Maternal Serum Screening: What Is It and How To Interpret the Results

Pregnancy is an exciting time. Each stage of pregnancy is different and as your due date gets closer, morning sickness and fatigue begin to subside as your baby grows. During pregnancy, scheduling routine visits with your OB/GYN is necessary so that you can keep up with routine testing and make sure that you and your baby are in good health. During your pregnancy, your OBGYN may recommend maternal serum screening. This is a quick, outpatient procedure that can help you better plan for your baby’s future.

What is maternal serum screening?

Maternal serum screening, or a quad screen, is a type of prenatal genetic testing that analyzes four substances in your blood –– alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), human chorionic gonadotropin, estriol, and inhibin A. 

Doctors usually recommend maternal serum screening between weeks 15-22 of your pregnancy. It can help determine if your baby has an increased risk of Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, neural tube, or abdominal wall defects.

What are the types of maternal serum screening?

There are two distinct types of maternal serum screening:

Combined First Trimester Screening (CFTS). CFTS is a type of maternal serum screening that takes place between weeks 9-13 of your pregnancy. CFTS determines your baby’s risk of certain genetic abnormalities by evaluating a blood sample and a nuchal translucency ultrasound. 

Second Trimester Manual Serum Screening (2TMSS). 2TMSS only requires a blood sample. During 2TMSS, your OB/GYN or general practitioner will insert a needle into a vein in your arm to get a sample of blood. They will then send your sample to a laboratory that can provide results in as little as a week.

Who can benefit from maternal serum screening?

Any woman who is pregnant can benefit from maternal serum screening. The test is optional, but is worth considering if you’re 35 or older, have a family history of developmental irregularities, or are living with Type 1 diabetes.

Maternal serum screening is more than just a blood test. Your OB/GYN or general practitioner evaluates your sample based on your age, ethnicity, and weight. They use this information to determine your baby’s risk of a genetic abnormality. 

Maternal serum screening doesn’t confirm a diagnosis. If you receive an abnormal result, you can choose to investigate risks further with additional testing.

What do the results of maternal serum screening mean?

Maternal serum screening evaluates the levels of four specific hormones in your blood. Here’s what some of those results might mean:

  • High levels of alpha-fetoprotein indicate a neural tube defect like anencephaly or spina bifida. It can also indicate that your baby is older than you thought, or that you’re expecting twins.
  • Lower than normal levels of alpha-fetoprotein, human chorionic gonadotropin, and inhibin A indicate your baby is at an increased risk of Down syndrome or Edwards syndrome.
  • Lower than normal levels of estriol may also indicate that your baby is at an increased risk of Down syndrome or Edwards syndrome.

How accurate is maternal serum screening?

Maternal serum screening isn’t 100% accurate, but it has a proven track record of success. Research suggests that, combined first-trimester screening (CFTS), maternal serum screening can accurately predict 9 of 10 pregnancies affected by Down syndrome. Second-trimester maternal serum screening (2TMSS) can accurately predict 75-80% of pregnancies affected by Down syndrome.

Once you receive the results of your maternal serum screening, your OB/GYN or general practitioner can refer you to a genetic counselor who can answer any questions you may have about your results.

Top 5 Best Microwave Oven under 15000

Everyone is fascinating towards tasty food. Even most of the people have cooking as their hobby. Many delicious recipes are available on the internet, but most of the recipes required Microwave to cook them. But your budget isn’t allowing you to buy a microwave oven. Don’t worry; here is the list of the top 5 pocket-friendly best Microwave Oven under 15000.


#1. LG Convection Microwave Oven 28L (MC2886BRUM)

With numerous features and functionalities, this 28 L microwave from LG is among the highest-rated options available of Best Microwave Oven under 15000. 

The oven, with its floral design, is a reasonable addition to a contemporary Indian kitchen.

 The jog dial makes it quite easy to regulate the timer and temperature, unlike buttons. Due to the LED light inside, you’ll be able to see the progress of food inside almost well. However, you may close up immediately after cooking to take the oil sputtered on the perimeters.

 As with all convection microwaves, you’ll be able to bake, roast, grill, and defrost with the microwave, grill, convection, and combi functions. With the motorized rotisserie, you’ll also grill whole poultry with ease.

