Is Hiring A House Cleaner Service Worthy It

Everyone indeed has their opinion on hiring professional house cleaning services. Many people think that to be able to hire someone like this Houston apartment cleaning services or a maid is the ultimate luxury. Having multiple rooms and pets can pose a significant challenge when it comes to cleaning your home.

Hiring cleaners has got several benefits starting from saving time to do other things. Every second is worth some money, and probably the time you could spend cleaning your house can be utilized to generate a substantial amount of money. It feels good to have your house clean and well organized while you are busy somewhere or enjoying moments. This article is meant to help know why you need a cleaner and the distinctive advantages accrued from cleaning services.

So, do you really need a cleaner?

While paying for a service you could do by yourself is luxury, hiring a cleaner is equally necessary. Absolutely, you won’t feel comfortable living in a stuffy house.

If you have been doing the house cleaning once in a while and the results are not appealing, then it is time you need a professional house cleaner. It is something you have to admit that some people know how to clean better as compared to others.

Cleaning your house while held in a busy schedule may be a great hassle. Fatigue combined with minimal professional cleaning skills will result in an untidy house. Even when dedicating several minutes each day to a clean portion of your house may not do the trick.

With all this in mind, you can consider incorporating your own opinions and trying to see what blends well with your budget and schedule. Even though cleaning a house may be a necessity, it is part of luxury, so you should consider sponsoring the actual primary needs first.

What do you need to understand before hiring a house help?

The costs of cleaning

Indeed, the first thing you need to look into before hiring the service. Typically, house cleaning service costs, on average, $20 to $50$50 per hour. The price will vary depending on your place of residence and the charges set by the service provider. However, other factors like lifestyle, pets, and extra services can drastically increase the cleaning rates.

It is wise to obtain more than three bids before selecting the right house cleaner to hire. This way, you can compare the competitive prices they offer.

Calculate your personal hourly rates

Sorry, it would not be reasonable to hire a service that is expensive than what you earn. It is good to calculate your worthiness before you purchase any service, not only the cleaning service matter.

Additionally, it is worth checking on the time you spend cleaning your house every week. This is handy in comparing the cost of cleaning the house by yourself, hiring a maid, or hiring a cleaning company. Take time and analyze the amount you would pay yourself, assuming you are hired for the same serves.

Compare between corporate and independent cleaners

Even though you may get considerably better services by hiring corporate services, they tend to be expensive. Basically, hiring a home cleaning service from an established company will cost you 50% more than what you could pay for a similar service from a local independent home cleaner or maid if I may say.

Typically, home cleaning corporate services are bonded, licensed, insured, and they usually offer background checks, unlike independent cleaners. This can be handy in case anything happens during the cleaning of your home. If you want to escape the hefty charges, then consider hiring an independent cleaner. Make sure to hire a cleaner who has been in the cleaning field for a minimum of six months if you opt for hiring local services. This guarantees excellent service.

How frequently do you need cleaning

If you don’t spend much of your time at home, you may require less frequent cleaning than someone who stays indoors around the clock. Being at home increases the chances of doing messy.

Keeping pets is another factor that will determine how frequent you need cleaning service. It is obvious that your pets need a comfy environment to stay healthy, and they are likely to be great contributors to dirtying your house. The often you need cleaning is dependent on your lifestyle.

What the service provider will do

You may need a professional house cleaner’s services when you want a thorough cleaning of your house. It is good to hire services for something substantial and worthy of paying. Can you hire a cleaner to do the dishes, making beds, and ironing? Definitely, these are things you can on your own within a very short time, even when you are tired.

It is good to list all house chores where you need cleaning services. After making a list, don’t hesitate to sort the list and identify things that may end up increasing the cleaning costs to unexpected values. Handling daily and lighter cleaning tasks may suppress the cleaning cost incredibly.

Benefits of hiring home cleaning services

  • You achieve high-level cleanliness.
  • It gives you substantial time to spend with family and friends
  • It relieves you from the burden of cleaning and reduces possible self-induced stress. This is a great advantage to those who do not like cleaning.
  • Prevents possible friction between spouses
  • You save time to work on other high productive tasks.
  • The chances are that you will get faster services without sacrificing the quality of the cleaning service.
  • Hiring independent house cleaners save on overall costs
  • Hired home cleaning services allows you more flexibility since you don’t have to be tied to your home.


Even though hiring house cleaning seems to be a luxury, it is worth paying. However, you need to be considerate of what you are paying for because you may end up spending lots of income on things that you could yourself. This is an intangible investment; make sure to get the best service provider to get quality.

Get Your Decoration Ideas For Kitchen From Pros!

The kitchen is a part of our home where family spend most of the time. When we put our mind on re decorating or renovating the kitchen, we’re always stuck! The hardest parts are where to begin and what exactly to do. To ease your mind we have tips from professionals that are working on home renovations and decor on daily basis!


