5 Tips to Increase Parent Engagement in the Classroom

Today, more than ever, it is vital that parents are actively involved in their children’s school lives. Between the increase in bullying and harassment, the decrease in the national graduation rate, and the stress and worry over the possibility of school-related violence making sure that your child’s education and safety should be at the top of every parent’s priorities. To make this process easier, here are a few helpful suggestions:

Student Information System

Most schools today offer various types of easy-access student information systems that allow you to monitor your child’s progress as well as a number of school-related activities such as report cards, upcoming events or field trips, notable school functions, and many other features. They can often be accessed through the school’s websites or with dedicated apps.

Keep a School Schedule

School-age children seem to be busier than ever in this modern world. Numerous after-school clubs and activities, sports, as well as any other interests that they may have can interfere with what is ultimately the most important thing at this point in their lives: their education. Making sure that their academic life remains the focus helps ensure good grades year to year and helps to provide students with better opportunities in the future. 

Penciling in non-negotiable homework time, moderate TV or internet time, and a regular bedtime routine is critical for your child’s academic success. These activities give you a chance to be involved, too.

Create a School Calendar

Another way to stay engaged and up to date on what is going on in your child’s school life is by organizing a calendar with all of the one-time or regular events taking place during the year. Listing items such as sporting events, dances and social activities, special assemblies, career days, and any other special events will give you the peace of mind of knowing what is going on during any given day.

Engage Your Child in Regular Conversation

Something that seems to be getting harder and harder these days is communication between parents and children. While it’s true that kids (especially teenagers) have never been overly eager to chat with their parents, the gap may actually be widening due to the ever-increasing workloads of parents and lack of traditional family time. Setting aside even just a few minutes a day to have an open and honest conversation with your child will help you to stay clued in on what’s going on in their lives.

Keep Open Lines of Communication with Teachers and Administration

Make it a point to stay in regular contact with your child’s teachers and other school staff. Knowing how they are doing not only with their grades, but their social interactions, extracurricular activities, and overall academic wellbeing will let you know what areas in which your child is excelling in, and which ones they may need a little more help and encouragement in. Utilizing all of these tools, in addition to using any available student information systems is your best bet to ensure their success.

Pros and Cons of Debt Management Programs


Debt can feel overwhelming to tackle on your own — especially because managing money is typically a learn-as-you-go process. Many people find it helpful to work with a professional for this reason. One available resource people can utilize is the credit counseling agency.

Reputable credit counseling agencies, usually not-for-profit, can help you take a hard look at your budget and formulate a plan for your personal finances. These services are often free or inexpensive, too. You may even find you’re eligible for a debt management plan (DMP) through your credit counseling agency.

Here are some of the pros and cons of debt management programs to consider before enrolling.

Pro: DMPs Tend to Simplify Repayment

Have you ever felt buried under a barrage of bills and credit card statements? Before you can even think about paying your debts, you have to keep track of them — a task made more challenging when you owe money to multiple creditors.

Enrolling in a DMP means you’ll only have to make a single monthly payment to your credit counseling agency, which will then disperse your funds to creditors. This approach tends to be simpler than trying to juggle multiple monthly payments, potentially saving you time and stress.

Pro: DMPs Can Cut Interest Rates

Not only can DMPs consolidate a handful of debts into one payment, but they can also reduce how much you’re paying in fees and interest. As NerdWallet notes, your credit counselor may be able to get you concessions from your creditors such as:

  • Lower interest rates
  • Lower monthly payments
  • “Re-aged” accounts to end late fees

Reducing how much you’re paying in interest and fees means your monthly payments can chip away more aggressively at your debt, ideally helping you pay it off faster. Creditors may agree to more favorable terms if they see you’re committed to a DMP and making a serious effort to tackle your debt. You can usually expect a DMP to take somewhere in the ballpark of three to five years.

Pro: DMPs Damage Your Credit Less Than Other Strategies

You’re still repaying your debts under a DMP, so it makes sense this strategy tends to damage your credit score less than some other strategies — especially bankruptcy, which stays on your credit report for years.

While enrolling in a DMP itself won’t affect your scores, some of the actions you take — like closing old credit accounts — may. If you fall behind on payments, this will also hurt your rating. Some consumers decide these possible adverse effects are better than continuing to rack up debt and interest until they’re forced to take more drastic action.

