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Children these days have access to digital technology and gadgets that their parents did not. One generation sees the world differently than the next; of course, there’s truth to that. But the technology kids use these days are doing more harm than benefit them. That is why, as a parent, you should intervene in your kid’s life and kill their dependency on gadgets at the root.


Digital Detox: Brilliant minds of this generation spend hours coming up with interesting mobile games and social media strategies that make kids hooked to them. Screen-Addiction is very much similar to the addictive nature of drugs; the brain rewards a user once he logs into his digital world and spends more and more time in them while ignoring reality. 


  • This addiction won’t go away without effort. Like any other addiction, kids, too, would experience withdrawal symptoms after not using mobile phones. It is essential to replace their screen addiction with something else that will enrich their minds instead of harming them. Books are a great alternative that keeps people engaged in an alternate world of imagination and encourages children to be more conscious about one’s place in the world. 
  • Watching videos on the internet or surfing the web is passive work as one consumes the content passively without exercising their mind. On the other hand, reading storybooks is an active process that requires proper concentration and attention. That is why it is helpful for children to develop a reading habit to detoxify the internet addiction. 


The New Habit: while digital detox is necessary, one must acknowledge that children need personal time to focus on things they like. Reading storybooks for fun is considered a great hobby that helps shape one’s mind. Here are ways one can instill the habit of reading in small children. 


  • Re-read The Same Books: When you read a child their favorite books once again, it helps them visualize the plot better and fall in love with the character. Reading also helps the young reader gain speed and accuracy. 
  • A Shift in Personal Habit: Kids follow their parents a great deal. When a parent is glued to their mobiles (for work and entertainment), a child too wants to experience the same. As a parent, be sure to read more to set an example for the young ones. 
  • Books as Reward: Kids need to learn that books are not equated with punishment. When they do something good, reward them with an exciting storybook that they may enjoy reading. 
  • Pick Books at Right Level: Books are written for different age groups, and a parent must learn to recommend the right books for their kids. A child will not enjoy books that are mainly written for a grown-up audience. For example, during summer vacation, you may develop summer reading ideas and include a list of excellent books for your kids
  • Let Your Kid Choose: Take your kid to a bookstore where he will explore the joy of purchasing books. Let him select whichever books he likes. A child may choose lots of comics and graphic novels, which is fine. The more they read, the more they develop their own sense of likes and dislikes when reading books. 
  • Family Story Time: Reading a bedtime story every night is a great way to make your children fall in love with books, and at the same time, it will have a calming effect which will result in better sleep. Try to make it a family tradition that they will enjoy and cherish as a memory once they grow up. 


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