4 Tips You Need to Follow to Decorate – Kate On Thin Ice

Moving can be pretty exhausting and overwhelming. But that’s just the first step when it comes to starting your new life in your new house. Once that’s finished, you need to turn it into a home, a place you feel comfortable in and truly love. Creating your kitchen as an environment that always makes you feel wonderful, is one of the steps!

You’re probably fully aware that the whole decoration process can take a lot of time and energy. However, it’s not impossible, and if you follow some guidelines, you will enjoy the whole thing and get the results you’ve always dreamed of. We got you covered with these 4 tips that will surely help a great deal with the decoration.

  1. Everything starts with moving. Make it easier.
  2. Old and new furniture
  3. Redecoration doesn’t always mean something totally new
  4. Don’t wait with the decoration. Start right away!


Experience tells us that those who don’t begin redecorating their homes right after the move, will probably never start. If you really want to experience the feeling of a new home, don’t wait around. If it feels overwhelming, you can go with small, simple steps. You’ve got to strike while the iron is hot and before you feel like settling into a daily routine.If you have a lot of projects you want to finish as soon as possible, like painting a room or replacing the flooring in certain places, you can start them before you move in. It’s a lot easier to get the messier tasks like painting and flooring finished before you arrive. Just start doing the things you’ve envisioned and slowly everything will change around you.

Kitchen Renovation : 5 factors to consider – KIKI Interiors

  • A kitchen renovation will Increase the Appeal and Value of your Home
  • Upgrade your Appliances
  • Sinks, Faucets and Hardware
  • Wall Design
  • Revamp your Cabinets


Cabinets are one of the first features to be upgraded as they are an obvious requirement. They are also the first thing to get stained or damaged. If you want to modernize your cabinets, you can start with the hinges, and latches, as this improves the look significantly. Some homeowners even go so far as installing self-closing cabinet mechanisms which prevent slamming and allow you to take whatever item you want out of the cabinet and walk away without worrying if you have left it open or not.

nicely decorated kitchen

Creative Kitchen lighting – Gully Creek Cottage

Several years ago I had purchased some under cabinet lighting that was inexpensive (Ikea), and had never used them. I installed those and now that allows for very nice lighting when needed for work but also allows a neat glow in the evening so you don’t have to have the entire kitchen lit up.
I wanted something totally cool and different with substantial lighting since the island workspace will be used for lots of food prep. So a little thinking outside the box came into play when I saw this beautiful table with great detailing.


Kitchen Updates for Rental Property – Wellington Home Team

Are the doors on your kitchen cabinets becoming an eyesore so you are thinking about replacing those cabinets? Try removing the cabinet doors on the upper cabinets and doing a little refurbishment on them as an alternative. Because people tend to pay less attention to the lower cabinets, you can make the uppers your visual priority. Just one cabinet with no door can be an attractive shelf and useful, though you must fill in the holes from the door hardware. However, if the kitchen has all upper doors that are unsightly, removing them all will lower the appeal and functionality. In this case, replace them all. By focusing on the upper cabinets as a set, you do not have to match the lower cabinets, as contrasting upper and lower cabinets is a popular design trend currently.

Small Decorations for Small Kitchen – A Focus on Kitchen Rugs – Rugman

Kitchen makeover: Sophisticated neutral color palette + subway tile

1. Narrow and Long Rugs

A long narrow rectangular rug would work well as this is often the typical shape of the average small kitchen. Even where that is not the case and you only want it to cover a specific part of the floor, the narrow rug or hallway rug is convenient for this role. Imagine the front of the kitchen sink or lower kitchen cabinets, underneath the kitchen stools or along the length of the kitchen island. You could also use a narrow rug at the entrance of the kitchen.

2. Round Rugs

Round rugs may feel a little out of place in tight spaces such as the floor of a small kitchen. You can find ways to make it work though like going for smaller rugs. A round rug can be a great fit underneath pet bowls or in front of your kitchen sink. If you are fortunate to have a walk-in pantry despite the size of the kitchen, round rugs can give your pantry that added touch of flare. You could also place the rug beneath kitchen stools.

3. Breakfast Table Rugs

Small kitchens can have breakfast tables only that they’ll probably be smaller than what you’d have in a conventional kitchen. If you have a breakfast table, you can accentuate it with a rug. Kitchen tables may be round, square or rectangular so your choice of kitchen rug should take this into account for symmetry.

4. Outdoor Rugs

The kitchen rug doesn’t always have to be something specifically designated as a kitchen rug. You can re purpose outdoor rugs for instance. They are great for the kitchen thanks to their durability and sturdiness. Think about the rigors of the kitchen environment such as spilled liquids, fallen food, broken dishes and the high foot traffic.

