Christmas Gift Inspiration For All Your Loved Ones

As wonderful as Christmas is, the lead-up to the big day is often stressful, to say the least. Especially if you have a big family or a long list of friends and coworkers to buy for, finding the perfect gift for each person can be a challenge. Thankfully, Visa gift cards and this guide are here to help.

Read on for inspired gift ideas for all the people in your life, no matter what your budget is.



Slippers are in grey color

Sheepskin slippers are super comfortable and they look great, too. But, if your budget can’t stretch to these expensive slippers, there are plenty more affordable options out there. Think memory foam, knit, and fluffy slippers.

Book Club Subscription 

The books are arranged on the shelves

You can delight the book-lovers in your life with a book club subscription. And, the best part is that you decide how long to keep the subscription going. Depending on your budget, you could start them off with a three-month subscription or treat them to a whole year’s worth of books. 

Monogram Stationery 

Monogram Stationery
Monogram stationery is very well arranged with other stuff

For a gift with a more personal touch, think about monogrammed stationery. You may even get a thank-you note written on the very customized paper you gifted. 

Portable Speaker 

Portable Speaker
A portable speaker is placed next to a plant

Ideal for music lovers, portable speakers are easy to transport and provide great sound quality. There are also lots to choose from, including the compact, the large and loud, and even in-shower speakers.

Potted Chili Plant 

Indoor chili plants make for fun gifts that are useful for home cooks, too. And, not only that but houseplants also help to boost mental and physical health. Gift them in a gorgeous pot to make even more impact. 

Monogram Wine Glasses 

If you know a wine-lover, monogram wine glasses will show them that you really understand them. You could even buy them in sets. That way, they’ll have a personalized glass for reds, whites, and sparkling wines.

Monogram Wine Glasses
Monogram wine glasses are displayed next to a bottle of champagne

Photo Frame 

Whether you gift it with a picture inside or not, a stylish photo frame is always a thoughtful gift. It shows you really care about the memories another person makes, either with you or with others. 

Massage Gun 

Friends who love to work out or those that struggle with aches and pains will appreciate a massage gun. They’re ideal for easing sore muscles, working out knots, and relieving tension in the body. 

Massage Gun
Massage gun has all accessory parts with it

Reusable Coffee Mug 

Lots of people rely on coffee for their morning pick-me-up. Make sure your loved ones never have to go without by gifting them a reusable coffee mug. They’re super practical and eco-friendly to boot.


You can find gorgeous bookends that make a real statement. Shop for ones that suit your friends’ and families’ personalities for an affordable, meaningful Christmas gift. 

Monogram Phone Case 

Coworkers tend to be the toughest people to buy for. But, with personalized gifts for coworkers, it’s easy to show you care. With trendy monogram phone cases finished in stunning real leather, your gifts will be the talk of the office.

Monogram Phone Case
The monogram phone case is in white color and it is well designed

One for the kids

It can be hard to know what to get kids these days, with many of them already up to their eyeballs in the latest gadgets! One great idea could be an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). So long as they are used safely and under adult supervision, ATVs are a fun way to get outdoors, and have adventures, while learning many aspects of safe vehicle operation!

Recipe Book Stand 

Treat the budding chefs in your life to an attractive recipe book stand. They’re convenient and considerate in equal measure, not to mention affordable.

Sunrise Alarm Clock 

There’s no better way to wake up than with sunlight and birdsong. By giving a loved one a sunrise alarm clock, they can have that every morning, no matter how dark and quiet it is outside. 

Hometown Map Prints 

Map prints look striking on any wall. For people who love their city or those who miss home, a hometown map print could be the perfect present. 

Map prints
The old map prints are left on the table

Monogram Socks 

Giving socks at Christmas might sound a bit basic. But, with monogram initials, your recipients are sure to love them.

Infused Oils Set 

Introduce loved ones to exciting new flavors with infused oil gift sets. With garlic, chili, and herb-infused oils, you can open up a whole new world of culinary experimentation in a simple but effective way.

Portable Projector  

Portable Projector
A Portable projector is placed on the table with green surface

A portable projector allows people to experience the magic of cinema in any room in their house. They make for an exciting gift for any recipient, but they’re sure to go down best with movie lovers.



How to Make the Most Delicious Pecan Pie in 7 Easy Steps

Crisp on the outside, chewy in the center, and with some of the best flavor you can imagine, homemade pecan pie is a special treat not to be missed. Although it’s considered a traditional dish for certain holidays, many people enjoy it year-round. In this article, we’ll teach you how to make an amazing pecan pie from scratch. We’ll take you to step by step through each stage of preparation so that your final product comes out perfect every time.


