oven. Follow the detailed instructions, and you will have a culinary masterpiece. Don’t worry if your first try doesn’t go well. Practice, and you will be able to prepare the perfect coffee dessert.


Refreshing Spring Protein Smoothie

As the year starts to move into the warmer months, we can finally say goodbye to the colder, harsher weather. During the longer, sunnier days, many of us get a kick of newly found motivation to focus on our health and fitness.

But, as every parent knows, life gets busy, and it gets difficult to find time for yourself. The warmer weather is the perfect time for family days out, but this also makes it easier to get side-tracked. You may find yourself snacking on ice cream while you’re at the park or indulging in fast-food because you don’t feel like cooking.  

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself (reward yourself!), it is important to not overindulge and undo your progress. If you want to get into shape or you want to be more active to feel better within yourself, remember to pay attention to your diet.

As parents, we tend to focus on our children more than ourselves. Sometimes that means that we don’t have enough time to enjoy a nutritious breakfast, or we end up skipping lunch. Even though our intentions are in the right place, neglecting our own nutrition just damages our physical and mental health.

So, how do you add healthy yet easy snacks into your daily routine? Smoothies are quick, convenient, and packed full of nutrients, making them a great addition to your diet. Plus, smoothies are versatile – you can flavor them however you wish. You can also add in extras such as chia seeds, protein powders, or leafy greens to up the nutrition even more.

Feeling inspired by the changing seasons, I’ve created this refreshing protein smoothie to keep you feeling energized. Despite this smoothie’s simplicity, it provides an impressive amount of nutrition for you, and it makes for a healthy snack for your children.

That being said, one of the most important ingredients in this smoothie is the grass-fed whey protein powder. Protein is an incredibly important nutrient – your body needs protein to function and keep you in good health. Without enough protein in your diet, you’ll start to feel weak, tired, and unwell. Protein powders are an excellent way to supplement your protein intake even if you’re busy and you don’t have much time to meal prep.


Whether you’re being active to improve your body composition or to support your mental health, whey protein offers benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. From a fitness perspective, whey protein supports lean muscle growth while also aiding fat loss.

But studies have shown that whey protein may also lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, decrease body inflammation, and strengthen the immune system.

I’ve also chosen to use grass-fed protein over grain-fed protein. Grass-fed proteins are also high in healthy omega-3s, minerals, and vitamins, so they offer a superior nutritional profile. Plus, whey from grass-fed cows is more likely to be free from GMOs and growth hormones.

And for how much whey protein per day to consume, 1-2 scoops is typically plenty. I like to keep it simple and do 1 scoop for each smoothie.

All the other ingredients in this smoothie work to support your general health as well. Mangos are high in antioxidants which protect your cells against damage and reduce your risk of disease. They’re also a great source of vitamin A, which helps to support and maintain a healthy immune system. Strawberries are often associated with improving heart health, while pineapple can help prevent inflammation.


For one serving of this refreshing spring protein smoothie, you’ll need the following ingredients:

1 cup dairy milk (or unsweetened non-dairy milk)
1 scoop Naked Whey
1/2 cup frozen mango
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1/4 cup frozen pineapple


Start by adding the mango, strawberries, pineapple, and milk to a blender and mix until the ingredients are combined. Then, add in a scoop of whey protein powder and continue to blend until smooth.

If you’re planning to make this smoothie for your kids, it’s not necessary to add in the protein powder. Children usually don’t need as much protein as adults, but the smoothie itself makes for a delicious treat!  




Special Dietary Needs: Tips for Dealing with Them

When you have special needs, you can sometimes feel like a freak. It is not your fault, and you are most certainly not a freak. You are the awkward person at the party. Friends are hesitant to invite you out to lunch because they can’t go where they really want to go. They won’t invite you over to their house for dinner because they are afraid that something they give you will send you into an anaphylactic shock.

There are more special diets than you might realize. Here are just a few:

  1. Diabetic diets
  2. Irritable bowel syndrome diets
  3. Gluten-free diets
  4. Allergy diets including bread, lactose, peanuts, etc.
  5. Vegetarian diets
  6. Vegan diets
  7. Pescatarian diets
  8. High protein diets
  9. Low carb diets
  10. Limited calorie diets

There are tons of special needs diets. Whatever yours happens to be, you should not feel alone. The thing to remember is that your special needs diet is your responsibility, not anyone else’s. So while you are not alone, you are responsible for what you can and cannot eat. Managing it can feel like a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you get through it.

