10 Easy Ways How to Help Your Child Love Studying

Children are naturally curious; they want to know about stuff. However, when you’re trying to teach them in detail, they soon often lose their attention. Traditional education, in particular, is not doing any good to spark their desire for studying. Everything revolves around testing and grades, and that’s scary for the child.

How can you inspire your child to discover the true joy of studying? We’ll present 10 easy ways that help you do that.


1. Give Them Compliments

Whenever they tell you something they learned, a sincere and simple compliment like “Awesome!” or “Great job!” will be enough to keep them going.

You don’t want to praise your kid too much since that can make them overly focused on the results. Just give a simple compliment and don’t keep talking about how smart your kid is.


2. Show Them That Knowledge Is Relevant

Your kid might not be inspired to learn math because they are not aware of its applications. Saying “you’ll need this when you grow up” is not enough. Show them how math and all other things they learn surround them every single day.

When they are aware of the relevance of the things they learn, the information will stay with them longer. They will be more interested to know about the world around them.


3. Sign Them Up for Extracurriculars

It’s no wonder why extracurricular activities are so popular in education. Although these activities are not a necessary part of the curriculum, they are still an integral aspect of the overall education.

The extracurriculars should never seem like punishment. Just figure out what they would like to do most and sign them up for a fun activity related to music, sports, art, drama, social service, or anything else that gets their attention. With these activities, your child will develop multidimensional intelligence.


4. Help Them Edit Their Writing

When teachers ask students to write essays, the challenge is real. At this point, you should definitely provide some help. Of course, you want to inspire them to write their own essays. However, you should ask them to read it aloud and help make improvements where necessary.

You’ll get them even more inspired if you connect them with a professional editor, tutor or proofreading services, such as Grammarly or Essay On Time. Typically, proofreading companies employ professional editors and teachers having a friendly approach to children. Thus, when kids see their mistakes corrected, they improve their writing style.


5. Set Long-Term Goals

“If we learn this biology lesson and we continue learning, we’ll know how our bodies work in less than a year.”

With this approach, you’re giving your child a very specific goal and a sense of accomplishment without the study stress. That’s a great way to motivate!


6. Take Learning Outside

The school is exciting, but it’s also an overwhelming environment. When you take the learning outside the classroom, you make the process more fun. Take your kid out in nature. Show how the things they learn at school are everywhere around. Teach them how to bake, and throw in a little math along the way. Get them a comic book, so they will be inspired to read more.


7. Find Out What Gets Their Interest

Your child is certainly asking questions, right?

“Mom, why is the sea blue?”

“Mom, who made the first TV?”

“Mom, why do we sneeze?”

The Internet is an immense knowledge base, so you can both learn something new. Don’t let the learning process revolve solely around the curriculum. Enable them to learn whatever they want.


8. Get the Distractions Away

If the tablet or smartphone is anywhere near when your kid is trying to study, the devices will distract their attention. If you’re talking with someone on the phone, you’ll be distracting them. If the TV is on, it will distract them.

You have to eliminate the distractions when your kid is learning. Make sure the studying environment is clean and enables them to focus.


9. Read Something Fun Every Day

Your little one loves a cartoon character? Why don’t you find a book that features that character? Stock up on the interesting fiction and read a little every single day. If your child already knows how to read, you can have family reading time every day. You’ll read your own books, so you’ll inspire them to focus on their reading.


10. Reward the Good Results

If your child gets a good grade, get them a chocolate. Bribes may be tricky, which is why you should make the rewards simple. 15-minute tablet time after they learn the history lesson will work.

Your kid will love studying when they get the purpose. As a parent, you have a responsibility to inspire them. Hopefully, the 10 tips we listed above will help you do that.


About the author:

Steven Wesley is an ESL Online teacher and education blogger. He is interested in psychology, journalism as well as educational, technological, and political issues. Besides, Steven believes in the mighty power of the pen to change the modern world. Meet him on Twitter  and Facebook!

Here’s What You Should Know: How to Select the Right Mattress for your Child

Having the right kind of bedding is quintessential to having a good night’s sleep, and this is most likely relevant for young children. They need it more than older people do. However, it is often a challenge for some parents to select the right one for their child.

