Father’s Day: Gifts for Dad’s Wardrobe

This summer may look a little different than last year’s with the end of the pandemic starting to get closer, which means dad will be stepping out a lot more. It can be a date night with mom, a poker night with the guys, or a day out with the kids or grandkids. Whatever the occasion, it is a perfect time and opportunity to refresh dad’s wardrobe for the year. From small accessories to complete the look to pops of color on a new polo shirt for an upcoming trip, give your special guy the “Cool dad” bragging rights with the best Father’s Day gift.


One thing every man needs is a good, comfortable belt. It’s no surprise that you can find several belts in a man’s closet because trying to find the right belt is more complicated than it sounds. However, a Lizard Tails rope belt, is no doubt one of the most comfortable belts anyone could own. Each belt is designed to look similar to a cord so that it holds your pants or shorts in place while avoiding the muffin top look by fastening the buckle to your exact waist size. Unlike leather belts, these belts are made from nylon rope so they don’t dig in, making it super comfy to sit for hours if dad happens to work in an office.

Polo shirts

The best thing about polo shirts is that they can be worn casually or for a dressier occasion. If you know dad has a special tropical trip coming up, a polo shirt made from linen will keep him cool while he’s enjoying the hot sun. If it’s a shirt to add to his collection of office looks, a cotton one in a neutral color would work best to pair with his office slacks. If it’s a shirt for golfing with the fellas, then you’ll want to look for specific golf shirts that are made with a Dri-Fit technology such as ones made by Nike to wick away moisture.


The best part about gifting shoes is when you get to personalize them. Writing a message inside the tongue of the shoe or on the heel, and you can keep it short by writing a simple name such as grandkids names or kid’s names. Of course, if it’s more than two you’ll probably need to get another pair to finish off the names of all the kids. Brands such as Vans will even allow you to customize the colors and designs. If you’re planning on customizing a pair of shoes be aware that this takes some time. Some companies may be able to do it in a month while others may take longer. No matter if it’s a pair of golf shoes, a pair of sneakers, or lounge shoes, it can be done if you can imagine it. Do your research with plenty of time so that you can have these done and shipped just in time.

Cheerful adult African American male with beard in jacket and hat with carton gift box looking at camera


Coats and jackets are always necessary. Whether it’s a light jacket for the warmer summer months or a heavier jacket in preparation for the upcoming winter, a few jackets are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. If dad happens to live in a warmer climate, a windbreaker is light enough for those irregular chilly days. This is another item you can have customized. For example, if dad wears denim jackets, shops on Etsy will allow you to write personal messages and even print pictures on parts of the jacket. Another great idea would be a jacket from his favorite sports team. NBA team jackets by brands such as Mitchell and Ness can easily become his favorite go-to jacket.


This is another accessory that dad is sure to wear. Who doesn’t wear sunglasses these days? From popular brands such as Rayban and Oakley to the higher designer names such as Gucci and Saint Laurent, there are so many styles to match dad’s swag. While some fashionista dads can’t ever have too many shades to choose from, other less-maintenance dads could use an extra pair or two to replace the ones they keep misplacing. If dad happens to be an outdoor guy hiking, running, or cycling, be sure to purchase shades with scratch-resistant and polarized lenses to protect him from the harsh sunlight.


The best part about these items is that they can never have enough of them. So go ahead and splurge on dad even if mom says he has enough. There’s nothing wrong with giving him more variety.

How to: Hosting a Father’s Day BBQ

Nothing says Happy Father’s Day like a day of grilling. Make this Father’s Day extra special by going the extra mile for the special dad in your life. From simple to fancy, make this special day of recognition represent everything that embodies who dad is. From tablescaping, to menu preparation, here are some ideas to help inspire a Father’s Day feast in your own backyard no matter how casual or elegant dad is.


While mom may enjoy all of the florals and pinks, dad on the other hand may prefer simplicity such as greenery and minimal table-setting elements. When it comes to setting the table, think simple. Simple succulents as centerpieces placed throughout the length of the table, mixed with small clear or gold candle votives against a black table cloth will really make the green in any plants you use pop. Green printed cotton napkins at August Table are a great touch to go along with the green and black color palette and will go nicely with white dinnerware and gold color flatware. If you prefer a brighter table-setting, use a white tablecloth instead of black and keep the rest. For a more casual approach, switch out centerpieces for food. Use appetizers and crudite platters to fill the center of the table. Be sure to use a couple of citronella candles to keep bugs away from your food.