User reviews suggest that it’s fairly easy to grill and cook various Indian delicacies. Baking cookies and cake is additionally a breeze.
The recipe booklet that comes along is particularly useful if you’re a newbie in minimizing trial and errors while setting the oven temperature and duration.
LG features a good reputation for prompt after-sales service too. Overall, it’s quite a worthy choice to consider.

#2- IFB Convection Microwave Oven 25L(25BCSDD1, Black)

Microwave 2

The first thing you may notice about this IFB convection oven is its striking looks. Thanks to the drop door, the oven has a quite sophisticated look. It’s quite functional too, as you regain and wider access to the interiors. 

The oven has various auto-cook settings additionally to functions like disinfect, yogurt, fermentation, auto reheat, keep warm, and Quickstart. Like every microwave, its convection, grill, and combi functions. 

These functions are often set at 10 different power levels too. As for cleaning, the interiors are stainless-steel. Because of the steam function, it’s fairly easy to wash too. Now, after you compare with the previous LG microwave, its temperature is founded to a maximum of 230 degrees while this IFB is set to a maximum of 200 degrees. 

The LG oven doesn’t have a child lock, while this IFB option has it. This IFB oven doesn’t have a motorized rotisserie too.
Overall, with a 1-year product warranty and three-year magnetron warranty, this oven is an option worth considering if you’re not much into non-veg cooking.

#3-Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC28M6035CK/TL, Black, HotBlast)


If you’re someone who uses an oven extensively for cooking a large type of food, then you’ll be quite pleased with this oven from Samsung. With 28 L capacity, it’s quite sufficient for a 4-6 member family. 

The oven has 6 power levels, and also, the temperature are often founded to 200 C. like all ovens during this range, it’s microwave, convection, grill, and combi functions. Using these, you’ll grill, re-heat, defrost and cook various food. There are functions like Tandoor, Curd, Fermentation, and a plethora of functions for cooking various Indian cuisines

Users were ready to make kind of food easily using the oven. Dishes like paneer, chicken tikka, tandoor, roti, etc. came out as good as. However, the auto cook menu isn’t that intuitive to use. Without a demo, you may find it a tad difficult to utilize all cooking functionalities. Trial and errors might lead to some cooking disasters too. So, do implement a demo if you’re a newbie. 

Now, coming to cleaning, cleaning the interiors may be a breeze because of the ceramic enamel cavity.
Even oil that has splattered per week before comes off easily without having to clean excessively. 
Also, there’s no make clean or disinfect function. That being said, if you’re someone who enjoys experimenting with the form of Indian cuisine, this oven will certainly serve you well.

#4-Panasonic 27 L Convection Microwave Oven (NN-CD684BFDG, Black)


This option from Panasonic is one more choice worth considering. With a plethora of auto-cook menu, numerous features, and functionalities, including a rotisserie, it’s pretty much as good because of the previous Samsung option. 

In fact, if you’re particular about having rotisserie additionally to numerous auto-cook functions, we’d highly recommend you to opt this oven from Panasonic. The oven temperature is founded to 240 degrees Centigrade, one among the most effective within the segment.

Also, it’s two grills, one at the rear and, therefore, the other on the highest. Like the previous Samsung oven, you have a choice to fry with minimal oil using the “Zero oil recipe” function. 
With this, you’ll fry fish, chicken, paneer, and make samosa, cutlet, and other snacks with hardly any oil. 
Now, talking about the looks, the black matte body and mirror finish door imparts a complicated look to the appliance. the mixture of buttons and jog dial makes it easy to regulate the settings. 
While most ovens have a glass turntable, this Panasonic oven has a ceramic turntable that withstands higher temperatures much better. 
Overall, with a plethora of cooking functions, user-friendly features, this feature from Panasonic is kind of well worth the money spent.

#5-IFBConvection Microwave Oven 30L (30BRC2, Black)


IFB 30BRC2 is running for five years and still going strong. This speaks volumes about its quality and sturdiness. This unit doesn’t include lots of bells and whistles. 

In fact, it’s pretty basic. But in terms of quality and performance, it’s quite dependable. Controls are using touch membrane panel.

