Tips for Raising Responsible, Caring, Happy and Healthy Kids

When you become a parent, there is nothing you want more than to raise kids who are educated, kind, and responsible. This doesn’t happen without putting in the work, though. It’s your job to guide your children and teach them to have a strong moral compass. You can help your kids grow into adults you can be proud of by leading by example and showing them what to do. Here are some tips to help you along.


Show Them That Family Is Important

Many families find themselves in the situation of caring for their aging parents. They want their parents who provided love and support during their lives to now count on them when they need it the most. Having grandparents in the home can benefit your children. They have an abundance of wisdom and patience. 

However, in some cases, aging parents have health issues that require personal attention, leaving you caught between raising children and tending to the needs of your parents. Thankfully, providing quality care is possible without giving up time with your kids. Reputable home care NYC residents can trust (and other cities) are easy to find. These companies have qualified nurses to offer assistance with things like bathing, medical conditions and medication management. Your children will learn to be more empathic when they see how you navigated these issues.


Money Management

You may want your children to have everything. However, giving them those things can have a negative impact on their ability to save money. Children who don’t have to earn the extras they want will have difficulty separating the wants from the needs as adults. It’s important to teach them to save for the things they want. This skill will build self-control and encourage a bright financial future.



It’s a wonderful and selfless quality to be kind to others. Children that treat others in this manner develop into caring and responsible adults. A great way to encourage this trait is to have your children at an early age start doing volunteer work. They can visit a children’s hospital and give sick kids handmade get-well cards or crafts. As they grow older they can donate toys and clothing to those without or serve food in shelters to help feed the hungry.


Perfection Not Required

Expecting perfection from your children is not going to build self-esteem. Instead, you’re going to encourage self-doubt regarding their abilities. This can lead to a life of missed opportunities and settling. As a parent, you want to encourage them to do their best. That doesn’t mean that they live up to your standards. Regarding school projects let them do them on their own. Rarely does a picture created by a kindergartener include fine detail. By allowing your children to do things on their own they gain confidence that carries over to adulthood. 


Be Happy

If you want children to be happy, you need to be happy. There’s nothing wrong with making time for you. A parent that feels satisfied will be a better role model for their kids. You’ll have the patience to deal with daily issues and won’t develop feelings of sacrificing your quality of life to raise your children. 



Giving kids responsibilities while they’re young will carry over into their adult years. Doing things like cleaning their rooms, doing their homework, and helping with the cleanup after meals will encourage them to be responsible adults. Some parents bring a pet into the home to teach kids to take care of another living thing. They are responsible for feeding, bathing and tending to the needs of their pet. In return, they bond together making both the animal and child happy and content. 



Keeping your children safe is a big part of your role as a parent. Having set rules in the home such as locking the doors when you are away and not letting anyone inside, periodically checking in and having a practiced plan for emergencies, are a few suggestions. When young, it’s also important to keep poisons up high, cabinets locked and outlets covered.   

Remember, parents are all just doing the best they can. Sometimes you will make mistakes and so will your kids, how you handle the tough times will teach them even more lessons.

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