Military Family Life: 10 Ways To Improve Quality Time Together

Getting quality family time is crucial for all members of the family. When a parent is in the military, it can mean long periods of separation and frequent moves across the USA and beyond. Finding the time to ensure your family gets to bond is essential to help kids grow up well-adjusted and mentally healthy.  

You should consider all your options when trying to make family time. You can spend time bonding just as well at home as you can on vacation or a day out. What is important is that you make time for each other and stay present for your kids.  


Put The Electronics Away

When you have the chance to spend time in person with your family, you must be present. Avoid using cell phones and other electronics. Consider having a ban on phones at the dinner table. Engage with your family and actively listen to what they tell you.  


Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

Carve out time for you and your partner to connect. Have a regular date night where you hire a sitter for the kids. Do something different each week to keep the spark between you bright.  


Make Care Packages

Send care packaging back and forth when on deployment. Military members can send trinkets and keepsakes from wherever they’re based, and families can send reminders of home and country. Include handwritten letters and drawings from the kids.  


Play Board Games

Have a regular games night at home. Stock up on various games to suit the ages and interests of your kids. Look out for games in thrift stores and online.  


Create A Permanent Home Base

Create a permanent home base to give your kids stability and make homecoming more special. Consider buying a property with a VA mortgage, which doesn’t require a down payment. Find out how much you can borrow using this VA mortgage calculator from Hero Loan. Always choose a dependable VA loan provider like Hero Loan.  


Travel Together

Go on family vacations regularly. Travel throughout the USA and beyond. Choose unique experiences each time you travel to give yourself and your kids strong and fond memories. Consider adventurous vacations like camping in a National Park, trips to Disneyworld, or city breaks abroad.


Think Of Unique Days Out

Explore all your local area has to offer. Take your kids to try different activities like white water rafting and horseback riding. Make every family day memorable by trying something new. Ask your kids what they want to do.  


Read To Your Kids

A father is telling the goodnight story to a baby son.

Make reading time a regular fixture in your home. Read to kids before bed as part of a bedtime routine. Let them choose books for you to read.  


Cook And Eat Together

Cook meals as a family to get your kids interested in healthy eating habits. Ensure everyone has a job to do during meal prep, and everyone helps wash up afterward.  


Help Out With Homework

Help your kids with their homework to improve their academic abilities. Have designated homework times where you gather around the dining table to help them work. Consider hiring a tutor for any subjects they struggle with.

Best Home Improvement Blogs to Follow

Home improvement sounds like a pretty intimidating thing, but it really isn’t. Contrary to what you might believe and what’s shown on TV, home improvement can range from just getting a new vase or painting an accent wall in the bedroom to a huge renovation project with a big budget. 

Any good home improvement blog covers all these topics, and its goal is to make you realize that home improvement is something that’s very much within your reach. Not only is it their job to give you new ideas and suggestions on what to do, but it’s also their job to make sure you know exactly how to pull it off. 

Keep reading to find out about some of the best home improvement blogs around, that will make you feel like your new project is no big deal! 

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Selling Your Home? Here Are Five Ways To Make Things Go More Smoothly

Selling your home is a stressful and emotional time. You are probably in the middle of buying somewhere new, and you are saying goodbye to somewhere that may have a lot of special memories. It is also a process that can be long, complicated, and costly. Here are some tips to help things go more smoothly.


Start Preparing Now

Put your home on the market as early as possible. Remember that the process takes time and rushing may lead to accepting a lower price. Ask yourself if you can wait out property market trends. Shop around for the best real estate agent. Get multiple quotes on what you should be asking for. Give yourself room to maneuver in the price but be firm on the lowest offer you would consider.


Think About When You’re Selling

Consider the season carefully and what people will be looking for. Focus on the yard, green space, and exterior in the summer. Remember that surface-level issues may be more visible in bright sunlight. Think about how you could make your yard bright and enticing to boost the curb appeal of your home when selling in winter. Get your heating and insulation working to boost your chances of winter home selling. Take photos of your home for listing sites that best showcase your home regardless of the weather.


Put Yourself In The Buyers’ Shoes

Ask yourself what your priorities would be when buying a home. Work on the areas that often cause problems for new homeowners, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and lounge. Avoid undertaking any major new work while your home is available for viewing. Focus on making your home clean and tidy. Hire a professional cleaner to conduct a deep clean of your entire house before you allow viewings. Start getting rid of non-essential items and clear as much space as you can. 


