5 Reasons That an American School May be Right for Your Child

American educational institutions—and particularly US Universities—are recognized globally for their academic excellence, with American institutions of higher learning consistently ranking among the world’s best. This makes American education highly coveted by foreign nationals, and many parents choose to send their children to American schools as a way to prepare them for American university education in later years.  But the United States is not the only country where one can enroll in a school with an American curriculum. Many international schools around the world follow the American system, which means that young students of all nationalities have the chance to discover American education for themselves.

Are you currently deciding on an international school for your child? If so, consider one that is rooted in the American tradition. The educational approach and values cultivated by an American school may be a good fit for your child’s learning needs and professional aspirations later in life. Here’s a list of reasons to enroll your child in an American-curriculum Singapore school.  


American School Curricula Are Known for Their High Academic Standards

One thing that surely defines the American school system is its high academic standards. American school curricula—including those that are taught outside of the US—are known to be enriching, substantive, and well-encompassing of the world’s important academic disciplines. If you want your child to benefit from an exhaustive curriculum that’s considered world-class, then it will be a good decision to enroll them in an American school. If they can succeed in a school that follows American academic standards, they’ll have a great chance of succeeding in other learning environments that are equally challenging.


American International Schools Produce Well-Rounded and Independent Students

Academics aren’t the only focus of American education, however. American curricula typically encourage learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom. You can expect an American school to offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, such as sports clubs, academic societies, and organizations devoted to artistic pursuits. The school may even offer mentorship programs with career professionals, intercultural exchanges, and volunteering opportunities with civic organizations. Your child can join such activities and become a well-rounded and self-determined learner as a result.


An American Curriculum Will Improve Your Child’s English Proficiency

English is considered the world’s lingua franca in fields like business, science, technology, and global politics. If the goal is to improve a student’s proficiency in the English language so that they can excel in any one of these fields, then enrolling in an American school—where English is the main language of instruction—is a logical choice. Enroll your child in an institution where they can learn and practice English, and they will be much more confident about pursuing a global career. 


An American School Education Will Increase Your Child’s Chances of Being Admitted to a US University

Another great advantage of American international school education is that it generally increases a student’s chances of getting accepted into a world-class higher institution of learning—particularly one that’s located in the United States. If your child wants to apply to study in the US or in other countries that have similar tertiary education systems, then it would be good to make them familiar with the American educational system.

College admissions committees typically recognize the American pedagogical framework, and that may factor into their decision to accept your child into competitive degree programs with similar standards and similar modes of delivery.  Even better, have your child earn credits from courses that are recognized by American institutions of higher learning. If your child obtains high scores in Advanced Placement courses, for instance, American colleges and universities may grant them placement or corresponding course credits.


Your Child Will Experience Diversity and Develop a Global Perspective

The building of one of the international US schools is well designed

Lastly, although the American educational system is primarily associated with the “American way,” it’s not the only perspective your child will learn when they’re enrolled in an American school. American international schools are known to celebrate cultural diversity and to honor global perspectives. Your child may graduate from the school with a greater awareness of American life, but they will also have lots of opportunities to discover the cultures of their fellow international students. Together, they will form a learning community that’s truly global and inclusive in nature.


Final Words: Choosing an American International School for Your Child

As a parent in Singapore, you have a lot of international school options for your child. Aside from schools that follow American curricula, there are also schools that follow the Canadian school system, British school system, and the International Baccalaureate system. All of these have their respective pros and cons, and these should be weighed carefully before you choose an international school for your child to study in.

If this short guide has appealed to your sensibilities—and if it looks like an American curriculum would suit your child—you can do your own due diligence and begin exploring the top American international schools in Singapore. May you find a school that honors your child’s talents and learning capabilities, and may the program mold them into global citizens inspired by American education.

3 Big Benefits of Baby Hats for Your Child

Specifically in children, heat regulation can be a significant problem. If your baby becomes too warm or too cold, they could encounter health problems.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to help, baby hats. Hats come in a large variety of styles and levels of protection, so whatever the weather, there are the perfect hats for your baby available. We explore some of the lesser-known benefits of toddler hats below.