Outdoor rugs are meant to withstand dirt and harsh weather so will easily surmount whatever the kitchen throws at them. Better yet, they can be given a thorough clean regularly without any significant deterioration to their quality.


The Best Window Treatment Ideas: Top 6 Trends to Follow

Make this 2020 the new year you start shedding light into your home with newer window treatments. Whether it’s to give your windows a facelift or purchase new curtains, something’s got to change for the better.

Even the smallest alterations can spruce up your rooms! But where can you start? Read on to find out the top six window treatment trends you can follow today!


1. Home Renovation to Welcome the New

I’m sure you’ve watched home improvement shows at least once in your life, and that you, or someone you know, is addicted to it!

The old home restoration trend goes beyond our favorite shows and will continue in many homeowners this 2020. While some renovations start to modernize, others will want to stick with the older home’s foundational design, utilizing what they have at home to make into something new.

You can incorporate traditional window treatments such as box, pencil, or pinch pleat curtains. These are perfect for older homes.


2. Open Floor Plans For More Light

Open floor plans are already becoming very popular because of how it adds flexible space, making a home look bigger. It also adds in more light and a nice view of your garden or backyard for a more positive ambiance.

You can embrace the open space and let even more light in by adding lightweight window treatments and pair it with breeze, open curtains without any blinds or sheers. This accentuates a good view while having a home look even brighter and more open.


3. Palettes Go Coastal

Did you know that Classic Blue is Pantone’s Color of the Year this 2020?

That’s why it’s time to usher in coastal-inspired colors, such as blues, crisp whites, and/or fresh greens! You can do this with your window treatments as well, which can make your home look stylish and trendy.

For those who have the neutral decor in their home, opt for a blue accent in your window treatments, accessories, and pillows. You can even opt for trendy patterns while matching the color trend, whether you want stripes, plaids, florals, or whatever design you want to achieve. This will give the area a peaceful and tranquil vibe while connecting all parts of your room and personality together.

It isn’t just the curtains and blinds to think about, but your curtain rods as well. Pair your coastal-colored window treatments with steel hardware, which is becoming bigger than ever. The curtains will embellish the simple and sleek rods, so look into bronze, nickel, or chrome materials that will give your windows a significant upgrade. 


4. Shutters Start to Gain Popularity

Blind products are beginning to grow in popularity, and it’s going pretty quickly! Blinds and shutters offer classic style and more privacy to a home, as well as shade during the hot, sunny days. However, shutters alone can have your room look a bit cold. 

Soften the look of the shutters by adding drapes or curtains, with your rods long enough to clear your shutters, easily opening and closing it. The curtains or drapes won’t only add design and color, but more privacy as needed!

Extra tip for those who want shutters: If you want wood plantation shutters but are on a budget, go for 2-inch wood blinds!


5. Rattan For Added Texture


Rattan and wicker furniture was once a trend that faded out but is now coming back this year. The all-natural and eco-friendly look adds more warmth and beauty to a home, having you feel like you’re away from home and in the tropics.

If you want to try this trend, invest in woven wood shades in bamboo or rattan for the textured and casual look. You can choose between dozens of colors and weaves to suit your preference! For those with a more traditional style, add contrasting binding tape to Roman shades, which adds formality.

Note that rattan and woven shades are usually see-through, depending on its weave. If you don’t want liners (these block-like completely and are visible from the outside of your home), opt for curtains over the shades, adding privacy and some softness.


6. We Go High-Tech With Our Curtains and Blinds

This is an exciting new addition to this 2020’s trends that we haven’t seen from previous years. If you have a device-activated home, you can invest in motorized blinds or curtains, the latest home technology rising in popularity today.

Activate the window treatments using a remote control, your smartphone, or your home devices like Alexa and Google! While enticing, the downfall is its cost, which can go around $300 to $1,000 per window, depending on the size and window treatment type you want. This doesn’t include special hardware and installation fees!

But if you have the budget, then it’s time to give your entire home an upgrade, including the windows. No need to walk up to them to draw curtains out or cover your windows anymore!

For those who don’t have the budget, not to worry. You can simplify the function and look of your blinds by investing in cordless lifts from Shuttterup Brisbane Blinds. These window treatments are easy to use and are a safe choice for children’s rooms and nurseries. Furthermore, they give the windows a clean and modern look.

So if you want to give your windows a new look, don’t wait any longer and try any of these treatment ideas today.

Why it Is Important to Get Your Air Conditioner Service Time to Time

Maintaining your air conditioner can be a bit of a pain. There are many pieces of equipment within the unit that require cleaning like the filters, coils, and fins. So it’s understandable to want to procrastinate till it slows up or starts making a weird sound. However, there are several reasons you should consider and also take action to service it from time to time. In this article, we’re going to be giving you six solid reasons to schedule AC maintenances in your calendar. So let’s get started.