There are tons of factors to consider when purchasing a mattress for your little one. Like the build-up, size, colors, comfort, safety, and many more. Since the bones of a child are still expanding and growing, their bed should be able to give enough support to prevent any spine problems in the course of time.

Buying a mattress for your kids is a very crucial decision since it can greatly affect them. For a little help, read the list below to be able to choose the right mattress for your little ones. Based on the comfort level you need to choose whether you need a plush mattress in a box or a firm one.

Choosing the Proper Type of Support

Mattresses such as memory foams and innerspring coils are two of the most well-known kind of foams. They feature a system of connected coils that let all the pressure points to subside. However, they give the maximum support to keep the spine from hunching.

Indeed, innerspring coils cost more than the other standard type of beddings, but they are very excellent at getting rid of the motion transfer. This type of mattress is especially perfect for kids. Since their weight is not enough to create constant strain or pressure to the coils, which can eventually impair and shorten its life.

On the other hand, memory foam beddings outline the form of the body. They are certainly hypoallergenic and can stand the test of time. Thus, making them also a great choice for kids. But whatever type of mattress you choose, make sure that it is suitable for your child.

Pick the Right Size

Most of the time, kids aged two and three can already make a transition from a baby crib mattress to a large bed. And if you are thinking about durability and long life, then it is best to go for a twin-sized bed or a full-sized one.

These beddings are perfect when you are studying to save lots of space. Plus they will work well if you have more kids sharing a bedroom. Furthermore, it will certainly last until your child becomes an adult.

Check the Comfortability

It is crucial to go for high-quality bedding to prevent having bad sleeping habits, soreness, aches and pains, and many more. Know that all type of beddings come in either firm, extra firm, ultra plush, and plush.

The most excellent mattress for your children is the one that provides support while giving comfort. If let your kids endure the pain from sleeping in a bad quality mattress, they might feel exhausted, experience soreness, become moody, and might not even do well in school.

Jonathan Prichard, MattressInsider.com CEO recommends looking into custom-made bedding as that allows you to control exactly what and how you get for your child.

Though high-quality beddings are a bit expensive, they are certainly worthy in the long run. Do not force your kids to sleep in a very distressing mattress because they might develop lousy sleeping habits which, for the most part, they will carry for life.

Assess the Foundation

A simple and plain platform certainly works well in every child’s bedroom. As such, it allows you to refrain utilizing box spring, and as a return you save money. But if you are thinking about buying a traditional bed frame, you will also need to buy a durable box spring.

Most first-rate beddings come with its corresponding box springs. Thus you can buy them as a set. Remember, when selecting a box spring, choose a mattress that is with the same size as your mattress and fits adequately in your bed frame.


To be able to pick the perfect mattress for your kiddos, you need to think like you are purchasing a mattress for yourself. Choosing the perfect mattress is quintessential because it can help your kids have proper posture and bone strength. It may be challenging, but they are a must. Read the above tips to be able to buy the perfect mattress for your children.

5 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts for New Moms

Baby showers are a wonderful time to show your love and support for a new mom by gifting her with some essentials for her upcoming bundle of joy.

But there are only so many precious outfits and cute blankets a baby actually needs!

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If you’re searching for a unique gift that the new mom will still find super useful check out these ideas:

Photography gift certificate

Whether it’s for her favorite local photographer or a larger portrait studio, the mama-to-be will surely be grateful for this gift.

It will take some of the pressure off of her to document baby’s first few months knowing that she’s guaranteed gorgeous photos. Pair the gift certificate with a sweet picture frame for that first shot of her little one.

Car organizer

Car organizer can be used in the car or with a stroller and is super handy for keeping all of the essentials within reach. It even has a spot to hold your tablet and insulated pockets for snacks! Save her sanity by helping keep her car clean and organized with this clever addition.

Closet dividers

She’ll love using dividers during her nesting phase to sort all of the sweet outfits she received at her shower.

Pair them with a few cute fabric baskets for the perfect gift that she’ll actually use.

A nursing bra

Moms sometimes hesitate to spend a lot of money on their nursing bras and end up wearing cheap bras that don’t make them feel great. Spoil her with a good quality nursing bra that comes in chic colors and she’ll feel much better putting it on–even if she hasn’t had a shower in days.

Mom and Baby Hygiene kit

It might sound gross, but new parents know that the NoseFrida SnotSucker works like a charm! There are kits that include the infamous SnotSucker along with post-delivery grooming products for the new mama that she is sure to appreciate during those first few days.

