Surgery or Chemo: Which is Best for You?


In medical science, there are different treatment methods for various diseases. But the patient’s condition matters a lot in this regard as doctors make recommendations by analyzing the patient. When you hear the name of cancer, it automatically gives you goosebumps as it is one of the scary and deadliest diseases. Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy are standard treatment methods you can consider after diagnosing cancer. Diagnosis is one of the critical elements of cancer treatment because the earlier it is diagnosed, the better chances a patient will have to survive.

Proper consultation with the doctor is required after the cancer diagnosis. It is essential to keep track of everything from medication to diet to ensure that the patient’s body starts recovering soon. It would be better if you know some of the common symptoms of cancer, such as constant cough, fever, and never-ending fatigue, to take the measures at the right time. The question remains whether surgery or chemotherapy is better for cancer patients. Let’s find it out without any further delay.


Surgery Treatment

If you or any of your loved ones are diagnosed with cancer, you must know different aspects of cancer surgery. It is an operation used to remove the tumor from the body.

You need to have complete surgery information as a primary caregiver to ensure that treatment moves forward in the right direction. Surgery is one of the oldest treatments that is used for cancer patients. A doctor specializing in surgery is known as a surgical oncologist.

Surgery helps determine the tumor’s location in the body and prevents it from affecting other body parts. Surgical operations also require medications to reduce the pain according to the surgery type and patient’s condition.


Types of Surgery

Doctors recommend different types of surgery by analyzing the patient’s condition. Again, you should know that early diagnosis always provides better survival chances to the patient.

The biopsy is the initial level of surgery to diagnose cancer. Doctors mostly cut the skin to take some part of skin tissue for examination. Doctors can also take the whole or small portion of the tumor in some cases. Image-guided and needle aspiration are common biopsies known as less invasive processes. A pathologist examines the skin tissue under the microscope during a biopsy to assess the cancer cells.

Staging surgery helps to figure out the size of the tumor. It also helps the medical experts to find out whether cancer has spread to other parts of the body or not.

Tumor surgery is one of the standard and important types of cancer surgery. Doctors remove the tumor and the healthy skin tissue around it. Tumor removal mostly requires a more significant cut as compared to biopsy. Some advanced treatment methods are available for tumor removal, like robotic and laparoscopic surgery, which are less invasive. These methods also ensure quicker recovery with less pain.


Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy is known as the use of drugs to treat any disease. You should know that all medicines and drugs cannot similarly treat cancer. The only drug that can treat cancer is the standard or traditional chemo. Although there are different types of drugs available for chemo, standard chemo is still known as the best type of chemo.

Chemo is the systematic process as drugs move across the patient’s entire body to kill cancer cells. If your doctor recommends the chemo treatment, you should know its goals. It includes the cure, control, and palliation.


Cure in Chemotherapy

Doctors closely monitor the patient’s condition, and if it is possible, they decide to cure it through chemotherapy. It means obliterating cancer from the body and ensuring that it does not return.

Most doctors describe it as treatment with curative intent as nothing is certain when dealing with a complex disease like cancer. The cure is the doctor’s ultimate goal in such situations. Still, it takes years to determine whether the patient is completely recovered or not. The body of every individual is different, so the immune system of everyone also differs. Some individuals recover in months, while some take years.

Infusion is being given to the patient


Control in Chemotherapy

If a cure does not work for the patients, doctors can consider controlling the patient’s cancer through chemotherapy. This type of treatment aims to reduce the size of the tumor or prevent its growth in the body. It helps the patient to feel better and increases his survival chances. In some cases, it is tough to get rid of cancer entirely, but it can be treated like other chronic diseases. In other cases, doctors successfully control cancer and live longer.


Palliation in Chemotherapy

Chemo controls the symptoms with a treatment that is caused due to cancer which is known as palliation. Suppose cancer has advanced into the body and becomes hard to control. In that case, chemo is given to the patient to improve the quality of life. It is used to ease off the patient’s pain to help and shrink the tumor to reduce its pressure.

The treatment that improves the comfort level of a cancer patient or reduces the symptoms is known as palliative care. The anti-nausea treatments and other pain-relieving medications can use at any stage of the treatment to control cancer. But if the goal of treatment is to comfort the patient, then a palliative care plan becomes part of chemo.



Cancer is one of the scary diseases that can make anyone lose their senses and composure. When it comes to cancer treatment methods like surgery or chemo, each one of them has its effectiveness. The condition of the patient holds special significance in this situation. No matter how advanced level chemo or surgery you are using for the treatment, if the cancer is in the later stages, it becomes tough for the patient to survive. It is crucial to spot the cancer symptoms as early as possible. Whether it is chemo or surgery, you should make the right decision after consulting the doctors because nobody knows better about the patient’s condition. So, they can suggest whether chemo would be the right fit for the patient or surgery.

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