At the same time, it might also be worthwhile investing in a home warranty plan. Home warranty plans are an excellent way to cover the cost of any maintenance or repairs for the systems and appliances in your home. Plus, whether you live in California, Texas, or Colorado, there is almost always a suitable home warranty plan for your needs! If you would like further information about home warranty plans you can check here to take a look at the First American website. If you want the best window-mounted AC unit, then check out this page for the best window coolers.

Safeguards vital equipment

Replacing an air conditioner can be a costly endeavor to undertake. However, you don’t have to budget for this high need when you service your AC regularly. You might find it interesting that HVAC professionals agree that regular servicing can prevent you from replacing your AC so quickly. Why does this happen, you ask? Well, regular servicing reduces the risk of your unit suddenly acting up.

Energy savings add up

An essential component of checking up on your unit includes cleaning the blades, cooling the coils, monitoring the coolant, and other equipment. You’ll find that frequently checking up on the various parts that make your AC and ensure they are always at full capacity. That means nothing is overheating or overworking just to keep you fresh in the summer. So in that manner, full size can easily translate to energy efficiency. Think of all the money you could save on electric bills with an AC that functions at optimum capacity. It’s quite a bit in the long run.

Extends your air conditioner’s lifespan

As earlier mentioned already, frequent check-ups will protect and prevent vital parts of your AC from breaking down. Not forever, obviously, as all machines eventually break down after sustaining years of wear and tear. On average, air conditioners with regular check-ups will last a lot longer than their counterparts with little to no servicing. That’s true even when they are the same type and have the same manufacturer. It’s normal for blockages or similar faults to build up over time and gradually reduce inefficiency if you don’t look into it. 

Filters your air better

No matter what kind of AC unit you use, blockages will occur, and filters will get dirty. However, when servicing your air conditioner, you can’t help but get your filters cleaned out. Filters are an essential part of our units as they are an integral part of the cooling system and ensure the air is clean. Dirty filters will most definitely do a worse job than clean filters. They even reduce air quality as a whole because of their diminished efficiency. So asides reducing the overall cooling effect of the air conditioner, they end up triggering allergies and other respiratory symptoms.

Maintains the warranty on your air conditioner

It’s not uncommon for air conditioners to come with warranties. Although how long it extends is at the discretion of the brand and manufacturer. You’ll find that most of them will come in at about 1-2 years. But did you know that sometimes warranties are considered void? One of the most popular reasons is an AC unit that is poorly maintained. So yes, the problem with a relatively new AC malfunctioning might have nothing to do with your maintenance, it is still virtually impossible to prove that you haven’t been servicing it often enough in the first place. Hence, irregular servicing of your air conditioner can cost you your warranty. That can be a costly way for you to learn the importance of a check-up.

Gives you comfort and peace of mind

So far, we’ve talked about how ACs functioning at optimal capacity can ensure you breathe in cleaner air and save more money. We’ve also highlighted that it can be an effective way to ensure you get the value of your warranty. All those reasons combined are sure to give anyone the comfort to be at peace. Your home should always be a safe zone. An air conditioner that doesn’t leave you stranded due to overwork in during summer is undoubtedly more convenient than one continually breaking down. Plus, cleaner filters mean you’re not recycling allergens and debris, which can trigger allergies and other complications. Going through the trouble of servicing your AC often can save you a lot of stress later on.


So there they are—six solid reasons for you to book an appointment to have your air conditioner serviced right now. We sincerely hope you found all the reasons convincing enough. So while getting a frequent check-up for your unit is essential, finding the right electrician to do it is also vital. You’ll want to look around your vicinity for services like Brad Gall Brisbane Electrician that make cleaning up and proper care of your property a priority.

7 Daily Habits to Maintain a Tidy Home

No matter where you live, it’s crucial that you try and keep your home as tidy as possible.

Keeping your home neat isn’t a matter of vanity. If you don’t maintain a tidy home, you and your family can experience all sorts of adverse physical and mental issues. Thus, you must learn how to maintain your home correctly.

Maintaining a tidy home isn’t about thoroughly cleaning your house once it’s time to do a deep clean. To help keep a tidy home, it is all about the habits that you develop over time.

These daily habits can help reduce your workload when it comes time to deep clean your house. It also keeps your home hygienic daily.

For the maintenance of your home, make sure that you practice these seven daily habits:


Make your bed

A lot of people emphasize starting your day right and for a good reason. The simple things that you start your day with will affect how you feel for the rest of the day.

For example, if you do something productive early in the morning, you will feel more motivated to be productive for the rest of the day.

