How To Save Money On Household Maintenance And Repairs

Everything in your house has a maintenance schedule, from the shingles on the rooftop to the concrete foundation. Failure to keep up with these things could result in costlier repairs, accidents, injuries, and medical issues. While most are aware of this, many people overlook or avoid maintenance tasks due to the cost. As maintenance can cost as much as 1 percent of the property’s value each year, it’s an expense most homeowners can’t afford. 


Though home maintenance is a significant expense, it is vital to the health, safety, and well-being of yourself and those you love. As such, it is best to find ways to lower your out-of-pocket expenses. Continue reading for some ideas. 


Take Preventative Measures


Many home maintenance and repair projects can be avoided by taking preventative measures. For example, installing a water softener system would eliminate some damage to your plumbing and appliances. Cleaning your gutters regularly would reduce the problems with leaks, mold, and property damage. Even something as simple as replacing the batteries in your smoke alarms could prevent significant fire damage (which is expensive to pay for). 


Complete Maintenance Tasks Timely


Timeliness is another factor to consider when saving money on maintenance and repairs. Waiting too long to complete a task could make matters worse and more expensive. For instance, changing the air filters in your heating and cooling system is a necessary maintenance job that should be done every 60-90 days. Filters are effortless to replace and cheap to purchase. 


If you prolong the task any longer, it could result in a buildup of dirt, debris, and allergens, which find their way into other working parts of the system. Before long, you’ll find that your home temperature is harder to control, your energy bill is through the roof, and your HVAC needs extensive repairs. Essentially, creating and sticking to a maintenance schedule can save you a ton of money. 


Do It Yourself


Believe it or not, there are several home maintenance tasks you can do yourself and save hundreds of dollars. Professional contractors often charge for an initial visit and inspection and an hourly or set rate for the labor. Why not cut out the middleman and take matters into your own hands? If you’re not quite sure how to tackle certain projects, there are free tutorials and guides you can turn to for assistance. With a few basic tools and a few moments of your time, you could unclog a drain, install a new light fixture, or repair a wobbly banister. 


Call In The Pros


Though there are plenty of home maintenance tasks you could do by yourself, others require a professional’s assistance. All too often, homeowners get wrapped up in saving money that they attempt risky jobs and make matters worse (and more expensive). Although it’s easy to learn new skills when working with electricity or your home’s structural integrity, it’s best to allow a contractor to do the work for you. They have the skills, tools, and equipment necessary to get the job done accurately and safely, providing you peace of mind while saving you money. 


Shop Around


One of the simplest ways to save money on household maintenance and repairs is to shop around. Whether you’re looking for parts and materials or searching for the right contractor, there’s always an opportunity to find a good deal. Instead of going with the most popular option, do some comparative research of at least 2 or 3 service providers to see who has the best prices (without compromising quality). 


Your home is one of the most significant investments you’ve ever made. Beyond its monetary value, your house provides shelter to you and those you love most. However, like many investments, part of keeping your home intact requires regular maintenance and repairs. If covering these tasks takes up more of your budget than you’d like, things such as taking preventative measures, completing things on time, D

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