Communication Tips: 10 Top Tips for How to Talk to Teens

Are you trying to communicate with your teen, but you don’t know how? Read this article to learn how to talk to your teens.

Forget the terrible twos, what about the tumultuous teens? They often seem like a completely different species than the beautiful, loving child that wouldn’t give you a moment of peace. 

As they hit their teenage years, they can tend to become like a stranger who only acknowledges you when they’re hungry or want a ride someplace.

It can be difficult to know how to talk to teens when you can’t get them to look away from their phone to give you a reply.

Check out these tips on how to talk to teens and make a meaningful connection rather than just grunting replies as they slam the bedroom door.

1. Be Available and Present

One of the biggest things you can do to help open communication with teens is to simply be there and be present. Unplug from technology and turn off your phone for a few hours and be available for them to talk to when they’re ready. If your teen is ready to start dating, be available to talk and suggest some PG rated teen date ideas for them to enjoy.

Many families spend days on end at home without actually talking to each other at all. Everyone sits in the same room while talking on the phone or social media to people around the world without ever connecting with the people right beside them.

Putting your phone down and giving your teen your completely undivided attention can be one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

2. Spend Quality Time Together

Teens are more likely to talk when you’re doing recreational or fun activities together than if you force the conversation. If you want them to open up to you then you need to give them a relaxing environment to do it in.

Spend time doing things they like to do, start having a weekly game night or set aside a day each month where the two of you hang out and just enjoy each other’s company.

3. Take an Interest in Their Interests

You may not like video games or going shopping at the mall but if those are the things your teen is passionate about then you’ll get them to open up and feel connected to you if you make an effort to take an interest in the things they like.

Attend their sports games or art shows and see the environment and people they spend time with. Learn the names of their friends and show an interest in what is going on in their social group.

Showing you care about them, their interests, and their friends can do more for opening up communication than any amount of interrogation about what they are doing and who they are doing it with.

4. Learn How to Talk to Teens Without Judgement

If your teen feels like they are going to be judged or get into trouble for the things they share with you, they aren’t going to be very forthcoming with what’s really going on with them.

It can be hard not to pass judgment on choices they make and you may be dying to tell them to make better choices. You can certainly give them advice if asked but you may find they open up to you more if you are there to listen instead of to preach.

5. Admit You Don’t Know It All

You are the parent and have a lot more life experience than your naive teenager but that doesn’t mean you know everything. Admitting that you don’t can be a huge step in making them feel comfortable talking to you about the things they don’t know.

Sharing your personal shortcomings and mistakes can help them feel more at ease with sharing their own struggles and mistakes. 

6. Remember What Being a Teen is Like

You were a teenager once. You rolled your eyes at your parents and tried to get away with things when you thought you could. You learned in your teen years how to make decisions and choices for your own life and need to remember that when your teen is trying to figure out their future.

Take some time to remember what being a teenager is like, and all the emotions and confusion and drama that came along with those difficult years.

Your teen is more likely to share details about the trouble they’re in if you are willing to recall mistakes you’ve made and poor choices that sometimes come with being young.

7. Realize the World Has Changed

It’s good to remember what being a teenager was like but you can also benefit from realizing it is a very different world today than it was 25 years ago. The internet and social media have changed how we perceive the world and ourselves. 

Teens today have the entire world of knowledge at their fingertips and a lot of the information they have access to is confusing, incorrect, or bias. Some of it is even dangerous and harmful to their mental health.

While every generation had their own challenges, teens today have pressures and influences in their lives that previous generations were sheltered from. 

8. Listen to Understand, Not to Respond

Sometimes what your teen needs most is a compassionate and understanding ear rather than advice or intervention to fix their problems. You may want to jump in and intervene but this can lead to your teen not coming to you next time they have a problem.

When your teen tells you something, it isn’t always because they want you to fix it or become a helicopter parent that doesn’t let them move without an opinion from you. They may just want to share how they feel and what is happening in their life. 

Often talking about a problem can bring relief without any action other than lovingly actively listening to what they have to say.

9. Ask What They Need

As parents, it’s hard to see our children, no matter how old they are, suffering or going through stress without trying to fix it. We often think we know what they need and how we can help. 

We all have different ways of accepting and appreciating love. Learning the language of loveyour child best responds to will help you react in the way that is most effective for them.

10. Be Positive

No matter how frustrated you are by the choices they make or the information they share with you. Try to be positive when giving feedback.

You don’t have to agree with what they say or do but find something positive to focus on and they’ll continue to feel comfortable coming to you with their thoughts and problems in life. 