Cook Your Own Food

Going out to eat is overrated. If you have food allergies, it can also be dangerous. If you do go out, be sure to call ahead and see if they have special menu items that fit your dietary needs. If they do, feel free to ask more questions. You can even ask to speak to the chef.

If you do your own cooking, you can avoid that conversation altogether. When preparing your own food, you can get special needs ingredients including things like gluten-free flour. You are not limited to buying pre-made dishes from an expensive service. The best and safest way to handle diets is to know exactly what went into every bite.

When you visit with friends, you can bring your own food and snacks. Your true friends will understand. Those that don’t, aren’t your true friends anyway. You can also save up some of your splurge points for those special occasions. Even diabetics can have a small piece of birthday cake on rare occasions.

Consider Health Guidelines

The science of diet and health is ever-changing and evolving. It is hard to know what is okay to feed your kids sometimes. Don’t go it alone. Check the USDA guidelines for the latest research and recommendations.

You can’t just base your nutritional knowledge on what you learned in second grade about the four food groups. That is not going to serve you well today. You can’t even go off of what you looked up on some website two years ago. Even your doctor has to update their knowledge and recommendations.

If your kids are not placed on a dietary regimen by a doctor, be slow to place them on one of your own makings. Of course, there are reasonable limits. If you have a peanut allergy, don’t let any peanuts into the house. That can be a matter of life and death. But don’t let your 1,000 calorie diet be their prison. Active kids in a growth spurt can use more calories than sedentary adults. When deciding what to feed your family, look to neutral information like the USDA guidelines and not just your dietary needs and preferences.

Look into Specialized Meal Kit Services

There is nothing wrong with meal kit delivery services. If you have a special-needs diet, you might feel left out of the craze. You don’t have to feel that way. There are many healthy meal kit delivery services out there. You will find services that are devoted to specific types of special diets. Many of those services will have options like gluten-free and allergy-sensitive needs. If you don’t have time to source special ingredients and do all the cooking, healthy meal kits are a good, if not expensive alternative.

Don’t feel bad if you are stuck on a diet that no one else in your social group is on. You can actually go online and find groups in your area with the same dietary needs as you. For the rest, make life a little easier by purchasing ingredients made for your dietary needs. Keep up with the latest health guidelines. And look into a specialized meal kit service.

What is Vegan Cheese? Best Vegan Cheeses and More!”

Savory, gooey, creamy, melty, and tangy. There’s an entire myriad of reasons why people just can’t get enough of cheese. But if you’re one of the many eaters out there who has adopted the plant-based lifestyle or given up on dairy for good then you might be daydreaming about that one last bite.

Lucky for you, there are more dairy-free cheese substitutes than ever before!

As vegans have become more experimental with their ingredients, and a broad number of dairy-free cheese alternatives have appeared on the market as well as recipes you can make at home. If you’re someone who is not familiar with the undeniable flavor of vegan cheese then let’s go on a little journey.


What is vegan cheese made from?

Vegan cheese is a dairy-free alternative to traditional cheese and can be made from a number of different ingredients such as nuts and seeds to tofu and soy protein in order to replicate the variety of flavors and textures of dairy cheese.

There is no one singular vegan cheese anymore! As the growth of the plant-based cheese market grew 51% over the past two years, so did the options for finding the best slice to melt on your sandwich. 

Chefs have taken on the task of recreating favorites like feta, parmesan, nacho cheese, and even mozzarella in order to meet the dietary needs of plant-based eaters everywhere. Here’s a short list of some common ingredients found in vegan cheese:

Nutritional Yeast: Often found as one of the main ingredients in a vegan mac n’ cheese, nutritional yeast brings a surprisingly cheesy umami flavor to dishes and is sometimes used as a parmesan substitute.

Nuts and Seeds: Nut bases for non-dairy cheese are fairly common, and ingredients like cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts, and pine nuts can create substitutes for cream cheese, and mozzarella.

Tapioca Starch: Tapioca starch gives non-dairy cheese its stretchy texture when melted and is often used as a binding agent.

Tofu and Soy: The crumbly texture of tofu already resembles some dairy cheeses, and can be used to recreate cream cheese, feta, and sometimes non-dairy nacho cheese!


Does vegan cheese melt?

Much like with dairy, some vegan cheese melts while others do not. If you’re looking to find a vegan cheese that gets melty, just look at the ingredients list and look for coconut oil or tapioca starch. While coconut oil means you’re likely to get a melty dairy-free cheese, tapioca starch will give you that picturesque stretchy texture that compliments a yummy grilled cheese.