1. Comfort

Plenty of parents have had experiences with swaddling their child in a blanket and seeing the child immediately becoming more relaxed. This effect can also happen when a child wears a comfortably fitting hat.

The closeness and tight fit of a comfortable child’s hat can even help with getting your restless child to fall asleep easier.


2. A Protective Layer

A hat will protect your child from the cold and wind, but it also reduces the impact of unpleasant and loud noises. 

Children have sensitive ears and can sometimes become upset if overstimulated so softening the sounds in a child’s environment is an excellent way to avoid stress and anxiety in small children.

And this protective layer can also serve as a barrier to people who may want to stroke their head or kiss them. With the ongoing spread of viruses, parents can be particularly conscious of avoiding germs, and a hat is the perfect non-confrontational way to help with this.


3. Regulate Your Child’s Temperature

A hat is not always going to be necessary. If the weather is blazing hot and no wind, you should possibly consider staying in with your child and a couple of fans anyway, but if you do go outside, a light hat that protects their sensitive head from burning is vital.

Similarly, when it’s colder, you should ensure your child has a warm hat to keep them from becoming too cold. A hat provides you with a greater number of options when it comes to where you can take your child and the amount of time they can spend outside a more controlled environment like your home.


Baby Hats: More Than Just Cute

A young girl is wearing a hat while taking a photo

We all know babies wearing hats are adorable, but there is a lot more to it than just how cute they can look.

The right infant hats can help your child in a large variety of ways from comfort to protection from the elements and weather. All this while also being adorable, so it’s really a win-win situation.


Protect Your Child Now

If you are questioning ‘should I buy hats for my kid?’, the answer is almost undoubtedly yes! Baby hats are the perfect way to protect and help your child avoid unnecessary stress, provide comfort, and protect them from the weather. Please consider getting the right headwear for your child as soon as possible, and who knows, it might even help you get some extra sleep.

For the best advice and help on your parenting journey, check out our homepage where there are plenty of resources to help you and make life just a little bit easier.

New Baby at Home? How to Get More and Better Sleep

There is no better feeling than bringing a new baby into your home. It’s like a dream come true, only better. However, there’s one thing you’re likely to struggle with: sleep. Your baby needs you during the night, so you’re going to spend a lot of time awake. 

If you want to get more sleep and better sleep – even if you have a baby that needs you throughout the night – there are some simple steps you can take. Here are five things that you should do:


1. Read as much as you can

You have a lot to think about as a new parent. From choosing the right baby clothes to ensuring that your child gets a good night’s sleep, your mind is always racing. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to research things you can do to improve your own life. 

There is no shortage of books, websites, and blogs that provide tips and advice for how to get a better night’s sleep — even if you have a newborn who is doing their best to keep you awake for hours on end. 


2.Track everything

There will be times when you feel like you’re getting the proper amount of sleep. There will also be times when you wonder if you’ll ever get back to your normal schedule. This is something you should expect. By tracking everything you do, you can pinpoint both the good and the bad. 

For instance, make note of when you go to sleep and when you wake up. This should include all the times that you wake up in the middle of the night to tend to your child. It’s important to get the proper amount of sleep, but you’re not going to do so unless you have a clear idea of what’s working and what’s not. 


3.Put away your phone

When you finally get the chance to hit your pillow, it’s time to fall asleep. Don’t spend time searching the internet. Don’t browse social media. The more you do this, the greater chance there is that you’ll stimulate your brain and make it more difficult to fall asleep. Keep your phone turned off. And while you’re at it, do the same with your television. 


4.Watch what you eat

Healthy meals are placed in plastic boxes

No matter if you have a new baby at home or not, what you eat before you go to bed can impact how well you sleep. This goes along with tracking everything. Should you find that a certain food doesn’t sit well with you, cut it out of your diet. 

A good example is eating spicy food before you retire for the evening. It may taste good on the way down, but it can result in acid reflux. And if that happens, you could suffer through a night full of pain while still having to care for your newborn. 


5.Upgrade your mattress

That old mattress should find its way to the curb sooner rather than later. Even if you think it’s comfortable, it could be wreaking havoc on your sleep and your health as a whole. Learn more about modern mattresses, as you’re likely to find that an upgrade can do wonders for your mind and body. 