Con: Only Certain Kinds of Debt Qualify

DMPs are an option for certain forms of unsecured debt, like credit cards and medical bills. Mortgages, auto loans, and student loans are ineligible for this form of debt repayment.

Con: You May Have to Pause Credit Use for Years

The terms of your DMP may restrict you from opening new lines of credit, or using credit while in the plan. On one hand, this may feel restrictive. On the other, it may help you develop your financial habits and avoid worsening your debt problem.

Con: You’ll Pay a Fee

Make sure to inquire about fees before signing up for any program. DMPs may require service fees and monthly fees; the exact nature of these fees varies by location and organization.

As with any debt relief solution, there are pros and cons to consider before deciding to enroll in a debt management plan. Doing your research ahead of time will help you know what to expect.

How to Treat Nail Fungus Naturally During Pregnancy

As a mom-to-be, you know all the joys and wonders of expecting a baby to enrich your life, so you cherish the nine months of that blissful process. Yet, pregnancy sometimes comes with different discomforts that make self-care a bit more difficult. From swelling, backaches, hormonal changes that affect your skin and hair, all the way to various bacterial and fungal infections, your body is changing all around, and treatment often needs to differ from what you’d do without a bun in the oven.

One particularly unpleasant scenario no future mom wants to even think about, let alone plan for, includes treating fungal nail infections. Of course, ideally, let’s hope you never have to go down that path. Just in case you do, there are various natural ways you can help your toes heal without the use of excessive medication and antibiotics that could otherwise cause health issues for you or your baby. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Focus on prevention 

Let’s start off with a few simple, easily applicable tips and behavioral changes that can reduce your chances to get a fungal infection in the first place, which is especially risky during pregnancy when your immune system might be weaker, or you’re experiencing feet swelling. Of course, summer heat can’t help, hence the need for taking extra precautions!

  • Dry feet are healthy feet, so if you work out or sweat a lot due to the weather, make sure to wash your feet with mild soap and water regularly, and keep your feet dry.
  • Regular trimming is essential, and keep your grooming tools clean and disinfected. 
  • Choose breathable shoes and bamboo socks, which are naturally moisture-wicking and keep your nails and skin healthy.
  • You can even wear special anti-fungal, copper-infused socks that help kill the bacteria and fungus that could cause an infection. 

Feat soaks that heal your toes

If you’ve already contracted an infection, you should do your best to heal it in its earliest stages, and preferably before it spreads to other toes. In case you can pinpoint the shoes and socks you’ve worn when you’ve noticed the infection begin, get them properly cleaned and disinfected. 

Some natural soaks are great for treating infections. For instance, adding baking soda paired with vinegar in your warm water soak can be very effective when applies several times per day. Alternatively, some oils such as tea tree oil, oregano oil, and orange oil are extremely helpful with fungal infections. An old natural remedy might not be your favorite, but you can try it nonetheless: rub some garlic over your infected toes, as its natural antibacterial properties can be very powerful against milder infections. 

Laser therapy

Before your mind instantly leaps to hot and painful laser treatments, this option is far more comfortable and actually more effective in treating fungal infections. The key difference is that cold laser treatment for nail fungus uses low-intensity blue light for targeting the actual fungus, and red light for improving your overall immune system. This combination means that you’re using light against the infection without causing any harm to your toenails or skin around them.

One of the greatest perks of this treatment is that your body cannot really develop any form of resilience to it, which is often the case with repetitive use of antibiotics and topical treatments. The duration and number of laser treatments will depend on the severity of the infection, so your doctor will help you determine what you need to do to speed up the process.

Tweak your diet

When you’re relying on Mother Nature to do the healing, you also need to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to help your body heal. For instance, what you eat makes all the difference, especially during pregnancy, in terms of fortifying your immune system and helping you fight off an infection, and prevent one in the future. 

For starters, garlic has antimicrobial properties perfect for the situation, so add some freshly crushed garlic over your tomato salad, or add it to your kefir drink. While we’re at it, dairy products rich in probiotics such as kefir and yogurt are an excellent choice, too. Finally, prebiotic-packed foods such as fruits and veggies are a must, since they are loaded with all of those essential micronutrients that your immune system needs.

As beautiful as this time of your life may be, you need to pay special attention to the kind of decisions you make with regard to your health. If you find yourself battling a fungal infection on your nails, try these natural solutions that will kick the infection to the curb, and of course, always talk to your doctor about the best way to move forward. 

