Things You Can Do with Your Kids Outside

If you are not the most athletic and adventurous person in the world, you might be wondering what you can do to get your kids out of the house and away from that PlayStation. You could always just take it away. But that doesn’t seem like a winning move. What You want to do is better motivate them rather than bully them into living a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes, raising smart, healthy, confident children requires more negotiation. The type of negotiation depends largely on their age. You can just force a child to go play outside if they are young enough. But that strategy does not scale well and often backfires in tragic ways. 

Your best bet is to lead by example. You are always the first role model your kids see in the morning and the last before they go to bed. If you have no interest in outdoor activities, they will be less likely to develop such interests. That means you have to find something outdoors that keeps you coming back for more. Better still, you can find ways to kindle outdoor passion with your kids. It is not about what you do individually, but what you do together. Here are a few suggestions that will get you on the right path:


Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage. They can serve to add value to your home and be the spark that gets you and your family outside a lot more often. You don’t have to wait for special occasions to have a cookout. You can enjoy a barbecue anytime you like. Birthdays will be a lot more fun. And it will be a lot easier to have guests that are happy to be there, as opposed to just fulfilling a social obligation. 

Don’t stop with the kitchen. While you have the contractor’s attention, build a gazebo or deck. Furnish it like a park, or like a beachside cabana. It is perfectly okay to be as whimsical as you like. If none of those ideas strike your fancy, craft a putt-putt golf course through your backyard. You don’t need 18 holes and an animated gorilla to have a fun place for your kids and their friends. Use part of the yard to plant a tomato garden with your kids. They will be hooked the first moment they pick a fruit they actually grew themselves. If you want to get the kids outdoors, start with your own backyard. Everyone loves an outdoor kitchen.



Parents are camping with their children

Do you know what else you can do in your backyard with your kids? Camping, that’s what. It is surprising how easy it is to transform your backyard into something new and exotic just by pitching a tent. When you are ready to take your camping to the next level, there are countless destinations within easy reach of wherever you happen to live.

You are definitely going to need some basic equipment for a first-time camper. One thing many take for granted is how incredibly uncomfortable the ground is when used as a bed. So be sure to bring good bedding made for camping. Don’t let anyone cajole you into roughing it in a way that is extreme and unhealthy. You will enjoy the outdoors a lot more if you are dry, warm, and comfortable. Experience it that way, and you’ll want to experience it again.



Photography might be the most fun way to enjoy the outdoors because it encompasses many interests. You can photograph everything from live sports to birds and insects. Photography might take you on the water in a canoe on a quiet lake. You don’t want anything that could tip you and your camera gear into the drink. If you are into adventure such as rock climbing, someone has to take pictures. After all, pictures, or it didn’t happen. When you can get your kids interested in photographing the world, they will want to be out in the thick of it all the time.

You might have trouble sending your kids outside. But you won’t have any trouble taking them with you outside if you add an outdoor kitchen, take them camping – the kind that doesn’t involve roughing it too much, and nurture their interest in photography. That is truly the Trojan horse of the outdoors lifestyle.

5 Things to Do Before Dropping Your Teen Off at College

While you’re excited for your child to be embarking on their new life as a college student, it can be overwhelming and stressful at the same time. Whether you’re traveling from the Illinois area where you live to another state or your child is staying in the local dorms it can be confusing.

The last few weeks and even days before you drop your teen off at the dorms can be rushed. If you’re looking to go the extra mile in those last few weeks, then try the following things long before you head out on your trip. 



1. Take Them to the Doctor and Dentist

Growing up, your child’s health was always your top concern, and that doesn’t change just because they’re leaving the nest

If your teen is going far away from home and won’t be home until winter break, go ahead and make an appointment with their doctor and one of the Oak Park dentists if you are near Chicago, or one in your area. This will give you peace of mind in knowing your child is in great health before they start their new life as a college student.