Tip: even though online mattress companies are growing in popularity, it may be best to shop locally. This gives you the opportunity to test out each mattress on your shortlist before you make a final decision. Doing that can save you time, money, and aggravation over the long run. 


Final Thoughts

A lack of sleep can affect your mental and physical health, so you need to fight back against it to the best of your ability. The one thing you need to remember is that this is just a temporary phase. There will come a time when your baby sleeps through the night. That thought alone should be enough to keep you going. 

Take as many steps as you can to get more and better sleep. Even if you only take small steps in the right direction, it’s sure to do wonders for how you feel.

What tips do you have for sleeping better with a newborn at home? Is there anything that didn’t work for you?

How to Encourage Your Child to Study: 6 Tips and Ideas

Personality plays an important part in children’s academic success. However, most good students are not born with a passion for studying and the ability to embrace knowledge. While kids are not empty canvases you can design based on your wishes, they can, with your guidance, be directed to live up to their potential.

In other words, there are various strategies that parents can turn to in an effort to encourage their children to study. All of them require the parents to be aware of their children’s needs, conscious of the language they’re using when talking with them, and supportive during their struggles. With that in mind, here are a few tips and ideas that will help you motivate your children to study.


Cultivate a Reading Atmosphere

Children who love reading are more likely to have a positive mindset toward studying. That’s why it’s important to cultivate a reading atmosphere in your home. To do that, you need to lead by example. When kids see their parents reading (and enjoying it), they will be more likely to do the same. Reading can be your quality time with the kids before bedtime, and it’s a way to associate positive emotions with this activity. Other things that have the same effect are a home library, a reading nook, or fun trips to your local library.


Make Studying Fun

Studying is a chore. It’s something children need to do to achieve academic success and develop properly. Naturally, kids don’t enjoy staring at the books trying to memorize everything by heart until their brains hurt. When they view studying as an interesting activity, it’s easier for them to learn new information and retain knowledge longer.

Dramatic instead of silent readings can make it easier for kids to remember things. Also, kids need to take breaks in between learning sessions to be physically active. Since most people are visual learners, drawing pictures that illustrate important points helps them understand more complicated concepts. Finally, you can play educational games.


Show Interest in Their Education

Even when kids are independent in their studying, homework, and other chores, they need your support and guidance. You need to be on top of their schoolwork and communicate regularly with their teachers.

Also, it’s important to talk to your children to see how they’re doing at school and if they have some difficulties. Be informed about their exams and grades. There are some specific tests, such as the cognitive abilities test that assesses students’ abilities and potentials, that can also help you learn where to direct your attention.


Provide Structure

Proper time and space management are crucial for motivating children to read and learn. Be consistent and definite when determining a study routine. Assign a specific time within each day for studying, reading, and homework. Having a routine will make learning a habit and a part of their system.

Spatial organization is also important. Kids need to have a quiet place without distractions where they can study. Show them how to tidy up their study table, but encourage independence in organizing according to their needs.


Put Them in the Driver’s Seat

Speaking of independence – in the educational process, children are often in the back seat, with the teachers and parents being the drivers. The lack of control over their education can cause them to withdraw from learning.

On the other hand, when they are given a chance to have direct input regarding their studying choices, they feel encouraged and empowered. Some of the ways to empower kids in the learning process include:

  •     providing them with options (e.g., when choosing a theme for a project)
  •     focusing on their areas of interest
  •     allowing them to choose their extracurricular activities


Highlight the Importance of the Process Instead of the Results

Children are going together in school

Parents want their children to be successful at school. However, pressuring them to get straight A’s can often be counterproductive. So, avoid emphasizing poor performance. Instead, highlight the effort put into learning and all the insights gained from the experience. Even when they get good grades, they should be aware that grades are not the main reason for studying.


In Closing

These tips will help you encourage your kids to succeed in school and guide them in a healthy way throughout their academic life. But on top of all these effective strategies, there’s the tip you don’t need because you already know it: be there for them and support them all the way.