1. Purchase the best pecans and the best pie crust.

The rolling pin is used at the beginning of the process of making pecan pie

 Here we go with some of the most important steps: buying pecans and a good pie crust. Of course, you can make your own dough, but if you don’t want to get out of bed or breathe in flour dust (it’s bad for your lungs), then buy pre-made dough at the supermarket!

 As for the pecans, a lifestyle influencer and founder of a PR agency, Amra Beganovich advise to: “look for shiny ones!” If they seem dull, either their oil has dried up or they were previously microwaved. The latter is not a big deal since it only destroys a small number of nutrients, but still! You can also ensure that you’ll have tasty pecan halves by purchasing them from a store that sells them loose by weight. If you’re interested, just ask the cashier what other customers usually put in their bags when they leave 🙂

 An old proverb says that the best pecans are always found where squirrels can see them. I don’t know how true this is, but it’s an interesting idea to think about while grocery shopping!


2. Put the pecan halves in a zip-lock bag or Tupperware container along with 1/4 tsp of salt per cup of pecans.

 The next step, putting the ingredients in a container together, ensures that all of your efforts will be worthwhile! No more bland pie crusts or sad-looking pecan pies for you unless you follow these steps! You can add some honey or spices to the mix too, but it’s completely up to you.


3. Use a rolling pin to crush the pecans into more of a paste than a whole nut.

 As for this step, if you don’t have a rolling pin then use what you have! I once used my credit card and that worked out just fine 🙂 This step is very important because it ensures even cooking throughout all parts of your pie crust. Or maybe it doesn’t do anything? I’m not sure what this step’s purpose is, but it certainly isn’t the most important one can pie without putting dough over the “filling” first? It would be like eating mashed potatoes with no gravy… what’s even the point! Whether you made your own dough or bought it from a store, make sure to roll it out so that you have enough for your crust AND so that there are no air bubbles before hardening it into a solid block of deliciousness 🙂


4. Bake the pecan paste at 300°F for 30-40 minutes.

 There are many different baking methods out there! You can choose whichever suits your tastes best. Here are some tips to keep in mind though:

 – Don’t let the pecans burn! If the baking process takes too long, then take them out of the oven.

 – Don’t overcook! After 30 minutes, check on your crust every five minutes just to make sure that it’s not getting too dry and browned. Once it reaches a golden color, take it out IMMEDIATELY !!! Overcooking will cause all of those delicious nutrients in the pecans to denature and become useless.


5. Bake until golden brown on top.

 Here it comes cooking time! In order to ensure that all of the flavors blend together just right, you should cook the pie for about 45 minutes to an hour. Just check it now and then to make sure that your crust is golden brown on top, but don’t take it out too soon! The best pecan pies are always cooked until all of the flavors have melded together into one delicious slice of goodness 🙂


6. Let cool before serving.

Pecan pie
Pecan pie is ready to be served

 The last step, do not to eat your pie hot out of the oven … unless you want a mouthful of burnt sugar or dough! This step is important because it gives all of those scrumptious flavors time to blend together perfectly. And if you’re pressed for time because you can’t wait until tomorrow morning to try this recipe, I understand completely since I’m an impatient person too. Luckily, this pie tastes just as good at room temperature or even chilled! I know that the oven takes up a ton of space and you might not have any more room for other dishes, but don’t worry… there’s still one more step left after this!


7. But wait… there’s another important step!

 Pecan pie is delicious by itself, but if you want to make it “pop” then serve it with vanilla ice cream! This completes the flavor profile because now your pecan pie will taste like caramel sauce drizzled on top of vanilla flavored creaminess. Adults and kids alike are sure to enjoy these two together at any time of year 🙂


Are you craving some right now? You know what to do!

 I hope that you enjoy these steps and see for yourself how easy it is to make the most delicious pecan pie in 7 easy steps! Please let me know how you like this recipe if you decide to try it out, I’d love to hear from all of my fellow sweet tooths out there 🙂

 What are your favorite fruits or nuts? Have any good recipes with them that you want to share? Let’s chat about it in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to follow me on my other social media pages for updates on when new blog posts go live! Thanks again 😀

How To Select the Ideal Music For Your Wedding Ceremony?

Music plays an important role in any wedding ceremony because it helps in creating a festive & romantic setting for you and your fiance. It’s simply impossible to even think of a wedding ceremony without the ideal songs or music. And since this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most couples out there, the room for error is very marginal. Such is the reason why you need the proper suggestions to ensure that you choose pitch-perfect music for your wedding day. 