Art Of Styling Your Baby Bump

All mothers to be can’t wait for their babies to come to this world. However, even though beautiful, pregnancy can sometimes be tough on the woman’s body and self-esteem. Luckily, if you’re a mom-to-be, you can rely on some stylish clothes to style your baby bump and still feel and look amazing. So, go through your wardrobe or get the new pieces and style that baby bump relying on these tips. 

Use Loose Fitting Clothes and Busy Patterns

Loose-fitting pieces for the beginning of your pregnancy. Even though there isn’t a bump you still might feel a bit bloated and you might want to hide that and provide a bit more comfort. You can rely on loose-fitting tops or go for a flowy dress and these clothes will help you feel comfier and help you feel less self-conscious about looking bloated. Additionally, clothes with busy patterns will also help you hide any undesirable bulges that aren’t really a baby bump yet. 

Maternity Tops 

Maternity tops are a way better option for styling your baby bump than the regular shirts. This is because they are ruched at the sides which will help you highlight your bump while still keeping your silhouette. A regular shirt will only make you look large and bloated and it will provide no silhouette. So, it’s safe to say that maternity tops will become your best friend and they are really comfy. 

Flowy Maxi Dresses

Unless you have your baby bump during the winter, you can rely on maxi dresses. They are flowy, they are not restraining and you won’t feel bloated and huge. Rather, you will have room for moving, while your baby bump will be accentuated and you will simply look gorgeous. What is more, you can add some accessories to your maxi dress, such as a nice scarf or some simple romantic jewelry and wear the outfit on a date night with your SO.

Ruching All the Way

Just like maternity tops, any piece of clothing with ruching on the sides is simply awesome for your growing baby bump. Not only will such clothes provide some extra space for the bump, but they will help you highlight your bump, instead of just making it look frumpy. What is more, ruching is a pretty trendy style, so it won’t be hard to find various options that are non-maternity clothes. 

Knotted Tops Over Dresses

If you want to look a bit more chic while carrying your child for nine months, you should opt for this combination. Depending on which trimester you’re in, you can pick a maternity or non-maternity dress and throw a stylish top over it. Then put the end of the top in a knot, right above your bump and you are ready. This will help you create an illusion of an empire waist which will nicely highlight your baby bump. Plus, this combo can make a non-maternity dress appear more flattering with your bump and you will simply feel and look amazing. 

Maternity Jeggings are a Must

Everyone puts on their baby weight in different places, but the most common one is on your upper legs. This will make wearing any of the maternity pants and even dresses a bit too difficult and you need something comfy. That is why you should invest in a couple of pairs of maternity jeggings. With these, you will extra space, they won’t tear that easily and nothing will be too tight. Plus, you can easily pair these with any top of your choice and always look stylish. 

Your baby bump is growing more and more with each week, and it may make you feel uncomfortable and bloated from time to time. However, if you know which clothing pieces to focus on, you can easily style your baby bump and feel amazing all the time. So, check out these tips, find your favorite outfits and enjoy every trimester. 

Fall Fashion Trends For All Body Types

Fall is here and with it, the new fashion trends have arrived. World-known fashion icons and stylists have spoken and they have the best trends for us this fall. The tattoo frenzy that has been present for a while now and people are more and more inclined to get their own custom tattoo design from companies such as Tattoo Stylist. Some of the things that will be hot this season are bold colors and animal prints, but that’s not all. The color palette still pretty much stays the same, like every fall (fall colors), but there are some other things coming our way. So, no matter what body type you are, here are this season’s fashion trends. 


Bold Colors

Fall is all about colors and instead of blending in with the fall background, this year you will have to add some pop. It’s simply refreshing to see bright pops of yellow, pink and golds this year, and that’s what all the trends are about. People usually go a bit darker during the fall with more jewel tones, but this fall is your chance to make maximum impact. Some of the recommended pieces are a bright mustard dress, vibrant red suits, and high shine sequined blouses and pink blazers. So, don’t be shy to stand out from the crowd with your fashionable pieces in bright colors. 