Bonus: Unisex diaper bag

With dad playing a bigger role than ever these days, throw in a gift for him as well! There are diaper bags that come in neutral colors and converts to a backpack so it’s super easy for either parent to take everything for baby on the go!

First Date Tip: 12 Questions To Ask a Guy

Figuring out what to wear on a first date is one thing, but knowing what type of questions to ask a guy on a first date is crucial, determining the future of the entire “relationship”.

The minute someone catches your eye, you can’t help but want to ‘do’ things with that person, go on a date,  get to know him. There’s something about that person that intrigues you to the point that you want to put on a pretty dress, spend time on making your hair look amazing, and ensure that you smell delicious all in the name of going on a first date.

However, you need to have something to talk about other than yourself, right? Knowing which type of questions to ask a guy on a first date is more important than you may think.

Although it may only be the first date, it could determine whether you’d like to go on a second date with him. It could determine the possible future of whether you’d like to see him again or simply pass.

In fact, you may discover things about him that can save you plenty of heartache down the line or you could possibly discover that he’s even more attractive under the hood (his mind).

Sure, making it fun and laughing throughout the date is highly important, but you don’t want to waste your time or his.

So, when trying to prepare for your first date by coming up with possible questions, don’t forget to add the following suggestions to your list:

1. What do you do for a living?

This particular question isn’t necessary to figure out how much he earns on a monthly basis but to get a glimpse of who he is or who he aspires to be.

There are instances where people are stuck in jobs they hate simply due to the fact that bills need to be paid. On other occasions, people are actively pursuing a career they enjoy most of the time because it’s who they are on the inside.

You can tell whether a person is ambitious or has certain goals by finding out how they spend their time on a daily basis.

2. Who has the biggest influence in your life?

Not only is this question important in terms of what he has to say, but paying close attention to his non-verbal cues such as facial expression can tell more than you need to know about who he cares about and how that person has affected their lives. If he mentions his mom, he automatically scores brownie points, right?

3. Do you have specific goals?

You become who you choose to spend your time with. Thus, finding someone who is goal driven will enable you to become the type of ambitious person who only settles for the best.

It’s always beneficial to have a few goals but choose a man wisely when he has a long list of goals that he’d like to achieve within the immediate future.

It could mean that he simply won’t have time for anything or anyone but his goals.

4. Are you a family man?

Are you interested in having children and raising a family? Is it important enough to become a deal-breaker if you find yourself on a date with someone who doesn’t want to have children?

Bringing up children on a first date may seem uncomfortable, but you’re not getting any younger. As one of the most important questions to ask a guy on a first date, you’re better off asking him directly than beating around the bush.

5. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Not sure what type of questions to ask a guy on a first date? Definitely throw this one in there.

His biggest pet peeve could possibly be something that you do on a regular basis. It could be something silly that you don’t see yourself putting up with.

It’s important to dig a little in order to avoid disappointment down the line.

6. What do you enjoy doing most after hours?

Does he enjoy having a drink with friends after work or clubbing every Saturday evening? Do you prefer staying home watching movies or reading a book?

If your lifestyle choices are too mismatched, you may end up drifting apart or resenting each other for not doing things together as a couple. One of you will end up having a miserable night out or in.

Always find out how important his current lifestyle is or if there’s room for trying new things.

7. What do you look for in a partner?

Let’s face it, he wouldn’t have agreed to go on a date with you if he didn’t like what he could see. The next step is to figure out whether he’ll like you on the inside.

Although maybe not one of the most important questions to ask a guy on a first date, it’s definitely a fun one. Play around and hear what he has to say.

You may be the person who ticks a few boxes or you’re nothing he’s looking for.

8. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

How happy is he with his own life? Sure, we all have things happening that we could do without.

However, figuring out whether he’s looking for someone to distract him from his miserable life or if he’s looking for someone special to supplement it will help you to determine if it’s worth entering into a relationship with him in the first place.

9. Do any of my questions to ask a guy make you feel uncomfortable or concerned?

Does it seem as if he’s hiding anything? Maybe he’s a shy guy and doesn’t feel comfortable sharing personal details about his life with you.

This question may make him feel uncomfortable or he could be amused by it. However, it’s a great way to see how he reacts to uncomfortable situations.