The following are some of the most significant recommendations that you can undertake to ensure that you choose the ideal wedding music. 


Tips For Choosing The Perfect Music For Your Wedding Ceremony

1. Book Your Wedding DJ

DJ is doing his job at the party

According to the best wedding DJ in Sydney, before you start your planning for the wedding music, you need to first hire the person who will be presenting it, in front of all the guests. By hiring your preferred wedding DJ, you can ensure that your music will be showcased in the same manner as your expectations. This is the reason why it’s essential to communicate all your requirements & expectations to your hired wedding DJ. Your wedding DJ can also even suggest or guide you in your music selection process.

When you proceed to hire wedding DJs, be sure to check their websites, reviews, social media handles, and so on. 


2. Consider Your History

It doesn’t matter how long you and your fiance have been together, but there’s bound to be a similar taste in between – be it an artist, song or even a music genre – through which both of you can connect easily. 

Think about your past – is there any tune or song that you loved to play in your car with your partner? Or is there a song that you often play in your kitchen when cooking food with your fiance? It can also be a song that helps you and your fiance remember about one another or a tune that you both loved when attending a music concert together. The list is practically endless. Any of the aforementioned guides will help you find the perfect wedding music in Sydney


3. Look Online Or In Stores

Nowadays with so many music streaming services online, you can easily search for tunes from specific artists, themes, or genres. Be it Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music – finding the right kind of music isn’t challenging anymore, especially when you have the technology at the palm of your hands. Simply sit down with your partner and start wish-listing for songs to play at your wedding

If you’re not happy with the results online, you can always head over to your local record or music shop, and make the decisions there-in. You can play the music in person and get a feel of how the tune will be heard through the big speakers. Furthermore, you can expect the music collection at a record shop to be a lot more diverse than online music streaming platforms, especially because of licensing issues. 


4. Know The Lyrics Of The Songs

Even though it might seem like a trivial issue, you must know the lyrics of the songs that you’re planning to play at your wedding ceremony. You don’t want to play a tune that’s not fit to be played at a wedding, thereby ruining the morale & mood of your wedding guests. Thus, knowing the lyrics is crucial because you get to know what the song is all about. 


In case you’re planning to hire a wedding DJ for your upcoming wedding ceremony, be sure to get in touch with our experts today. We’d be happy to help you out right away. 

Your Mental Health After a Miscarriage: What you Should Know

Miscarriage is common yet hardly spoken about. Because of the lack of information and support, many women are surprised by the intensity of their emotions after a miscarriage. It is completely normal to experience a whirlwind of emotions, everything from guilt, sadness, shock is expected.

Unfortunately, 10 to 20% of known or diagnosed pregnancies result in a miscarriage, most of these take place before the 12th week of gestation. 

A miscarriage refers to the loss of pregnancy before the 20-week mark. Between 10 – 20 % of all known miscarriages happen before the 12th week of the pregnancy. 

Most miscarriages happen as a result of a genetic abnormality that results in the fetus not developing. There is no concrete evidence that mundane, everyday activities cause miscarriage. 

An early pregnancy loss is a shocking and traumatic event for women, their partner, and their families. The days, weeks, and months are often filled with many emotions, most even experience emotional distress. Although these emotions and feelings do subside over time, there may be psychological concerns that remain. 

In the weeks after a miscarriage, many women experience a range of emotions. Coupled with the feelings of sadness, guilt, and self-blame – women’s bodies undergo a range of hormonal changes while the body adjusts to no longer being pregnant. These hormonal changes are bound to lead to heightened emotions too. 

Feelings of shock, sadness, guilt, and anxiety about future pregnancies are all very common emotions when it comes to processing a miscarriage. These feelings are perfectly normal. The emotional healing that takes place after a miscarriage often requires more time and may take longer to heal than the physical pain. Allowing yourself time and space to grieve the loss of the life you never got to hold may help you come to terms with what has happened in the long run. 


Did I cause it? 

Some women worry that they might have done something to cause the loss of the pregnancy. Don’t blame yourself. This unfortunate loss is something that happened to you, not something that you did. 

Most miscarriages take place due to the pregnancy not being normal (about half of all cases of early pregnancy loss are due to fetal chromosomal abnormalities).


Can I get pregnant after a miscarriage? 

At least 85% of women who have suffered a miscarriage go on to have normal pregnancies and births in the future. Only 1-2% of women have repeated pregnancy losses. 


Many might start to think about how long they should wait before they can start trying for a baby again?  

