Raising a Child: a Guide for the Modern Parent

At times it feels like we, as parents are failing. We doubt our judgments of raising a child. “Are we doing it right?” We ask ourselves. We are not sure of the answers. Well, the good news is there is no one to raise your child. So, if you think that someone is doing it better than you, just know that it is not a competition. They are raising their children their own way, and so should you. There are, of course, some dos and don’ts when it comes to parenting a child. The world has always been a scary place, so it is up to the parents to make sure that their children are well equipped to deal with the pressures of society. Here in this article, you will get guidance for a parent on the basic rules of parenting. 

1. Health: Health comes first. And your child’s health should be your first priority. No matter where you are, what work you are doing, you should ensure that your child is in safe hands. Your child is never too young to have insurance of her own. Various health insurances cover your children’s health as a benefit of your own insurance. Make sure you know all the information. While we are on the topic of health, it must be mentioned that you need to practice healthy eating habits for your children, so that they don’t get sick as much. 

2. Education: Your child should have the best education possible. So, it is up to you to decide which school he or she is going to go into. If you invest well in their education it will later benefit them immensely. Education is always a safe investment. While at home you must engage your children in various online learning programs. This process will keep the curiosity alive. They can read leveled books online. These books are designed for them to increase their cognitive skills. Kids can learn basic life skills from these books; it can also boost up their vocabulary. 

3. Technology: The world is evolving faster than we think. The world is becoming more and more technologically advanced. So, if we do not give lessons to our children on being tech-savvy, we are basically holding them back. Kids should be introduced to various new gadgets and forums. They should have practical knowledge of things and how things work. 

4. Affection: Kids should receive plenty of affection from both the parents. They should learn to love others and be loved. Children who do not receive enough affection in early life tend to grow up with disorders of their own. You may allow your child to have a puppy or cat of their own. This will teach the kids how to take care of others and also how taking care of someone can be difficult. It will incorporate in them a sense of discipline. It is important for a child to be disciplined in life in order to achieve success. 

5. Bullying: Make sure that in school or at home, your child is not subjected to bullying. No one should verbally or physically assault a child. If someone bullies him, he should feel free to talk to the parent about it. Make a welcoming environment so that your child can talk freely. Also, observe your children’s behavior from time to time. If you feel that they are being physically violent in their conduct, you should talk to them. You can also make an appointment with a child psychologist if need be. 

These are some of the basic fundamental steps of parenting. It has been mentioned already, that there is no one proper way of parenting. So, do the best that you can for your children. Don’t forget to love them unconditionally. Love is the key ingredient of good parenting. 

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