How to Take Camping to the Next Level

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If you are one of the many people who enjoy a good camping trip, you might find some very helpful information here. Today’s article is all about how you can take camping to the next level. This can mean one of two things:

  •       A) Making your camping experience more relaxing and luxurious
  •       B) Making your camping experience more primitive and authentic

Depending on your habits and preferences, you might choose one or the other. These approaches can also be mixed to a certain extent. For instance, you might choose to make your campfires with friction-based methods while still making use of a well-equipped RV. It’s all up to you, but here are a few ideas to get you started.


Try Some Rappelling

If you want to try something exciting, a little bit of rappelling might be just the thing. Now, let’s be clear: Rappelling can be very dangerous if it’s not done properly. Thus, you need the help of a certified expert if you don’t know what you are doing. Don’t think you can just “wing it,” because that kind of thinking might literally end your life.

Now that we have made you aware of the danger, let’s understand the flipside: Rappelling is both safe and a lot of fun when done correctly. Also, you don’t necessarily have to go to the highest cliff in the park. Inexperienced people can certainly opt for a short drop, although you should still use a belaying line for maximum safety.


Incorporate Some Hunting Or Fishing

Not everyone enjoys these activities, but they are an essential part of life in the wild. As such, these experiences add a lot to your experience and can be the most memorable part of a good camping trip. Besides, you also have the chance to land some very tasty meals. Fishing tends to be less restricted in most areas, but hunting on private lands will offer you a lot more freedom than public lands.

Of course, it is important that you respect all relevant laws and regulations for your area. Many outdoor-focused stores will give away hunting/fishing guidebooks for free, and these will tell you what is in season, what is not, and what rules must be followed.


Upgrade Your RV Amenities

Let’s face it, sleeping on the ground isn’t for everyone. In particular, those with back problems and other health issues may not find it expedient to sleep in rough conditions. If that description fits you, we would recommend using a high-quality RV queen mattress.

If your existing RV bed is a little better than the ground, you need to purchase an upgrade. You have a number of good options depending on the size and thickness desired. This will help you to wake up feeling rested and active, ready for another exhilarating day in the wild.


Bring A Small Solar Generator

Even if you are trying for a rough and primitive experience, you might want a little bit of electricity. If nothing else, you will probably need to charge your phone in order to keep up with important events in the civilized world. A laptop or tablet can provide welcome entertainment when sitting around the fire or in the tent, and the other people in your camping party will probably have certain needs as well.

Thankfully, there is no need to haul a full-size generator out there. There are small solar-powered generators that can generate just what you need with minimal fuss and no fuel expense. If you have a big RV, you might opt for some pre-charged deep-cycle batteries, as these can be used to power a wide range of items.



Whether you want an easier experience or a rougher, more authentic experience, these are just a few of the ways that you can take your camping to the next level. The real key here is planning. Without planned activities, your camping trip will mostly consist of chatting around the fire and aimless hikes. These kinds of things can be fun, but why not amp things up and get the most memorable trip that you can? We hope this article has given you some good ideas, and we wish you the best of luck.

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