How You Can Get Your Child to Take Their Medicines Easily

How You Can Get Your Child to Take Their Medicines Easily

Most parents go through hell to get their child to take their medicines. Getting your child to take their medicines especially when they have a chronic illness can be quite a hassle. You must find a way around this hurdle in one way or the other because it’s not something you can neglect. 

Have a look at some of the ways you can tackle this issue.


Develop the right attitude

The role of a parent is the most important in the recovery of the child from an illness. Parents need to have a positive attitude towards the child if they want full recovery. Younger kids will take a hint from their parent’s emotions when they are going through treatment. The more frustrated parents become around medication time, the more the child resists.  


Give some control to the child

If your child is mature enough provide him/her with an explanation as to how the medicine will help them in recovery. If there is a choice between flavours of medicines, let the child choose his favourite. Sites such as offer different flavours of medicines available for kids. Introduce role-play before giving the medicine. Make the child give the medicine to a doll or stuffed toy so he may learn the importance of medicine.


Get help from the Doctor

The medication schedules vary according to the condition of the child. Some medicines are given multiple times and may taste better than others or worse. Consult your doctor on the choice of medicines. Prepare your child well before the visit to the doctor. Ask him to prescribe medicines with different flavours if available. Ask for help from the doctor in every aspect of the child’s recovery, after all, both the parties have the same goal which is the recovery of the patient.


Add medicine to food.

If the child is not able to swallow a pill, you can crush it into powder form or open a capsule and put the ingredients in his favourite food. However, ask your doctor first before putting the medicine in food as some time-released medicine may get altered if you open or crush them.


Change the taste

You can also make the child take medicine by changing the taste buds on his tongue. Try giving a spoon of maple syrup or anything sweet before giving the medicine or give something sweet immediately after giving the medicine to wash away the aftertaste of pills and tablets.


Give a reward

Kids will respond to a reward system. Praise them verbally when they take medicine and give them a shiny sticker of their favourite cartoon or put it in the calendar to make them see that they will get a big reward at the end of their treatment. The child will get encouragement from seeing their progress visually on the calendar.

Follow these tips and keep in contact with your doctor in case you need more help.

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