On that note, the simple act of making your bed is going to help you be more productive and come back to a tidy bedroom. Making your bed shouldn’t take you more than three minutes, so there is no excuse not to make your bed in the morning.


Sweep regularly

Sweeping your floors will also help you build up a tidy home.

If your floors are cluttered and dirty, it’s going to make your home feel smaller than it is. Therefore, you should build up the habit of sweeping your floors regularly.

Sweeping your floors often is going to reduce the buildup of dirt all over your floors. This task is also especially important if you have pets running around your house.

In addition, it will build up the habit of reducing clutter around the room since you don’t want to move things around when you have to sweep often.


Clean as you cook

Any professional chef will tell you that one of the most important things to keep track of when you cook would be the cleanliness of your workspace.

Whenever you cook, make sure that you clear your countertops away as often as possible. You should also make sure that you leave cookware that you‘re no longer using in the sink.

Everybody knows how challenging it is to get up and do chores after you just had a full meal. By cleaning up as you cook, you already reduce the workload that you have to deal with after you finish eating and cooking.


Wipe surfaces after use

Another habit that you should develop would be the practice of wiping surfaces after you use them.

It doesn’t matter what type of surface it may be. It could be your bathroom sink to your kitchen countertops.

What’s important is that you get the habit of wiping the surfaces after use to keep things hygienic.


Have a place for everything

Having a specific place for everything in your home makes it a lot easier for you to declutter and organize your items. It doesn’t have to be super precise as long as you know where each place is going to be once you keep them away.

Having a place for everything doesn’t only make your house look clean, but it will be convenient for you to find these items when you need them.


Do a load of laundry a day

Instead of waiting until the end of the week to do your laundry, it’s better to do a laundry a day.

You won’t have to be intimidated by the piles and piles of clothes that you need to clean and wash. Plus, you always have fresh clothes available in your closet when you do a load of laundry a day.


Perform an evening tidy up

At the end of every day, try to go around each room. Look for any items that you can quickly remove or any cleaning tasks that you can easily accomplish.

By doing this before you go to bed, you don’t wake up to a mess. Plus, it’s easier to remember to do since it’s something you do before you go to bed.


Wrap Up

Maintaining a tidy home isn’t glamorous. It’s a job that only you and the people who live in the house will appreciate.

It’s all about building daily habits that reinforce the tidiness of your home. The seven daily habits listed above are but a few of the many things you can do to maintain a tidy home. As everything becomes a routine for you, it will become easier to think of other daily cleaning habits that you can incorporate.

Remember to keep things clean and sanitized, especially nowadays, so that you and your family will remain safe and healthy.


About the Author:

Jacky Xu is the Chief Operating Officer for Maid Sailors Cleaning Service Chicago. Maid Sailors take pride in providing unparalleled cleaning services at affordable prices. Maid Sailors help transform your house into a home.

Great Ways to Make Your Home Safer for Your Family

Not even in our wildest dreams (or nightmares) did any of us expect the current situation: a pandemic of the dangerous virus, social distancing, quarantine, and shortage of toilet paper. While there aren’t many things that we can do but practice caution and wash our hands more often, we should take our own safety seriously. All of us happen to be spending more time at home than ever before and this is the reason why we should make an effort to make it a lot safer. Here’s how you can do just that:

Change your habits

You wouldn’t believe how reckless people are when they feel comfortable. After a while, we all get lulled in the sense of security in our neighborhoods and let our guards down. As nice as it is not to feel worried all the time, you should still adopt some good habits and be more alert. Locking your doors is a must, as well as locking your garage and back doors. Do this even if you’re only going out for five or ten minutes. Also, it’s a good idea to keep your valuables out of sight; you don’t want people who look through your window to notice how many valuable pieces you have in your house. Keep such things in a safe or in a safe and inconspicuous hiding place. 

Light up your garden

When you light up your backyard and your garden, you are instantly making your property more secure. This is a great way to show off how beautiful your garden is and how good your gardening skills are, but more importantly, you will be able to see if there’s anything or anyone suspicious outside. Romantic fairy lights may look lovely, but aren’t exactly useful, so try to get lights that work as motion sensors too. While these might light up when there’s a dog or a cat walking through your garden, they will also alert you if anyone approaches your home in the night. Of course, you will have to test them regularly to be sure they are working properly and replace the burnt-out bulbs. 

Secure your doors

We already mentioned the importance of locking your doors, but now we’d like to talk a bit more about door security. Do a quick inspection to ensure that all of your door frames are strong and that your hinges are protected. In case your door has a small slot, you have to make sure that nobody can reach in and unlock them. Luckily, there are many ways you can additionally secure your door, like installing a deadbolt or smart locks. If you notice some lock problems, don’t try to fix it on your own – professional lock repair service is a much better and safer choice. Also, you could add a video doorbell because that way, you don’t have to come up to the front door at all to see who’s out there. 