Love Above All Else

The greatest thing you can do is learn how to talk to teens with unconditional love. You can be their greatest ally and closest confidant if you are open to listening and learning from them while sharing the authentic and real you.

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Transparency as a Key Performance in Modern Business Ethics

While the trend might have been started with smaller startups, pardon the pun, larger companies are now realizing the benefits of transparency, as they continue to establish ethical ground rules and causes that their business models stand for. Let’s expand on the benefits of transparency in today’s world of business and how they can apply to your company’s business ethics.

Improves employee happiness

A recent survey conducted by TINYpulse, a company specialized in providing weekly employee engagement polls revealed that employees with a transparent mindset are more committed to their organization and, as a result, more productive. Discovering a surprisingly powerful connection between transparency and happiness, the survey ends in a conclusion that management transparency and interpersonal communication has a correlation coefficient of .937 with employee happiness. The best thing is that improving transparency costs next to nothing but requires continual dialogue between staff and management. Some companies are even successfully using transparency to attract and retain talent. This may even help you when you are managing employee benefits as you can ensure that they will improve the happiness of your employees.

Retains public trust

When applied in the workplace, transparency doesn’t only improve your employee motivation and happiness, but also your marketing efforts, website traffic, etc. When you’re transparent, it’s much easier to gain trust from your audience, which makes it easier for you to convert many of your visitors into shoppers. In May 2015, bakery-café chain Panera Bread vowed to stop using artificial ingredients by the end of 2016. In the end, they took an extra step and launched a transparent menu campaign that listed detailed ingredients, calories, and nutritional info for every product. For their head chef, it’s all about the choice that customers make between health and decadence. 

Many businesses start their transparency journey by publishing some of their private information. This may include public revenue, hiring policies, and wages. There are also sites that automatically pull such data and post it in a user-friendly way. This way, your customers can tell exactly how you’re standing from a business point of view, as well as how much you’re earning vs. what you’re spending on.

Visibility on social media

In this day and age, most businesses have at least one social media account. The whopping 88 percent of companies use social media marketing to relate with their customers in a world that is active 24-7 and already publicly available to a wide base of consumers. On social media, information spreads like a bushfire, and the audience is always hungry for new developments. 

Only one piece of misplaced or leaked information is enough to ruin a company’s reputation. In March 2017, McDonald’s Twitter followers were astonished by a surprising and derogatory tweet about President Trump. Although the tweet was quickly identified as a work of hackers, it showed how sensitive corporate social accounts can be. It’s in the best interest of every business to provide this information transparently and responsibly, and ultimately prevent an unintentional leak.

Study good case practices

In the past two years, more than a few companies attracted public attention with business ethics practices that contributed significantly to both employee engagement and customer trust. In an unprecedented approach to company transparency, social media company Buffer made all employee salaries public, proving they aren’t holding anything back. Transparency is essential for creating and nurturing trust with your customers because it erases any mistrust or uncertainty that may arise about the products or services. Another bright example that’s worth mentioning is Youi, an insurance company from Australia. From the very beginning, they’ve been transparent and straightforward with their customers about all insurance products and services their offer, most recently including the NSW Greenslip case. Once again, they’ve proven that when you’re open about your practices, you’re ready to acknowledge possible shortcomings of your business operations, which reassures the customers you have nothing to hide from them. 

These two examples show that successful companies are beginning to understand that transparent business ethics raise their reputation among consumers and employees alike. In a direct showdown, a service provider that is ready to reveal information is more likely to be chosen over a competitor that keeps its customers in the dark.

Building a culture of transparency

Simply making some business information public isn’t enough to build a transparent culture.

 You need a plan and tools that allow for transparent communications. You need to be open about the reasons behind the decisions that you and other company managers make. It’s your goal to make every employee understand why it’s important to share details about hiring, growth trends, finances, strategic directions, and tactical decisions.

 As one of the backbones of transparency, you should always strive for honest feedback. Motivate openness and honesty in communication and send anonymous surveys that measure employees’ engagement, leadership, and alignment with the company’s mission.

Risks of being transparent

There are strong cases for risks on both sides of company transparency. While there are many stories of marriage of business success and transparency, there are a few dark stories of companies that failed to use transparency in the right way only to have it backfire. 

In a Canadian engineering firm, the founder and CEO used to personally evaluate each employee’s contribution for the year and award each person a Christmas bonus at his own discretion. However, as the company grew, more transparent processes and practices were introduced and among others and a fair bonus system was created based on pre-established KPIs. The result was that employee’s perception of transparent bonuses was much worse than when they were determined by the judgement of the founding CEO.