How to Come up with a Custody Schedule That Works

Divorce is not an uncommon situation today, with half of all children in the US going through the experience of their parents getting a divorce. However, a marriage ending does not mean that the family has to end as well. Many parents who decide that their marriage can no longer go on are concerned about minimizing the impact of the divorce on their children and want to make sure that their kids still feel safe, secure, and with a family to belong to no matter what has happened between their parents in the past. When it comes to making sure that the impact of divorce is minimal on your children and they are able to continue growing up in a way that is happy and healthy for them, a custody agreement is often essential. This agreement creates guidelines for your family when it comes to parenting time and how responsibilities are shared, making it easier for you to adjust to your new lives and providing much-needed stability for your children.


Modern Custody Agreement Trends

Some experts have noticed that these days, dads are no longer satisfied with older-style custody agreements where kids tend to traditionally spend more time with their mother, and only spend time with their dads on one weeknight and every other weekend. The good news is that more dads are looking for spending more time with their kids and genuinely want to share the parenting responsibilities 50/50, rather than only going for this kind of custody agreement as a way of getting out of child support. While after a divorce, children do not get to see both parents at the same time anymore, it’s usually healthiest for the child if an equal custody agreement can be reached, as they are not spending more time with one parent compared to the other. For more information, check out Onward for advice on parenting time guidelines. Onward offers an app that you can use to split costs and childcare responsibilities with your ex, and their advice on parenting time guidelines can be used to help you come up with a custody plan that works best for you.


Popular Custody Agreement Ideas

The brother and a sister are standing together

With more and more children now sharing their parents more equally after a divorce, and more dads looking to spend more time with their kids than the traditional every other weekend, both families and legal professionals have become a bit more creative when it comes to the different ways that they can divide this time. Some of the most popular ways to divide parenting time when it comes to custody agreements include:

Alternate weeks: The child will spend one week with one parent, and then the next with the other. Most families switch over on a weekend or Monday morning.

2-2-5-5- split: With this type of agreement, parents will alternate back and forth with having the kids. First, there’s a shorter period of two days, then two longer periods of five days each. As a result, parents do not go more than five days at a time without spending time with their children and the children can spend one half of the week with one parent, and the next half with the other.

2-2-3-3 split: With this agreement, one parent will have custody of the child for two days, before the child goes to the other parent for another two days. The first parent then has three days, and then the other has three days. This allows parents to alternate weekends spent with their kids.

3-4-4-3 split: This type of custody agreement split allows parents to divide the week almost in half, with each parent getting the kids for three days one week, then four days the next.


How to Come Up with an Ideal Parenting Time Agreement

Every family is different, and when it comes to deciding on a child custody and parenting time agreement, different things will work for different people. While there are various ways to divide parenting time that you might be able to choose from if you think that one is going to work well for you, keep these tips in mind as you decide on a parenting time agreement to help you come to a decision that you can all be happy with.

Use an App: There are plenty of apps available now that are designed for co-parents to create shared calendars and more. This makes it easier to communicate with your ex when it comes to working out your schedule and can help you with parenting time over occasions like birthdays and the holidays.

Be Flexible and Creative: Standard parenting time or custody agreements might not always work for every parent, for example, parents might have unusual work hours that require a more flexible and creative agreement. If you or your ex-partner work unusual shifts, for example, then it might be necessary for you to spend a little more time coming up with an agreement that is going to work.

Consider the Children’s Schedules: Often, this has to be the top priority when coming up with a custody agreement as the last thing that you want is to cause disruption to your child’s life. If your ex lives nearby and is easily able to take children to after-school activities and sports, for example, this is unlikely to be a huge problem. However, if not, it’s important to think about how a custody agreement is going to affect your child’s schedule and what the best way to minimize the impact will be.

Ask Your Child: While most experts don’t recommend allowing your child to make the final decision, it’s worth getting their input on what they think might work for them, especially if you have older kids who are capable of understanding what’s going on and can voice their own wishes. Not only could speak to your child make it easier for you to come up with ideas that you may not have thought of yourself, but it also demonstrates to them that hearing them is a priority during what can be an unstable situation.