Romantic Outfits

Even though fall is a bit dark and gloomy because of the weather, that doesn’t mean you still can’t preserve some romance. The best way to do it this year is with your romantic outfit combinations. Rely on dark floral patterns that are always fun and hot, pastel colors are also a safe bet as well as emerald. You can also uplift any outfit with feminine details, such as romantic fall fashion jewelry from Moon Magic, pastel-colored hats, and chic handbags. What is more, you don’t have to rely on brown, black and navy colors this fall, and you can opt for a blazer in a lighter color that you can easily pair with any other pieces, even in darker colors. So, when combining your next outfit, think romantic and feminine and you will look great!


Borrowing from the Boys

Masculine patterns are also hot this fall. However, this doesn’t mean you still can’t look feminine, because this is not about borrowing your boyfriend’s oversized hoodie. Rather, this fall’s trends are borrowing the patterns from the boys, such as checks and plaids. Look for patterned suits, ruffled turtlenecks and pair them with delicate jewelry. Also, you can rely on wide-leg pants paired with a checked blazer and you are good to go!


Animal Print

Animal print trends have surfaced a few seasons ago, and they are here to stay. It’s a huge trend this fall and it’s really not going anywhere, so think about upgrading your wardrobe with a few of the animal print pieces. However, some things have changed in the past few seasons. The popularity of the animal print trend has shifted from leopard and cheetah to zebra and snake! What is more, you can really have fun with this trend. For those who like to make a statement, you can rely on animal print jacket or a top and pair them with simple black jeans. However, those who feel that is a bit too much for them, you can experiment with smaller accessories, such as shoes, handbags and scarves. Whatever is the case, having at least one piece in animal print will elevate your look and make sure you look amazing. 


Trends are constantly changing and gaining and losing popularity from season to season. However, this fall has retained some of the trends from previous seasons and granted us an opportunity to try out something new, such as bold colors and new animal prints. So, if you haven’t already updated your fall wardrobe, this is the time to do it and follow these trends and tips. 

Why Stainless Steel Water Bottle Is Good For Travel

People often wonder how safe and clean is the water that they drink when traveling or out of their usual homes. One of the ways to ensure that everyone gets to drink healthy water is by carrying an adequate supply with them where ever they intend to travel. In water containers, the steel water bottle could be one of the most useful options to use. Compared to the alternative solutions available to carry water around, it makes perfect sense to use steel carry bottles most of the time. 

It is not that people are not offered options to carry around water to drink. But the advantages of using a steel carry bottle like the Fill2Pure ones are to be noted as below. 

Reusable in construction

With most water bottles made of plastic and other disposable materials, the bottles are mostly single-use most of the time. This adds to the extra burden of having to dispose of the bottles after their use. Plastics are some of the hardest materials to degrade in the environment and hence the ecological cost of using single-use plastic bottles is only to be noted. 

It would be found that having a reusable disposition, the steel water bottles are more eco-friendly than ever before. In fact for the factor of reusability of water bottles a large part of the plastic types have been redesigned to act as multi-use bottles as well. Steel is the ideal multi-use water bottle material of choice at the moment. 

Hot and cold use

Few materials can hold hot and cold liquids with equal ability as steel can when made out into water bottles.  An added insulation not only keeps the temperature of the fluids from deteriorating and at the same time makes it rather easy to carry around. The good property of steel to withstand boiling temperatures without defect and this is one of the reasons why steel is the preferred material for use as water bottles. 

Lack of taste or odor

With other alternatives to steel water bottles, it is key to understand that they impart some kind of odor or taste to the water in them.  This factor is particularly acute when carrying the water for extended periods of time. Steel water bottles tend to keep the natural taste of water to a larger extent than possible plastic or PET alternatives. 

This ability to retain the taste is key when hot fluids are carried in the water bottles. The plastic types do not tolerate heat to any extent and even the slightest of warmth helps in odorizing the water in them.  

Extra abilities

Steel water bottles on one hand can be made to act in so many different ways. One of the most notable methods of using steel water bottles is as a portable water purifier.  By having additional add-on facilities on the water bottles, it is possible to be able to filter out and purify the water that is stored in the bottles. This is achieved in a number of ways and has been found to be rather effective too. 

Machine washable

There would not be a home that does not have a dishwasher or a similar facility to keep clean the vessels and containers that handle food materials. The steel water bottle is to be noted for its characteristic that it can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning up after use.  Few other alternative materials can offer this scope of action as borne out by the water bottle. 