 It’s only too easy to make too much information public, which leads to an overflow of data, which in return makes it more difficult for the management to make decisions. Such an influx of overshared information can frighten team members, as now every mistake can be interpreted that someone is altering the numbers for purpose. This not only suppresses creativity but can also reduce performance as people might want to play it low key.

Although creating a culture of transparency takes time and effort, its payoffs are hard to ignore. Apart from improving relationships between highly-motivated employees, you’ll be able to build a great ethical foundation on which to develop your future projects and attract new talent. Since transparency works both ways, if you don’t have good news, be honest and explain your reasons. Both your employees and customers will appreciate your open approach.

Important Considerations for Opening a Successful Private Clinic of Your Own

Opening a clinic of your own requires a lot of hard work. Besides comprehensive knowledge of your medical field, you also need to have strong work ethics, communicational skills, and many other qualities. Still, the reward of helping people is worth it. So, if you want to start your own private clinic, here are some of the things you need to consider before you open your doors to patients. 

Get financing

Proper financing is the key to starting your own private practice. Unfortunately, many professionals and medical schools are deep in depth which makes the process of starting your own business very hard. Luckily, there are institutions that have a specialized medical division that provides loans to healthcare establishments. Since they specialize in this kind of work, they understand doctors’ needs and all the challenges they face, so they know how to provide the best financial help. Before you get your loan, you’ll need to put in a request and submit your business plan. Make sure to be humble with your expenses (especially with medical equipment), so you can make your changes of a good loan bigger. 

Pick a location

The next step is to pick a location for your medical practice so you can start seeing patients and earning money. If you don’t have a location, you can’t start putting your degree to good use. When choosing a location, consider whether you want to be located in the city or in a quieter area. All in all, you want to be located in an area people gravitate to, so you can build a large list of patients. Also, consider how far you want to be located from your home, so you can quickly pop up at work in case of an emergency. 

Invest in proper equipment

When you find the location and handle your finances, you need to fill your clinic with all the necessary equipment needed for tending to patients. The exact equipment depends greatly on your practice, just make sure to cover everything you might need for successful treatment and diagnostics. Additionally, you will require various computers and communication devices to handle internal and external communication. Your waiting room will need comfortable furniture to provide a warm environment for your patients to relax. Even your restrooms should be well equipped and in excellent condition. Consider One Point Partitions for a practical and comfortable bathroom layout. This might seem like a lot of expenses, but there are many practical leasing options that can help you cut some of the initial costs. 

Pay special attention to lighting

Patients who come to your practice will most likely feel unwell and nervous. But good lighting can affect more than just the way they look—it can seriously affect the mood of your clients. So, consider adding quality lighting that will manage your patients’ mood and health stats (blood pressure, water balance, hunger and thirst, and body temperature). And probably the most important operative technical factor is lighting that may improve operation and provide you with high-intensity illumination without shadows or glare. This is crucial for surgeons who need to see well in order to interpret the condition of the organs, blood vessels, and tissues. Luckily, there are specialized manufacturers who focus on medical lighting that meets high hygiene standards and provide the practice with the longevity of installed equipment.

Staff your clinic

Your clinic needs to be staffed with professionals before the doors open. Make sure to keep in mind your practice’s mission and philosophy during the hiring process. The process depends on your particular practice but you will most likely need certified nurses and a team of employees for your front office desk. When writing the job description, mention the requirements (formal education, work experience, communication skills) and the type of benefits for every position. It’s very important to fill your space with people who agree with your values and have the overall goal of your clinic in mind at all times. 

Build your brand

Since your practice is a business, you need to advertise it in order to attract clients and stay afloat. One of the best ways to grow your client base is to create a strong and recognizable brand identity that will set you apart from the competition. Your brand is everything people might associate with your business: your logo, office, quality of care…You can express your ideology though company colors, mission, client support and even follow-up emails or phone calls. Branding should also play a strong role in your marketing efforts. 

Even after you start working, there will still be things to learn about. Having a private practice requires constant dedication, which can be a little overwhelming for some. But, once you get a hang of it, you will not only grow your business but also create a long list of grateful people you’ve helped. 

How to Make Your Family Car Last Longer?

A family car is not unlike a family member. It has its duties in the household. It increases your homestead’s overhead and it’s really hard to part with it. Still, with the right maintenance and involvement of the entire family, you can drastically prolong its useful life. This will benefit your budget, as well as help you out on the sentimental side (by postponing the need to part with a beloved family vehicle). With all of this in mind and without further ado, here are the top six ways to make your family car last longer.

