Eco Friendly Solutions for a Cigar Lounge

Hello, my name is Kim, my husband of 15 years really likes his cigars. I guess I don’t mind them too much if he smokes them outside. Here in northern Georgia, it gets a bit cold in spring. We even had snow on March 12th. My husband has been telling me it’s too cold outside to enjoy his cigars. I told him I don’t want that smoke and smell in the house.

He showed me a review for a product by the name “smoke eater” posted by a local establishment called the Cedar & Smoke Cigar in Cedartown Georgia. In the review, the owner tells a story of a woman with lung disease being able to enjoy a meal inside their business. Well, I called, and talked to the owner “Ron”. He confirmed that the smoke eaters they bought from a company in Racine Wisconsin clean the air so well, the air inside was truly clean even when people are smoking cigars.

Smoke eaters are complex products with the ability to filter large volumes of air removing almost all of the smoke and odor. I decided to dig further into this product. Here is what I found out:

My search led me to call the company in Racine Wisconsin called LakeAir. The owner was kind enough to take time from his day to explain how smoke eaters work. Apparently, LakeAir has several models. I was amazed by the wealth of information on the subject found on their smoke eater webpage. It turns out the units bought by Cedar & Smoke Cigar cost around $2500.00.  One for our home will be less than $800.00. Hubby will be able to smoke in his man cave next winter and spring.

I am very drawn to the cause of eco-friendly products and lifestyles. If a product like a smoke eater can make a cigar lounge healthy enough for even the disadvantaged, I am all for it. Beyond that, it turns out LakeAir is an eco-friendly business. Their products are made of mostly recycled materials. The units they manufacture are almost entirely recyclable. The very unit employed by the cigar lounge is 98.6% recyclable. Looking for an environmental solution to smoke?   I suggest you check out this environmentally conscious company.

Smoke eaterThis LAFC Smoke Eater is 98.6% Recyclable

Non-recyclable parts

These parts weigh 20 oz and are non-recyclable parts.


Kim Kaiser

How to Create Happy Memories

Something That Must Be Pursued, But Can’t Be Forced
Happy memories are often a matter of perception and recollection. Some of your fondest memories may be of times when, at the moment, you were miserable. For example, that family vacation where everything went wrong, everybody got sunburned, and the whole family was more relieved to get home than anyone could have believed.

The thing is, in retrospect, you remember all the funny little stories from that trip, and you share them, and suddenly what was a terrible weekend becomes a fond, happy memory. In contrast, sometimes your happiest times at the office or college are remembered in sadness, as you realize who you were, what you’ve become, and what has been lost.

So the truth is, if you want to create happy memories, you shouldn’t focus on said memories as an “end game”. How you feel now will have little to do with what you remember as years go by. What you want to focus on, instead, is living life to the fullest with those around you.

When you get an opportunity to do something you haven’t ever done, take that opportunity, and drink it all in. Following we’ll briefly explore a few other things you might want to think about to build memories that last a lifetime.

We decided to list some options suggested by popular bloggers:

Music Photo Life

There is one important thing that you need to do before you can start creating happy moments: to understand what happiness means to you and the people around you.

Happiness has a different meaning to the individual. One person could be happy catching a movie with his newfound love, while another person might demand an expensive handbag.

If you are creating happy moments with someone else, you need to know what makes the other person happy. This could be harder to accomplish since what makes the other person happy might not make you happy.

I feel that moments are happier when saved in our memories than in recorded videos. The moments become somewhat “manufactured” when you whip up a camera to record the happy moments. If someone else is recording the video, that works better.

So, the best way to create happy moments is to understand the person you want to be happy with and plan for the activity so that the person can indulge in the activity with you and have a good time. Ask to take some photos to commemorate the moment so that you can revisit the moment in the future. Spend time interacting with the people and not trying too hard to record on video, because people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.


Creating happy memories is less about what you’re doing and more about who you’re doing it with. By focusing on the people around you, their joy, and your joy – you bring happiness to the forefront.