10. Salty snacks or dessert?

Depending on how strong your sweet tooth is, it’s always beneficial to know that he won’t clean out your secret stash. It’s a silly but fun question to ask that could be the foundation of other interesting questions to follow.

Perhaps he hates chocolate cake. You’ll know not to choose chocolate flavoring for his next birthday cake. Silly but quite helpful in the long run and definitely a great way to lighten the conversation.

11. What should I know about you that I’d never think to ask?

When it comes to finding appropriate and unique questions to ask a guy on a first date, it’s impossible to think of every single important question.

He knows himself best, so by putting him in charge, he’s able to offer an interesting perspective on his life that you may not even have thought of. It’s a great way to get to know someone without having to dig.

Who knows, you may even discover a shared interest or quirky fun fact.


Depending on how well you ‘click’ throughout the date, your list could possibly contain more than 12 questions to ask a guy. You could even find yourself not wanting to end the date.

However, the purpose of having specific questions on hand is to find out whether you share the same goals and timeline.

Whether you’re ready to start a family in five years and he’s thinking more about opening a business or you’re close with your family and he couldn’t quite care less about spending holidays with relatives, those are all important facts to figure out before becoming too attached.

Now all that’s left to do is to pick out a pretty dress, put on a pair of sexy heels, and strut your confidence. If you want to read more about relationship visit YouQueen.com.

Remember to have fun!

Think Before Buying: 5 Essential Items for a Baby Nursery

Becoming a parent can be a sensational experience, but it can also be scary and astounding as you formulate crucial decisions about rearing your children that may be new to you. However, one of the many things that you can be ready for is the baby nursery.

It may be quite complicated to examine and determine which pieces are truly worth buying because of the many options available. However, there are essential items that can help you all throughout the process.

There are a lot of things to do when preparing for your baby’s arrival and purchasing all the essential items is one of them. But what exactly do you need? For a little help, listed below are five quintessential items for a baby nursery.

Nursery Baby Dresser

Of course, babies go through lots of changes every day, making a baby dresser is an essential element in a nursery room. With this type of Furniture, you can easily organize all of your baby’s stuff and store it correctly.

But before buying one, identify the items you’re going to put in it. Meaning, if you have tons of smaller items, it is best to shop for a baby dresser with numerous drawers. But if you need a dresser for storing large things, then go for a double dresser with six drawers.

Furthermore, regardless of the number of drawers a dresser can have, quality is of the utmost importance. Therefore, it is very crucial to buy a baby dresser with excellent construction and structure.

Baby Cribs

With tons of designs and styles available nowadays, selecting the perfect baby crib can be a stressful task. Thus, it is much better if you know your price range and then chooses what features are most significant to you.

Moreover, know that there are some safety standards any baby crib should meet. A safe and secure baby crib should have a firm, unshakeable mattress. It must have no broken or missing materials and no hole cut in the footboards or headboards.

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If you happen to have a used baby crib, make sure to check it thoroughly to be certain that it will not cost your baby’s safety. Take care of all worn-out pieces or any missing hardware because it might endanger your baby.

Baby-Alarm or Baby Monitor

If you do not want to spend all of your time gawking into your baby’s crib, you may want to consider buying a baby monitor. A baby monitor is a device that allows you to hear or see your child without even going into their room.

It will certainly alert you if something happens to your baby. Baby monitors indeed are expensive, but the benefits that it can give you is truly worth it. One of its many benefits is the convenient reassurance. Meaning, you can have a peace of mind.

By checking the baby monitor regularly, you can ensure that your child is sleeping luxuriously and see if there are any safety threats, like trapped limbs or loose swaddling. Another surprising benefit is sleep training.

Of course, we all know that babies are somewhat manipulators. They will try anything and everything just to get your attention which makes sleep training a very challenging process. Thus, by having a baby monitor, you can make fair judgments whether your child needs you or only wants your attention.    

Breastfeeding Chair

An excellent breastfeeding chair is probably one of the essential things you can buy for your nursery. But it can be the most distressing as well. Should you go for a rocker or a glider? Or a big, comfortable armchair? With tons of options available in the market, choosing the best chair can be pretty much intimidating.

Make sure to find a breastfeeding chair that is wholly comfortable. Believe it or not, you will most likely spend most of your time in your baby’s nursery. Thus, go for a chair that you can certainly live with for the next few months.