Does vegan cheese taste good?

With such a wide number of vegan cheese available on the market today, in all types of forms, there will always be a delicious dairy-free alternative out there to suit any palate! Plus, even if you can’t find a market near you to accommodate your search for non-dairy cheese you can always find a recipe online and cook it at home.

Here are some of our favorites:


Siete Foods


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A post shared by Siete Family Foods (@sietefoods)

Siete Foods Spicy Blanco Cashew Queso is a dream to dip into with tortilla chips, and if you’re also grain-free Siete Foods offers plenty to choose from. Creamy with just a touch of jalapeno spice makes this a yes from me!


Kite Hill


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Kite Hill’s amazing cream cheese is made from almonds and welcome addition to my morning bagel. Tangy, creamy, and easy to spread, you can sub Kite Hill cream cheese alternative into other recipes like a lunch wrap or artichoke dip.


Field Roast


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Field Roast’s Vegan Chao comes in tons of delicious flavors and also available in both slices and shreds to meet whatever non-dairy cheese needs the night calls for. But who could say no to melty garlic and herb cheese on ciabatta?


Is vegan cheese healthy?

Just like with any part of a healthy diet, everything is about moderation! You should always take into account the nutrients, healthy fats, and fiber found in your vegan cheese. Diets found containing more plant-based protein, nuts, and fiber has been found to improve blood pressure and lower cholesterol in a recent 2018 study published in Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases Journal. Some non-dairy cheeses made using coconut oil do contain higher amounts of saturated fat but so long as you’re not consuming them in large quantities, vegan cheese can be enjoyed as a part of a balanced diet and healthier than dairy cheese. 

What Every Parent Should Know About the New USDA Guidelines

Parenting can be challenging for us all. The best thing to do about this is to gather as much information as you can about keeping your kids happy and healthy. One of the most important and confusing subjects can be what you should feed to children. Luckily, there’s an official set of guidelines to follow when it comes to your family’s nutrition.

What Are the US Dietary Guidelines?

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) are updated every five years and can help you make healthier food choices. This guide aims to promote better nutrition across all ages. Following nutritional targets and placing limits helps to improve your diet significantly.

The Department of Agriculture develops these guidelines alongside the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The advice they offer is based on evidence from scientific research. They are regularly updated to give you the best possible suggestions when it comes to nutrition.

What Is the USDA?

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) develops these guidelines alongside the DHHS. The USDA contains 29 different agencies, all advising of various areas in agricultural research. They have thousands of locations across the US as well as some abroad.

The USDA provides guidance on food, nutrition, and agricultural resources, among other things. They offer the best available science and introduce policies that can help to improve the nourishment of all Americans. They aim to promote the preservation of America’s natural resources and create efficient and sustainable farming methods.

More recently, the development of the USDA guidelines has been made into a more inclusive process. The department wants to encourage transparency when creating new policies, so they opened up the topics for public discussion. These were then examined to help make the guidelines more relevant to the American public.

What Are the Changes for 2020, and How Will They Affect Your Family?

Introducing Guidelines for Pregnancy and Early Childhood

For the first time, the DGAs will include advice for pregnant women and children aged 0-24 months. The hope is that tackling better nutrition earlier on in a child’s life will help to reduce the rising cases of childhood obesity. It should also assist with brain development and overall health in those crucial first 24 months.

If you’re an expecting or new mother, then make sure to read up on this new information when it’s released in 2021. This can help improve the health of both you and your baby. The evidence-based recommendations are the most updated health advice for this age group, and the information is being offered for the first time.

One of the main points you’ll see here is the recommendation for no added sugar for children under two years. This is the primary factor being addressed to combat the obesity epidemic currently happening in the US. An easy way to cut out added sugars is to reduce the number of processed foods you give to your children.

Introducing Potential Allergens at an Earlier Stage

The other key point in the 2020-2025 guidelines is to introduce eggs and peanuts to children in their first year of life. These foods can be added to your child’s diet after four months. There’s moderate evidence from the Scientific Report that shows this can reduce the risk of developing an allergy to eggs later in life.

There’s even stronger evidence to support that peanut allergies are less likely to develop when you give them to children between 4 and 12 months. This was especially effective in preventing this allergy in infants with a high risk to do so, but can also be applied to lower-risk individuals.

Take Away

It’s clear to see the DGA and USDA want to finely tune their guidelines in the years to come. This year and next, the most important addition to know is the recommendation for children under two to avoid added sugar. It’s also encouraged to feed them foods that can cause an allergy, like eggs and peanuts, to lower the likelihood that they’ll develop one. 