As a mom of two young toddlers, I’ve learned that the key to creating happy memories is to keep expectations low. We’re all going to be much happier with a situation if we go with the flow and don’t try to overwhelm ourselves with a long to-do list and high expectations of outcomes and behaviors. Finding joy in each other creates happier memories than any specific situation could.


6 Essential Tips on How to Handle Family Property Disputes

Property disputes are surprisingly common occurrences among families, particularly those that co-own properties and can’t decide on the following steps, whether to keep the properties or sell them. In most instances, family members get this property ownership through inheritance, but it could also happen due to other factors, such as failed business ventures.

In any case, the result is similar – family members don’t know what needs to be done with the properties, but they wouldn’t like this situation to drive a wedge between them. That is why careful, delicate steps are necessary, and here are some of the best tips that will allow you to handle property disputes in the most efficient way:


Define your main goals

One of the most common issues related to property disputes is the fact that each family member has a different goal and wants to adhere to the one they think is the best option. For that reason, it might be beneficial to discuss your main objectives in advance, and see whether you’ll have to buy out other family members or if they’d like to sell the property. This will give you a better idea of the role, purpose, and overall value you can get out of the property. Of course, a good estate-planning process beforehand could have prevented this issue in the first place.



Make needed calculations

When it comes to property disputes, partitioning cases are difficult to set in motion, mostly due to the fact that family members often aren’t able to come to a certain decision without understanding the accounting numbers. This means knowing who has the repayment right for money regarding common benefits such as repairs, mortgage payments, property taxes, property insurance, and other similar categories. Without fully understanding all of these expenses, it’s nearly impossible to resolve a property ownership dispute successfully.


Seek professional help

Seeking assistance from an attorney is absolutely essential in these cases, particularly for ensuring your rights are protected. Australians are well aware of this fact, for instance, which is why they often hire an experienced property lawyer from Sydney to handle their disputes. Specializing in property law, a skilled and knowledgeable solicitor can help you navigate through your responsibilities and rights more easily, and ensure a desirable outcome. Such a professional will have extensive knowledge of the law, and their experience can aid in understanding the judge’s decisions, knowing which areas need compromise and which need improvement, as well as receiving the right guidance and advice throughout these proceedings.



Know the property’s worth

A model of the house is placed on the table next to sets of coins

The value of a property is often a critical factor in disputes. Partition cases can be difficult to resolve as families often can’t agree on the price that is put out for potential buy-outs. For that reason, many European families tend to list the property for sale as a simple way to learn the property’s market value and the following partition shares. However, this might not be the most suitable solution for everyone. If you want the property to stay in the family, consider hiring a professional appraiser to determine an accurate market value of the property. This will be a great foundation that you can later use for settlements and buy-outs.


Improve your relationships

Family is spending time together on their family property

Property disputes rarely arise in close-knit families that are loving, caring, and supportive of each other. If you want to ensure your family can make the right compromise, make an attempt to improve your relationships, if at all possible. Aim to spend more time together, learn how to communicate efficiently, or even consider a family vacation every once in a while. The more quality time you spend together, the stronger your bond will be. And when all family members have great connections, the risk of arguments, serious disputes, and demanding legal proceedings will be significantly lower as well.


Consider a mediator

In certain cases, families are unable to find a middle ground, even with the help of skilled solicitors. If you’re in a similar situation as well, it might be best to seek assistance from a third party that can serve as a mediator between family members, such as a close friend, an unbiased lawyer, or even a judge. By holding a mediation meeting early on, you can resolve any differences between family members and any other shared owners more easily. This could also help to save a significant sum of money, as well as reduce any stress and animosity that the involved parties might be feeling.


Final comments

Legal issues that involve family members are particularly delicate, and property dispute cases are no different. That’s why it’s so important to make careful and informed decisions and seek help from an experienced professional.

