Helping Your Child Leave the Nest


Summer is approaching quickly and students are graduating from high school and college. If your child is graduating, their life will be changing quickly. Even if your child isn’t leaving university or high school, when they need to leave the home they require help at first. Whatever the situation, facilitating the process of your child leaving the nest will help them stay independent. With so many people going back home after they’ve left, it’s important to support them so they get on their feet. Here are a few situations that you can help them with so that you can become an empty nester.


Leaving For College

It’s always scary to graduate high school and begin your college career. If your child is graduating this year, you already know where they are going to college. There are still preparations to be done. Have you decided whether they will stay on the campus or off-campus? They will likely need financial assistance to get started at their new home. Will your student start working? If so, you should encourage your child to start looking for a job where they are going to school right away. You should also go shopping for supplies and clothing. College is a big time and they will need to get a lot of things in order. Don’t wait to help them get started.


Graduating College

Perhaps it is even scarier to graduate college. You are going out into the unknown. When your child is graduating from college, there are some things you should help them with. First, you should talk to them about their next steps. Will they do an internship before they get a job? Either way, they will have to get their resume together. Help them build a resume for the job they want. For additional support with the resume writing process, it might even be a good idea to contact a California resume service like ARC Resumes or a similar professional resume writing service in your local area for some tips and advice. Will your child be coming from after college or will they be living somewhere else? You will likely have to help them move. The most important thing is to quell their fears. Leaving college is a scary time and they will not know what to do next.


Getting a Job

It isn’t easy for any new college graduate to get a job. There are a variety of things you should do to help them get hired. The first occupation your child may not be exactly what they want it to be. Even if they can’t find a position in the field they want to go to college for, it’s important for them to start working after they graduate. It’s vital for them to go out into the real world and start working. If they don’t get a job, they will be delaying the process of adjusting to the real world and life. They’ll need to get the right experience to get employed at the job of your dreams.


Renting an Apartment

Whether they are getting a job right out of college and need to find a home, renting an apartment for the first time can be very difficult. If they don’t have any credit, you might need to cosign for them. They also might need a down payment. A great option to help them transition smoothly is to have them live at home for a while to save money when they begin working. They will likely be moving in with roommates. It’s important to meet them and vet the situation. You have much more real world experience than your child, they might not want you to be a part of it but you should help them secure their first apartment when they are moving out.

Whether your child is graduating high school, going to college, graduating college, getting a job, or renting their first place, your child will need assistance. It won’t be easy for them to get started in real life. The next few years will be difficult, but if you encourage them not to give up they will be able to create a happy, prosperous life. If you do all that you can to set your child up with their own situation, the chances that they will come back will decrease and they will stay independent. You won’t regret supporting their journey into their new life.

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