This really does depend on your situation. We suggest speaking with your doctor before you begin to try again. Many physicians recommend waiting until your menstrual cycle ends before you start trying to conceive. It is important to take the time to process the loss and take the time to heal, physically and emotionally


Can another miscarriage be prevented? 

There are many things that we as women believe that we can control, but unfortunately, a miscarriage is not one of those things. The factors that lead to miscarriage are largely out of human control. Although it is important to note that there are factors that increase the risk of a miscarriage such as age and overall health. 


6 tips for coping after a miscarriage: 

Sculpture of an angel and the human hand is placed alongside a teddy bear

After having a miscarriage, it is important to give yourself time to heal, both physically and emotionally. What can you do to cope with the loss and start feeling better?

  1. Give your body and mind time to heal –  although we don’t like to always admit it – time is often the best healer. Take the time for your mind and body to heal. 
  2. Let yourself grieve the loss – take the time to acknowledge what has happened. Many people think that if they don’t acknowledge it if they did let themselves go through the emotions that it didn’t happen. 
  3. It is important to put yourself first  – What you have just experienced is an emotional and traumatic event. It is important to try and stick to your regular schedule. Get back into a sleep schedule, eat well and maintain a healthy weight, do something active each day, relax, limit caffeine intake, avoid alcohol, and don’t smoke.
  4. Seek out support – It is often easier to work through trauma when you have someone who supports you. When you are ready, find someone who is able to support you. It often helps to speak to someone, confide in your partner, a friend, a spiritual leader, or a counselor. Joining a support group might be helpful too. 
  5. Commemorate your baby – This will not only help you process what has happened but will often give you some sense of closure. You can do this in various ways, have a small ceremony with your partner to say goodbye, write a letter or create a memory box – do whatever feels right for you. 


Pregnancy loss can be devastating. In an instant, your hopes and dreams for the future have changed. We hope that you can find some sort of solace in the fact that you are not alone.

Types of Schools for Children With Special Needs

Finding the right educational facility for your child with special needs is no easy feat. After all, they will be spending a large chunk of their formative years there. This is why you want to provide them with the best learning environment in which they can grow and thrive.

While a typical classroom may work for some, the majority of students with special needs may not find it suitable. Fortunately, there are quite a few options when it comes to choosing the best school for your little one. Below, four types of schools to explore and make the most of your child’s educational experience.


Public school

Two boys are playing together

When exploring different schooling options, many parents consider the possibility of enrolling their special needs child in a local school. A public school in the neighborhood can be a great option for many reasons. For starters, it gives your child an opportunity to meet and develop relationships with their peers from the area. The school will also include your child in many in and after-school activities, and it’s free, which is great.

That said, it’s important to mention that public education is often underfunded. What this means is that public schools often lack teachers trained to work with children with learning difficulties. This makes it more difficult for these children to thrive. A public school may also not be suitable in cases where the child is dealing with marginalization or bullying. If that’s the case, they’re more likely to thrive in an environment that’s more specialized.


Special needs school

Father and son
Father and his son with trisomy of the twenty-first chromosome – Down’s syndrome

As a parent, you want to help your special needs child reach their full potential. Sometimes, that will mean enrolling them in a private setting that’s been tailored to fit their particular needs. As the name itself suggests, special needs schools are set up to cater specifically to children with disabilities. This means that they have staff that’s fully trained to work with special needs children. Plus, their entire curriculum is modified so that it’s able to meet the individual needs of every child who gets enrolled.

While these schools have staff who’s willing to work with children with special needs, they have several drawbacks. For instance, they do not need to follow the same procedures and laws as public schools. And while there’s certainly a higher chance of your child feeling socially accepted, these schools are outside a local community. As such, parents may find it difficult to get and stay in touch with therapists, teachers, and the friends of your child.


Therapy-specific or condition-specific school

Sometimes, the perfect learning environment for a special needs child will be the one that focuses on a specific diagnosis. For instance, if your child has a certain condition such as autism, ADHD, or a particular mental health issue, they may benefit from being enrolled in a condition-specific school. If you’re looking for a school that has a specific therapeutic or philosophical approach to special needs education, your safest bet would be to look into therapy-specific schooling options.

Both therapy-specific and condition-specific schools offer teaching options that are suitable for special needs children. If there’s a particular teaching strategy or a therapeutic approach you prefer, you shouldn’t have trouble getting the teachers and staff on board with it. Keep in mind that condition-specific and therapy-specific schools are relatively rare which is why they may involve traveling long distances.



Perhaps you’re having difficulty finding a curriculum and learning environment that best suits your child’s special needs. This is when many parents decide to take control over their little one’s education and begin homeschooling them. This can be beneficial for the child in more ways than one.