Of course, you do not have to nurse your child forever. However, it does not mean that your breastfeeding chair should not last for a long time. An excellent chair should be able to withstand the test of time.

Nursery Night-Light

Night-lights can be one of the most beneficial and helpful gadgets for your baby’s nursery. Not only for the baby, but also for you, parents. It will certainly help you keep from tripping or stumbling down every night.

Though these trips are unavoidable, having a reliable nursery night-light can make your movements a lot easier. It will emit enough illumination for you to tend your tasks, but not that bright to wake up your baby.
Here’s a detailed guide on nursery night-lights that will help you to choose the right night light wisely.


Indeed, having a baby is truly miraculous. And most probably your first job as a parent (apart from having a healthy baby) is purchasing all the essential items for their nursery. It may be a bit daunting, but it does not have to be that way.

As parents, you should get all the necessary things for your child. As such, baby dresser, baby cribs, baby monitor, breastfeeding chair, and a nursery night-light should be on your list. Put them all together and your done decorating your nursery room.

Author Bio

Lisa Jones is a blogger and a mother of two. She loves to write about parenting, home improvement, fashion, and travel. In her spare time, Lisa spends some quality time with her two sons.


Smart Parenting: 4 Amazing Ways to Ensure your Kids will have a Great Future

All parents will do everything in their power to protect and give the best future for their kids. Though there is no recipe for successfully rearing your children and you can never foresee the future, it is very crucial to be always ready for whatever life throws at you.

Ensuring a great future for your kids will require you to sacrifice some important things and make significant changes to your life instantly. As parents, whatever you do today will certainly affect your kid’s future. As such, you will need to have a solid and concrete plan.

We all want our kids to become a successful person in the future. We want them to become passionate, courageous, and authentic. With that said, as parents, it is in our hands to help our kids become leaders someday. For a little help, listed below are four ways to ensure your children will have a great future.

Retirement Savings Plan

The earlier you begin saving for retirement, the simpler it will be to attain your financial goal, and the easier it will be to collect the necessary amount of money each period. Thus, if you start saving for your kid’s retirement plan, it will surely make their life much more comfortable.

You can secure your child’s future by helping them prepare for their future retirement plan and by allowing them to understand why they need to start saving money early. You can also take some burden or problem off of them when you eventually stop working.

Seek some financial advice from companies like Ashe Morgan to help you save for the future of your kids in a way that is healthy and interesting. You can easily save for the retirement plan of your children utilizing different investment schemes like Child Plan.

Enlist for a Life Insurance

Signing up for life insurance is one of the things that most parents are very reluctant to take. They often think that if they get life insurance, they are somehow prepared to die. It may sound funny, but it is one of the many reasons why they are afraid to take this kind of opportunity.

In reality, signing up for life insurance is very important to your kids for plenty of reasons. For instance, if you accidentally die, your children will never have to worry paying for the funeral. Thus, getting life insurance does not create the future. Hence it helps you take care of your family members in the future.

There are lots of ways to purchase life insurance for your kids. For example, you can buy a term life insurance policy covering you, your spouse, and your kids. Or you can go for a permanent life insurance policy including your child’s life.

Let them experience Risk and Failure

You will never be a successful person if you did not experience taking risks or failing. Agree? Our failures have become the means or the drive to later success. We fall, we make mistakes, and then we learn.

As such, kids should not be an exception to this. As parents, you should not protect your kids exaggeratedly. To the extent that you do not allow them to make mistakes and receive the consequences. 

Not allowing your kids to make mistakes or fail means they do not understand risk. If so, they cannot take the right risks or know the concept of failing that comes with comprising everything and coming up short.

Thus, and if possible, do not try to protect your kids from failing just to boost their self-confidence. They do not need protection. They need your utmost support and assistance when they fail. With your support and care, your kids will surely make it through the bad times. That’s character building for their future self. 

Know the Future Cost of Education

In this digital age, you can now easily tabulate or calculate the future cost of various degrees. These educational websites can compute the cost of any degree, making the future of your child more secured.

Once known, this will help you get a real and sensible target amount, and prepare for the education of your children when they grow up. For some countries, education costs so much. Though education is one of the means to have an affluent life, its increasing price is beyond the capability for some.