Written by Lucas Bergman

Reception Table Favors for Your Wedding Guests

Your wedding to-do list is a long one, so the last thing you’ve probably thought of is what to place for your loved ones on your wedding reception tables.  But, those small trinkets that say thank you for all the years they’ve looked out for you shouldn’t be overlooked. Your wedding guest list has been broken down under a microscope and everyone coming played at least a small role in getting you here, so, these integral people deserve more than just a hug and a kiss as they exit your special event.  Send them off with something practical, yet creative to remember your wedding day!  

I was just on the Web and stumbled upon a site that offers a wide variety of unique wedding favors for reception tables, Forever Wedding Favors.  There you can find an assortment of top-notch items for your reception on their simple-to-search online store.  I really enjoyed the following assortment of products and couldn’t believe all of the wedding themes that were covered on this cool site.  Forever Wedding Favors will help guide you through ideas for your wedding, no matter what the theme.  

How cute is this?  There is no better way to open a bottle of wine than with a bottle of wine! Personalize a special note for your guests and they will love this practical wedding favor.  These petite wine bottle openers come with a bow and customized note.  They are an ideal way to say thank you to your guests and will bring a smile to their faces each time they pop open a bottle of wine at home.    

Click here to take a look

Hugging Polar Bear Shakers
Hugging Polar Bear Salt and Pepper Shakers are perfect wedding reception table gifts

Hugs are aplenty at weddings and that’s why these Hugging Polar Bear Salt and Pepper Shakers are perfect wedding reception table gifts.  These cute offerings will bring a smile to the faces of your guests as they get to bring them home and enjoy for a lifetime.  Each one of your family and friends will remember the warm embrace you gave them when you said thank you for attending their brig day.

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This Vintage Key bottle opener is a perfect wedding favor gift at a traditional, classic wedding.  Spreading these trinkets on the reception tables will bring out that rustic charm.  A functional favor is the best kid, and this bottle opener can be brought home by each guest and used on a daily basis.  Let your loved ones remember your wedding each time they pop open a beverage at home.  

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LOVE will be on the refrigerator of all of your wedding guests after your big day.  It will remind them of the love you have for them and your new bond with your significant other.  Everyone needs a fridge magnet, so why not gift out these adorable computer key LOVE letters to hold up Johnny’s school work?  Let the letters of LOVE will be on full display at all times in the homes of your family and friends.

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Shot glasses
Personally engraved wedding information on high quality shot glasses

There’s no better way to join the party and liven things up than a round of shots.  Personally engrave your wedding information on these high-quality shot glasses and have them set up for a drink at each reception table.  Give cheers to your loved ones and enjoy an ounce or two of your favorite beverage together as one.  After the wedding, your guests will love to bring these shot glasses home and remember your wedding day for many years to come.   

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Go Fish!  Every household needs multiple sets of playing cards to keep the family game night going.  So, what better offering to hand your friends and family than these personalized wedding playing cards.  From poker to rummy, your loved ones will take these cards out and enjoy your big day while they have quality family time at home.  This is an ideal functional wedding gift for all!

Check out all playing cards here

Wine stoppers
Wine stoppers in the shape of a heart are the ideal option as a wedding gift

Not that a bottle of wine lasts too long, but if you only go for a glass at a time these wine stoppers are the gift for you.  No matter the wedding theme, there is a wine stopper for them all!  From pink flamingos to airplanes, you can find a wine stopper for any occasion.  The classical heart shape is my favorite but I truly do love them all.

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No one enjoys a drink mark on their coffee table, and it seems like everyone is constantly looking for quality coasters to protect from them.  Enter these high-quality slate coasters!  Personalized with your wedding information, these coasters are perfect for gifting to your guests.  Slate is sheik and will be great to protect any table out there from those dreaded ring stains.

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Whether you’re having a spring or fall wedding, these adorable candle favors are perfect giveaways at your wedding.  Many can be customized with your names and wedding date.  Candles are a practical gift that anyone can enjoy in their homes.  These wax burners come in many themes and colors.  The floral candle pictured above fits a spring wedding perfectly and will be a sight for sore eyes on your reception tables, with their bright colors and charm.   