Deciding on a custody agreement that works for everybody is not always easy, but with the right strategies, you can create a schedule that everybody is happy with. 


Seven Handy Tips for Brand-New Parents

Statistics show that 12% of parents feel prepared when they have their first child. Are you ready to have your first child? How is your partner feeling about it? What things can you do to prepare yourself for this time? No two couples will navigate parenting in the same way, but there are some things that you can do to try to make the process go smoother. Keep reading to learn a few tips for new parents.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There is the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child. This holds true even today. Many people in your life will likely be offering their time and resources to help you adjust to this new stage in your life. While it can be tempting to decline their offers, it doesn’t hurt to take them up on it. If they want to cook you dinner, it might mean that you and your partner have more time to spend together or that you don’t have to try to make it to the grocery store before dinnertime that day. Saying, “I need help,” is not a sign of weakness — but rather, a strength in this situation. 


Sleep when you can

The first year of a baby’s life usually does not mean a lot of sleep for its parents. Sleeping when you can is important. Your sleep schedule will be dictated by the baby, so napping is encouraged when there is an opportunity for it. Taking turns letting each other take a nap during the day or weekend can help with this. Depending on your feeding approach, taking turns feeding the baby at night can help you each get more uninterrupted hours of sleep each night. 


Prioritize each other

While the baby is the main focus once it is born, it doesn’t mean that your relationship with your partner goes out the window. Continuing to prioritize each other by talking each morning and discussing how each of you is handling the new change in your lives can help you stay on the same page and provide for each other’s needs. 


Get outside

Go for a walk. It sounds simple but new parents cannot be stuck inside the house the entire day. Exercise will be beneficial for both of you and there are strollers and swaddles that you can transport the baby in. Getting outside will help interrupt the mundane nature of caring for a newborn for hours on end. 


Take time to relax

Watch your favorite TV show at night, put on a movie together, play some music. All of these things can help you wind down from some of the stresses that come with being a new parent. If you are always running around and never give yourself a chance to relax, other issues can begin to build up. If you see your partner needs a break, offer to take over so that they can relax for a while. 


Talk, talk, talk

Communication is extremely important when you have a newborn. What do you need? What does the baby need? What does your partner need? You don’t want to arrive at the situation in which one person feels like they are doing it all while the other feels helpless. Constantly communicating your needs and what each of you could do to solve issues is key.


Be confident

Family is the safest place for the children

There is no one way to parent a child that is any better than another. Having confidence that you will be great parents and building on this confidence through experience is key. The more repetitions that you get in with caring for the baby, calming down the baby, feeding the baby, etc will make you more comfortable with the process as a whole. 


You’ve got this!

These tips are just a few of the many things that you can do when caring and preparing for a newborn. It will be a stressful time but you will develop routines with your partner that work and slowly gain control over how to parent the new addition to your family. Accepting that you are not going to know everything and being open to learning new things each day will help with this process. And, before you know it, it’ll even start to feel like second nature to you.

How to Make Baby Videos Go Viral on TikTok

Going viral on TikTok whether for baby videos or for something else boils down to just a few things.

Those are authenticity and originality and of course your ability to capture the attention of the viewer within just the first few seconds.

Making baby videos go viral uses the same techniques as do any other video. However, there are some tips and tricks that when utilized will make any video go viral, and anyone can adapt those as soon as you finish reading this blog. 

Stick to the very end, for you have prepared a special tip. But that special tip cannot be understood without reading something, that which you need to find within this article. 


Play with the emotions of the audience 

That might sound like something bad. It is in fact not a good thing to be playing with the emotions of other people. 

But the sad reality and the fact remains that the whole entertainment business and the social media, marketing and sales, are built on the premise that you need to be able to trigger emotions if you want someone to do something for you.

For salespeople, it might be that they want to sell you something by triggering certain emotions while marketing may want to sway you towards certain products. 

In the same way, you should make videos that incite certain feelings in people when they watch your videos. 

The harshest one, or the most popular one that is so damn sticky in our day and age, is FOMO. if you don’t know what FOMO is, it is fear of missing out. 

Millennials are full of it. Even Gen Z and all the other generations have caught on to this feeling. 