Thanks to these helpful websites because now you can plan and prepare for the future education of your children. Thus, it is much easier for you to choose what kind of investment plan to get.


All parents want only the best for their child. And all children deserve to have a great future. It may be not that easy and simple, but you will certainly get there. Make sure to provide all their needs not what makes your job (as parents) easier. With all this said, you can read and follow the above steps to help you guarantee a successful future for your kids. 


5 Ways To Save on New Drivers Car Insurance

Insuring a new driver can be a huge expense for parents, especially because you don’t have any leverage to prove that your teen is a good and safe driver.

We know that you’re doing everything in your power to give your teen the tools to drive safely, so here are some ways that you can cut costs on insuring your new driver.

1. Have your teen take an accredited driving course

There are many courses that you can choose to enroll your teen in to make sure that your insurance premium for your teen stays low. Make sure that you are signing your child up for an accredited course. Not only is this kind of driving course extremely beneficial because it will help your teen learn the basics of driving, it will save you thousands of dollars in car insurance over a three year period.

2. Insure your teen as an occasional driver

When you’re purchasing insurance for your teen, bundling car insurance policies or including your teen as an occasional driver could save you a lot on your car insurance. If you are planning on getting your teen a car once they get their license, make sure that you check the make and model for insurance and deductible costs.

3. Put restrictions on when your teen can drive

Driving in the winter, or driving at night are opportunities for accidents, regardless of your car insurance coverage. For the first few weeks, don’t allow your new driver to drive at night or in extremely poor weather conditions like rain or snow. Having a good driving track record is super important when a driver is new, and even the smallest accident could have your insurance premiums shooting through the roof.

4. Don’t splurge on a new car

If you’re thinking about getting your new driver a brand new car as a gift for receiving their license, think again. If the make or model of the car you are choosing to insure is expensive, your premium will go up, and so will your deductible. Take a look at which cars are cheapest to insure, but are also safe to drive. It may be worthwhile to go for function over style when it comes to your teen’s first car.

5. Try usage-based car insurance

One of the main reasons why new drivers car insurance rates are so high is because new drivers don’t have any sort of driving record. Insurance companies have to rely heavily on risk statistics to determine what to charge for your car insurance. Usage based car insurance monitors your driving habits over a trial period, and your insurance premium is adjusted accordingly. This is a great motivator for your young driver to drive safely, and you could save up to 25% on your car insurance depending on what car insurance provider you use. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about some of the different types of auto insurance out there, this may help.

Driving for the first time is a new and exciting experience! With the right tools, your teen will hit the road with the confidence and knowledge to stay safe, and you’ll have the best available car insurance for your unique situation. 

Infographic created by Capital Auto Auction, an auto auction company.

What Your Hoodie Really Says About You

Are you the type of person who loves to wear hoodies? Not in the conventional sense, but more in the way of it’s near impossible to catch you wearing anything else but a hoodie. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of buzz out there about what your hoodie wearing habits say about you.

Taking the obvious statement hooded sweatshirts aside, there are a number of truths and misconceptions surrounding this incredibly comfortable article of clothing and its thousands of diehard wearers. Here’s exactly what your hoodie says about you.

1. Little Things Matter to You

It’s not a matter of warmth, otherwise, you wouldn’t catch hoodie lovers wearing shorts with their upper apparel of choice. Everyone knows hoodies are comfortable, so it isn’t as if you’ve discovered something the rest of us haven’t. No, you wear one because you relish the little joys in life.

The rest of the world may be content wearing GQ’s latest in trending fashions, but the warmth and cozy embrace that a hoodie offers is something special. It makes your days brighter. While it might seem like something small and insignificant to most, you notice the intricate comforts that your choice in clothing provides.

2. You See Things Differently, and That’s Good

To others, dawning formal wear is an afterthought to their routine. You, on the other hand, realize how constricting and ridiculous it is to put on airs with a button-up shirt. As if it suddenly made anyone more productive or better at their profession.

What’s the difference between wearing a hoodie at the office or a tucked in polo? Why not just wear ridiculous clown costumes while everyone’s at it? Life is too short to not be comfortable.

3. You’re Content

Some people require a special set of clothing to sleep in, lounge around the house in, or head out into the world in. Not you. All you need is a good hoodie to wear. Whether it’s heading to the gym, binge-watching Netflix or falling asleep, you’re happy to do it all as is and accept life as it comes.