Install security cameras

Speaking of video doorbells, security cameras for your property are probably one of the best investments you are going to make. Not only will burglars be deterred by cameras, but those who still dare to come close to your home will have evidence against their foul behavior, and you will have the means to bring them to justice. The simplest way is to have cameras that are already a part of a security system, but you can also get some that work on their won. Whatever you decide to do, try to get cameras that have a mobile app as well, so you can access it from your phone at all times. If you’re planning on installing cameras outside, they should have motion detectors so they don’t record when nothing’s going on, and their casing should be weatherproof to protect them from the elements. 

Adapt your windows

While people are usually very careful about locking and securing their downstairs windows, they don’t do the same with their upstairs ones. Even if it would take a lot of effort to reach the upstairs windows from the ground, you shouldn’t leave them unprotected.  If you like to open up your windows because it gets stuffy and hot inside during warmer months, it might be a better idea to get different windows: awning, casement, or slider ones, and to do a bit of research to see what are the best ways to secure them so they can’t be opened from the outside. Also, you can install window security bars because these are inexpensive and efficient. 

Setting up security measures in your home is by far less fun and exciting as it is to decorate it, but it is essential nonetheless. When you are confident that your home is secured, you will feel better and be able to relax and enjoy the time you’ll be spending indoors. Fear and stress are terrible companions, and even though this is a difficult time for all of us who aren’t used to being indoors for so long, there are many things you can do to turn your home into a real safe haven.

Get the Best Outdoor Furniture Covers – an Easy Buying Guide

Home décor doesn’t just involve investing in furniture. Homeowners need to invest in getting the best furniture covers as well. It would be best if you said yes to covers that can resist the elements. It will help to secure the furniture from the wind, sun, and rain and also make sure that the furniture looks stellar. It will also add value to your outdoor furniture investment.

However, you need to know that all outdoor furniture covers don’t get designed equally. It is essential to ensure that you get the correct covers for your furniture. Discussed below are a few tips that will help you to choose smart and wise.

The different cover types

It would be best if you chose from the multiple cover types. The crucial ones to choose from are:

1. The custom-made covers

It is a perfect choice for most homeowners who want to keep their patio and outdoor furniture clean and well-maintained. These covers get designed for a specific furniture size. It gets designed, keeping in mind your precise requirements. Hence, it just might be slightly expensive, but it certainly is of high-quality and is durable.

2. Versatile covers

Not every homeowner wants simple outdoor covers for their patio! Homeowners have unique tastes in outdoor furniture and want impressive covers as well. Some people want to opt-in for the versatile covers that help them to alternate styles. You can count on the online service providers for this.

3. Universal covers

Even though there’s no one size fits all in outdoor furniture covers; still, it is one of the popular choices you have today. Usually, these covers get designed with inclusive dimensions that cater to most outdoor umbrellas and furniture.

The crucial questions to ponder on

Before you say yes to the outdoor furniture covers, you need to consider a few questions. The four important ones are:

1. Is it water repellent?

There are furniture covers that get designed with an outer polyester shell as well as a water-resistant PVC layer. It guarantees excellent performance during scorching sun heat, bitter cold, and heavy rain.

2. Are the cover seams reinforced?

At times, it’s the hidden details that make a complete difference. When you scan the cover carefully, you will notice that it has double-stitched seams. It might not affect the finished look of the covers; it can prevent the cover from ripping apart even after constant use for years.

3. Are the covers vented?

Fresh air takes away mildew and mould. So, you can choose covers that come with the secure flaps on all the covers. It helps in proper air circulation while averting water from getting in and causing furniture damage.

4. Is it secure?

The best outdoor furniture cover is of no use if it fails to perform with the first elemental blow, i.e., strong wind or a torrential downpour. You can opt-in for covers that use drawstrings, elastic edging along with reinforced ties that securely hold the sheets during harsh weather conditions.

Now that you are aware of the cover types and the questions you need to consider; you can make an informed decision. You can also compare the product quality and price to get a correct idea about the cover that will cater to your requirements.

Smart and Easy Ways to Make a Wall Stand out in Your Room

Homeowners often get engrossed with decorating their homes and their rooms! Everyone wants to stay in an ambiance that breeds beauty and creativity, in easy, simple ways. There are several ways to get a room filled with impressive décors, like furniture, geode table, side tables, potted plant, ceramic décor, and many more (visit ToolBox Nerd for more ideas). When it comes to the walls, homeowners need to think smart and creative. Using a chunky painting is cliché. If you want something striking, you need to think out of the box. You also need to ensure that the décor item doesn’t cost you a fortune.