1. Discuss your driving habits

Before we start, you need to keep in mind that there are some driving habits that can help save your car in the long run. For instance, cruising and driving in the correct gear are methods that can substantially improve the wellbeing of your car’s engine. Other than this, great braking habits and keeping your foot off the clutch can also do wonders for the mechanics of your vehicle. Sadly, while these may sound intuitive, not everyone is aware of just how much of a difference these habits make. So, as a family in which you’re not the only driver, it’s vital that this is openly discussed.

2. Watch out for fluids

The next thing you need to take into consideration is the fluids of your vehicle and the impact of skimming on them when there’s no need for such a thing. Your engine simply can’t work without oil, however, a lot of people postpone oil replacement for as long as they can. Keep in mind that old and stale oil may drastically impact your engine’s functionality. When doing so, try studying which viscosity is adequate for which weather conditions (hot vs. cold) and avoid buying cheap oil in order to save money. This is a dangerous practice that will come to backfire in the nearest future.

3. DIY part replacement

While you do not want to handle all of your car’s maintenance on your own, there are some simple repairs that you should definitely try your hand at. Replacing spark plugs and windshield wipers, as well as fixing the car paint scratches are just some of the things you can do in order to keep your car in top condition for a lot longer. One of the ways to make these DIY attempts more frugal is to find a reliable supplier of car parts and order from them.

4. Tend to your tires

Keep in mind that the state of your tires may be pivotal when it comes to the overall maintenance of your vehicle. So, make sure to keep your tires properly inflated, as well as to replace them every now and then. You see, depending on whether your car has an FWD, AWD or RWD, your tires will wear out unevenly, which is why it’s recommended that you rotate your tires every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. This may sound as excessive but it can definitely help keep your car in top condition for a lot longer. Needless to say, keeping a spare tire is a definite must.

5. Regularly take it for service

There are some things that you just can’t pull off on your own, which is why it’s important that you regularly take the car to be serviced. The biggest problem with this issue is finding a mechanic that you can trust. Those who are reluctant to show you old parts (after replacing them with new ones), as well as those who refuse to show you the receipts for the parts that they’ve purchased on your behalf definitely have something to hide. Make sure to keep both your eyes open for these occurrences.

6. Keep it clean

A lot of people may see keeping their car clean as a matter of aesthetics, however, by avoiding to do so, you will encourage the rusting process on the body of the vehicle. When covered in muck, some parts of the vehicle are known to malfunction. We’re talking about suspension components and bushings. Other than this, you want to be proud of your family car and your ability to pull this off depends on its neatness. So, regularly wash it and even try polishing and waxing it every now and then. Needless to say, this can also add to its resale value.


At the end of the day, no asset gets hit as hard by depreciation as your family car. This is why tending to it properly helps you keep its value for a lot longer. This alone would be worth any effort we’ve discussed in the list above. 

Secrets to Achieving Chic but Kid-Friendly Interior Design

Designing a kid-friendly home isn’t that hard, as most people just let their kids to everything they want and call it a day. But, if you’re looking to keep your home chic, there are some ways to combine these elements, and still be able to achieve a kid-friendly interior decor. A lot of people struggle with combining these two styles so for that reason here are some secrets that will help you keep your home chic while still keeping it kid-friendly:

Feel free to make it a bit silly

Since you have a kid around, then you know the importance of giving them space to play and have fun. Therefore, embracing your inner child can only make you feel better and less anxious. When it comes to decorating your space, feel free to let your kids use a wall as a canvas (in moderation) or have some silly decor items such as colorful vases and fun paintings. Going a bit silly will make your home look more relaxed and welcoming, especially to those who also have children, as they will feel free to bring their own kids to play with yours. 

Make a comfortable play area

The play area can be a great way to have your child nearby while still giving them enough space. Even if you already have a room for your child, it can be a bit difficult to decorate it and let them play there all alone when they’re too small. In that case, a play area in the living room or even a dining room can be a wonderful substitute. To make it stylish and cozy, use a kid’s rug from Miss Amara NZ so your kid will feel comfortable and warm while sitting on the floor. Also, make sure to get plastic boxes or baskets so you’ll be able to store the toys and keep the rest of the room clutter-free and clean.

Your kid’s artwork can be used as a wall art

If this seems a bit too much, there’s no reason to feel doubtful as a kid’s artwork can be a lovely way to decorate your home and still keep it kid-friendly. Most parents prefer to put their kid’s artwork on the fridge, but with a bit of imagination, you can actually frame their best works and hang them all over the house. Just make sure to use appropriate picture frames, so everything will look well-decorated and elegant. Aside from that, it’s important to point out that using your kid’s artwork as decor pieces can be a great way to boost their self-confidence and make them feel good about their own creative abilities.