The dentist is examining the patient while using the help of RTG record


2. Teach Them How to Do Their Own Laundry

While some teens have been doing washing their own clothes for years, many haven’t been. If you’ve always done your child’s laundry for them, take the time now to show them how to separate their whites from their darks, how to wash them, and how to fold them as well. 

It’s best to have them wash a least a couple of loads themselves before they leave. 


3. Go Shopping

While you may have already gotten the laptop, books, and other items needed for classroom time, you also need to go shopping for essentials for dorm life

Clothes, sheets, dishes, coffee makers, and more should be on your list of necessities to help your child settle into college without a lot of stress.

Not only will you be picking up the things your child needs to be a happy while away from home, but it’ll also give you time to spend an entire day together before he or she heads off to the dorms. 


4. Have a Family Dinner

It’s long been known that family dinners are beneficial to the entire family. If this isn’t something your family normally does, or even if it is, scheduling a special family dinner at home or at a restaurant right before they leave is a nice touch. 

It gives your family time to catch up and talk about how exciting going away to college is, gives you time to be together and just bond the way a family should. 


5. Pack Gifts to Open When…

Most kids at college for the first time get homesick at some point. If you’re worried this is going to happen to your teen, pack some gifts for them to open at certain times.

For example, one gift could be to open when they’re bored, another for when they’re lonely, and yet another for when they are under stress. Don’t forget one for when they’re low on cash. The types of gifts can vary but should be appropriate for the moment and mood they’re in. 

Not only will these little gifts help them get through their first weeks away, but it also shows them just how much you care and are thinking of them while they’re gone. After all, it’s the little moments that count with family, don’t you think? 

Going off to college can be scary for you and your teen. Doing these few things in the weeks leading up to them going away will help you keep organized and do things together before the day arrives that your chick flies the coop.

7 Tips for Getting Into Drumming

If you are thinking of learning how to play the drums, you may also be asking questions about how you can learn to drum as a part of a band or what the best and easiest drum songs to get started with will be. Like the majority of tasks in life, when it comes to getting started with drumming, the first steps can often be the most challenging. But if you are enthusiastic about getting into drumming, it’s going to be this that motivates you to put in the necessary practice and reach your full potential as a drummer, even if right now, it’s completely new to you. Read on to find out more about the basic information that you need to get started with building a solid foundation for the best possible drumming experience.


Getting the Right Equipment

To get started with drumming, you will first need to invest in the right equipment. At the least, this will include a pair of drum sticks, a playing surface, and the right materials for practicing including sheet music exercises and rudiments. For those who are completely new to drumming, the first piece of drum equipment that you can use is actually your own body! You can get started with hand drumming, whether that involves tapping on your thighs or using a pillow. Tap along to your favorite songs and stay focused on playing along with the drummer. If you don’t have access to sheet music, you can still practice keeping up with a steady tempo, which involves alternating between tapping with your right and left hands.


Getting Started with Learning

Once you have all the equipment that you need and have gotten to grips with some of the basic drum notations, it’s time to start practicing. Just like any other skill that you can learn, good practice habits are essential to getting better at what you do. Start out with some easy drum songs for beginners and essential drum beats, and master these before you move on to anything more complex. has some great information on getting started with drumming, including posts on how to hold drumsticks; this is a great guide for beginners when it comes to getting the technique right. You can also use’s recording studios around the world to create professional music that you can listen back to and hear your progress.


Reading Drum Sheet Music

To get good at drumming, it is a good idea to learn how to read drum notation. Most drummers are also expected to know how to read sheet music. This is typically a requirement if you are in a professional ensemble such as a school concert band, jazz band, marching band, and more. Understanding drum sheet music can be your secret weapon and help you get more opportunities for making music. Drum notation is simpler than you might realize. Once you have the basics down, you will begin to find it easier to apply the knowledge to a range of more advanced concepts. For beginners to drumming, it’s important to start out with reading very easy and simple starter drum rhythms, before you move on to something more intermediate and complex.