For starters, it’s the parents who get to create the learning environment and design it according to their child’s needs. Homeschooling also allows parents and children to avoid dealing with common school issues such as bullying or test anxiety. That said, homeschooling can be an isolating experience, and may not even be a viable option for parents working full-time. While it can be a chance to create a one-on-one learning environment that’s the perfect fit, homeschooling can be draining. Some parents find homeschooling to be overwhelming, especially in cases where a child is dealing with significant challenges. If you do opt for homeschooling, you may need to apply for permission depending on the state you’re in.


Wrapping up

No one child is the same, and no type of school is best and most suitable for every student. You, as a parent, know your child’s strengths and challenges best. As such, you should be able to determine what’s the best type of school for your little one with special needs and make a smart choice.

Most Inspiring Health and Wellness Blogs to Follow

No matter where we live, good health and wellness assist each of us to function effectively daily. We strive to eat a balanced diet, do some physical exercises, and take time to relax for our peace of mind. In searching for ways to gain better health and wellness, we depend on what we read, who we consult, and what works for us. Health differs from one person to the next. Therefore, as we try to bring about better physical, emotional, and mental health, we find varying and overwhelming information. How can you sort for essential knowledge? We have good news. What is it? Accessible health and wellness experts who willingly share their know-how on ways to gain an improved healthy life. Why not find out more from these mentioned professionals?


 1. ELANZA Wellness 

Many women seek ways to improve their fertility status. ELANZA Wellness is a tech company that helps people proactively create their fullest lives through high-touch fertility and family-building coaching. They share information and experts advising on fertility wellness for women. Also, as a single source of fertility wellness, ELANZA Wellness offers personalized and transformational digital experiences accessed via employer benefit and fertility clinic partners.


 2. Femtech Insider 

Are you searching for all things femtech and women’s health innovation? Look no further than Femtech Insider. Fermtech insider, the number one source for its industry-leading weekly industry information on femtech companies. The source of these insights gained through invited industry experts, founders, investors, and activists contains interesting health features and technology firms currently changing women’s health and well-being.


 3. DailyOM 

As they say, a good healthy body begins with our emotional and mental well-being. DailyOM’s desire to unite the world leads them to offer messages of awareness and well-being to people wherever they may live. DailyOM approach to holistic well-being gives support to people desiring to live a conscientious lifestyle. This platform offers courses targeted towards emotional happiness by improving activities that might affect physical and mental health.


4. Binto

For better health, we all need to have easy access to healthcare professionals and products. Binto, a women’s health, and femtech company help women seeking healthcare in two areas. Binto helps women get access to safe and effective over-the-counter products. They also make it easier for women to access licensed healthcare professionals at achievable consultant fees. To redefine a woman’s journey from period to menopause, Binto focuses on improving women’s health through the use of preventative medicine rather than prescription drugs. The beauty about this platform is that you can take the Binto quiz to get matched with your personalized supplements and access Binto’s professional team of women’s healthcare providers.


 5. Oh She Glows 

Oh, She Glows motto ‘Grow from the Inside Out’ explains it all. Said differently, whatever we eat should cause glowing health and wellness. Oh, She Glows inspires its readers to embrace healthy plant-based foods in their diet through over 500 healthy award-winning recipes posted on its sites. Oh, She Glows founder Angela Liddon shares her recipes blogs that attract those who prefer a vegan/plant-based diet.


6. Ron and Lisa

Ron + Lisa, The Healthy Home Dream Team, was born in 2010 with the idea that living a healthy, toxic-free life should be simple, affordable, and accessible to all. They teach busy women how to eliminate toxins from their lives with simple, step-by-step solutions to improve their health. They’ve spent over a decade helping thousands of people reclaim their health by identifying and eliminating dangerous, hidden toxic chemicals from their homes & life.


7. Best Life Herbals 

 Are you searching for how to remain with good health and wellness? Well, for over 17 years, Best Life Herbals have diligently worked to answer this very question: what does it mean to live your best life? What leads them to educate on wellness and offer natural supplements? Their customers’ and readers’ insights and stories, strikingly differ from each one. That’s why they educate and empower across a wide range of health and wellness topics while also offering high-quality, natural supplements for many needs.


8. Proper Healthy Living

If you want to live healthier and get the latest information about nutrition, exercise regime and other health-related topics, the team at Proper Healthy Living got you covered! They’re health enthusiasts who want to share their health and fitness discoveries and motivate and inspire others to start living healthier life too.


9. SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro established SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery to help patients attain their aesthetic goals while enjoying a premium experience. Dr. Cambeiro’s signature procedures include breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction. As he is Mayo Clinic trained, highly experienced, and continually delivers outstanding results, Dr. Cambeiro has earned the title of “Top Plastic Surgeon in Las Vegas” for 15 straight years. He and his expertly trained medical staff possess the technical knowledge and years of practical experience to make their patients’ aesthetic desires a beautiful reality.


10. Nabta Health

Nabta Health is a hybrid health platform aiming to help women achieve their health goals. We combine the best of online and traditional healthcare with our AI powered app, a huge library of evidence-based articles, an online women’s health shop, and our access to care services. Nabta is followed by over 250,000 women, supporting them whatever their age or stage, through puberty, periods, fertility, pregnancy, parenting, and menopause.


11. LGBTQ and ALL

LGBTQ and ALL is an inclusive community for folks who live within the margins. Whether they identify as gay, straight, trans, non-binary, BIPOC, larger-bodied, sex worker, neurodivergent, live with a disability, or in poverty, our community strives to uplift all its members. If you are an ally, a friend, family, partner, or chosen family, you can belong to this community. LGBTQ and ALL welcome those who acknowledge their privilege and do their part to interact with the LGBTQ+ community positively and stand up for their rights. We aim to reduce stigmas and barriers when it comes to LGBTQ+ folks, so queer folks can have a more positive outcome for mental health. Our supportive community, influential ambassadors, and mental health resources are available information to help make anyone feel empowered – this is part of our mission. Safe spaces provide marginalized individuals with respect and emotional security. It is also a freeing place where LGBTQ+ people can be free from judgment, negative opinions, and discrimination, and also a space where these individuals can feel respected and supported. Our LGBTQ and ALL community feel strongly about uplifting the community.

12. Zerxza is a women’s magazine dedicated to improving your health and wellness in every aspect of your life: from relationships, beauty, and fashion to food, diet, exercise, and mental health. We’re not afraid to tackle complicated topics and questions that others might skip because our goal is to improve your wellness and help you become the best version of yourself.‘s editor-in-chief is a certified nutrition & wellness consultant Viktoria Krusenvald who empowers women’s health with detailed guidelines and advice on how to improve nutrition and health in general, how to make better dietary choices, and achieve better health from the inside out.

13. Kapok Aging and Caregiver Resources

Kapok Aging & Caregiver Resources caters to caregivers and seniors from around the world in search of resources and information to navigate common challenges faced by struggling caregivers and to support aging well. Kapok places heavy emphasis on sharing best practices and tools to make caregiving more affordable and less taxing. In addition, no other caregiving has a niche in multicultural issues surrounding caregiving as they do, and offer many articles in other languages. The owner is a gerontologist who studied the health disparities of family caregivers as part of her academic research career and with her team, enjoys bridging her personal and professional insights to help caregivers on many subjects such as managing caregiver stress & isolation, technology & aging, aging at home, retirement planning, food & nutrition, affording care, dealing with stubborn aging parents, incontinence, dementia, diabetes, and more.


6 Reliable Ways to Send Money to Your Child Studying Abroad

As a parent, sending your kid to study abroad is exciting news. But we will not judge you if you start worrying as soon as you hear about it.

After all, you want to ensure that your child is safe and healthy. But you would like them to be responsible and fend for themselves.

Hence, you would want them to learn how to manage their finances.

While they can opt to be working students overseas, their earnings may not be enough. Hence, you can send them money regularly and let them budget it.

That said, here are six reliable ways you can send money to your kids who are studying abroad.


Bank to Bank Transfer

One of the most secure ways to send money to your kid who is studying abroad is to use your banks.

For one, you are doing the transaction through a trusted institution. Second, it offers convenience since it is likely that your bank already has your details. Otherwise, all you need is your child’s international bank account number and SWIFT or BIC code.

The only caveat is that bank-to-bank transfer has a hefty transfer fee and poor exchange rate. As such, look for a local bank with branches abroad, offers low transfer fees and a competitive exchange rate.


Money Order

Sending a money order is another traditional way of sending money to your child abroad. This is also a worthwhile alternative if you do not own a checkbook.

However, a money order requires a nominal fee. If you want to send $200 to your child, you need to pay $202. That’s the amount of money you want to send, plus the money transfer.

Such money remittance ensures that your kid will receive $200 and can choose to receive it in local currency or not.

But one of its downsides is that there is a limit to the amount of money you can send. The money order will also require your kid to pick up the cash in the nearest branch, which can be a hassle.