Make your home safe

Children love to run around and are often prone to get injured, so it’s necessary to make sure that your home is childproof and safe. So, if you don’t know where to start, consider using door locks and safety gates so you’ll be sure that your little one won’t wander off. Also, don’t forget to keep all the cosmetics and harsh cleaning products away from your kid’s curious hands. Children like to explore and touch things, even if they’re in the trash can, so make sure to use a trash can cover so your munchkin won’t be able to take anything from there.

Experiment with different colors

Kids usually love colorful and patterned things, so incorporating some of them into your home decor can add a whole new vibe to your place. Whether you love polka dots, tribal or just colors everywhere, chances are your home will look more kid-friendly if you simply decide to infuse it with different patterns and other colorful elements. Also, colors and patterns cone come in handy as they can cover the stains and everyone who has toddlers know how common spills and stains are. Therefore, if you’re looking to add some charm to your house, then you should surely consider bold shades and interesting patterns.

Combining kid-friendly, Montessori room design and chic elements isn’t that hard, but it requires some planning, so make sure to check all the available options, before you make a final decision. Also, keep in mind that kids are loud, dirty and love touching things, so don’t get too upset if they make a bit of a mess. That’s why aiming for child-friendly home design, is always a good choice, so feel free to play with various elements, and don’t forget to consult your little ones, too. 

Going to Buy Your Dream Home? Here are key tips

Today, buying a home in Toronto has become next to impossible. The prices of all sorts of homes (detached and semi-detached homes, row-houses, apartments, condo townhouses, condos, etc.) have risen out of proportion and those who are living on rent are going to be evicted due to no-fault eviction ordnance of Toronto.

Out of many pricing strategies present in real estate, there is a strategy that is often used when the real estate market tilts in favor of sellers is withholding offers. This then leads to what is referred to as a bidding war.

Homebuyers that are hopeful in buying their desired condo are no longer unfamiliar with bidding wars. How does a bidding war work in real estate and what can buyers do to bring it in their favor, so they can be successful in buying a condo? Let us now find out.

The mechanism of bidding wars – How does it function?

A bidding war (otherwise known as a multiple offer situation) takes place when the listing agent holds back offers as part of an elaborate plan. It means that any buyers interested in purchasing a residential property are requested to wait until a specific date.

That specific date usually lasts between five to seven days in the market. Such is done so buyers can present their best offer to the seller. This also gives buyers time to preview the listings and their realtor (real estate agent) can perform the due diligence on coming up with the right price offer. Buyers know they will be competing with other prospective and hard-core buyers in today’s tough market.

On the day of the offer, buyers register their offers through their realtors. While buyers will be told how many other offers are being registered, at what rate they are coming is kept a secret. This allows sellers to review a wide range of other offers made by prospective buyers.

The listing agent and buyers’ agents will be in negotiations throughout the offer presentation. Such is done in order to encourage bids that can be close to those that can raise the bar, as set by the seller.

How can a prospective buyer win a bidding war?

Bidding wars can be often running without direction and buyers never get to know what kind of offers they are competing against. But there is not much to worry about as there are some strong tactics that can raise the buyer’s chances of having their offer accepted by the seller.

They are as under:

Tip # 1: Buyers should keep the conditions aside

It is best for buyers to keep the conditions aside when they are in the bidding war. Among the conditions are status certificates, home inspections and the like. When buyers waive off such conditions when making the bid, it means that they have proved to the seller that they are serious in doing business.

For instance, a seller receives four offers for Toronto condos, having slight differences in prices. Three offers have conditions while one doesn’t have a condition. The one without a condition will be attractive to the seller, and they will go for it.

When buyers decide to make a concrete offer, it is important that they are completely sure about moving forward with it. For instance, if the buyer’s offer is accepted but their financing does not make the cut, they are bound to lose their deposit they saved each cent and dollar for.

Tip # 2: Buyers should have their deposit ready

If buyers are serious about the purchase, they should have their deposit funds ready and it’s essential that such be prepared ahead of the date of the offer made. The market norm for the deposit is 5% of the purchase price. If buyers need to move the needed funds from one bank account to another, this can eventually take a few days.

When buyers present their offer, their bank account overdraft should be able to prove to the seller that they mean business. If the offer is accepted, such amount of money is usually needed within 24 hours.