Start Out Simple

It’s best to get started with something simple and easy to master. For example, you can start practicing drumming exercises that use a combination of quarter notes and quarter rests, with all the notes played on just one drum. Before you start to play them on the drums, it is a good idea to read the rhythmic exercises out load, since this will help to strengthen the connection between your limbs and your brain along with getting you more mentally prepared for the exercise. In addition, by reading out the exercise before you play it, you will have a better chance at locating any rhythms that you might find challenging so that you can spend more time working them out beforehand. When you’re starting out with rhythms, focus on the coordination of your left and right hands, making sure that you are playing in time with a metronome.


Coordinating Your Limbs

Many beginners to drumming will have trouble coordinating all three limbs, so to make this easier for yourself as you start out, you can break the exercise down to only focus on two limbs at a time. Before you start to put all three together again, make sure that you are comfortable with each limb combination. Eventually, as you practice and become more coordinated as a drummer, you will want to start introducing some fourth limb practice – the hi-hat pedal foot. Like you did with your hands and foot, you should also start out with some very basic simple exercises to get used to coordinating all four limbs before you start learning more advanced beats.


Get the Techniques Right

Drums are played by a professional drummer

As you practice, it is important to make sure that you are checking in with the techniques that you are using to ensure you’re using the right ones. For example, as you are practicing, keep making sure that you are holding the sticks correctly. You can work with a drum teacher or tutor who can check your progress and offer feedback or use one of the many online guides and videos that are now available to help people teach themselves drumming and get good at it.


Practice Makes Perfect

No matter how good you get at drumming in the end, any good drummer knows that practice makes perfect no matter what level they are at. No matter where you are headed, you can practice drumming by tapping on your thighs or carrying a pair of sticks with you so that you can work on beats as much as possible. Once you have mastered drumming on your own, you may want to consider practicing as part of a band – if you have friends who play musical instruments, practicing together can be a great way to learn how to coordinate your skills with other musicians and a lot of fun too.

Drumming is a fun skill to learn and as a drummer, you’ll be needed in all types of bands. Keep these tips in mind to get started, even if you have never played drums before. 

Meal Prep 101: Things You Need to Know

The term that gets thrown out a lot these days in every cooking channel is meal prep. You might wonder what meal prep is and how does it benefit you. Well, first of all, meal prep is not for everyone; it is not for people who don’t like to eat the same thing on two-three days in a row. Meal prep is not for people who look for variety at every mealtime and do not enjoy leftovers. However, meal prep can work wonders for people who want to manage their time better and spend less time cooking. It is also for those wishing to avoid the temptation to go out and eat. You can save a lot of money and time by prepping your meal beforehand. You can work at a stretch without worrying about the next meal because you already did that two days ago; all you have to do now is heat that food up, and you are good to go. Continue reading this article to find out the dos and don’ts of prepping a meal.


Type Of Food:

When one thinks of making food for two-three days, one would naturally like to make all of their favorite foods. But that is hardly the goal of meal prep. Certain foods stay good for two-three days while others don’t. Most people (non-vegans) like fried chicken, right? But making a large batch of fried chicken to store for later consumption will not work because the chicken will lose its crunch and become soggy. 

  • Beans, cooked grains, pasta, roasted veggies are great for storing. Cooked meat, roasted meat, and meat in any other form are good for a couple of days. 
  • Whole fruits, nuts, and seeds, homemade sauce, dips are good options to store without the risk of spoiling.
  • However, softer fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, barriers, and cut fruits are not good options when it comes to storing them for a few days. An excellent solution to keeping your fruits longer than usual is to dehydrate them. Many people use food dehydrators for storing cut fruits and leftover foods for longer without the fear of wasting them. A dehydrator takes away the moisture from food items, helping them stay fresh for a longer period. 
  • One should not include crunchy food items like fried chicken, chips, and crackers during meal prep. 
A lot of different kinds of vegetables are displayed on the old wooden table


You might wonder, how long will the food be safe to eat? And how would one know if the food has gone bad? Well, there’s no hard and fast rule. But as a rule of thumb, one usually makes meal prep for not more than four days. You need to keep the food in airtight containers and put them in the refrigerator. While making the food, be sure to count the number of people and the days for which you are making the food to avoid wastage. There’s no point in wasting a day’s worth of food if your goal is to save money and stay on top of a strict budget. 