You can count on some of the smart tips discussed below:


1. The wall murals


One of the best ways to make a selected wall stand-out is to work less on it and add more to its appeal. The canvas wall murals are the best way out. The leading service providers today offer multiple textures to choose from. These are custom vinyl wall murals that act like decals but cover the entire wall. The wall art is easy to print and install on the wall. Usually, it’s a high-end, self-adhesive fabric, and the images get printed in HD quality. So, whether you choose wavy lines or box prints, the design adds a different look and dimension to the wall. You can use the same in one or many walls, based on your overall home décor.

The vinyl wall murals are easy to avail and are affordable. You can place an order and print the same within a short time. It’s easy to put up on the wall and takedown as well when you want. In terms of the design, the service providers offer you total creative freedom. If you get stuck anywhere or have a query, you can ask for assistance. Also, the vinyl wall murals last longer and are sturdy. Of course, there are other ways to decorate your walls too! For example, you might want to invest in some acrylic photo blocks to display family portraits or your favorite artwork. Photo blocks are really eye-catching and will help to make your house feel like a home. Accordingly, if you are tempted to invest in some of your own, you can get your acrylic photo blocks at Bumblejax online.


2. White paint and a unique décor item


Is there a specific wall in your house that you wish to decorate distinctively? If yes, then you can put your creative cap on and go all out, brainstorming the best ideas. For instance, opting in for a minimalistic wall décor will draw attention. One of the best ways is to choose a white paint with a semi-gloss or matte texture. Make sure the surface has a sheen and is smooth. You can use a huge dream-catcher or any abstract art frame. Else, you can also place a coat and cap holder and keep it bare and well-maintained. Perhaps you can place one hat and a coat to add to the show. Keeping an armchair that looks antique beside it will also add to the appeal. 


3. The attractive wall decals


If you want to make your room wall appear trendy and smart, the wall decals are the best options. Usually, decals are available in multiple quotes, designs, letters, and images. Choose the one that complements your wall color and room décor the most.

The majority of urban dwellers are opting in for canvas wall murals today. It’s just one item that can literally dress up your wall and change the look of the room and space around. If you want one, browse online and order one today.

Smart Ways to Decorate Your Living Space While in Isolation

The whole situation with the coronavirus isn’t exactly ideal. People have to spend more time indoors than ever before, and shopping for decorations is limited. You’re pretty much stuck with what you’ve got, and no one is inspired by looking at the same rooms all day, every day. Even in these tumultuous times, decorating your living room is as important as ever. In fact, it’s something you’ll need to not go crazy from being indoors all day. Luckily, there are some clever ways to redecorate without needing a lot of shopping or effort. Here are a few that might interest you. 

Bring a bit of nature inside

People didn’t get enough outdoor time as it is, but the current situation is turning out to be even worse. Spending time inside is the norm right now, and there’s a severe lack of fresh and natural environments around us. Luckily, there’s a way to bring a little bit of that natural freshness inside your home.

Potted plants can be real life-savers when you need to stay inside for a while. They let your house breathe and make it feel livelier. The soft green hues of leafy plants help you relax and focus, and research has shown that they also affect peoples’ stress levels. Add a few of them in your living room and it’s going to make your home feel more comfortable. 

Rearrange the living room

During isolation, you’re probably going to be spending more time in your living room than anywhere else. It’s where all the entertainment is, and it’s where you’ll interact with your family. Being there more than usual is going to have you sick of the room in no time. Switching things up would be great, but you can’t really go out shopping for new things. 

On the other hand, you could always make some changes without introducing anything new. Rearranging the furniture works well to freshen up a room. Instead of having everything centered around the TV or entertainment center, you could create a chic chaotic arrangement with the furniture. You could also make a coffee table the focal point of the room. This will make it easier to get people into board games or cards. It’s something that would do everyone some good when they get bored of isolation.

Add tasteful touches

While you can’t make enormous contributions to your home’s design, there are still a few small details you can add to your rooms from time to time. Something that adds a little flavor and personality will make spending time in these rooms more tolerable. 

Rugs are a great place to start. They make any room feel cozier and their colors and patterns can really draw your attention. Since you can’t go around flea markets and shops to check them out, looking for modern rugs online would be a better option. You can find rugs that fit any kind of home design. You’ll find everything from chic and messy-looking rugs to clean and sleek rugs that would work well with a minimalistic design. 

Candles are another addition worth introducing to your home. They can create a nice atmosphere that changes the feel of a room. Let’s not forget about the romantic aspect as well. You can have nice candlelight read in your living room and feel like you’re in a chic café. Plus, candles aren’t hard to come by. You can find the most diverse scented candles on the internet. Think about the atmosphere you want in your home and recreate it with the wonderful smell of candles. 