Tip # 3: Buyers should not reduce their bidding amount

At times, listing agents can withhold offers and consequently, they will price it below the fair market value in order to create a competitive offer situation. If buyers are in the hope of winning a bidding war, they should know that making an offer that is C$5,000 or C$10,000 over the listed price is least likely to be accepted.

For their offer to be accepted, the realtor (real estate agent) they trust will work with them to formulate a plan that ensures them putting forward the best they have to offer to the seller.

When buyers have found a home and seriously are considering making an offer, it is best to determine what that residential property is worth to them. They should discuss their absolute budget with their trusted realtor, so they can understand the limitations and opportunities present.

The first offer the buyers make does not need to be out of their budget. However, having a top budget number in consideration gives buyers some space to improve on their offer, if needed. These limitations can help keep them on the right track.


Now, Toronto’s real estate market is becoming the most expensive in all of North America. Tenants are at the risk of eviction through no-fault eviction ordnance which is a cause of concern. The city government of Toronto, the provincial government of Ontario and the Government of Canada are doing all they can to address this issue.

The tips can help prospective buyers understand what it takes to buy a condo and how tricky the process of buying a home is. The bidding wars are not a piece of cake, but confident buyers should not shy away from it. Hopefully, Toronto’s real-estate market will cool down in the coming days.

Are You Planning a Vacation With Your Kids? Here Are a Few Ideas

How many times have you said that you would like to visit some foreign countries when the kids grow up?

You lost count, most likely, like so many other parents. However, it does not have to be this way.

The faster parents understand that children like traveling too, the better. Yes, we all know that they can throw temper tantrums for the silliest reasons, but children also like getting out of their routine.

Besides, they get to spend some quality time with the people they love most. Their parents. So here are some ideas for some kid-friendly foreign locations you can enjoy.

Rome, Italy

To you, it is a romantic place with a rich culture and history. To children, Rome is gladiators, cool swords, battles, Maximus, and the Colosseum. It may be a good idea to teach your kids a few things about Rome before you leave. That will create expectations and excitement. Although I would recommend some age-appropriate books. Surely, you can find some online.

To make things a bit easier for you, know that there are hotels in Rome that have special activities for children such as heroes’ tours and treasure hunts. Your children are in great hands, and if you want, you can escape for a little while to enjoy the adult part of Rome with your partner.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is a great city to walk in. The sights are picturesque, and it is generally very kid friendly. You will see kids even in bars. Of course, they have spaces specially designed for them with toys and a space to play in. In fact, many restaurants have that too. However, there are a few attractions your children will love. For instance, you can take them to the NEMO Science Museum or the National Maritime Museum. They are both incredible places where kids can see cool ships and learn about their history.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

As a grown-up, you will absolutely love this place. It has this hippie vibe and tons of traditions. You can enjoy lots of experiences. However, if you decide to go to the Ritz-Carlton Reserve and stay at the Mandapa, your kids are going to have a blast. They have a Kids’ Hut, which is basically a farm where your kids can learn about the animal. They have chickens, cows, ducks, and rabbits. They can play all day long and eat fresh vegetables, plant rice and much more. Besides, you will find it relaxing.

Copenhagen, Denmark

There are two locations in Copenhagen that provide fun for both the parents and the kids. One of them is the Blue Planet Aquarium. There are several exhibits with fish and other animals from all around the world. You can visit the rainforest exhibit, where your kids can touch a snake if they feel up to it. All displays have touchscreens that your kids can use to learn about the several types of animals in front of them.

The second is Tivoli Gardens. There are rides and fantastic street food, cartoon characters, and so on. It depends on the time of the year you visit, but Tivoli Gardens is amazing no matter the decorations they put up.

Unquestionably, one of the ideas above sound fantastic for your next vacation with the kids. One more useful tip I can give you for your next vacation is that for some countries, you can get electronic visas for the entire family. If you want to go to India, for instance, you can get eVisas.They are available online, you do not have to carry all your kids to an embassy or a visa center, and you do not have to concern yourself with a tedious visa application process. As long as you have valid passports for the entire family, you are golden. The rest is a piece of cake.

If you want to find more tips by blogger parents, have a look at, run by an expat mother of two in Athens Greece, writing about travel and sharing travel tips.

It’s Time for Fun: 3 Best Mom’s Night Out Ideas

Are you ready to have some fun with your mom friends? Read this article to learn about the best mom’s night out ideas for maximum fun.

It’s hard being a Mom! There’s so much to get done in a day’s time, whether it’s for your family, for your job, or for the home itself. Yes, you love your family but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t enjoy a little time away for yourself too.