What happens when it rains? No big deal, you’re wearing a hoodie. The temperature dropped, and you don’t have an extra jacket! Not a problem, everything is just fine. Can’t find the remote to change the channel? Oh well, might as well just relax here for a few more minutes. Who knows, you might even like the show that comes on after yours.

4. You’re Stylish, Whether Anyone Want to Admit it or Not

Hoodie wearers get a lot of negativity for their love of one specific top, but it’s not like you don’t know how to be stylish. You have a special hoodie for big first dates, one for family gatherings, and plenty of print designs standing by for holidays and other special events. Who else is going to wear their Star Wars hoodie at the movie premiere, or the microbrewery’s top when you and your friends decide to stop in? Exactly, no one.

Plus, you can instantly layer up with a WearSaga coat when temperatures become frigid, instantly giving you added style points … and another hood. While everyone else is shivering from their poor choice in clothing, you’re looking cool because you chose to dress warmly. Who’s wearing the style faux pas now, long sleeve shirt person wishing they had an extra layer?

5. You’re Loyal

You stand by your clothing choice day in and day out no matter who approves or what they think. You’ll wear a hoodie every chance you get until the bitter end. If that isn’t a testament to your loyalty, then you don’t know what is!

6 Hacks for Perfect Hair that You Probably Didn’t Know

Want perfect, beautiful locks that can drive anyone crazy?

Even if you have tried everything, this is something that you must not have heard before! There are certain ways you can enhance your hair health and have healthy and strong hair.

So, if you are tired of using different shampoos and products and still not able to get the desired results, just have a quick glance at these hacks. Sooner or later, these hacks can help you have perfect, gorgeous hair!

  1. Rubbing Wet Hair with a Towel

You are out from the shower with wet hair. But wait! Are you thinking of drying your wet hair with harsh towel rubbing?

Girls, this must be one of the worst things that you could do to your hair.

After you are out from the shower your hair becomes delicate and sensitive towards any damage. As a result, while you will rub your hair with a towel, your hair will get damaged and even tend to become frizzier.

The best solution is to pat dry your hair and allow them to air dry.

2. Preparing Tight Ponytails

Making ponytails is easy but when you are in a rush then you don’t have much time to style your ponytail or prepare an all-new preparation. But simple ponytails are not that much appealing!

So, try preparing a fuller ponytail.

You can do this by making two ponytails and bringing them all together. This is a mere 5-minute hairstyle. Once you are done with the preparation you can spray some hairspray to keep your hairstyle intact the entire day.

3. Applying Lemon Juice

This is one thing that most of you must not be aware of! It is using lemon juice to get those thick, beautiful lengths.

Lemon juice is great to lighten the hair. You can use lemon juice two times a week to give some natural bleaching effect to your hair. All you need to do is cut the lemon juice in half and extract the juice in a bowl. Now dip your fingers in the juice and massage it well through your hair.

Give a gentle massage for 10 minutes and after 20 more minutes, you are all set to take a shower.

4. Using a Hair Spray or Hair Serum

Another easy and convenient way to maintain the health and appearance of your hair is using a hair serum spray.

You can use hair spray or rose spray empty bottle. Further, you can place a tablespoon of coconut oil along with few drops of eucalyptus oil. Mix all these ingredients well and add some water. Your natural hair serum is ready.

Using this hair serum on a daily basis will make your hair soft, shiny, and healthy. Moreover, the natural hair serum is a great alternative to chemical-based hair serums and will even do not result in any side effect.

5. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil Application

Now there might be few of you who would not want to use a hair serum. No need to worry, as I have another simple yet effective hack for perfect hair  (starter tip: check out the best organic conditioners, too).

Use olive oil or coconut oil to get really smooth and soft hair. Both these oils are really good for the hair health. Just take some oil in your hand and rub it in your hair. Leave it for some time. It would be great if you could leave it overnight and wash your hair the next morning. This is great to make your hair strong, shiny, and healthier.

If you suffer excessive hair fall problem or your hair tend to grow at a slow pace then this remedy will bring perfect results.

6. Using Hair Extensions

If all these hacks didn’t work out for you then there is one great and impeccable solution, using hair extensions. This is a natural, quick, easy, and affordable solution to get you healthy and strong hair.