Variations in presentation

When compared to the alternative solution to carrying of water, it is possible to have a wider variety of presentations in the case of the steel water bottles. It is possible to color the bottles in many ways, add designs to the exterior of the bottles and so on. Plastic or mud water bottles do not offer this type of variations in presentations. 

Hard and tough

The steel water bottle is one of the hardiest of materials to be had around to carry water.  Most drops on the floor would not damage the bottle quite unlike the plastic materials in popular use. It is for this reason that steel bottles are used by adventure enthusiasts and athletes most of the time. The hard exterior of the steel flask often tends to present one of the toughest of materials. 


No doubt, water is a precious commodity that few people can do without. Carrying water around for use is made all the more pleasant if the right kind of materials is hard for their use. Steel bottles and flasks have been around for some time and despite the onslaught of newer materials tend to be in high demand for the sheer good experience that comes with using them. 

Family Road Trip Packing Essentials

Road trips can be great fun for the whole family, but only if done right, meaning that you have to be well prepared. Your trip will definitely be less enjoyable if you leave home without some of the essential things for you and, even worse, your kids. So, here are some things you should pack and prepare for your road trip in order to make the best of it.

Your car

OK, your car isn’t really something you pack inside a suitcase or a box, but it’s definitely the first thing you have to prepare before even thinking of going anywhere. Your family’s safety always comes first, so you have to make sure your car is in perfect condition and comfortable enough to drive you to wherever you’re going and back. Take it to a garage to have it checked by a mechanic, clean it properly before your trip, make sure you have the best tow bar installed for your camper if you are traveling with it, and don’t forget to get good car insurance. In case you own an older or a smaller car or if something is malfunctioning in it, renting a car could be the best option for you. In most cases, rental cars are newer, well maintained and very comfortable, meaning that your trip could go much more smoothly than if you took the trip with your own car. 

Proper clothes

Before packing your clothes, check the weather forecast for the area you’re visiting and pack accordingly. However, be ready for unexpected weather changes, since those are known to happen and can ruin your trip if you’re unprepared. No matter how hot they say it will be, bring some warm socks, a sweater or a jacket for each of you and don’t forget umbrellas or raincoats in case of rain. If you know you’ll do some walking, bring two pairs of shoes each. One should be comfortable women’s sneakers and the other a quality pair of waterproof shoes for longer periods of hiking. Finally, have a change of clothes for your kids at hand, in case something gets spilled while on the road.

Technology and useful gadgets

Photo by Cynthia del Río on Unsplash

If you know you’ll spend a significant amount of time in your car, you should make sure your kids have something to do.

Some old-fashioned travel games will probably be enough for a while, but you should also have the option of a fully charged tablet computer for them to watch their favorite cartoon or two. Bring some board games that you will enjoy and maximize the travel hedonism! A good DnD game can spark your imagination and, let’s all admit it – it’s more than fun. If you are a DnD lover, D20 Collective is the site to keep an eye on! 

As for the adults, the driver will probably need a good GPS system and maps for navigation, which you can all download on your phone. You should also bring a car charger or several of them, along with a power bank and a few other smart gadgets, such as a foldable hairdryer, or things like kids’ travel pillows and earplugs for when the driver wants to rest for a while and the children refuse to be quiet. 

Snacks and drinks

Depending on how long your trip will last, you should start with finding an appropriate cooler for storing your food and drinks adequately. A smaller, soft one will do for one or two days, while for longer trips you should invest in a hard-shell one. Packing enough provisions is essential to avoid your kids becoming hungry and nervous. Slice or chop some fruit and vegetables into bite-sized pieces and pack them in plastic containers or bags. Similarly, prepare enough nuts, pretzels, crackers and granola bars to last at least a few days, so that you don’t have to turn to unhealthy food from gas stations and diners along the road. You can even pack some sandwiches for the first day, but don’t forget that they’re highly perishable. Finally, as far as drinks are concerned, nothing beats water, so bring a reusable bottle for each of you and a gallon of water to refill them. 

Emergency items

If you’ve traveled with your family before, you know that you never go on a trip without bringing some of the basic medicines and toiletries. Start with some ibuprofen, cortisone in case of bug bites, some bandages and plenty of hand sanitizer, and in case any member of your family suffers from motion sickness, get something for that, too. Furthermore, a first-aid kit you have in your car should be brand new, so that you have everything you need in case something happens, while you can also expect that each of you will require some paper products such as napkins, toilet paper, tissues, and even wet wipes at some point during your trip, so load up on those as well. To top it off, bring a thermometer, just to stay on the safe side. 


