Creating Custom Canvas Prints For Eye-Catching Attention

Well, my best friend recently purchased a new home. A big congratulation to him. Since I was planning to pay a visit, I had to search for a unique gift item, which amplifies the interior ambiance. I was looking for a gift that is pleasing to the eyes, cost-effective and adds value to his home.


Choosing Custom Canvas Prints

Well, I added all these three criteria to your bucket list while searching for a gift and went for the custom canvas prints, which offer variable options to customers. You can get any of your favorite photos customized and display them on the wall to be witnessed by everyone.

Canvas prints have the ability to bring images to life in an exclusive manner. However, before you decide to customize your photographs, you need to understand the process of how canvas prints get optimized.


Creating Customized Canvas

You have a couple of options that will help you transform an ordinary-looking image into something splendid.

The first alternative is choosing the traditionally stretched canvas art prints. Here, the professionals make use of an eight-color inkjet printer on a good quality artist canvas.

You also get the option to choose three different types of depths, including 0.75 inches, 1.5 inches, and 2.5 inches. The artists also make use of a hardwood frame with the hanging facility, which makes it much easier to display for photos.

Now let’s talk about the second option. Here, in this case, the photos are usually transferred to canvas prints. Again, the artist will use the eight-color inkjet canvas printing. The sealed finish backing is an amazing feature that you get with this canvas printing. The product is mounted on a high-density wood fireboard. The canvas print is resistant to warping and ready to hang.


What about the quality then

The first important product used to create a beautiful canvas print is high-quality ink that does not fade easily. It means you are looking at an online canvas print that will not lose its color within the next ten to fifteen years.

The artists also pay attention to one more pivotal area, which is to avoid over-saturation of colors. In addition, to that, you also need to note that shifting of the colors can lead to damaging your image. If you are focusing on these small important details, you can certainly create a top-class custom canvas print.


Inclusion of a full-frame inside

Other crucial factors that come into play include a full-frame inside. This will help you to enhance the beauty of your canvas prints and at the same time, will hold everything intact when completely made. You also need to ensure the corners are extremely tight to avoid sagging. Furthermore, the sealed back protects the integrity of the canvas print.

In case you are opting for the traditionally-stretched canvas wraps, you are sure to get an outstanding product from an adept and experienced craftsman that will grab everyone’s attention in a span of seconds.


More facts on quality prints

We discussed attaining high-end quality in the previous paragraph. But what people usually ask at this juncture is the price of the canvas prints.

You can ask the artist to create the prints earlier than the expected time if you are buying it for a special occasion. Be rest assured about one thing; there will be no compromise on the quality factor. It means that you can even place a last-minute order and the product will be rightly delivered to you.

Taking the discussion further, it is essential that you are using a standard light source while editing the photos. This will help you to retain the exact colors for the images.


A range of options for canvas prints

Whether you are selecting a traditionally-stretched canvas print or a hardwood solid canvas art, one thing is sure. You will get a wide range of options to explore. It means that as you go in-depth, you can learn more about customizing canvas printing.


For example, if you are opting for a solid-face canvas print, then you can select the frame in different colors such as black, white, or walnut, etc. you also have the option of leaving it unframed.

Coming to the sizes

When you consider the sizes, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Yes, you may go for the small size of 5’x7’ or a large size ranging to 32” x 48”. All these sizes are applicable to the custom canvas prints as well. This makes canvas art images one of the unique gift options that you can present on any occasion.

The same option goes well for the traditionally-stretched canvas. The size of the thin wrap varies from 0.75 inches to a chunk wrap of 2.5 inches.


The bottom line

Nowadays, customers mostly look for unique designs and more customized options when choosing canvas prints for any space. What distinguishes canvas prints from ordinary images is high-quality, cost-effectiveness, and a wide range of options to choose from.

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