For more candle ideas click here

I can spend all day sifting through’s awesome site.  Their countless items of all wedding themes are well worth the time to check out!  So make your life easier and head over to the site and you’ll have one less thing to worry about for your big day.  From travel themes to pineapples, I’m sure they’ve got your wedding theme covered.  

Best-Tasting Treats at IHOP (That Aren’t Pancakes)

It makes perfect sense that if you’re hankering for pancakes, you go to IHOP. It’s not named the International House of Pancakes for nothing. The brand specializes in pancakes, which are so delicious that you might even dream about them afterwards. Once you get a taste of IHOP pancakes, it’s difficult to even consider going anywhere else for pancakes.

But the truth is, IHOP doesn’t just serve pancakes. It’s trying to be more than just a pancake house or even just a breakfast joint. The brand wants to be more known as a place for lunch, dinner, and all the snacks in between.

That’s why there’s even a marketing campaign involving a temporary name change to IHOb, to emphasize how they’re serving burgers nowadays as well. And they’re serving many other types of dishes.

But how good are these menu items? Actually, some are surprisingly good. If you even visit IHOP and you’re curious about ordering something that isn’t a pancake, start with these treats:

IHOP’s Breakfast Sampler

Let’s start with this since IHOP can’t just deny that they offer terrific breakfast options. This Breakfast Sampler is a great choice for those who may not be sure about what to order for breakfast.

Yes, this does come with 2 buttermilk pancakes. But it also comes with many different classic breakfast items, so you’re sure to find something else you’d like.

You start with 2 eggs, and you decide how they’re cooked. You can get them scrambled or sunny side up, or over easy, over medium, or over hard.

Then there’s the meat portion. You’ll also get 2 strips of terrific bacon, 2 thick slices of ham, and 2 pork sausage links.

Finally, you also get a generous helping of hash browns, with that Goldilocks-level of perfectly crispy texture.

Original French Toast

This is actually one of the more underrated treats on the IHOP menu, and that’s a crime in our opinion. True, it does seem just a little bit too simple, but it’s delicious from start to finish. The price at an average $8.64 for Original French Toast is also quite reasonable.

This order sets you up with 3 slices of thick bread, each one cut in half so you end up with 6 terrific triangles. Then they add some powdered sugar and a scoop of whipped butter on top. This butter isn’t that underwhelming sort you generally encounter in other places. It tastes like absolutely authentic butter, and you’ll want some butter to just emphasize the tastiness of each bite.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Yes, IHOP is into several types of sandwiches, and for many, the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is the absolute top. That may be surprising since quite a few folks feel that the IHOP chicken strips are overly crispy.

But here, the chicken breast crispiness is just right. It’s then tossed into Frank’s RedHot Buffalo sauce until the sauce covers every bit of the chicken breast. It’s then set onto a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and pickles.

It’s actually not overly spicy, since they also add a generous amount of buttermilk ranch on top of the chicken. The brioche bun is tasty as well, so the overall deliciousness is just undeniable. It’s just spicy enough for a bit of excitement, but it’s not overpowering.

Colorado Omelette

Omelette is being served on the plate

True, the name of this omelette doesn’t quite match the allure of the Bacon Temptation Omelette. But it’s not really about the name.

After all, the Colorado Omelette also comes with bacon, so it’s not as if you’re missing out on some bacon goodness. In fact, it also comes with bits of ham, shredded beef, and pork sausage. The distinct flavours of each meat combine well together, and each bite is just a bit different (though all equally great). It doesn’t hurt that this also includes chopped onions and green peppers, plus quite a lot of cheddar cheese.

Even if you Google for some similar recipes, it’s actually quite difficult to replicate the goodness of IHOP’s Colorado Omelette. Perhaps it’s because they put in a splash of pancake batter to their omelettes so that they’re just a bit fluffier than anything you might make in your own kitchen.

Swedish Crepes

The name emphasizes the “International” in IHOP, and this treat features actual lingonberries, which are popular in Sweden. They also top the dainty crepes with lingonberry butter, just to make sure you don’t miss out on the taste. The taste is both tart and sweet, so you can’t complain that it’s too sweet.