So, once you pack wisely and get your family in that car, you can fully relax and the fun can start. 


Spread the Word Easily—How to Promote Your Brand during Popular Events

The biggest question for business owners is how to gain more customers and boost your business and profit. Well, one way to reach new buyers and gain better following is to promote your brand and improve exposure. While you can pay for ads and improve your social media presence, you can also use big events to build momentum and reach a large audience. Events like festivals, fairs, sporting occasions, and various other gatherings and conferences can help boost traffic to your business and promote your brand. So how can you effectively take part in these events and gain exposure? Here are a few effective ideas to try out.

Choose the right event

Study government and travel websites to find events, analyze them and see which ones attract your target audience. If you sell foods or craft products, you’ll attract plenty of attention at any festival and fair. Sports gear sellers could make big bucks by attending races, stunt shows or matches. But if you cater to a specific niche, make sure to be smarter about your event choice. What does your audience like to do in their free time? How do they get ready for the event and what they do after? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself.

Become a sponsor

Sponsoring an event will cost you some extra money, but it’s a great way to put the name of your brand out there and reach a lot of people. Make sure to consult with the organizers and ask for details of each sponsorship package. The more money you spend, the more your brand will appear to attendees. For instance, top sponsors get ads in event programs, various venue signs, best booth spots, and radio call-outs. In order to ensure you get the level of exposure you’re paying for, insist on signing a formal contract.

Hand out freebies 

When you visit any fair or festival, see where the biggest crowd is and be sure you’ll leave the booth with a nice little freebie in your hand. People just can’t resist free things, so if you surprise the attendees with some treats, expect to attract a big audience. And make sure to offer promo items that are useful not only for the event. For instance, useful promotional lanyards are a perfect solution since they can be used long after the event is over. Put your logo and name on the lanyards and you’ll get a free ad every time someone decides to wear them.

Organize a contest

Hold a fun little contest during the event and award the winner with a gift card, a package of your products or some free services. Make sure to ensure the contest is fun so that it attracts a large number of competitors and spectators. 

Collect information

In order to gain insights into how your customers interact with your brand (which can help you market your business better) make sure to encourage people to leave their information. For instance, ask event attendees to leave a business card when grabbing a free sample or fill out a contact form in exchange for some freebies. Use the data you’ve collected to contact people and reach out to potential prospects.

Sell your products

The best thing you can do at events is going beyond giveaways and actually making money by selling your services. You can promote your restaurant by selling food at fairs and festivals and throw in a special offer with every meal. For example, every person that grabs food from your stall can get a coupon for discounts or earn a buy-one-get-one-free deal. Encourage people who love your product to sign up for promotional e-mails and you might gain regular customers. 

Select the right workers

This might not be a promotional strategy, but having a good team will definitely help you attract more people and reach your target audience. While introverts can help at the event, it’s best to assign them a behind-the-scenes position like stocking and setting up. Put fun, communicative and attractive people forward and make them interact with event attendees.

If you’re smart about taking part in events, you can gain a lot of exposure, reach new people and leave a great impression on all attendees. Expect to notice great results and your business might even go viral!

Look Adorable Beside the Pool – Latest Swimsuit Trends

One of the favorite ways to enjoy the sun, good company, and even fashion, are pool parties. Surely, all of us attend at least one during the summer. This time, we are bringing some of the trendiest bathing suits for pool parties that you can wear next season.

The elegant one-piece swimsuit

One of the best choices for a pool party, especially if it involves food and a more elegant atmosphere is a one-piece. One suggestion we have for you is a one-piece swimsuit that has some interesting details on it. Little bows on the shoulders, straps, or even off-the-shoulder ruffles are pretty trendy this season, and we have no doubt they will still be cute for summer 2020. Soft, pastel colors or bolder tones like red, yellow, and green will look chic, or you can get a more elegant option and choose black or white. This kind of one-piece will look good on everybody and you can have fun with the design and choose the ones with open back or deeper V neck, which is another trend we all love. Even brands like Victoria Secret have gotten on the body positivity train and hired models that wear these pieces so fashionably, so they can be your inspiration as well.