 The oven will be set to a maximum temperature of 200 C. Additionally, to basic functionalities like roasting, baking, grilling, reheating, and defrosting, you get rotisserie function too. In rotisserie, you’ll grill whole poultry on a rotating skewer rod.

 IFB 30 BRC2 is one amongst the foremost economically priced convection ovens with rotisserie function Reviewers who tried making the type of foods are overall satisfied.

From cakes, cookies, pizza to grilling paneer and chicken, the results are quite pleasing. 
Talking about the drawbacks, the primary thing is the lack of prompt after sales service. 
In fact, this is often an issue with the majority of IFB appliances. Some customers have complained about damaged products being supplied too.

How to Budget and Save Money: A Guide

Are you struggling to get by each month? Does it seem like there’s always more month left over at the end of your money? As stressful as this feels, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.

Did you know that nearly 80% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck? Clearly, your financial situation isn’t something that you alone are doing wrong. It’s become a societal norm to struggle.

However, that doesn’t mean you are destined to live this way forever. You can learn how to budget and save money to dig your way out of debt and find financial freedom.

We’re going to help light the way. Keep reading for everything you need to know.


How to Budget and Save Money

Sadly, basic high school education doesn’t cover dealing with money. Most of us have never been taught how to spend money wisely, save for our futures, or make good investments. Fortunately, learning these skills isn’t a steep learning curve, it just requires self-discipline.

Understand Your Spending Habits

First, you need to understand where your money is going each month. Take an objective look at your bank and credit card statements to see exactly how you’re spending your money.

Identify frivolous spending habits so you can start to make changes. Here, you can also determine how much money you can feasibly save or put toward debt.

Set Financial Goals

Learning how to budget and save money means setting financial goals for yourself. You need to have a major goal (like becoming debt-free) built on a foundation of small, milestone goals. Milestone goals are essential for giving yourself small victories to keep motivated.

Make a goal to pay off one debt at a time and put away ‘x’ amount of money each month into savings.

Cut Back on Expenses

Learning how to save money mostly comes down to limiting or reducing your expenses. You can save hundreds of dollars a month by:

Not dining out
Not buying commercial coffees
Cutting your cable
Using only one TV/movie streaming service
Exclusively buying generic products
Shopping around for discounted products

If you have medications, research your pharmaceutical choices for maximum savings.

Find Ways to Bring in More Money

Finally, saving money can be difficult, even when you do cut back on costs. In some cases, learning how to budget and save money means bringing in more revenue.

This will require making sacrifices, but they may not be as big of sacrifices as you think. Here are some easy tips for earning more money each month:

Drive for Uber, Door Dash, or Lyft
Go on grocery runs for elderly neighbors
Start doing yard care for people on the weekends
Walk dogs
Donate plasma
Manage a small business’s social media
Find freelance writing gigs
Rent out a spare room in your home or apartment
Rent out your car on the weekend
And more

As you can see, there are tons of viable ways to make extra cash. If none of these sound feasible to you, consider picking up more hours at work or getting a part-time job on the side.


Looking for More Life Hacks?

We hope you learned a little about how to budget and save money. However, we still have more to offer. If you’re looking for more life hacks on parenting, saving money, home improvement, and more, be sure to check out the rest of our blog before you go.

Smart TV’s – how far we’ve come

Smart TVs have been around for a little over a decade, and if you track their progress, the jumps in technology are astounding. Specs that were previously considered premium have now become everyday, and ever-improving pre-installed software is just getting better, from range to performance. Need more reasons to get a smart TV? Let me guide you!


Linking to the internet

The ability of a TV to link to the internet is a fairly new development in technology, but thanks to this feature, modern Smart TVs offer a range of preloaded streaming services for you to choose from. And when I say services, I don’t mean silly bloatware – I mean the real deal – Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more. In addition, your Smart TV also has the capacity to link to other Smart devices in your home, creating a smooth a seamless transition between different services you need in your home.


