6 Easy Projects to Prep Your Home For Spring

6 Easy Projects to Prep Your Home For Spring

You’ve probably discovered some of your solutions for getting your home or business in Tip-Top shape for the sunny season. However, we have looked into some of the best 6 easy projects to prep you for spring. Pests and many other pesky critters always want to enjoy the summer indoors. Bugs of all different varieties seek shelter in the confines of your home or workplace.

A smaller but equally annoying pest is the tunnel-digging underground inhabitants, the ant. The Argentine ant is a nuisance pest in and around homes, building its nests and constantly scavenging for food. Indoor nesting sites where ants decide to build nests include wall voids, cabinets, and appliances, behind door and window frames, and under floors and foundations. Redding Spray, which is pest control in redding California, suggests that you check all of your pest control, weed control, and lawn care needs before spring and summer to keep out these unwanted visitors.

1. Keep the Outside Food-Related Areas Clean

The ants can access food in some of the most curious yet popular feeding sites. Keep grill areas clean, lids on your trash cans, and maintain gardens. Rodents are also a big challenge in many homes throughout the country. Norway rats, roof rats, Mice, Moles, Voles, Ground squirrels, are a few of the smaller pests that want to snuggle in the warmer places in your home. Some things that draw these animals to your home are Open trash cans and recycling bins, Gardens and fruit trees, Leaking pipes and fixtures, and more. These rodents love eating any crumbs or residual food left out, and once they infiltrate your home they can be very difficult to remove. This can be infuriating for homeowners that look in cupboards or cabinets only to find animal droppings! They also love our yards, like mice, rats, and other rodents hide under woodpiles and brush piles. They prefer ground cover and tall grass and overgrown gardens. They have even adapted to living in our temperature-controlled homes and businesses.

2. Keeping a Clean Area Inside

This is another one of the best ways to prevent nuisance animals whether you’re protecting a home, office, warehouse, school, or hospital. Keeping kitchens and other high traffic areas free of food and debris will ensure the level of cleanliness needed to keep pests out. It might be challenging, but always sweep up residue from food or crumbs off the floor!

3. Have Your Home or Business Inspected by a Professional

A thorough inspection of your property alerts people to a possible pest problem that is affecting your home or workplace. This inspection allows a professional to develop a customized treatment plan for your home.

4. Find Repair Leaky Pipes, Sinks, Tubs, and Clogged Gutters

Creatures take advantage of any moist damp areas they can find. It is best to repair any leaks that can be a breeding ground or water source for bugs or animals that want in your home! Many ants enjoy moist locations and especially spills in the house.

5. Pick Up or Purchase a Stand for Your Pet’s Food Bowls

Critters love leftovers from animals, as well as your beloved pooches dog chow. Make sure to pick up your pet’s leftover food once they finish eating, to keep any rodents or bugs away.

6. Remove Excess Landfill from Your Surrounding Home

Rodents love burrowing close to their food source. Take excess precautions in keeping your yard free of large vegetation deposits. These areas can harbor freeloading rodents that live close to your home or business.

When talking about prepping our home or business for spring, there are a couple of key things to focus on when striving to keep pests out. These are just a few of the solutions that may take extra work, but the reward is surely worth it. Having a pest and bug-free residential or commercial property brings about peace of mind and higher quality of life. Follow our 6 easy projects to prep your home or business for spring

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