Getting out of the house and spending some quality time with other moms that know the struggle can be good for you. It’s important for your health to have time to de-stress! But what should you and the women you’ve gathered do for your big night out?

If you need some killer mom’s night out ideas, read on. We’ll walk you through some ideas that will guarantee a good night.

1. Group Massage

You’ve heard of a couple’s massage, right? While that may sound romantic and fun, it can be even more rewarding to head to the local spa with a couple of your best gal pals. 

These treatments can help you feel like yourself again, and the long and luxurious process is the perfect time to catch up with friends and talk in-depth about your lives. That’s also not even to speak to the champagne and chocolate strawberries that often come packed and parceled with this kind of thing.

You might even be able to find a great Groupon deal online and get the whole afternoon or evening done on the cheap. 

2. Take an Art Class

If you’re looking for things to do in your town, it’s well worth looking up what sort of at-night arts classes exist. Most towns have some sort of paint and sip night somewhere in town, which can be a great place to express your creative streak and enjoy a little Merlot while you do it.

If your group of mothers actually want to learn a new skill, there’s plenty of classes that provide actual instruction. However, if you’re just looking to drink and have a fun time with some watercolors, there should be plenty of space for that kind of activity too.

Some of these classes are even BYOB, which means you can bring your exact favorite bottle in to share with the others.

3. An Escape Room

The newest craze that’s sweeping the nation involves you and your friends locking yourself into a small room with no clear way out. Sound crazy? No! It’s an escape room.

This is a new favorite activity for many adults all over America. You have to work as a team to solve riddles and piece together clues. You’re fighting against the clock, so it’s a good way to get competitive without having to pit the group against themselves.

If you make it out in time, it’s easy to head nearby and celebrate with drinks (or even drown your sorrows if not). 

The Best Mom’s Night Out Ideas

If you’re looking for some great mom’s night out ideas, you can’t beat the above options. However, these are only the tip of the iceberg and you’re definitely encouraged to get creative.

Need more entertainment tips and tricks? Check out our blog for more.

Creating Custom Canvas Prints For Eye-Catching Attention

Well, my best friend recently purchased a new home. A big congratulation to him. Since I was planning to pay a visit, I had to search for a unique gift item, which amplifies the interior ambiance. I was looking for a gift that is pleasing to the eyes, cost-effective and adds value to his home.


Choosing Custom Canvas Prints

Well, I added all these three criteria to your bucket list while searching for a gift and went for the custom canvas prints, which offer variable options to customers. You can get any of your favorite photos customized and display them on the wall to be witnessed by everyone.

Canvas prints have the ability to bring images to life in an exclusive manner. However, before you decide to customize your photographs, you need to understand the process of how canvas prints get optimized.


Creating Customized Canvas

You have a couple of options that will help you transform an ordinary-looking image into something splendid.

The first alternative is choosing the traditionally stretched canvas art prints. Here, the professionals make use of an eight-color inkjet printer on a good quality artist canvas.

You also get the option to choose three different types of depths, including 0.75 inches, 1.5 inches, and 2.5 inches. The artists also make use of a hardwood frame with the hanging facility, which makes it much easier to display for photos.

Now let’s talk about the second option. Here, in this case, the photos are usually transferred to canvas prints. Again, the artist will use the eight-color inkjet canvas printing. The sealed finish backing is an amazing feature that you get with this canvas printing. The product is mounted on a high-density wood fireboard. The canvas print is resistant to warping and ready to hang.


What about the quality then

The first important product used to create a beautiful canvas print is high-quality ink that does not fade easily. It means you are looking at an online canvas print that will not lose its color within the next ten to fifteen years.

The artists also pay attention to one more pivotal area, which is to avoid over-saturation of colors. In addition, to that, you also need to note that shifting of the colors can lead to damaging your image. If you are focusing on these small important details, you can certainly create a top-class custom canvas print.


Inclusion of a full-frame inside

Other crucial factors that come into play include a full-frame inside. This will help you to enhance the beauty of your canvas prints and at the same time, will hold everything intact when completely made. You also need to ensure the corners are extremely tight to avoid sagging. Furthermore, the sealed back protects the integrity of the canvas print.

In case you are opting for the traditionally-stretched canvas wraps, you are sure to get an outstanding product from an adept and experienced craftsman that will grab everyone’s attention in a span of seconds.


More facts on quality prints

We discussed attaining high-end quality in the previous paragraph. But what people usually ask at this juncture is the price of the canvas prints.

You can ask the artist to create the prints earlier than the expected time if you are buying it for a special occasion. Be rest assured about one thing; there will be no compromise on the quality factor. It means that you can even place a last-minute order and the product will be rightly delivered to you.