Chic, classic bikini tops

Choosing the right top is one great way to look chic, pool ready, and still appropriate for a party. You have heard about triangle bikini comeback we are sure. They are easy to style and wear with any bottom, they are comfortable, they dry easily, and are very trendy, especially for a pool party. Just throw some see-through cover-up and you will be ready to go. Animal print, florals, and bright colors will surely make it the centerpiece of your outfit. Your pool party outfit should be practical, and since we doubt you will go wearing just a bikini, here is how you can combine the two styles. A cropped swim top will look like a regular crop top you wear with shorts and skirts, so it can double as both a bikini and a cute shirt. If you wear some airy, summer shorts, you will get a casual, trendy look, that looks good on any body size and shape, and what is best, you will be ready to take a dip at any time.

Universal high waisted bottoms

Not that long ago, curvy girls felt like they had to cover their bodies, especially for pool and beach parties where everybody is wearing a bikini. Well, thankfully the fashion community and brands have started making lines that make everyone feel comfortable and sexy. One such piece is definitely a high waisted bottom. It hides all the imperfections you want to hide and it accentuates your waist. The designs are endless, and we would recommend some of the bright colors like blue, pink, or red. Or you can play with colors and patterns and choose florals, stripes, or polka dots for a retro vibe.

Chic wrap bikinis

Another style that fits skinny, muscular, plus size, and curvy girls is a wrap bikini. Again, it helps you emphasize just the parts you want because it is normally made of thicker fabric that acts like a body shaper, plus it looks super interesting and chic. Since it has details, we recommend a simpler design for a pool party like an all-white or black bikini that you can style with big sunglasses or a hat to make it stand out even more. You can choose thin or thick straps that go all around your body or just below your breasts because every style is trendy, so you won’t go wrong.

Pool parties mostly require outfits that can double as a bathing suit and your regular pool-hanging outfit. That is why we have tried to take the trendiest swimwear for the next season and show you how to wear them regardless of your body size and shape.

Designing the Perfect Outdoor Reading Nook

Being an avid reader is one thing, but being a real fan of literature is something completely different. These are the people who take reading seriously and do it every single day. Their homes are full of books and reading nooks where they can enjoy their free time. And for some of them, reading is an activity best done in the open, surrounded by trees, grass, and birds. If you’re one of them and would like to design a new outdoor reading nook, here are a few things to consider.

Find the right spot at the porch

Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you could position your reading nook in different spots. Most people prefer sticking to simple solutions like decks, patios, and porches, while others don’t mind sitting on the ground. Picking the first idea might be easier because porches and other outdoor structures are perfect for reading. Keep in mind that even the tiniest porches are quite enough for a comfortable chair or two where you can spend a few hours. Of course, you shouldn’t forget a small coffee table as well, because this is where you can put your books and your coffee, your tea, or your cold drink.

Maximize your patio

Houses that don’t have a porch sometimes have a patio, and this is a cool solution for all reading fans as well. Again, a cozy chair is going to be quite enough, but you can also take things to a new level and add a small sofa or even a lounge. This way, you’ll be able to spend hours and hours on the patio, especially during warm summer days. However, you shouldn’t stay in the sun for too long, particularly if you live in a hot region. If that’s the case, consider protecting your reading nook and installing those quality shade sails that will give you lots of shade regardless of the temperature. This way, you’ll have a chance to spend even more time outside and read more books than you ever.

Sit on the grass

If your home doesn’t have a porch, a deck or a patio, you won’t have a choice and will have to sit on the grass. This may sound like an unusual solution at first, but you’ll soon realize this idea isn’t crazy at all. All you have to do is put a thick blanket on the grass, and simply sit there while enjoying your favorite book. Again, you shouldn’t forget a coffee table for your drink. If you have kids, you could encourage them to spend time here as well and put up a small tent. Your kids will love this and enjoy the adventure, but they’ll also fall in love with reading, which is amazing.

Spice up your garden shed

If you love being in the open but are afraid of rain, turn your garden shed into a tiny reading nook. Spicing up this space doesn’t have to be too hard at all, especially if you know what you’re doing. Creating a small hideaway could take just a couple of days, and you’ll have an amazing new place for your reading sessions. What’s even better is that you’ll be able to fit a small library into your shed, and stay there for as long as you want.

Reading is a great hobby and being in the open is a wonderful way to pass your time, so creating an outdoor reading nook is the perfect way to combine these two passions into one. Now all you have to do is find the ideas you love and start turning them into reality as soon as possible.