How to Create a Perfect Study Room for Your Chid?

People with enough space in the house may like to create a dedicated study room for their children. A study corner will help the little one learn better without outside distractions. There are many things to consider while planning a study room. The process of education has shifted over the last few years. Therefore, modern study rooms should accommodate students with all the facilities needed to perform to their absolute ability. Continue reading the article to know more about how to design a study space for your child. 


Décor Of The Room:

 One of the fundamental things to remember while decorating a study space is that the Room should not feel cluttered with unnecessary things. The study corner needs to be spacious and airy. Ideally, natural light is preferable for the study place, but if you live in a congested city and want to block the outside noise, you can always install more lighting to brighten up the space. 

  • The wall color should be muted without much detailing work. The minimalistic décor will help one focus more on the study without distracting too much. 
  • A strong desk is required in the study room. The desk should have many drawers to keep all the papers and learning supplies intact. 
  • The study table can double as a laptop table since most of the studies are conducted online. Even if you are not keen on online studies and want to provide your child with hardcover books instead of PDFs, a student must research topics online to stay updated on the subject.


Learning devices: 

As mentioned earlier, most of the studies are conducted with the help of gadgets these days. Therefore, one must furnish the study room with the desired gadgets and instruments. These classroom devices help students continue their studies without difficulty. 

  • A computer is a must-have gadget in the study room. Make sure you install a high-quality internet connection and Wi-Fi system to run the system smoothly. One may also install parental control software on the computer to monitor the child’s online activity. 
  • Other gadgets such as a Tablet, printer, and interactive projectors are conventional devices installed in a smart classroom.
A boy and a girl are attending online lectures together


Soundproof Room: 

If you live in a busy city, the child will likely have a hard time dealing with the noises from the outside. Therefore, a parent may also consider soundproofing his child’s study room to help him concentrate on the lessons. The Room should be big enough for your child to have a group study session with his classmates. During an online study session, you don’t want the noises from the house to be heard by others on screen. The global pandemic has taught everyone that one should treat their study room as a classroom in the school. Therefore, these days when most of the classes are held online, soundproofing is even more required.


Quick Storage: 

In addition to having a large desk with drawers, one may also install a bookcase in the study room. The bookcase will serve as a library in the study, with plenty of storage space at the bottom for extra copies and supplies.


Military Family Life: 10 Ways To Improve Quality Time Together

Getting quality family time is crucial for all members of the family. When a parent is in the military, it can mean long periods of separation and frequent moves across the USA and beyond. Finding the time to ensure your family gets to bond is essential to help kids grow up well-adjusted and mentally healthy.  

You should consider all your options when trying to make family time. You can spend time bonding just as well at home as you can on vacation or a day out. What is important is that you make time for each other and stay present for your kids.  


Put The Electronics Away

When you have the chance to spend time in person with your family, you must be present. Avoid using cell phones and other electronics. Consider having a ban on phones at the dinner table. Engage with your family and actively listen to what they tell you.  


Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

Carve out time for you and your partner to connect. Have a regular date night where you hire a sitter for the kids. Do something different each week to keep the spark between you bright.  


Make Care Packages

Send care packaging back and forth when on deployment. Military members can send trinkets and keepsakes from wherever they’re based, and families can send reminders of home and country. Include handwritten letters and drawings from the kids.  


Play Board Games

Have a regular games night at home. Stock up on various games to suit the ages and interests of your kids. Look out for games in thrift stores and online.  


Create A Permanent Home Base

Create a permanent home base to give your kids stability and make homecoming more special. Consider buying a property with a VA mortgage, which doesn’t require a down payment. Find out how much you can borrow using this VA mortgage calculator from Hero Loan. Always choose a dependable VA loan provider like Hero Loan.  