Pre-Loaded Apps

Almost like a smartphone, you are likely to be met by a tiled welcome screen showing a range of apps when you switch on a Smart TV. One of the benefits of  Smart TVs is that you can personalize your display, and choose what apps you want to see and which not, based on how often you use them. This all adds up to a more personalised and more entertaining experience. Pick from apps that allow you access to anything from sports to horoscopes, TV programs and games. The list is virtually endless.


Can I use Bluetooth?

Bluetooth has been around for long enough to no longer feel like a special feature, but take it away, and you will notice how old-fashioned the experience feels! Let’s not kid around – Bluetooth is worth it, and your Smart TV will allow you to connect anything from game consoles to headsets and speakers to enhance your Smart TC experience – hassle free. Goodbye cluttered crow’s nest of cables, hello sleek and seamless connection.


I don’t understand how screen resolution works

Given the rate at which technology is moving, it’s no wonder that many people find it hard to keep up with advancements. In a nutshell, this is how it works. The resolution of your Smart TV is made up of pixels. The more pixels you can fit into an area, the better the resolution, as it is the presence of the pixels that creates the image you see on screen. After this, other factors that influence your picture quality come into play, like colour quality, aspect ratio, and others.

4k and 8k Ultra HD smart TVs are currently considered to be the top of the range in terms of display quality. At 8.3 million pixels, 4k is about 4 times higher in display value than 1080p models, which has for a long time been the most commonly distributed kind. 8k models come in at a whopping 33.3 million pixels. As technology advances, we can certainly look forward to some astounding visual developments in our lifetime.

8 Hairstyles for Long Hair You’ll Want to Copy Immediately



Long hair is the epitome of women’s beauty in many cultures. It signifies good health and delicate femininity, and there’s nothing like long, flowing locks of strong hair to make a woman feel downright enchanting to those around her. 

The only trouble with long hair? It can get boring. A lot of ladies feel like there’s nothing much they can do to make their hairstyle pop except to wear their hair down or pull it up in an uninspiring ponytail. Fortunately, this just isn’t true. Long hair is versatile and it allows for dozens of pretty styles that you can easily make at home. 

We picked some of the best ones that will make you feel extra glam regardless of the occasion. 

Spice it up with a scarf


A scarf can turn any boring hairstyle into something fresh and modern, and there are a ton of ways to utilize it. You can plait it into your hair for something simple that adds thickness to your braid, or you could use a bandana scarf to tie your ponytail and make it more colorful. You could pin your hair up into a simple bun, and wrap the scarf around your head like a sixties movie star. And the best thing is that you can rock the exact same hairstyle several days in a row, just switch up the scarf. It will look like a brand new thing each time. 

Add cute accessories 

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Don’t underestimate the power of good accessories. A glittery hair pin can add some glam to the most basic of hairstyles, and a colorful hairband can be matched to the color of your outfit for a more modern look. 

One hack we’d recommend are crisscross hairpins – just grab a few hairpins and pin the side of your hair in a crisscross shape. It’s easy and you’ll be done in less than two minutes. 

Use extensions to add volume

Photo by OSPAN ALI on Unsplash

If you’re worried that your hair looks a little too limp (or is shorter than you’d like), you can easily give it more volume with hair extensions. You can use simple russian hair extensions for a fast transformation that doesn’t require any special effort on your part. However, pay close attention to the quality of the extensions. Choosing cheap, plastic hair will make your own hair look awful, and the style won’t even come close to natural. For the best effect, use natural human hair that’s as close to your hair color as possible. 

Make a few hidden braids

Photo by Max Felner on Unsplash

Here’s a simple way to upgrade a boring old ponytail – add a little braid or two. Just take a few small strands of hair of your pony and then braid them to add the style some interesting texture. It’s really as easy as that. No need for complicated buns or special products, just a small elastic band to keep it together.

Do a fishtail braid

Photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash

If you haven’t learned how to do a fishtail braid yet, now’s the time. You can absolutely braid your own hair, just bear in mind that this will require some practice. It doesn’t require any special kind of effort, you just need to do it a few times before you become good at it. Fishtail braids can also be used to make an interesting, textured bun, and they’re great at keeping loose strands away from your face. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it yourself. 

