Making high-end fashion meet technology – The secret of success of Casio Singapore shock-resistant watches

For men, it is no longer enough to be dressed to impress but knowing how to wear a watch correctly and choose a brand and style that upholds the personality should never go amiss. And to this extent, Casio has an answer for all fashion needs for men that also supports their ambitions to perform at their peak with proper technological support from watches. Watches, though small, can make a significant impact on the style that makes a world of difference because people notice even the smaller details to evaluate a person.

Casio had aimed for developing a watch that never breaks and, in their endeavor, landed up discovering its shock resistant range of watches G-shock that have become an icon in fashion and functionality. The watch that has become synonymous with toughness is not only for tough guys but also for those who want to display it as a valuable fashion accessory. Although it is hard to say which comes first, fashion or functionality, it will be safe to assume that both go hand in hand in Casio Singapore watches.

What G-shock really means?

To say that G-shock watches are shock resistant would be an understatement because only when you know about its wide-ranging resistive abilities that you will realize the power of the small devices. Remember that the watch is the toughest device ever made, and naturally, it can resist every type of shock. Correctly speaking, these watches have 7 elements of shock resistance – it can resist electric shock and water and even low temperature, gravity, shock, vibration, and toughness. Casio packs the watches with its technologies and innovations to achieve the desired level of shock resistance. Typically, protective urethane for internal components and suspended timekeeping modules keep the watches completely unaffected by shocks.

Comfort, style, and functionality

Casio G-shock watches are examples of superior workmanship and technology that has helped to create the devices considered tactical timepieces that never compromise on toughness while ensuring comfort and style. To look for an item that perfectly blends comfort, style, and functionality, there is no need to look beyond G-shock watches that have become the benchmark for the fashion seeking males. Every piece of the watch has its own appeal and meets the aesthetic criteria of fashion-conscious men who are also keen to flaunt a technologically superior watch that meets their high aspirations.

Wearable technology devices

Watches have evolved over the centuries, and now what men wear on their wrists does a lot more than mere timekeeping. To be precise, watches are no more the simple chronometer but aptly named wearable technology devices that can do everything from tracking your health to monitoring your movements and measuring altitude and much more. Men are fond of wearable devices, just as women are fond of jewelry.

Those involved in extreme activities like adventurers and explorers would like the watches that pack a host of technological features to make the devices work in the most severe environment, and Casio could meet their expectations with watches that never fail to thrill.

How to Choose the Perfect Senior Housing Option

Finding the right senior housing options for you can be a challenge. Retirement is a major life change, and the reality is often a major surprise compared to what people expect as they reach retirement age. But when it comes to senior housing, there are more options today than there have ever been.

Starting in 2035, an estimated 2.5 million seniors plan on moving out of their homes, and today’s seniors have very different expectations about what senior housing should look like. The industry has taken notice and they’re coming up with innovative solutions to give seniors more choice.

The Senior of Tomorrow

There are some major differences between today’s and tomorrow’s seniors and older adults in the past. For one, many Boomer seniors are actually financially better off than their children. They’re going to have to rely more on their own resources for senior housing. Second, they’re generally healthier and living longer, expecting to live independently for longer. Finally, many are hoping to find retirement residences with a comfortable atmosphere and a focus on community engagement and social life.

What to Look for in a Retirement Community

#1 Independent Living

Independent living is housing designed for seniors – ranging from separated houses to apartments – that’s friendlier to older adults, easy to navigate, more compact, and requires no maintenance or yard work.

There may be options where you don’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, or laundry, and most offer amenities like swimming pools or tennis courts. There are also likely to be no shortage of events and activities like exercise programs, holiday gatherings, gardening, movie nights, art classes, and more.

#2 Smart Design

Although moving into a smaller home or senior living apartment may mean less space, it should be better designed. You will need wider hallways, accessibility fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen beyond grab bars such as walk-in bathtubs, non-slip floors, and levers instead of doorknobs. These will make navigating easier even if you require a walker or wheelchair, and they will reduce the risk of injury later.

#3 Location

How close is it to your community? To family and friends? Is it convenient for doctors’ offices, shopping, parks, and other amenities? The most important factor in location is whether or not it’s close to communities, places, and people that are important to you.

You should also consider whether or not alternative transportation options are available, as older seniors drive less. Is the location walkable, close to transit, or do the facilities offer shuttle buses?

#4 Prepare for Changes in Your Health

Many consumers don’t think about changes in their health when they find a new place to live in. There are increasingly senior living options that provide flexible care options: nursing care or even memory care available in senior living apartments so that you don’t have to move again. Once is enough.

#5 Affordability

Finally, there’s affordability. While many seniors would prefer to stay in their homes, it may not be practical given the costs of retrofitting – or the fact that many of today’s retirees have most of their net worth in their homes. Selling is the most effective way to tap into that equity reliably.

You’re going to have a lot of options for senior housing. Look at your finances and consider your priorities before you make your decision. 