Online Money Transfer

Money transfer
A man is entering an object where a money transfer service is given

Other than banks and money orders, online money transfers are becoming a popular way to send money overseas. That’s because online money remittance service providers offer the following benefits:

  •     Lower transfer fees
  •     Better exchange rate
  •     Fast and reliable transfer time
  •     Multiple ways to receive cash

 What’s important is to look for a service provider that has branches available in the country where your child will study. It will also help if they offer various ways for your kid to receive the money like cash pick-up, bank deposit, and more.


Digital Wallet

Money transfer
Money is being transferred from a bank account using an application on the smartphone

In 2020, digital and mobile wallets made up 45% of e-commerce payment transactions worldwide. In addition, UK and US consumers prefer to use such methods to pay for products or services.

This explains why more and more establishments encourage cashless transactions. In fact, you can now do your grocery and pay for it by scanning a QR code.

That said, you can consider sending money to your kid through a digital wallet like Google Pay or ApplePay.

What you can do is transfer cash from your bank to their digital wallet. And then your child can use it to pay for their groceries, transportation, and other essentials.


PayPal Transfer

There is a good reason PayPal transfer deserves its spotlight, so hear us out.

Bank-to-bank transfers can be costly, while money orders can be a hassle. Unfortunately, not every country accepts ApplePay or Google Pay. Perhaps they have their local digital wallet, which you cannot connect with your bank.

This is where PayPal can be helpful.

For one, you can fund your PayPal account through your bank. You can also connect your credit card for convenience’s sake. From there, you can do a PayPal-to-PayPal transfer.

Once your child receives the PayPal fund, they can opt to transfer it to their digital wallet or local bank account.

However, PayPal often charges a transaction fee that the recipient will have to shoulder. So if you send $200, your child will likely receive around $198. Moreover, PayPal has a low exchange rate margin.


Email Money Transfer

Sending money via email can be one of the most convenient methods you can find.

 It works like an electronic check, and you initiate the transaction via email. Your child will then receive an email notification if the fund is available.

You don’t need to input the recipient’s bank account number, and your child will only need to answer a security question. However, email money transfer is not readily available in some countries. It also makes your and your child’s email susceptible to phishing.



Keep in mind that you now have various options to send money to your child who is studying abroad. Supporting them financially will be less of a worry.

Nonetheless, it would help if you identify your options and compare their transfer fees and exchange rates. That way, you can minimize the transfer fee you have to pay, and your kid can make the most out of your money transfer.


Back To The Days When Auction Sales Started!

Every time you hear about an auction ad on TV or see an advertisement in the newspaper, you might be tempted to go and buy it all! For specific individuals, the art sale is one of the most tempting sections of purchasing art. Around the exact moment, the world of auctions can appear mysterious, with its splashy news and glamorous guest lists and the most enigmatic and elusive bidders. An auction in Philadelphia can be the best place to get your hands on the best artifacts. Let’s look into the history of these auctions.

Auctions have been the primary way art has been sold among the elite society for decades. An emerging class of collectors and dealers started attending auctions in the first few decades of the 1900s. These were small; private affairs followed only by those who thoroughly knew the business. To resell at a premium profit, they were finding jobs they could buy at low prices.

It was not until auctions entered the more expansive public imagination and began to have a real influence on the demand for modern art. The record-breaking sale of the esteemed collection of contemporary and pop art masterpieces by Robert and Ethel Scull in 1973 was primarily motivated by this regime. From this point, the auction in Philadelphia gained a significant chunk of popularity.

Later, art auctions were excellent, coinciding with the typically bustling economy and the pattern of art collections being used as tokens of prestige. The big auction houses liquified the market by aggressively trying to improve the customer base and take auctions to the masses. But the importance of the demand and the price of sales have been gradually growing since then. Global players are driving many jaw-dropping bids you will see today, particularly in Asia and the Middle East.

Auction somewhere in the Middle East

When the auctions have grown to such a greater extent today, they bring several benefits that people will surely prefer to buy at auctions. Some of these all-time benefits are:


Auctions in Philadelphia are Easy

Auctions are simple, the highest bidder won the product, and you are saved from the unnecessary negotiation toil. You can bid on your favorite items from anywhere in the world through online auctions. Auction sales are fast sales, so they are a perfect place to start if you are trying to purchase artifacts quickly.


Compare the goods from Industry

 Many auction results are freely accessible, unlike gallery sales, and these can be a source of help to direct your bidding decisions. Auction houses tend to sell artworks from artists with solid auction markets, as this allows them to foresee when and how well a painting or an art piece will bid. If you are interested in artwork, you must definitely look into auctions in Philadelphia. When you try to remain in line with value, you should investigate the ratings and use them as guideposts.


