Bathroom Faucet – Features and Styles to Transform Bathroom Looks

Bathrooms are the confluence of beauty and functionality. It leads to a very satisfying user experience, and a lot depends on choosing the right bathroom fixtures. But the task is far from easy, and referring to some toilet buying guide can be of some help. While buying bathroom fixtures you can consider Kraus USA Sinks, Faucets, and Accessories. These accessories can light up bathrooms with their splendid looks and convenience of use.

Bathroom sink faucets are essential fixtures for any bathroom and can add considerable aesthetic value with its stylish looks and enhance the appeal of the room. We become so much used to the simple device that we often take it for granted, whereas it is more complicated than you think.

Functionally, all faucets are the same. But that it comes in a multitude of designs, styles, and finishes there is a huge variety of features such as touch-less operation, anti-scald features and more. That makes choosing the right one quite a bit complicated. Then there is also a wide price range that makes the process of selecting faucets even more challenging. You must also consider the factors of safety, ease of use, durability, and size before you finalize to buy any piece of the most crucial bathroom fixture.

Being aware of the installation types, features, styles, and finishes will help to make a well-informed decision.

Installation types

The selection becomes a bit easy when you are doing a big bathroom renovation. Many people do that for aesthetic improvement and adding more value to their homes or while building a new home. Since you are starting from scratch when building a new home, you have more options. However, if you are replacing an old faucet with a new one, your options are somewhat limited. The new fixture must sit in the same place where the old faucet was. Using the same brand and model will make the task easy, but the chances of choosing something different becomes much less.

The position of the faucet on the sink and the number of holes is the determinant factor, and here are your options.

  • A single hole bathroom sink faucet is suitable for a sink that has one central hole.
  • Some sinks have 3 holes placed 4 inches apart on the counter or sink for which a 4″ center-set faucet or 4″ mini spread faucet would be most suitable.
  • You would need 8” widespread faucet in case the holes are 8 inches apart.
  • Besides the above, you also have the option of a wall-mounted faucet.


Besides the looks, there aren’t many features to consider for the faucets which have simple operations. The arc height is the first feature to pay attention to because it determines the height of the faucet that impacts the looks. The position of the sink and the available vertical height determines what should be the allowable faucet height. If there are height restrictions due to a shelf or cabinet above the sink, then you must make the faucet spout fit under it properly.

The number of handles is the other feature about which you do not have many options because it depends on the installation type. There is no choice at all if you are replacing an old faucet. Single handles look sleek and modern, but two handles allow getting better water temperature due to the facility of mixing hot and cold water.

Bathroom Styles

black sink as new hit!

Traditional, modern, and transitional are the three distinctive styles that you come across when selecting faucets. The transitional style is a fusion of traditional and modern styles. You can play around with faucet style to give distinctive looks to your bathroom. If yours is a modern bathroom, you can choose a sleek contemporary one that looks completely different from the ones that you know. Again, if you prefer a vintage style, you can pick some retro-style to make an interesting statement.  With endless possibilities, the faucet style is the area where you can play upon your creativity and express your personal tastes that underline the style.

Modern faucets have more defined geometric shapes with sharp corners, are more angular, and have waterfall designs. Curved spouts and more ornate handles are the hallmarks of the more traditional styles. You can have more liberty with the styles of faucet installation if you are doing it for the first time and can go for any style that you feel like experimenting with.  Although there are limited options for replacement faucets, still you can have plenty to choose from.

Bathroom Finishes

How your bathroom looks overall depends a lot on the faucet finish. Ideally, the finishes of all bathroom fixtures in one room should preferably be matching. It generates a sense of harmony, but there is also no harm if you want to deviate from it and create some other type of look that matches your taste.

Chrome finish – The bright shining finish that you see in most faucets is the chrome finish. It provides a reflective surface and looks very clean. However, chrome finished faucets are prone to water stains and require regular cleaning.

Brushed chrome finish – The bright shining finish is toned down a little in the brushed chrome finish that gives a matt appearance to faucets. If you do not like too much shine, then this is a good option for you.

Nickel – The nickel finish looks like chrome finish in its shining appearance, but instead of the silver-like luster, the finish has golden undertones that give a warmer feeling. It comes in a matt finish or bright finish.

Brass – Bathrooms that have retro looks are ideal for faucets with a brass finish as the deep golden color has a warm and antique look. Currently, this is a trendy finish and just the right one for bathrooms with traditional or retro looks.

Bronze – For luxury and tradition, the bronze finish is the best choice. The dark looks are darker than brass looks elegant and spells class.

Black – People with modern bathrooms with dark themes prefer the black finish of faucets. It contrasts very well with bright and well-lit up counter tops and sinks.

Faucet style provides the finishing touches to the bathroom and is a subtle décor element that gives a feeling of goodness and charm.