Spring Cleaning Time – Follow These Ways To Clean Your Home Appliances

Spring Cleaning Time – Follow These Ways To Clean Your Home Appliances

You will totally agree with us that we need a strong motivation to clean the appliances we use. Isn’t it? So with full excitement and interest, take this point into consideration that spring is coming, and it’s time to do spring cleaning. This way, you will feel good, excited and motivated for sure.

Now, the most important thing to remember is every appliance has a safety tip to consider and a trick to clean. Make sure you take into consideration this, otherwise you can ruin the functionality of any appliance. Let’s pick up some most common appliances that we use in our house and see how to clean them safely.


Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is the appliance that gets dirty the most and people normally find it hard to clean it. But it’s not that hard, as it contains a filter that needs to be cleaned first. Now find the filter in your vacuum cleaner and remove it then tap against a hard surface to remove any clumps of dust. Make sure you do not do it with full force but gently, so it doesn’t get damaged. In case you have a washable one, then dip it in the lukewarm water and let it air dry for 24 hours and then insert it back into the machine. This way gently you need to clean the filter as it is the main part of the cleaner.



The wooden fireplace needs too much cleaning, so make sure you soot and dust. Make sure, you use local wood in your fireplace so that it doesn’t spread any disease or pests. Now, the dust and ashes can be cleaned easily, but what about the cleaning process of the chimney. When you will start cleaning the chimney you will find a thick soot layer and it’s hard to clean it. The fireplace safety tip that you need to consider is to wear gloves when cleaning the fireplace and don’t use sharp objects to clean the soot layer, as it can damage the area. Instead of it use some potato peelings and rock salt in the cleaning process. The starch that is present in the potato peel will soften the soot and decompose it. Isn’t that easy? Make sure you follow this tip as it will not damage your chimney. Yes, we know that cleaning chimney and fireplace brick is a long process, hence it’s better to switch from a wooden to an electric fireplace. As it doesn’t need much maintenance.


Coffee maker

Coffee makes the first appliance that you use when you wake up, thus it needs regular cleaning. For cleaning the coffee maker appropriately, you need to remove all parts of the coffee maker after every use to clean the coffee grounds and oils present after we use it. Now wash the parts with lukewarm water, soapy water, or you can even use the dishwasher to clean them. Just place them on the top rack. Then, empty the drip tray and reservoirs and wipe down the outside of the machine. The safety tip here is that don’t forget how to put back all the parts of the coffee maker and ensure that you have not used too much force to clean it but gentle pressure and check that it is unplugged when you start the cleaning process.  


Final Words

The appliances that we use daily are expensive and need special care in the cleaning process. Following certain ways will only expand the life of your appliances, and you will be able to use them wisely as well. So follow the ways mentioned above and enjoy the use of your valuable appliances.

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