Transparency of the Price

Auction houses provide every sale with price estimates. These figures are calculated by analysts analyzing the previous auction outcomes of the artist, the condition and importance of the artwork, and macroeconomic patterns to approximate the piece’s market value. You can know the figures before bidding begins, enabling you to concentrate only on paintings that suit your budget.

 Suppose you are interested in impressionist prints, trendy street art, or classic mid-century furniture. In that case, an auction in Philadelphia gives you the chance to purchase art and craft at a fair price. There are many benefits of buying art at auction, from price transparency to artwork authenticity.

 You’ve probably dreamed of seeing a piece of your art go up for sale in a big auction house if you’re like most artists and watching the foreign art collecting community struggle over it with their bank accounts. The hammer falls, your art sells for a record amount, and the story goes viral.


How do Auction Houses Operate?

Many collectors want to sell artwork for one of three reasons: death, debt, and migration, as the auction houses would tell you. Nevertheless, in times of increasing art market costs, many collectors bring up work for sale because they feel they will make good money.

 One of the primary sources for the secondary market is an auction in Philadelphia houses. The first step is an evaluation when an auction house acquires an item, where the analysts hired by the house evaluate the work and perform their studies to decide its worth and produce projections of what it will sell for at the auction. To establish the auction, groups of works are then collected together.

 Every auction set-up has a catalog of valuable details about each item and all the lots in sale. Even a pre-sale display goes on view before the public’s auction to see the works in person. Owing to these reasons, auctions have become popular and prominent.

How to Throw an Unforgettable Spring Wedding

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Flowers abound everywhere, birds are singing, and it’s a perfect time for a wedding. 

Spring weddings have long been popular for a number of reasons.

One reason is the flowers. Spring gives people the opportunity to get a wide variety of fresh flowers in an array of colors to suit just about any wedding theme.  

Another reason is the weather is often good during this season. You can have your ceremony outside of the home or in the garden or park. It’s not too hot and not too cold.


How to Plan for Your Spring Wedding

When planning your spring wedding, three things to focus on should be your timeline, the details, and the venue.

1.    Timeline

Magnolia trees are placed in the backyard

Start 6-12 months before the wedding: Since planning takes a long time, it is important to start early. Plan a date and make all the necessary appointments with vendors. You’ll need to get in touch with venue managers, caterers, photographers, and videographers. This is also a good time to book your honeymoon! For instance, you’ll need to find a good source to buy spring wedding flowers like peonies and magnolias.

2.    Venue

Choose a spring wedding venue that takes advantage of the weather and beautiful blooming flowers. Remember that many book a year or more in advance, so there’s no time to waste.

Here are two questions to ask yourself when scouting a venue:

  1. What are you looking for in a wedding venue? Seating capacity, catering, style, etc.
  2. What are the different venues available in your city?

Decide on a venue by size, style, and location. Once you have a few favorites picked out, go and see each one, ask if you can come when they are set up for a wedding. If they offer catering, set up a tasting and see what packages they offer.

In the last two months before your wedding, hone in on the details.

3.     Details

These include things like rounding up hair and makeup artists.


Managing a Low Budget Spring Wedding

Budgeting for a wedding can be challenging if the economic conditions of the pandemic impacted your income. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you still can’t have a spring wedding. It just means that you may have to trim some expenses. Here are two ways to do it.

1.    Plan in advance

Make a detailed wedding plan. Plan your spring wedding using an event planner. Create a list of tasks you need to do before your wedding. You can use it for tracking RSVPs, creating guest gift baskets, and writing timely thank-you cards. You’ll be able to identify more budget-friendly options, which will allow you to keep expenses low.

2.   Host your own event

You may want to consider hosting your wedding. A wedding is generally expensive because you have to hire so many different people. For example, you’ll need to hire caterers,  photographers, and musicians. The more talented friends you can ask to fill in some of these roles, the more money you will save!

Try these two ideas when hosting your own event.


  • Consider brunch or lunch instead of dinner. These are much more informal and more family-friendly, not to mention cheaper!


  • Decorate your backyard or garden wedding with live flowers and greenery. Use pastels for your color palette when decorating the home. Also, decorate with real flowers and artificial butterflies.


Why Spring Is a Perfect Time for a Wedding

One of the many reasons people choose to get married in the spring is the natural beauty of the season. Colorful flowers can inspire some beautiful wedding decorations. Because of the lovely weather, outdoor weddings and receptions won’t be chilly, and everyone will be able to dress more comfortably.