Spend Money To Make Money

Invest in repairs and updates to your property that will attract buyers. See if your boiler or heater needs an upgrade. Upgrade to double glazing and better insulation. Spend money on fixes and updates that you can show off, such as new appliances, tiling, and new guttering. 


Remember That It’s A Long Process

An hourglass is measuring the time

Prepare yourself for several failed attempts at selling. Find a real estate agent who has a good track record for chasing leads. Be firm on your price and know when the time is right to tell the buyer to keep looking. Remember that new COVID-19 strains will affect the market. Gather as much information as you can about your property and prepare for a long list of questions. Stay up to date with the latest changes in the property market so you can adjust your price accordingly.

Best Personalized Holiday Gifts for Men and Women

For most of the country, people are still spending their weekends grilling by pools and enjoying the outdoors, but guess what….the holidays are coming!  In three short months, we will be surrounded by family and friends at holiday parties and events, dressed warmly, and keeping close to fireplaces and heaters. While some look forward to this, others dread this time of year due to gift-giving anxiety.  Well, we are here to eliminate any ill feelings you may have for buying and giving gifts.  


Let’s make things easy this holiday season and gift a personalized gift for him or her.  When a gift is personalized, it instantly becomes more meaningful to the recipient.  Check out the following personalized gifts below that are sure to bring a smile to his or her face when they finish unwrapping!  


Sports Gifts:

Set of weights
Green colored weights are placed on each other

We all have a person, or a few, in our lives that can’t get enough of sports. These may be the easiest to buy gifts for. There are so many options between tickets to sporting events, team apparel, or sporting equipment they can use between the lines. Groovy Guy Gifts has several options for personalized gifts for sports lovers. From engraved baseball bats to animal golf club covers, this online shop has it all. Take a look for yourself!


Travel Bags:

A modern-day brown travel bag

From leather to canvas, and everything in between, Groovy Girl Gifts have an embroidered bag for every lady out there! There is nothing classier than a monogrammed weekender around a lady’s shoulder.  Women love bags, and especially when they’re customized. This online shop has all the styles and colors you can imagine to beautify that special woman in your life. There is a clutch and a bag for everyone out there.  Some like them small, some large, some fabric, and some leather.  When you find the bag you’ll know the woman in your world in matches with. 


Drinking Gifts:

Flask and pair of glasses with ice cubes inside one of them

Personalized drinking gifts are all the rage these days. Coolers, Flasks, Decanters, and Beer items are being engraved and embroidered around the clock because people simply can’t get enough of them!  Groomsday is a great site to find customized drinking gifts for holiday sales. The site caters to all the guys at wedding parties, but as you will see, their items can work for Any Guy USA.  



Gift Box Sets:

Gift box set
Beauty soaps and planners are placed in a basket

It’s a known fact, women love to open gift boxes!  Whether it’s filled with a stylish robe and an engraved stemless wine cup or with a spa set for a night in a bubble bath, Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique has a wide variety of personalized Gift Box Sets for women.  The best part of the site is they offer customizable gift sets. Choose from wine glasses, robes, jewelry, bath bombs, and candles. You know the women in your life, so fill the classy-looking box with what they love!


Personalized Wallets

Different kinds of wallets are exposed together

When gifting for guys, keep it simple!  Men NEVER buy their own wallets so when they get one as a gift it’s special.  Now I know buying a guy a wallet doesn’t sound too exciting on the surface, but a classy leather wallet with his name stamped on is a pretty cool gift.  How about a sleek high-security wallet with his initials engraved? There are several different types and colors of wallets and the guys at Groovy Groomsmen Gifts have them all!  


Stocking Stuffers:

Wine stoppers
The wine stopper is on a table with pair of crocks

Forever Wedding Favors is the place for all of your stocking stuffer needs. Wine drinkers will love their themed bottle openers and wine stoppers, as there are many to choose from. Personalized coasters are functional gifts that will fit nicely with other small gifts. A set of custom playing cards is perfect to slide down that large sock hanging on the mantle. Every woman has a stick of lip balm in her purse, so why not get her a few custom ones – now that’s the perfect stocking stuffer gift!

Gift-giving can be a tall task and can give anyone agita. This holiday season makes things easier on yourself and others and head over to the wonderful sites above for all of your gift-giving needs. I can’t imagine there’s a person out there that wouldn’t appreciate a personalized gift for the holidays. So start your shopping today with a simple click!