If there’s just one thing wrong about this order, it’s that it only comes with 4 crepes and they’re all really light. You might need to get 3 orders of these just to feel sated, even if you’re only slightly hungry! 


Coping With Post-Traumatic Stress After a Grisly Accident

Dealing with post-traumatic stress after a grisly accident can take a toll on you. The stress manifests itself as shock, disbelief, anger, guilt, fear, uneasiness, worry, or nervousness. You might be doing well physically but emotional stress might impact you and your loved ones. That said, the right post-traumatic stress management tips can help. Hopefully, you can get back to where you were before the incident. Let’s look at some of the ways to cope with post-traumatic stress after a grisly accident.

Use Defensive Driving

Perhaps the accident was caused by negligence or careless driving, and you don’t want a repeat of the same. In this case, defensive driving can help lower the risk of falling into another accident owing to emotional struggles. Drive carefully, avoid distractions when driving, and avoid alcohol, drugs, or medicine that affects your judgements. Listening to loud music, talking on the phone, texting, or concentrating on other people and things will distract you and increase the chances of an accident.

Seek Compensation for the Pain & Suffering

Accidents often result in damages. You might be hurt or injured because of someone’s fault, which adds to your emotional distress. Perhaps your pricey truck is heavily damaged, and you need to chuck a lot of money to get it back into the business. Economic damages can aggravate the situation, and this is one aspect that can be hard to quantify. The best remedy to this is to find an accident attorney to help calculate and fight for the compensation you deserve for pain and suffering.

Find an auto accident that specializes in similar cases. If you were involved in a truck accident, say at work, you can find a team of truck accident attorneys to help seek compensation from your insurance, employer and any party involved. Economic damages caused by accidents are often much distressing. When you are freed from the distress of economic damages, you will probably have an easier recovery path.

Don’t Keep It: Talk with Friends or Colleagues

One of the best ways to deal with any type of traumatic stress is to share it with friends, colleagues, or victims of the same. Talk about the incident, the reaction and feelings afterwards, and how you have tried to cope with the situation. Your friends will definitely have something helpful to add to your recovery basket. Others might have friends or relatives who are victims of a grisly accident or traumatic experience. That experience and how they coped with the situation will probably inject glimmers of hope into your recovery. Listening to different trauma circumstances will make you feel like you are not the only one fighting it. In fact, you might realize that others are fighting post-traumatic stresses that are tougher than yours.

Keep Your Body Active

Thinking about the accident all the time is an insult to the injury. It is the easiest way to drive your trauma to bad levels like depression, and this is not what we want. The best dose is to keep yourself busy and let your mind get preoccupied with different things. Keeping your body active is one way to stay away from stress. You can participate in some of your favourite exercises or games and simple home workouts. You can participate in social events near you, such as charity marathons, football, or indoor games. The good thing is that you socialize with other people while you keep your body active. In a nutshell, you will have plenty of good memories to divert you from the accident thoughts.

Follow up with your Doctor

Your doctor would recommend visits to monitor your condition and give you prescriptions if you were hurt. Even if you feel like you are okay, it is good to follow up on those appointments. Again, the doctor can recommend to you some of the best mental health specialists to help you get through the recovery with less distress and other mental problems.

Seek help from a therapist

A person is attending a psychotherapeutic session

Talking of professional help, sometimes, talking with friends or colleagues might not be enough. Their guiding capability is limited because they are not professionals in that field. If you still find it hard to cope with the stress, find a good counsellor near you. The counsellor is in a better position to help you recover given they have the experience and expertise to handle PTSD.

Final thoughts

Coping with post-traumatic stress after a grisly accident can be a tough task. Without proper recovery tips, you might find yourself struggling to live a normal life. We hope our quick guide has given you some of the best ways to cope with post-traumatic stress after a grisly accident. Don’t hesitate to seek family support, and medical and legal help to help you get back on your feet again.