This ugly feeling is what makes people make the kind of decision they make rather than financially and psychologically, like buying a new iPhone every time it releases another version. 

In the same way, if you are to make a video that ignites this very feeling in the hearts of the viewers, you are guaranteed to receive twice more than the number of followers you have. Buying followers on TikTok also might help in your efforts for baby videos to go viral as the algorithm rewards following growth.

This is not to say FOMO is necessarily negative. But there are other emotions that play as big a role if not better. 

They are aspirations, admirations. If you are to show the best side of your baby, couples expecting a baby are more prone to watch it.

How does playing with positive emotions work?

Playing with emotions means teasing them with the good sides of what you are having. If you intend to make the baby videos go viral on TikTok. Then show the good sides.

TikTok channel  example- credit to @wren.eleanor

Film the moments when they are cute and are doing something that is out of the ordinary. Something that may make the audience interested in the idea of what it is like to have a baby. 

You can consider success when your videos convince people to have a baby. While this is really difficult to do, it should be the bar you are aiming to hit. 

Making baby videos go viral then comes down to this one point. It is how well you can fire up that emotion. 

However, that should not just be limited to shooting.  Including great music that affects the subconscious is another great way to make any video go viral. 

If you have ever spent some time on TikTok then you perhaps came across a similar or the same song more than once in one session. 

When songs go viral onTikTokthey go viral like crazy and be everywhere. Of course, you will need to filter that music out to find what fits best for baby videos on TikTok. 

But the tactic is the same and it works for every other type of video as well. 

TikTok challenges and trends 

There are numerous challenges on TikTok all the time. From hashtags challenges to trends to challenges encouraged by celebrities and influencers. 

Taking part in those challenges helps your content with discoverability and depending on the content, its engagement might make it go viral.

It also depends on how well you utilize the tricks above and those below that are about to come. 

Because just those are enough to make baby videos go viral on TikTok or any other video for that matter. 

Have you ever heard about the Ugli baby challenge?

You perhaps did not. But if you did you know how a lot of creators went viral due to their content. 

But those were just the type of content that actually would have gone viral regardless of the trend. This is not to take away anything from the trends which we so highly spoke of.

But to add to the importance of the point we are about to make next.  It is that originality plays a huge role. 

Whether you want to make your baby videos go viral on TikTok or make your business known. Original content is the type that attracts people. 

Originality doesn’t mean without edits and poor quality resolution and poor aesthetics. It just means it is you, and your baby in the video.

Unlike other platforms, TikTok is not that evergreen. If you are to post something or follow along on a challenge, you are to be vigilant and keep doing that again and again. 


The untold secret of viral videos on TikTok

The untold secret of going viral on TikTok is that you need to make an impact as soon as someone sees your content. 

TikTok channel example – credit to @chloeboboey

This means you will need to make a video that captures the attention of a person within seconds. Which is why we call this secret “The Seconds Secret”.

For example, when you are surfing on TikTok, have you ever skipped a video just because it wasn’t interesting and engaging. I’d argue you do this a lot, and perhaps all the time. 

Well, you are not the only person who does this. That is why when you are creating a video you should think about it from the perspective of the user. 

If you can’t keep them for three seconds you can’t keep them at all.

Thus, focus overly hard on the beginning of the video and how it affects the viewers. Because once they stay, chances are they will watch it till the end. 

Plus, longer watch times send signals to the algorithm that your content is interesting and is worth watching. And the algorithm will recommend it to many other users as well. 

Making baby videos go viral takes this content even more literally. Because an average TikTok user is not interested in watching babies, especially the Zoomers or the youngest generation. 

Although TikTok initially was known for its young demographics, nowadays it has been balanced a little bit with the inclusion of millennials. 

This means baby videos will be of more interest to those older demographics, which makes it even more necessary to make the dazzling intros into each and every one of your videos.

Video is the most powerful communications technology on the planet. And, if you are looking for ways to make your videos better, Larry Jordan’s tutorials are a great resource:  https://larryjordan.com/free-tutorials/

To wrap up

Before summing up, it is important that we mention like many blogs do that choosing a niche, and working on high-quality content is also important. 

