The Empty Nest: Life After Children

After many years of noise and caring for children, your home is now quiet and the time is yours. Many moms feel sad and alone. A once joyful time in their lives is no more. Fortunately, as time moves forward you will fill the void in your life and become happy once again. With your children now at college or starting a life of their own, there’s time for you.



When was the last time you were able to sit in a hot tub and truly relax? Well, the time is here. Self-pampering not only makes you feel good, it makes you look good too. Apply the latest treatments for fine lines, give yourself a manicure, create a new hairstyle and try new makeup products.


An Adult Getaway

In the past, your vacations consisted of fun children-approved places and activities. While enjoyed by all, now your vacation is catered to you and your partner. If you love the outdoors, plan a hiking trip up a mountain. Or perhaps, you’re the adventurous type and want to try skydiving. Maybe you’re a true romantic, and want to visit Italy or Paris. Wherever you want to go, it’s now possible. 


Declutter Your Home

Children have many things and in short-order can take over a home. Now that they live on their own, the house is once again yours. Go room by room and start to declutter it. Rearrange furniture or buy new home furnishings that represent your taste. Organizing and decluttering the space will reduce anxiety and make you feel good.


Remain Calm

Life with kids is very hectic. There’s school, after-school activities, and homework. Now that the environment is calm you can restore calmness and serenity. There’s only you to worry about in the morning and evening. You can make dinner when convenient instead of fitting it in between homework and baths. 


Me Time

While you may feel sad that raising kids is in the past, the future is bright. You probably always felt guilty about spending time on yourself. Now, every day is about you. If you want to nap in the afternoon, read a book late at night or spend a few hours at the gym it’s up to you. Meeting your spouse after work for dinner is also a possibility. 


Filling Time

In the past starting a hobby wasn’t possible. Your children always came first. Today, however, you can try your hand at anything. Perfect a new recipe, grow a garden, learn to paint or write, the choice is yours. 


Who knows, maybe your new hobby will turn into a second source of income. 


Physical Health

As you grow older your metabolism begins to slow, making it easier to pack on a few extra pounds. Thankfully, there are ways to lose weight. Join a gym or start a new trend of taking a brisk walk every morning before work and after dinner. Cooking for two instead of a large family may cause you to order take out more often. Instead, plan healthy meals for two ahead of time. 


Physical Checkup

It’s important to visit your doctor once a year and anytime you feel something isn’t quite right. Early detection will prevent a minor health issue from becoming major or life-threatening. You have a bright future ahead. Take care of your health and you’ll be able to enjoy life longer. 

Many women experience depression when their last child leaves home. While those feelings are perfectly normal, it’s a compliment to your skills and dedication that they are now finding success on their own. Embrace the time you have to spend on yourself and with your partner.

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