Everything You Need to Know When Choosing Your Dancewear

There are different types of dancing, and for each of them, there is a different set of clothes and equipment that you need to have. Of course, some of those might be the same garments, but they should differ in some way. In ballroom dancing, for example, wearing compression shorts is not acceptable, as you should have a dress that will go nicely with the types of dances you perform. On the other hand, if you are practicing jazz ballet, compression shorts might be a good idea. Be as it may, you can never buy dancewear easily. You have to think about many different factors, and if this is your first time buying clothes for dancing, take a look at the most important tips:


Do you need a leotard?

Also depending on the type of dance, you are practicing, you might need a leotard. This is a very popular piece of clothing for dancers, and not only for the dancing lessons, as it can be used and matched outside as well. However, before you opt for buying one, it would be best to check with your instructor what kind of leotard you need. Some dances will require you to have completely different dancing clothes.


Dancing shoes are important

The most important thing you need to pay attention to, however, are the dancing shoes. Just like in any other sport, the comfort of your feet is your number 1 concern. When trying them on, it is important to have exactly the same type of socks you would wear during your lessons or competitions. This is how you will make sure that they fit perfectly. Opt for high-quality dance shoes that will make your feet comfortable and not give you any problems. Do not play around with this and try to save money on your dancing shoes as you might end up with blisters and injuries which can affect your future as a dancer.


Dresses, pants or tights?

What is the piece of clothing that you wear for your dancing classes? As already mentioned, there are different ways in which you can approach your lesson and different dances and clothes that you can wear. If you opt for ballroom dancing, or you prefer to be a girly girl while dancing, you can opt for dresses that will give you the ability to move freely. Other options include dancing pants or even better tights. The latter is also a great way to have freedom of movement, and it will also give you the ability to see your movements in the mirror in front of you. A great way to evaluate your movements and fix what needs to be fixed.


T-shirts and shorts

Of course, you can also opt for tees and shorts if they are something that will make you more comfortable while working out. After all, your comfort is the first thing you need to worry about. If you do not want to use any other activewear and see the movements clearly, you can work out in your tees and shorts. Compression shorts would be best in this case as not only will they give you a better perspective of your range of movements, but they will also prevent injuries. 


Leg warmers

Apart from the regular pieces of clothing that every dancer should have in his or her wardrobe, there are others, let’s say, accessories that can also prove themselves very useful. For example, leg warmers add just a dash of fun and color to the whole look. Yes, they might be helpful as they will keep your legs, feet and your joints warmed up and thus you will be able to easily make certain moves without warming up every once in a while. In the same way, there are also hand warmers that you can also use, but these are not that important for a dancer. 


It is never easy to buy equipment and clothes for the sport that you are training or learning. First of all, all this equipment can be expensive, so many turns to cheaper options, which is a huge mistake. The price might not always be justified, but it definitely means something, and you should always look for high-quality pieces, not only because they will last longer but because they can be helpful to your safety.

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