7 Garden Design Ideas to Turn Your Home Into a Peaceful Refuge

7 Garden Design Ideas to Turn Your Home Into a Peaceful Refuge

The pace of modern life can be exhausting. Once in a while, you would want to stop the world from turning and go to a place where you can relax and unwind. For some, it would be a reading nook, a coffee shop or to go fishing. Meanwhile, others would love to spend time in their gardens, gazing and experiencing nature to reduce stress. If you’re like those who would retreat to a garden for serenity, you probably would want to transform your outdoor area into a place where you can feel safe and relaxed when life gets overwhelming.

To help you achieve your garden zen, here’s a collection of garden ideas to turn your home into a peaceful refuge. If you’re not sure if you can do these in your garden, try quality landscaping services.

1. Include a water feature.

If a chill factor is what you want, a water feature is a wonderful option for any garden. The gentle murmur of water is so soothing that it can calm you down.

A private swimming pool that can cool you off is perfect for a yard, but a small stream or bubbling water will do in your garden. To do this, you can use natural materials like wood or stone for a harmonious feel of your laidback water feature. Other water features that you can consider are a garden pond, a koi pond, small waterfalls or a birdbath.

2. Clear out the clutter.

A cluttered space will appear chaotic. And what happens when you go to a place that looks chaotic? You will feel anxious and overwhelmed.

If you want to make your garden a peaceful refuge, make sure to pull out the trash. Get rid of furniture and accessories that don’t belong in the yard. Or try small storage options to make the space neat and clean.

Also, do your hedges need trimming? Are the slides and swings too small for your kids already? Are there broken pots lying around or pots with dead plants? Let them go. Sort out your greenery and relocate those that need an arrangement. All of these for a clutter-free garden of peace.

3. Put a comfortable seating set.

Don’t just create a seating area in your garden. Make one that’s for deep seating.

When your garden seating is comfortable, you would choose to stretch out and relax in the midst of the greens and flowers rather than sitting inside the house.

Why shouldn’t you be afraid of putting these loungers in the garden? Because a functional seating set doesn’t mean it’s boring. Although it’s meant for convenience and a place to be at peace, it can also add colour and character to the garden. It can be the focal point. So the next time you plan about your garden, don’t forget the seats. The comfortable ones.

4. Opt for a hammock.

What about a hammock in your garden? The idea alone is so appealing! This timeless addition to any garden is a serious piece of relaxation.

Whether it’s strung between two trees or that with a stand, a hammock will cause you to bring out your favourite book and spend the afternoon just lounging around the garden. For extra comfort and an inviting finish, fill your hammocks with cushions and blankets. Add a stool beside it for snacks and drinks, and no one can resist this place of tranquillity.

5. Ensure a shaded retreat.

Umbrella, table, and chairs? A shady area to retreat when you get too hot or when you simply want to rest will make you think of a vacation on a resort or on a sandy shore. Not only that it offers protection from the sun, but it’s also a perfect place to be with yourself, enjoying the sound and the sight of your garden.

Aside from umbrellas, other ways to create shade in the garden include gazebos, pergolas, awnings, trees and even vines growing on overhead roofs or arbours.

6. Add an oriental feel.

Japanese gardens are originally created as places of meditation and reflection. It’s no wonder why having their elements in your own garden can bring serenity to your crammed life. They can even remind you of a natural landscape.

To recreate this oriental feel, think about a rock garden that has the sand element or some volcanic rocks to symbolize rivers and mountains, respectively. Or a moss garden that has a soft feel which can provide comfort to your mind and body. Other very common features of an Asian-inspired garden are bamboo fences and small stone pathways.

If you really want to ace that zen feel in your oriental garden, pull the glamour and bright colours aside. Make it simple with monochromatic green as your main palette.

7. Make the patio more inviting.

Leaving the patio with chunks of concrete and a few plastic chairs won’t give you that peaceful feeling. Why not design a more inviting patio? A place that will tempt you to leave your chair and spend time outside, reading or practising yoga.

A layer of comfort is surely enticing. Adding outdoor rugs, fun pillows and string lights can give your outside space a cozy feel. A touch of greenery or flowers can also enliven your space, making you feel like you’re away from the hustle. Paint a pattern, stain the concrete and add curves with pavers. How about sand and pebbles? Create a patio that’s more than just for sitting purposes. Make it your getaway place.

If you need help, there are professionals to help you transform your outdoor area like garden and tree maintenance provider in Leander, TX.

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