With a range of shades and varieties available, finding a perfect hair extension will not take much time. You can pick one within your budget and preference.

While these are top 6 hacks to get perfect hair, one important thing to remember is to stick to a healthy diet rich in vitamin C, fruits, and proteins. Vitamin C is great for hair health and proteins aid in healthy hair growth.

I hope you find these hacks useful. Just try them out. These are simple, effective, and best hacks for perfect hair!

Author Bio :

 Yuan Chen is a Manager at T1Hairs – Peruvian Hair Extension Company. He has more than 6 years of experience in Hairdressing Industry.

8 New Year’s Resolutions for Working Mothers in 2018

The lifestyle of a working mother comes with many benefits –  we can both enjoy the family life at home and derive satisfaction from our professional successes.

However, even such a rewarding lifestyle has its challenges, so to help all of you working mums tackle them, here are some New Year’s resolutions you should all make.

Find more “me” time

Whether it’s a night out with our friends, a dinner date with our significant other, or just a relaxing evening in a bathtub, we all need some time for ourselves. To make that time, try to find somebody who can take your kids off your hands for a few hours once or twice a month. Also, make sure to dedicate at least 20 min every day to your own needs, so you can recharge your batteries and freshen up a bit.

Focus on what you’re doing

When at work, focus on the work – don’t waste time on social media and news websites, as it can only harm your productivity. Similarly, when spending time with your family, don’t check your emails and make business calls. Multitasking is a useful skill to have, but it’s not always necessary. In other words, learning how to get rid of distractions both at work and at home will help you spend your time much more efficiently.

Focus on what you’re doing – Photo by uslikajme


Many business companies outsource some of their work to save time, money, and energy.  So, as a working mum, why not do the same? Delegate some of your work.

For example, find a good and reliable English tutoring to help your kids with homework, or hire a housekeeper to clean your home from time to time.

Delegating will not only save you time but also allow you to focus on more important things, such as working on your family budgets, finishing that important projects or taking your kids to the park.

Don’t be afraid to say no

Most working mums have the “I can do it all” attitude, and there is nothing wrong with being confident. However, take into account the amount of time it takes to coach the new volleyball team, be the new girl scout leader, and organise a school play. Instead of accepting everything off the bat, don’t be afraid to let somebody else steal the spotlight if you’ve already done your fair share of work.

Become an early bird

Taking care of everybody’s needs is much easier after you’ve taken care of your own. Therefore, try to get up at least 30 min before everybody else so you can drink your coffee in peace, take a shower, choose your outfit for the day, etc. Of course, this also means you should try to go to bed a bit earlier than usual in order to get enough sleep and not be woken up by that special alarm that goes “muuuuuum!”

Become and early bird – Photo by rawpixel

Build a network

The next time you go shopping for groceries or pick your kids up from school, look around you. All the women you see are just like you, and they all need friendship and support. Instead of passing them by, get to know them – create a network of women who can help each other out by taking care of the kids, referring you to the best hairdresser in town, knowing all about interior design, etc. You are not alone, so try to connect with the women in your everyday life.

Try something new

If you’ve been doing the same thing for as long as you can remember, maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. It’s great to be an expert at something, but becoming too comfortable can lead to boredom and that feeling of being stuck in a routine. With that in mind, take some time to think about what you are doing right now and how you could do it differently. Maybe you’d like to go on a budget-friendly vacation. Maybe you’d like to test your skills in a new field of work, or perhaps you just want to improve your skills by taking a few lessons or seminars. Exploring different areas of your work and trying out different approaches will help you remind yourself why you love your career.

Try something new – Photo by TheHilaryClark

Modify your standards

When you let others help you, you also need to accept the fact that they will probably do things differently – and that is okay. It doesn’t matter how your housekeeper mops the floor or how your partner loads the dishes, as long as everything is clean in the end. Lower your standards a bit and let go of perfection. Worrying about every single detail can affect both your mood and your health, and you surely have more important things to think about. Sometimes, good enough can be better than perfect.

Speaking of standards and perfection, don’t be too hard on yourself either. You can have it all, but you cannot always do it all, so it’s okay if you can’t fulfil every single resolution on this list. Thus, choose a few that will benefit you the most, and don’t forget that being happy is the only thing that will truly make your year successful.