Those tips and advice have become so cliche that this article focused on the more psychological part of making any video go viral including baby videos on TikTok. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you get views, it just matters you get them.

However, by following these three tips you increase the chances of getting views organically and in a way that will increase the chances of engagement. 


Things You Can Do with Your Kids Outside

If you are not the most athletic and adventurous person in the world, you might be wondering what you can do to get your kids out of the house and away from that PlayStation. You could always just take it away. But that doesn’t seem like a winning move. What You want to do is better motivate them rather than bully them into living a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes, raising smart, healthy, confident children requires more negotiation. The type of negotiation depends largely on their age. You can just force a child to go play outside if they are young enough. But that strategy does not scale well and often backfires in tragic ways. 

Your best bet is to lead by example. You are always the first role model your kids see in the morning and the last before they go to bed. If you have no interest in outdoor activities, they will be less likely to develop such interests. That means you have to find something outdoors that keeps you coming back for more. Better still, you can find ways to kindle outdoor passion with your kids. It is not about what you do individually, but what you do together. Here are a few suggestions that will get you on the right path:


Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage. They can serve to add value to your home and be the spark that gets you and your family outside a lot more often. You don’t have to wait for special occasions to have a cookout. You can enjoy a barbecue anytime you like. Birthdays will be a lot more fun. And it will be a lot easier to have guests that are happy to be there, as opposed to just fulfilling a social obligation. 

Don’t stop with the kitchen. While you have the contractor’s attention, build a gazebo or deck. Furnish it like a park, or like a beachside cabana. It is perfectly okay to be as whimsical as you like. If none of those ideas strike your fancy, craft a putt-putt golf course through your backyard. You don’t need 18 holes and an animated gorilla to have a fun place for your kids and their friends. Use part of the yard to plant a tomato garden with your kids. They will be hooked the first moment they pick a fruit they actually grew themselves. If you want to get the kids outdoors, start with your own backyard. Everyone loves an outdoor kitchen.



Parents are camping with their children

Do you know what else you can do in your backyard with your kids? Camping, that’s what. It is surprising how easy it is to transform your backyard into something new and exotic just by pitching a tent. When you are ready to take your camping to the next level, there are countless destinations within easy reach of wherever you happen to live.

You are definitely going to need some basic equipment for a first-time camper. One thing many take for granted is how incredibly uncomfortable the ground is when used as a bed. So be sure to bring good bedding made for camping. Don’t let anyone cajole you into roughing it in a way that is extreme and unhealthy. You will enjoy the outdoors a lot more if you are dry, warm, and comfortable. Experience it that way, and you’ll want to experience it again.



Photography might be the most fun way to enjoy the outdoors because it encompasses many interests. You can photograph everything from live sports to birds and insects. Photography might take you on the water in a canoe on a quiet lake. You don’t want anything that could tip you and your camera gear into the drink. If you are into adventure such as rock climbing, someone has to take pictures. After all, pictures, or it didn’t happen. When you can get your kids interested in photographing the world, they will want to be out in the thick of it all the time.

You might have trouble sending your kids outside. But you won’t have any trouble taking them with you outside if you add an outdoor kitchen, take them camping – the kind that doesn’t involve roughing it too much, and nurture their interest in photography. That is truly the Trojan horse of the outdoors lifestyle.

5 Things to Do Before Dropping Your Teen Off at College

While you’re excited for your child to be embarking on their new life as a college student, it can be overwhelming and stressful at the same time. Whether you’re traveling from the Illinois area where you live to another state or your child is staying in the local dorms it can be confusing.

The last few weeks and even days before you drop your teen off at the dorms can be rushed. If you’re looking to go the extra mile in those last few weeks, then try the following things long before you head out on your trip. 



1. Take Them to the Doctor and Dentist

Growing up, your child’s health was always your top concern, and that doesn’t change just because they’re leaving the nest

If your teen is going far away from home and won’t be home until winter break, go ahead and make an appointment with their doctor and one of the Oak Park dentists if you are near Chicago, or one in your area. This will give you peace of mind in knowing your child is in great health before they start their new life as a college student.