Travel Together

Go on family vacations regularly. Travel throughout the USA and beyond. Choose unique experiences each time you travel to give yourself and your kids strong and fond memories. Consider adventurous vacations like camping in a National Park, trips to Disneyworld, or city breaks abroad.


Think Of Unique Days Out

Explore all your local area has to offer. Take your kids to try different activities like white water rafting and horseback riding. Make every family day memorable by trying something new. Ask your kids what they want to do.  


Read To Your Kids

A father is telling the goodnight story to a baby son.

Make reading time a regular fixture in your home. Read to kids before bed as part of a bedtime routine. Let them choose books for you to read.  


Cook And Eat Together

Cook meals as a family to get your kids interested in healthy eating habits. Ensure everyone has a job to do during meal prep, and everyone helps wash up afterward.  


Help Out With Homework

Help your kids with their homework to improve their academic abilities. Have designated homework times where you gather around the dining table to help them work. Consider hiring a tutor for any subjects they struggle with.

Best 6 Exercises at Home to Lose Weight and Get a Flat Belly

30-Second Summary

  • Obesity is a common problem today, and our busy schedules make it impossible to hit the gym regularly and maintain a taut, slim belly. In such a scenario switching to easy home workouts is the most opportune thing to do to attain fitness. 
  • The key to achieving desirable shape and weight loss through home workouts is choosing the right combination of exercises.
  • The top weight loss supplements could inhibit fat storage and boost metabolism to aid your weight loss journey.
  • Exercises alone aren’t enough to land you the preferable results. Healthy eating habits must be adopted to burn fat quickly and retain the positive effects in the longer run. 
  • Health Web Magazine offers insights into the best weight loss exercises and how to keep your ideal weight.



According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, around 50% of Americans try to lose weight every year, among which the percentage of women is higher. It is evident from such figures that obesity is a huge problem in the west, and our lifestyle contributes majorly to giving rise to such issues.

Splurging on a gym membership and losing motivation are common practices, and you don’t want to get stuck in this vicious cycle. In this article, we have listed some of the most effective weight loss exercises, so you get started with the incredible journey towards fitness at the comfort of your home. Health Web Magazine also has lots of information on how to lose weight effectively and safely.

Why wait then? Let’s get started!


Exercises At home to Lose Weight and Get a Flat Belly

Here are some of the best exercises for weight loss and a flat belly for men and women. Have a look: 

  1. Burpees – This is a total body strengthening exercise, and when done correctly, it can burn tons of calories and prove to be the most effective exercise for weight loss. There are many positive and negative stances about Burpees since getting it right is difficult, and there are a lot of chances of injuries for beginners.  

Here’s the correct way of performing Burpees: 

Keep your feet apart at shoulder length and bring your body down into a squat, pushing your hips back

Once you are in the squat position, put the palms of both of your hands in between your feet and shift the weight on the hand while extending your legs to jump into a plank position

Perform a push-up, get back to squat, stand up, and take a high jump, keeping your hands up in the air and repeating the steps 

Initially, you would be able to do 10-12 Burpees, and the number will gradually improve when you develop enough core strength.

2. Crunches – Crunches are acclaimed for belly fat burning. If you want to include some on-the-mat exercises to alleviate the tiredness of HIIT workout, crunches are something you shouldn’t be missing.

To do crunches, you need to: 

  • Lie on a yoga mat with your back on the floor
  • Stretch your legs 
  • Bring your hands at the back of your head to support it
  • Now that your head is above the ground supported by your hands, bring your knees towards your head and then go back to the starting position and continue the same

Do not forget to breathe in between the reps and complete 3 sets with 12-15 reps.  

Also, try going through each Modere Trim review to know more about this quick-fix weight loss supplement. The reviews from buyers are quite good and you’ll also find tips to help you with your journey.