Use a hair donut 

Photo by Peyman Farmani on Unsplash

Buns don’t have to be complicated if you have simple hair donut. All you need to do is put your hair up into a ponytail and then pull it through the donut. Spread your hair around and then twist it around the donut before securing it with an elastic. Voila! A quick, near bun. Here’s another tutorial that explains the process in detail. 

Make sexy beach waves

Photo by Anastasiya Pavlova on Unsplash

You don’t have to go to the beach or pay an expensive stylist to get sultry waves. Here’s how you can do it at home: wash your hair and blow dry it until it’s about 90% dry. Spritz the ends of your hair with a salt spray (that you can get at the drugstore), and then braid your hair down your back. Leave this overnight, and when you wake up and loosen the braid, you’ll have beautiful, casual waves. If you want a firmer hold, spray some hairspray over it.

Slick your hair back

Photo by BRDNK Vision on Unsplash

To achieve that gorgeously sleek, movie star look, all you need is a flat iron, some hair gel, and a teasing comb. For this style, you should straighten your hair as much as possible because the entire point is to make it silky sleek. Once you’re done straightening it, tease your hair a little bit at the roots to add volume and then comb the rest of it down your back. You can also pull it into a low ponytail. Make sure to hide your hair elastic by wrapping a small strand of hair around the ponytail. Spritz with hairspray and you’re done!

Helping Your Teen With Drug Abuse – What Options Do You Have?

Addiction related problems can crop up in your life quite suddenly. That is predominantly because addiction is a gradual process and takes years to develop. In the first few weeks and months, you won’t even notice that anything is amiss – and before long, you will find yourself in the clutches of substance abuse, quite permanently.

Addiction has various names and faces – cocaine, heroin, opiates, and alcohol are, to name a few. There are no benefits to anyone of them, and all of them are harmful to the same degree. It starts as a health hazard and later grows to become a compounded problem when family and friends get involved. Moreover, there are several psychological problems associated with drug addiction, as well.

What constitutes abuse?

Regular usage of any drug will constitute abuse. This goes for the prescribed pain medications as well. In America, the root cause of drug-related addiction and abuse has been painkillers and over the counter medications. It is also vital to understand the most susceptible of the lot regarding drug abuse and related complications are teenagers.

The young and rebellious attitude makes teens seek out newer experiences and experiments, which leads to gateway drugs, which soon develops into a full-blown addiction problem. However, drug rehab for adolescents is the perfect solution to these problems and allows a teen to better integrate into society following rehabilitation and treatment.  

About cocaine addiction treatment

Cocaine is one of the most potent stimulants that is sold all over the world. There are various street forms of cocaine available with dubious purity and quality. It essentially activates the brain’s reward system, and that feeling induces the effect of “high.” It is quite an effective drug and one of the most addictive substances out there in the world today. Moreover, the ease of usage means the drug can reach far reaches and corners of society.

Complications following long term cocaine usage

The following is a list of all the complications that arise from prolonged cocaine abuse,

Viral hepatitis
Heart attacks
Respiratory failure
Blood-borne diseases
Severe allergic reactions
Stomach pain and nausea
Abnormal heart rhythms or chest pain
Bowel gangrene (tissue death)

Repeated high doses will build tolerance towards the drug and compound the issues by further compromising the body’s already damaged areas. Also, repeated high doses will lead to restlessness, anxiety, and irritable syndromes, which can slide into paranoia and psychosis quite easily or under the effect of external stressors. This is when an individual starts to lose touch with reality.

How to get rid of addiction?

When it comes to getting free from addiction-related troubles, the key thing to remember is motivation. It would be best if you were motivated enough to remember when you could have the same enjoyment from a day without resorting to drugs. You need to understand that somewhere during the haze of drugs, you convinced yourself that the quality of life improves under drugs’ influence. However, in reality, the drugs never added anything; instead harmed your physical and mental faculties.

However, it is not all that dreary, and through hard work along with determination, you can bring your life back on track. It would be best to enroll in a professional and reputed drug rehabilitation center, which will transform your life through careful training, therapy, and medication under expert supervision.

Here is what you are looking for when you check into a rehab.