Edwards Syndrome: Overview, Diagnosis, and Risks

Edwards syndrome, or trisomy 18, is a rare genetic condition in which an individual has one or more extra copies of the 18th chromosome. For the most part, Edwards syndrome occurs randomly as a result of an error during meiosis, which is the process of sex cell division, but it may be possible for someone to be a partial carrier of this condition. (A partial carrier is someone who has the genetic mutation which causes Edwards Syndrome but doesn’t show symptoms and is at risk for passing it on to their children.)

Trisomy 18 is associated with significant developmental problems, and babies born with it will usually have a reduced life expectancy. However, if you are pregnant, it is possible to find out whether your baby is affected by Edwards syndrome in the womb. This knowledge can help you to make important decisions about your prenatal care, and your baby’s care after birth.

How is Edwards Syndrome Detected?

Edwards syndrome can often be detected in a fetus within 7 days of undergoing the MaterniT21 PLUS prenatal screening. This non-invasive blood test poses no harm to the developing child but can inform of the baby’s likelihood to be born with a number of genetic abnormalities. If a prenatal screening test shows signs that a baby has a chromosomal abnormality, additional testing will be necessary. Prenatal genetic screening is not considered a diagnostic test.

How is Edwards Syndrome Diagnosed?

Trisomy 18 can be diagnosed before and after birth. The only way to diagnose this condition before birth is by undergoing some form of prenatal diagnostic testing, including amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling. These tests involve inserting a needle into the uterus to remove a small sample of the placenta or the baby’s amniotic fluid. The DNA from the sample is then tested in a lab to confirm any genetic abnormality.

Edwards syndrome can also be diagnosed after birth when symptoms of the condition become apparent and the doctor performs a physical exam on the child. This diagnosis will always be confirmed with DNA testing in order to verify the presence of an extra 18th chromosome.

What are the Symptoms of Edwards Syndrome?

Depending on the location of the extra 18th chromosome, symptoms of Edwards syndrome will vary in severity. Babies with this condition will often be low in weight, cry softly, and will have difficulty growing. They may also be born with underdeveloped organs and abnormally small body parts.

What are the Risks of Edwards Syndrome?

Due to the wide range of developmental problems in these children, only 5-10% live beyond their first year. Those who survive past the first year often face considerable health challenges and intellectual disability that can make independence difficult.

Females are more likely to survive longer with this condition, though lower mortality rates have been noted for those with higher birth weights of both genders

Speak with Your Doctor

Remember that most babies are born healthy, but if you are concerned that your baby may be born with a genetic disorder, speak with your doctor. They will be able to recommend specific testing options that are right for you and your medical history, as well as answer any questions you may have about the condition or the process.

If your child is found to have Edwards syndrome while still in-utero, you may have additional questions about their condition and their future care. A genetic counselor may help make this news more manageable by helping guide you and your family through the pregnancy and planning for the future.

6 Easy Tips for Entertaining at Home This Summer

This summer is set to be a blazing hot one. In fact, June this year was the hottest on record. So, it all points towards high temperatures persisting all the way through summer. And that means there’s never been a better time to help people cool off by entertaining them at your home.

But you need to keep everyone comfortable, so they have the best possible time. Here are a few easy tips for you to make your next event a memorable one.

Do the Work First

Don’t be that person who tries to prep and plan in the minutes before your guests arrive. Prep and plan well in advance so everything is ready and you don’t have to worry about anything.

After all, don’t you want to join the party and enjoy it with your friends and family?

Decorate with Your Flowers

Nothing says summer like flowers. But before you decide to waste money on buying them from the store, look closer to home.

Take a glance at the leaves and flowers in your garden. A few minutes spent making some strategic cuts can create a few small bouquets for your event. Tie them together with some pretty ribbons and you have your decorations ready to go.

Invest in Some Outdoor Cookware

Some people decide to pull out the grill. But why not do something different and consider pulling out an outdoor pizza oven from Forno Venetzia instead?

Other options might include a premium grill or a minibar so guests can serve themselves.

Keep Your Guests Cool

The latest heatwave has been blamed for at least six deaths already. It’s important to keep cool if you’re hanging out this summer.

Make sure you have a lot of ice on hand. Have more than you need if the temperatures start to soar.

Offering some summery cocktails to your guests is an excellent way of making sure everyone is comfortable.

Make Things Cozy at Night

Maybe you decided to hold an event in the evening instead? During the summer season, people always underestimate how the temperature can change at night.

Nothing creates some awesome summer memories like a campfire or a firepit. They are a great way to end events that you may host as the summer season ends. 

Just make sure you check to make sure your local town or city doesn’t prohibit fires on residential property to avoid being fined. 

Keep the Bugs Away

Unfortunately, summer also brings bugs. Mosquitoes are perhaps the biggest nuisance, especially at sunset.

Not all your guests are going to be well-prepared for this apocalypse. Try to have lots and LOTS of insect repellent to stop your guests from becoming uncomfortable and packing up early.

There are plenty of insect repellents on the market, but you should choose only EPA approved repellents, so you know that they’re safe and that they actually work.

Last Word – Creating the Best Summer Gathering Ever

Good friends, good food, and good drinks are the only real things that people expect when they go to a party.

Provide all these things and your party is always going to be a success. Do everything you can to make your guests comfortable and they’ll want to return every weekend!

Have you started planning your summer party yet?