Crunches are conducted by young man

3. High Knees – This is another intensive workout that puts numerous muscles at work at the same time. 

Here’s how you do High knees the right way:

  • Spread your legs at shoulder width while keeping your back straight and engaging the core
  • Bring your legs to the chest one by one like you are jogging, but instead of moving ahead, you need to perform the exercise at the same spot
  • Since High knees are a part of HIIT training, set the desired time, like 30 seconds, and take a smack break of 10-15 seconds in between to rest before jumping to the next set  4. 

4. Leg Raises – Leg raises work like a charm for core strength improvement and abs toning. The best part is – they are easy to do and involve calming movement, so you don’t go breathless. 

Following are the steps to carry out Leg raises properly:

  • Lay down on the mat with your back and neck straight in a line
  • Rest your hands on the ground with the palms facing the mat
  • Now join your feet and lift them towards the ceiling with a little push from your hips
  • Come all the way down without touching the mat and lift the legs again for the next rep
  • Continue the movement 15-20 times, take a small break and jump on the next round

5. Scissor Kicks – Scissor kicks require proper form and spine alignment for successful results.

People often employ their lower back for all the work and forget about recruiting their core while doing this exercise, which not only leads to redundancy but also increases the chances of muscle damage.  

Here’s how you should do Scissor kicks to target your belly fat and abs muscles:

  • Lie on a comfortable mat on your back and relax your neck on the ground
  • Keep your hands straight with the palms facing the floor
  • Now move your legs upwards, one at a time at 45 degrees without bending your knees This movement is called “scissoring”

Perform the exercise in 2 sets with 25-20 rounds of scissoring. 

6. Crossbody Mountain Climbers – Crossbody Mountain Climbers target abs, glutes, quads, and hamstrings and are easy to perform. It is a combination of plank and running movement and can burn a lot of fat if done regularly. 

Follow these steps to do Cross Body Mountain climbers correctly:

  • Start with a plank position, keeping your back, neck, and hips straight
  • Bring your left leg to the right side of your chest, bend your knee inward, and flex it back to the starting position. Do the same with your right leg and repeat

Take a 10-15 second break in between sets and maintain good speed while doing this exercise.

Posture plays a crucial role to gain the maximum benefits of exercises like high knees. Wear proper shoes and be watchful of your heels as the risk of injuries are quite high in HIIT exercises.



You can take the help of top weight loss supplements that work on reducing fat absorption and accumulation and keep your appetite in control. Watch out for the composition and ingredients of these supplements, as they should not be dangerous or come with a lot of side effects. 
You don’t need to buy tights to hide belly fat or suck your stomach while taking pictures. Start working out with these routines today, reap the benefits of exercise one day at a time, and witness the change yourself!

Best Gifts for Gym Lovers

It’s not easy to surprise a fitness fanatic with a unique gift since you’d imagine they already have it all.  They always seem to be living in a matching activewear set and have their entire fitness routine down to a science. But trust us when we say, there are some great items out there that they will love!  We’ve scoured the Web to compile the best fitness gifts out there, from stylish fitness gear to the bags that will house them. These items are sure to impress even the most dedicated fitness goers.  


Gym Bags:


A new designed bag is worn by young womanBag

From leather to canvas, and everything in between, Groovy Girl Gifts has an embroidered bag for every fitness-loving woman out there!  There is nothing classier than a monogrammed bag around a lady’s shoulder as she exits the gym.  Women love bags, and especially when they’re customized.  This online shop has all the styles and colors you can imagine to beautify that special woman in your life.  There is a clutch and a bag for everyone out there.  Some like them small, some large, some fabric, and some leather.  When you find the bag you’ll know the woman in your world in matches with.  

A new bag for men Transport bags for a casual appearance A well-designed traveller backpack

A strong, sturdy duffel bag is just what a man needs to carry all of his fitness accessories.  The steel pushing man in your life will greatly appreciate a personalized gym bag that is built to last.  These bags from Groomsday are built tough, just like the guys who use them.  They are also versatile and can be used other places other than the gym.  Whether traveling or camping, these bags hold a ton of gear and come in handy when you need them.