Contingency Management

This entails incentives and gifts as prizes to bring out positive motivation in drug-addicted individuals. Patients are work together towards a common goal, i.e., the number-of-days-clean. These gifts include healthy lifestyle coupons, movie tickets, gym memberships, and many more.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It allows the individual to understand the triggers and the situations that prompt them to use the drug. It is one of the crucial factors for an addict to identify and understand. The more you are aware of the problem, the better you get at trying to avoid them. Professional councilors work with the patients to work out strategies to avoid the stressors to prevent a relapse.

Community help

Group activities and community outreach programs are the best for having a helping hand around when you are at your lowest. Several drug-free residencies are available where peers will help you to deal with the issues at hand. You can opt for inpatient services or have a sit and join-in session as an outpatient member.

Even after you finish your rehab stint, you will still have to attend the regular check-ups and meetings to build accountability and trust. However, a rehabilitation program is the only way if you are serious about quitting and getting ahead of your addiction-related troubles. All the best!

How to Find The Right Confinement Centre

Cultures may have different confinement practices and traditions but the objectives remain relevant- to provide the care and support new mothers need in order for them to recover physically after childbirth and help them transition smoothly into motherhood considering all the emotional challenges. Confinement typically takes place up to 30 to 45 days following delivery.

Ideally, mothers or elder female relatives of new parents help with confinement but if that would not be possible, moms turn to confinement services, which are very helpful in these modern times. It is so much easier to find a confinement lady these days because you can simply go online and do your search. You also have the option to choose a confinement service that works for you. However, not all confinement centres are equal. If it is your health and safety that are at stake, you need to know how to choose the right confinement centre in Penang or in other locations, for that matter. If you aren’t sure which confinement centre to choose.

Let this guide help you find the right one.

Search online or ask referrals for confinement centres

To find the right confinement centre in Penang, you need to get to know the best ones around. It is easy to search for numerous companies because you can simply go online, but it is hard to know which ones are the best. What you can do is ask for friends or relatives’ referrals. Ask about their experience with a particular company so you can get a firsthand review of someone you trust. Consider their recommendations and include them in your shortlist. If they do not have past experience, check out reviews of the most recommended centres online.

Check the qualifications of confinement ladies

Confinement services may be based on tradition, but they need qualifications and certifications. They will be responsible with you and your newborn, so you should be at ease that your confinement lady is qualified for the responsibility. They are not just elder women who know how to babysit, but they should be trained about proper hygiene, baby bathing, confinement meals preparation and others.

Ask about experience

The main service of a confinement centre is providing confinement ladies for new moms. The lady should have ample experience in taking care of a mother who had just given birth and her newborn. She may be trained but that might not be enough, for experience matters a lot especially in this role because she cannot afford to make major mistakes. She must have at least a year of experience apart from training.

Caring for a newborn and a mom who had just given birth is not an easy task that is why most moms are very careful in picking their confinement lady from a reputable centre.

6 Surprising Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping You Need to Know

Going shopping can be challenging and it gets worse when you always have a busy schedule with limited time. And although various supermarkets provide a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. Your weekly visits for your groceries still consume much of your time. But it can be done comfortably from wherever you are and you get your groceries delivered at your doorsteps. Here are 6 surprising benefits of online grocery shopping you need to know:


1. Provides In-Store Prices

Most online grocery stores provide items at the usual prices in the supermarkets which gives you an affordable experience. They go to an extent of offering discounts on various items and you end up buying your groceries at relatively lower prices. This allows you to save more as you spend less while getting value.


2. Allows You to Buy in Bulk with Ease

Buying in bulk is a great strategy for saving on your grocery costs. But this is impossible for many buyers as it takes up extra cart space. And the bulky packages tend to be so heavy to carry home. The good news is that with online grocery shopping, bulk buying is made easier. Wondering how? You only have to add all the bulk products you need to the virtual shopping cart and all are delivered at your doorstep.


3. Cuts on Your Gas and Parking Expenses

Shopping online with grocery delivery Melbourne saves you from spending on car fuel. And parking charges met in the course of doing weekly grocery shopping. Because with online grocery shopping, you just sit at your home or office and order for anything you need to be delivered to you. You don’t need to go pick the items.


