5 Games to Play on Your Labor Day Camping Trip

Getting geared up for your big Labor Day camping trip? In addition to the regular camping essentials, you’ll want to be sure to take the time to plan for some fun games and activities that you and your group can play together while enjoying the great outdoors. So as you pack your tent, sleeping bags and camping stove, consider which game supplies to pack that will help you make lasting memories this Labor Day. Take a look at our top four games to play on your Labor Day camping trip!

1. Classic Campfire Games

It’s hard to beat the classics! You know which one’s I’m talking about- Telephone and group storytelling are campfire games that never get old and can provide hours of fun. With Telephone, you sit in a circle and one person begins by whispering a sentence into the ear of the person on their right. They can only say it once, and then that person whispers it into the person at their right. It goes around the circle until the person at the end says the sentence out loud, and you see how close it is to the original sentence. 

With storytelling games, one person begins by saying “Once upon a time” and the next person says the next sentence. You go around the circle, each person sharing one sentence at a time, and see what kind of story you can put together! Be sure to bring your Jack Wolfskin outdoor clothing to help you stay warm- these games are likely to keep you outside late into the night.

2. Cup Games

Do you have a stack of red Solo cups with you? There are plenty of games you can play using plastic cups. You might consider the cup stacking game and see who can stack their cups the fastest. Another fun game is called Catch That Ball. To start, make sure everyone has a cup. One person starts with a ping pong ball in their cup, and you have to pass the ball to each other using only your cup. See how long you can go without the ball being dropped! And of course, there is nothing more classic than Flip the Cup. Face a tabletop, and while holding a cup, flip it onto the table so that it’s sitting face up.

3. Charades

No matter where you are, charades is always a doable and extremely fun game option to help pass the time. It’s doable with two people, but can also be fun when done in larger groups with people split into seperate teams. Have everyone write things out on slips of paper that can be acted out and put them in a hat or bag. The first person draws a slip of paper and has to act out what it says for the group. It could be fun to choose a theme of things to act out. You could prompt everyone to write things down that have to do with camping, or maybe the specific area where you’re camping. You could also come with a list ahead of time to simplify the process and get right to the game!

4. Card Games/Dice Games

If you have some extra space in your pack, it’s not a bad idea to sneak in a few decks of cards or a handful of dice. Whether you’re bringing some basic face cards or going with something more specific, such as Uno or Phase 10, these kinds of games are great for groups and can easily make for a fun night together. Do some research ahead of time to see which kinds of card and dice games will work well for your group size and come with some ideas of things you all can play together.

5. Sports

Since you’re outdoors, finding an open field shouldn’t be a problem. Sports like flag football and baseball should be fun and easy to play for larger groups of family and friends. Be sure to plan ahead and take the proper equipment with you. Small essentials like bat tape and extra knee pads can make the game fun and comfortable for those playing. Flag football is easy enough that you’ll just need a ball and enough flag belts to include everyone. 

The best part about camping is being able to spend quality time with loved ones. No matter who you’re with — games are a great way to have fun with each other, have some great laughs, and make memories.

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