The dentist is examining the patient while using the help of RTG record


2. Teach Them How to Do Their Own Laundry

While some teens have been doing washing their own clothes for years, many haven’t been. If you’ve always done your child’s laundry for them, take the time now to show them how to separate their whites from their darks, how to wash them, and how to fold them as well. 

It’s best to have them wash a least a couple of loads themselves before they leave. 


3. Go Shopping

While you may have already gotten the laptop, books, and other items needed for classroom time, you also need to go shopping for essentials for dorm life

Clothes, sheets, dishes, coffee makers, and more should be on your list of necessities to help your child settle into college without a lot of stress.

Not only will you be picking up the things your child needs to be a happy while away from home, but it’ll also give you time to spend an entire day together before he or she heads off to the dorms. 


4. Have a Family Dinner

It’s long been known that family dinners are beneficial to the entire family. If this isn’t something your family normally does, or even if it is, scheduling a special family dinner at home or at a restaurant right before they leave is a nice touch. 

It gives your family time to catch up and talk about how exciting going away to college is, gives you time to be together and just bond the way a family should. 


5. Pack Gifts to Open When…

Most kids at college for the first time get homesick at some point. If you’re worried this is going to happen to your teen, pack some gifts for them to open at certain times.

For example, one gift could be to open when they’re bored, another for when they’re lonely, and yet another for when they are under stress. Don’t forget one for when they’re low on cash. The types of gifts can vary but should be appropriate for the moment and mood they’re in. 

Not only will these little gifts help them get through their first weeks away, but it also shows them just how much you care and are thinking of them while they’re gone. After all, it’s the little moments that count with family, don’t you think? 

Going off to college can be scary for you and your teen. Doing these few things in the weeks leading up to them going away will help you keep organized and do things together before the day arrives that your chick flies the coop.

How to Create a Perfect Study Room for Your Chid?

People with enough space in the house may like to create a dedicated study room for their children. A study corner will help the little one learn better without outside distractions. There are many things to consider while planning a study room. The process of education has shifted over the last few years. Therefore, modern study rooms should accommodate students with all the facilities needed to perform to their absolute ability. Continue reading the article to know more about how to design a study space for your child. 


Décor Of The Room:

 One of the fundamental things to remember while decorating a study space is that the Room should not feel cluttered with unnecessary things. The study corner needs to be spacious and airy. Ideally, natural light is preferable for the study place, but if you live in a congested city and want to block the outside noise, you can always install more lighting to brighten up the space. 

  • The wall color should be muted without much detailing work. The minimalistic décor will help one focus more on the study without distracting too much. 
  • A strong desk is required in the study room. The desk should have many drawers to keep all the papers and learning supplies intact. 
  • The study table can double as a laptop table since most of the studies are conducted online. Even if you are not keen on online studies and want to provide your child with hardcover books instead of PDFs, a student must research topics online to stay updated on the subject.


Learning devices: 

As mentioned earlier, most of the studies are conducted with the help of gadgets these days. Therefore, one must furnish the study room with the desired gadgets and instruments. These classroom devices help students continue their studies without difficulty. 

  • A computer is a must-have gadget in the study room. Make sure you install a high-quality internet connection and Wi-Fi system to run the system smoothly. One may also install parental control software on the computer to monitor the child’s online activity. 
  • Other gadgets such as a Tablet, printer, and interactive projectors are conventional devices installed in a smart classroom.
A boy and a girl are attending online lectures together


Soundproof Room: 

If you live in a busy city, the child will likely have a hard time dealing with the noises from the outside. Therefore, a parent may also consider soundproofing his child’s study room to help him concentrate on the lessons. The Room should be big enough for your child to have a group study session with his classmates. During an online study session, you don’t want the noises from the house to be heard by others on screen. The global pandemic has taught everyone that one should treat their study room as a classroom in the school. Therefore, these days when most of the classes are held online, soundproofing is even more required.


Quick Storage: 

In addition to having a large desk with drawers, one may also install a bookcase in the study room. The bookcase will serve as a library in the study, with plenty of storage space at the bottom for extra copies and supplies.