5 Useful Gadgets to use in your Bathroom

You will find several creative gadgets and accessories used in the bathroom either to make it a comfortable place for your showers or to maximize the space available.

There are many gadgets that your bathroom is missing. For this reason, we have shared some of the best ideas on the gadgets that you can use in your bathroom in 2020.

Towel racks

This is one of the gargets that you should install in your bathroom. It is actually a good rack that looks like a sleek and a modern sculpture when it’s not in use. Always check for the ones that have more than three hooks to hold your towels, clothes and other accessories. To buy the best heated towel racks, you should spend enough time researching the market. Check the quality and the price of each of them before you finalize the purchase.

Real-time water Thermometer

This gadget is an inspiring and surprising technological device that gives you a real-time monitor of the temperatures in the shower. People have ignored such a gadget for a long time but it can really save you when the water is being overheated. If you are going for a shower thermometer, then make sure you get one that is self-powered and also the one that hydropower generator.

Bath Fan

Technology has brought us here because you can use it even when the water is running. A bath fan will ensure adequate flow of air inside the bathroom and at the same time help manage the temperatures. Go for the one with a Bluetooth speaker where you can connect your music and enjoy it as you shower.

Smart Rain shower head

This gadget will come with an LED display which will help you save water and also money because it can monitor usage greatly. One thing that most people don’t know is that the shower is the second water user accounting for almost 27% of all the bills at the end of the month. Investing in this gadget will give you a clean and comforting shower and at the same time help you save bills on water.

Smart Mirror

As you continue with your showers, you should be able to use a mirror that doubles up as a 22-inch touch screen when it’s switched on. It’s a smart screen that is compatible with all iOS and android smart gadgets. In some cases, this mirror has sensors that can recognize when you enter the bathroom. It also comes with speakers and video calling capabilities.

Your bathroom should be technologically enhanced to the extent that it feels comfortable and sophisticated. You should be able to bath in a comfortable place full of touch devices and water saving gargets.

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