Taking the discussion further, it is essential that you are using a standard light source while editing the photos. This will help you to retain the exact colors for the images.


A range of options for canvas prints

Whether you are selecting a traditionally-stretched canvas print or a hardwood solid canvas art, one thing is sure. You will get a wide range of options to explore. It means that as you go in-depth, you can learn more about customizing canvas printing.


For example, if you are opting for a solid-face canvas print, then you can select the frame in different colors such as black, white, or walnut, etc. you also have the option of leaving it unframed.

Coming to the sizes

When you consider the sizes, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Yes, you may go for the small size of 5’x7’ or a large size ranging to 32” x 48”. All these sizes are applicable to the custom canvas prints as well. This makes canvas art images one of the unique gift options that you can present on any occasion.

The same option goes well for the traditionally-stretched canvas. The size of the thin wrap varies from 0.75 inches to a chunk wrap of 2.5 inches.


The bottom line

Nowadays, customers mostly look for unique designs and more customized options when choosing canvas prints for any space. What distinguishes canvas prints from ordinary images is high-quality, cost-effectiveness, and a wide range of options to choose from.

5 Essential Scrapbook Embellishments

Are you looking for the 5 essential scrapbook embellishments? Would you like to invest in a good quality scrapbook kit that won’t break the bank? We’ve got the answers to your questions right here.

Scrapbooking or memory keeping has been a popular crafting hobby for quite some time now. Even with the rise of social media and technology, most people still prefer to document their precious memories using paper, stamps, stickers, and other scrapbook embellishments.

If you are new to scrapbooking, you might not be familiar with the essential and must-have scrapbook supplies. This post will help you figure out which scrapbook embellishments are necessary and which scrapbook it will suit your needs. Without further ado, here are the 5 essential scrapbook embellishments that you must have right now.


Paper, Paper, and more Paper!


When it comes to scrapbooking, it is a no-brainer that you need PAPER. Everything starts with a blank piece of paper – whether it’s a plain white paper, a colored or textured paper, or a patterned paper. Without paper, you pretty much won’t be able to create anything. It is one of the basic scrapbooking supplies. However, it can also be used as a scrapbook embellishment.


Scrapbook paper comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Patterned or designer paper usually have, well, patterns and images that you can fussy cut and adhere to your scrapbook page. This will save you the trouble of looking for images or stickers for your page. You may also create your own scrapbook embellishment by using colored or textured paper to die cut your stamped images!




Obviously, stickers are absolute must-haves in your scrapbook kit. Whether it’s a chipboard sticker, a clear sticker, or a die-cut sticker, stickers will be your new best friend when you start with your memory keeping journey.

Collecting unique and versatile stickers is advisable especially if you tend to document various events and occasions in your life. This will help you create scrapbook pages easily without searching your scrapbook kit for the appropriate sticker. Make sure you don’t go overboard with your stickers though. You don’t want your scrapbook page to appear too heavy on the eyes.


Alphabet Stickers


Having alphabet stickers on hand is a must when it comes to scrapbooking. While most scrapbookers rely on their handwriting or journaling, it is still better to add something different to your scrapbook page every once in a while. Alphabet stickers are great for scrapbook page titles – they add that extra jazz. They are also pretty easy to use and not so expensive. There are a variety of font designs and colors available out there so you won’t have a hard time choosing the best alphabet stickers for your scrapbook kit collection.


Wood Veneers


Like stickers, adhesive wood veneers can add flow and movement to your scrapbook page. It can make certain areas and spots on your page pop! These scrapbook embellishments come in different shapes, sizes, and colors! Some wood veneers in various shapes like triangle, circle, square, rectangle, hearts, etc. There are also wood veneers that form words – from family and love to sweet and hugs. These wooden adhesive veneers will surely add dimension and texture to your scrapbook page.


Enamel Dots


Never underestimate the power of enamel dots! They might be tiny but they do pack a punch! Adding a few enamel dots here and there will add interest to any scrapbook page. These colorful scrapbook embellishments usually come in different-sized circles, but there are other shapes like heart, diamond, triangle, etc. Enamel dots are must-haves in your scrapbook kit. They are so useful and versatile that you can even make them the focal point of your page! Don’t have alphabet stickers or sentiment stamps for your titles? Use enamel dots to spell out words! Want to add movement to your page? Try creating shapes using enamel dots! The creative possibilities are truly endless.


Now that you know which 5 scrapbook embellishments are essential, don’t waste any more time looking around. Grab these from your favorite online store and grow your scrapbook kit collection!