Know-How Owning A Dog Can Improve Your Health


Whether you own a dog or you simply volunteer to walk them, you have to keep up with the excellent work as the exercise ensures your overall well-being. Having a four-legged friend in your house is one of the best experiences as it comes with myriads of health benefits.

Here are some of the health benefits of owning a dog.

1. Stress soothers

The best moment of every pet owner is a quiet, petting moment, especially after a long and stressful day.  This results in a lower blood pressure that helps in the production of oxytocin hormone that causes relaxation. On the other hand, the stress hormone is suppressed, thus providing a more ambient mood.

It’s essential for stress relief to groom your dogs regularly. A Dog Nail Grinder is a priceless tool that all dog owners should pick up for top quality pet care.

You can use the soothing moments to groom your dog. For example, use the best poodle clippers to cut the excess fur on your pet.

2. Dogs act as social magnets

When taking your dog for a walk, it may open up your chances of meeting other people who are interested in your pet. This is especially common when you come across other strangers walking their dogs. This allows one to create friends or laugh out on some funny jokes.

3. Lower cholesterol

If you have a dog, you have to watch what you eat. In addition to that, these people tend to spend their time at home in active activities with their pets. The active lifestyles are part of the work out that helps in burning your body calories and cholesterols.

4. Ease depression

No one will ever love you more unconditionally, like your dog. Your friend always notices when you are low or happy. This means that when in depression, he will always find a way to help you deal with your condition by being by your side.

Moreover, you will need to take him for a walk, a moment that can make you feel better about yourself.

5. Fewer allergies; stronger immunity

Most of the children who grow up in a home with a dog are less likely to develop allergies in the later stages of their lives. The furry friend has a way of making their immune system stronger due to the production of certain chemicals.

6. Keep you fit and active

Every adult should work out for at least 2 hours a week. However, this may not be achievable, especially to individuals who are not disciplined.

Nevertheless, a dog changes this attitude as one has to make time to exercise with their dog. In the turn of events, it will help you in having some physical exercises and even help you save money on an expensive gym membership.

7. Adding meaning and purpose

When older persons retire, they often lack structure and meaning. This is because they do not have a constant schedule of what they are to do with their lives. However, a dog forces them to continue doing something even when they no longer find pleasure in it; feeding your dogs correctly and helping them through stomach sensitivities can be very rewarding. The dog does not care whether you are well emotionally or physically, as long as they are fed and taken for a walk.

8. Battle disease and injury

With a dog, you can detect, treat, and manage all manner of illnesses. For example, a service dog ensures that one improves their mobility while recovering from a certain accident. As for Alzheimer’s patients, the dogs sooth them, thus mitigating their aggression and emotional heat-up.

9. Seizure dogs

The seizure dogs have been trained to live with people who have epilepsy. For alarm purposes, some dogs are trained to bark while others walk up to the parents to alert them of such alerts on their kids. Moreover, other dogs have been trained to lie next to the patient during the attack to prevent them from injuring themselves. You can also get dogs that have been trained to warn before a seizure occur; this allows the victim to lie down or get a safe place away from dangerous objects.

10. Animal-assisted therapies

Some trained dogs are being brought into clinical therapies. This is because the patients tend to relax as they spend more time with the dog. In the process, they open up about their problems in a positive way.

Owning a dog is becoming a necessity in many households. Although some may own one due to the ongoing pressures, we cannot dismiss the fact that the furry friend brings with it loads of health benefits such as fighting heart diseases, obesity, depression, loneliness, and many more. You’ll never feel lonely when you have a dog.

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