Are Quest Protein Cookies Keto Friendly?

Embarking on a ketogenic diet can be overwhelming. Knowing what you can eat and what you cannot helps to stay in plan with your diet. If you are wondering if quest protein cookies are keto-friendly, this article can be resourceful. You will learn whether or not you should include them in your keto diet.

Quest protein cookies are low-sugar cookies made by Quest Nutrition. These cookies are designed to satisfy sugar cravings without building up on your carb intake per day. They come in different flavors, some common ones being double chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and chocolate chip and go well with keto-friendly wine. But, are they really keto-friendly?


Quest Cookies Carbs Composition

From the Quest Nutrition description, each Quest cookie has 15 grams of protein hence considered a high-protein snack, if you’re searching for the best keto protein powder check out They are relatively high in fiber, with 9 to 12 grams per cookie. The carbs in these cookies vary from one flavor to the other.

For example, the chocolate chip cookie has about 19 grams of carbs per serving. And because they calculate these as net carbs, these cookies weigh in at about 5 to 10 grams of carbs per cookie. So, following the nutritional information about these cookies, they are strictly not low-carb.

When on a keto diet, it is recommended that you stay within a limit of 20 grams of carbs per day. A few Quest cookies will get you near the limit, and you could quickly go over your carb intake on a day. You would instead find the best keto protein powder and stay within your carb limit.


Are Quest Cookies Keto?

From a health perspective, Quest Cookies are on the healthier side of things. They are high in protein, low in sugar and generally packed with safe ingredients. But, are they keto? Probably not. For example, the Oatmeal raisin cookie has 9 grams of net carbs. This would be ideal for a super active athlete that can handle a high carb intake.

But, if you are starting on keto, Quest cookies aren’t the best snack for you. One or two a week wouldn’t hurt, but these cookies should not be in your day-to-day diet. They have plenty of carbs that do not align with the keto diet. These would slow down your progress and, most likely, revert you to buying unhealthy snack options.

That said, it does not mean that you cannot benefit from these cookies. One, they are high in protein and typically match the keto diet in that aspect. Even though the carbs might be a little too much as a regular snack, you could still enjoy these cookies, especially when you need to satisfy your sugar cravings.

Furthermore, they are much better than the protein bars packed with wheat flour and brown sugar. On this note, they can come in handy as a snack when transitioning to wean yourself off regular cookies. As long as you limit their intake to a minimum, you should stay in course with your diet.

Family Friendly Ways to Be More Sustainable 

Being sustainable can be difficult. We all want to help the environment, but the world is so advanced that being sustainable no longer feels natural. These days most of the businesses are sustainable, or they are trying to be. 

However, we all need to play a part in helping the environment, and that means being more sustainable. In fact, being sustainable can be fun, if you do it as a family. Working together and finding creative ways to use what you have can be an exciting adventure. So, here are some fun and family-friendly ways to be more sustainable. 

Grow your own veg

Store bought fruit and veg can be full of chemicals. Often, the items that you buy are grown abroad and shipped over. This isn’t good for the environment. But, growing your own fruit and veg is, and it can be super fun. Simply find a patch in your garden that gets plenty of suns and get digging. It can be incredibly cathartic and obsessive. Just be aware of any chemicals you use in your own garden. Herbicides, such as roundup can be harmful to humans and cause lifelong health problems (why is round up still being sold? It’s a good question. Click the link to find out more). Soon, your garden will be full of life and delicious veg for all the family. 

Arts and crafts 

Everyone loves arts and crafts. Even the least creative person can’t resist a little glue and glitter. But how are arts and crafts helping you to be sustainable? Well, instead of going to a store for new clothes, you can make changes to the clothes you currently have, making them feel new. Instead of buying a new outfit for one occasion and never wearing it again, you’ll be excited to show off your amazing sewing skills. Check out these winter crafts for more ideas. 

Water challenges

We all use far too much water. Long hot baths in the evening can be so tempting, yet baths can use up to seven times more water than a quick shower. So, challenge your kids to a water use competition. Who can use less water in a week? The winner gets a prize!

Car boot sales

Families tend to throw lots of things away. Kids grow out of their clothes quickly, and their interests are ever changing. However, it’s important to show your kids the impact of throwing things in the landfill. This is terrible for the environment, as most plastics take many years to decompose. So, instead of throwing out old toys and clothes, start going to car boot sales where your kids will see other families enjoying your used items. You can pick up some bargains for them, too.