Put emphasis on the windows

Since we’re all yearning for a little more fresh air in our lives, windows and balconies are this year’s saving graces. If you haven’t been spending a lot of time there before, you certainly are now. It might be time to make them a little more comfortable and attractive while this whole situation lasts.

Take the clothes hangers out of your balcony and put a few chairs up. Enjoying the springtime on your balcony won’t be equal to going outside, but it’s as close as you can get. Take some of those candles and use them at night, it’s going to make for even more of a cozy environment.

Being cooped up inside probably has you wishing you had bigger windows to let even more air inside. Try to free up space around your windows and spend more time there as well. Keep them wide open and add a potted plant on it. It’s not much, but it’s going to freshen it up. 


Just because we’re all isolated inside doesn’t mean our houses have to be less attractive. You should do your best to make use of this situation and spruce up your home as much as possible. Even without any external additions, you can still decorate your home to your tastes and make the time you spend inside more interesting and comfortable. 

10 Places to Find Your Inspiration

You’ve hit the creativity brick wall.  Whether you’re a writer, a painter or a creator of professional stock photography this happens to all creative types from time to time.  No matter how imaginative you think you are, there will be occasions here and there where you will need a proverbial kick in the creativity pants.

The next time this happens to you, take a deep breath and look around.  Sometimes the next great idea materializes right in front of you when you search these tried and true themes for your inspiration.


Tired of creating still lives of Christmas lights and ornaments?  Look to some of the more unusual holidays celebrated around the world for your genius.  There is a day dedicated to just about any food, fetish or trivia somewhere.  Search the web and you’ll find a wacky holiday, festival or celebration sure to be a catalyst to your creativity.


It’s hard not to be inspired by the beauty of nature.  The majesty in a sunset, the colors of the rainbow or contrasts in fields of flowers are all awe inspiring.  But the trick is to see beyond the obvious draw to find originality.  Look small – at the tiny spider building a web on that stunning flower.  Look big – at the storm clouds parting to form that breathtaking rainbow.  Draw from contrasts of light and dark, hot and cold, big and small.  Look not as an observer, but as an artist and you’ll be sure to see a new side to Mother Nature.


It’s easy to create awesome imagery when traveling to exotic places, but try to be a tourist in your own backyard.  Think like someone who’s looking to book a trip to your area – or better yet, think like the tour director, travel agent or pamphlet designer looking to promote your area.  What is unique to your geography? To your history? To your climate? To your architecture, or people, or traditions?  Use these as your muse.


Sometimes we simply take art – and ourselves – too seriously when all we really want is a good reason to laugh.  Use your naturally silly side to capture practical jokes, caricatures of folks you know, or just a good old fashion pun.  Think of any person, place or thing and then see how many different ways you can use that in a humorous setting.  Don’t forget to poke some fun at yourself while you’re at it.


Geek is the new chic!  Every avenue of scientific research and study can be a model for your thoughts.  Go to an observatory, or science and nature museum, with an open mind.  Read scientific magazines or watch television shows that discuss astrology, chemistry or any other scientific field.  Or just watch The Big Bang Theory for a few days to see what physics can inspire you to do.

News and Current Events

We all read a paper or watch the evening news so why not use the relevant topics as motivation.  See what’s trending on social media for insights into what the world is talking about and challenge yourself to see how many ideas you can brainstorm from a single hashtag.  Look at the topic of the latest viral video to see what they bring to mind – if nothing else, you’re sure to see some really cute videos of kittens to make it worth your time.


And speaking of animals, they are a great boost to ideating.  They can be used as a subject in their own right, or studied to identify characteristics that translate well into art;  kitten/playful, fox/sly, dog/loyal, crocodile/cold, etc. etc. etc.  Use them to represent universal themes like a butterfly flying free.

Everyday Life

List all the things you do on an average day.  What are the weekly or monthly items on your to-do list?  What annual events centered on home, work and family occupy your time.  These can each be an impulse to an idea.  Close your eyes and let the mundane become exceptional.


We’re already a world of food paparazzi; why not use the daily bread to add incentive.  If you like to cook, think farm to table to uncover unique examples.   If you like to eat, think happy times with friends and family shared over a kitchen table.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Fish is good brain food.  Every aspect of the food can generate a wealth of new angles to consider.

Health, Nutrition, and Fitness

We are bombarded daily with the importance of balancing nutrition and fitness for good health and the consequences of not doing so.  Instead of obsessing over them in your personal life, let the topic encourage new visions.

A few additional tips to help with your creative flow.

  • Keep a notebook or journal to jot down great ideas when they come to you.
  • Try doodling as a brainstorming technique. It’s amazing what can come to you when you release your mind to the creative process.
  • Get moving! There is scientific proof that motion helps to improve creativity, so take a walk to help get those juices flowing.

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