Apple Watch / Fitness Tracker:

The Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is also the Fitness Tracker:

It’s the fitness partner that fits on your wrist!  Move, exercise, stand and track all the ways you’re active.  Activity rings show your daily activity.  Make it your goal to close them every day.  To keep you motivated there are awards, personalized coaching, and activity competitions.  

Apple Watch can do what your other devices can’t because it’s on your wrist. When you wear it, you get a fitness partner that measures all the ways you move, meaningful health insights, and a connection to the people and things you care about most. And it’s always just a glance away. Track workouts, stay healthy, and meet your fitness goals with your Apple Watch.  

The aluminum case is lightweight and made from 100 percent recycled aerospace-grade alloy.  The Solo Loop is made from soft, stretchable silicone and designed for ultra-comfort with no clasps or buckles.


Active Masks:

A young girl
A young girl is with the face mask

Unfortunately, we live in a world where many towns still require masks in order to work out.  But don’t worry, we found the perfect breath easy mask for people to easily get through a fitness routine.  Working out in a mask is totally possible, particularly when it’s designed by the experts at Airpop Health. This mask fits perfectly, has skin-cooling technology, and is protective yet easy to breathe in. 


Studio Buds:

Studio buds
A great way of listening to the running playlist is by using the earbuds

They’ll push harder during every workout while listening to their running playlist with these noise-canceling earbuds, that have close to five stars, and over 6,000 customer reviews on Amazon.  The Custom acoustic platform delivers powerful, balanced sound.  Control your sound with two distinct listening modes: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Transparency mode.  

Featuring three soft ear tip sizes for a stable and comfortable fit while ensuring an optimal acoustic seal.  Up to 8 hours of listening time (up to 24 hours combined with a pocket-sized charging case).  Industry-leading Class 1 Bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts.  High-quality call performance and voice assistant interaction via built-in microphones.  These are IPX4-rated sweat and water-resistant wireless earbuds.


Massage Gun:

Massage gun
A usage of massage gun is a great way of relaxing your body

This massager will completely change their post-workout recovery by helping to relieve tightness, tension, and knots in seconds. Bonus: They’ll feel like a professional athlete whenever they use it. QX65 MOTOR WITH QUIETFORCE TECHNOLOGY – the proprietary brushless motor delivers powerful deep muscle treatment quieter than the average massage device.  

120 MIN. BATTERY LIFE – internal Lithium-ion battery offers double the battery life of previous generations for 2 hours of continuous use.  5 SPEED RANGE & LED SCREEN – Monitor current speed on the LED screen, use with Therabody app.  ERGONOMIC MULTI-GRIP – provides a number of ways to comfortably hold the device without strain on hands and arms.  SMART APP INTEGRATION – connects to the Therabody app via Bluetooth to run personalized wellness routines based on your behaviors & preferences


Pocket ArmBand:

Pocket arm band
A pocket armband is in the black color

They can mount any phone tightly as they run with this armband while also making it accessible for them if they need to text or look up the nearest smoothie place for a post-run snack.  The Nike Pocket ArmBand Plus fits most larger smartphones and features a zippered pocket where you can store other small items.


Water Bottle:

Water battle
A water bottle is placed on the wooden boards

You can’t hit the gym without a good water bottle!  A personalized water bottle is an ideal gift for any gym lover in your life.  Help your favorite person quench their thirst in style by gifting them these stylish water bottles. Whether they’re thrusting squats, benching their body weight, or running miles on the treadmill, they’ll need to hydrate!   

These water bottles are chic, minimalist, and totally useful. The revolutionary stainless-steel bottle is designed with a spill-proof lid and is insulated to keep any beverage hot or cold for hours on end. Personalize it by adding a name to the cool Thirst Aid design, or keep it simple with just an initial or name.