4. It’s Flexible

Online grocery shopping allows you to shop from anywhere at any time without wondering about opening and closing hours. You shop during your convenient hours, whether at 5:00 am or at 3:00 pm, any time you feel like shopping. Best of all you can also choose a convenient delivery time frame when you want the items to be delivered to your home or office.


5. It’s Convenient

You don’t have to go and navigate through the crowds at the supermarket with online grocery shopping. Because all you need is a gadget and you put all your needed items in your virtual cart and they are delivered to where you want them. You can even shop in the comfort of your bed as you relax and make payments which save you from the lengthy cashier lines at the supermarkets.


6. Saves You from Multiple Trips

Did you forget to buy an item during your online shopping? No worries, you can order for it in your virtual cart and it gets delivered at your doorstep. Unlike with supermarkets where you have to drive back and get the item.


Boost your Shopping Experience

Join the move of online grocery shopping with grocery delivery Melbourne and enjoy unmatched shopping experience. You just order for groceries in the comfort of your home and get them delivered at your doorsteps. 

How to Choose Your Medical Career Path and Work on It during the Pandemic

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash


Whether you’re a medical student looking for the best specialization option, or simply someone contemplating a future profession in healthcare, finding a suitable career path in medicine is quite a difficult and demanding task that could take some trial and error. And with the current coronavirus pandemic, most of us were left unable to apply for any in-person training or schooling options that might have helped us make a smarter career decision. Thankfully, there are still some ways you could choose your medical career path and work on it, even during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Consider the ideal position you’d like to assume

Medical professionals can do their job in quite diverse fields. In order to find the most suitable career path for you, you must first consider the motivations behind your healthcare career, as well as the type of profession that would suit your personality the most.

For instance, if your goal is to help people directly, hospitals or medical practices might be the best options for you, where you can focus on a pediatric clinic if you love children, or even work in an assisted living facility if you want to help the elderly. If you don’t want to work with patients, on the other hand, then an administrative job or laboratory work might be a more suitable choice.

Think about the roles you’d want to take on

Similarly to the type of specialization you opt for, deciding on the workplace environment you’d like to be a part of also depends on your personality type, as well as your personal drive. To that end, consider the type of workplace dynamic that will suit you the most.

For example, if you’re a tough and active person who works well under pressure, you would be the perfect candidate for a paramedic, a surgeon, an ER nurse, or even a doctor at a military base. If you enjoy a slower-paced environment, however, and are a caring person who’s a great team player, then the career path of a physician or a medical assistant would be a better option for you.

Work to further your education and training

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Regardless of which profession and working environment you find suits you the most, chances are you will need some additional training in that specific field in order to advance your career. However, gaining the necessary experience through shadowing, volunteering or working as an assistant might not be possible during a dangerous pandemic, when the number of staff is often limited in hospitals.

For that reason, it might be a good idea to further your education and get the necessary qualifications from home, whenever possible. For instance, you could follow an ACLS course online and acquire the beneficial Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification that’s vital for a number of medical careers, from paramedics and registered nurses to doctors and surgeons.

Improve on the necessary skills and abilities

Much like the educational and training aspect of your preferred healthcare career, there are many additional skills and personal abilities you could practice and improve at home. Consider all aspects that might be beneficial for your ideal position and aim to perfect them during the pandemic, in order to have better qualifications for your dream job.

If your goal is to work in administration, for example, you can easily improve your writing and math skills at home, or even practice working in administrative computer programs that are necessary for the job. Another aspect you could also advance are your communicational and interpersonal skills, as they are quite important for most medical careers.

Seek advice from other industry professionals

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

If you still aren’t quite sure which career in the healthcare industry would suit you the most, you could also reach out to experienced professionals in the specific fields that interest you. They will be able to give you more insight into the industry, the working environment, as well as the job benefits and drawbacks, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

Alternatively, you could also utilize the ‘stay at home’ period to your advantage by networking with industry professionals online and expanding your professional circle, ultimately making meaningful connections that might turn into wonderful job opportunities once the pandemic is over.

Finding the right career path in medicine is always a challenging task, especially during a global pandemic. That is precisely why education, introspection, networking, and determination during this period are all essential aspects for understanding your ideal position.