Menu items

This should obviously be dad’s favorites. Whether it’s racks of ribs, hamburgers, sausage links, steak, or brisket, make his favorite the main course. If you know some of his favorite sides, make sure to incorporate them into the menu. Appetizers are always a must when grilling since grilling takes time and it’s best to keep guests munching on small finger foods as they wait. Easy appetizers such as chips and dip, crudite, and charcuterie boards are always a hit no matter the occasion. If you have time to prepare hot hors d’oeuvres some popular items include bacon-wrapped shrimp, chicken wings or small chicken skewers, crab cakes, pigs in a blanket, and jalapeno poppers are all perfect pairings to barbecue food.

Don’t forget dessert. This should also be dad’s favorite — whether it’s the famous pound cake he loves, cookies, chocolate brownies, or pie, don’t forget the toppings such as ice cream, fruit, and whipped cream.

To-do list

  • Be sure to prepare all foods that need to be marinated and any other foods that can be prepared the night before to make sure you’re not stuck in the kitchen for the entire celebration.


  • Cut corners where you need to. Whether it’s asking other family members for help or having the meal catered, don’t try to do it all. The less that you have on your plate, the less stressed you will be and more able to enjoy the togetherness of family and friends.


  • To keep food warm until it’s time to eat, set up a station of chafer dishes or buffet warmers. By setting up different food stations, the flow of the crowd will be easier since you won’t have a large crowd gathered all at once trying to dig in. It’s also a good idea to set up a beverage station with all of the fixings. Whether it’s beverage dispensers, a soda bar with syrups, and even cocktail mixers, be sure to have a station so that guests can refill their drinks and keep garbage nearby so that they can throw away their own disposables.


  • Set up any decor the day before if you can to take one less thing off of your plate.


No matter what type of gathering you have, remember that the most important thing is to be together celebrating the man of the hour. Try not to get caught up in the details. Afterall, it’s the thought that counts and anything you do is sure to make dad smile.





Signs Your Industry Is About To Be Disrupted

Today, we have a big debate regarding incumbent industries and startups. Some people believe incumbent sectors will always lead the market, while others think that startups are shaping our future. That’s why many people are worried about technological disruption. Yet, incumbent industries could embrace technology and use it in their favor instead of staying with the old methods. In this guide, we show you some of the early signs of technology disruption. 


Your Customers Are Changing Preferences


One of the first signs that tech disruption is coming after your industry is that customers change their habits. This usually happens when there are new trends that shape their preferences. When smartphones began to be more common, companies started to migrate their marketing efforts towards mobile phones. 


They started to invest in Mobile Development to create apps or in digital marketing. Therefore, if consumer behavior is changing some way, you need to do some research and find out why it’s different now. This way, you’ll be able to identify new possible business models. 

More Venture Capital In Your Industry


Venture capital is a financial term that refers to the amount of money that investors provide to new companies that have innovative ideas. If there’s a high volume of venture capital flowing into your industry, it means that some startups might bring new solutions to your industry that you should be aware of. This is a clear sign that technology disruption is close to your sector. Therefore, it is crucial to closely follow startups that are leading the market if you want to stay afloat.


New Business Models


If new trends are coming your way, you’ll probably have to reinvent your business model. A business model is a path to communicate with and attract customers, and add value to a company. Therefore, if you ever see that companies in your industry are creating new business models, it means that tech disruption might come soon. Now, this isn’t necessarily negative. What it means is that you need to be creative and find new ways to approach your audience. 


The best example of this situation is how the retail industry managed innovation. When online shopping started to be more popular, many people believed that the retail sector would be replaced. However, most of these companies embraced technology and began to invest in web development. 


Top Tech Trends Disrupting Leading Industries 


We’ve all heard that tech disruption could come from anywhere. Many people believe that in the future, there might be jobs that don’t even exist today. However, we can indeed identify some trends that are more powerful than others. These technologies change the way we communicate, the way we buy things, and many other activities in our daily lives. If your company wants to cope with technological disruption, it should be aware of these trends:


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Brain, Think, Control

Artificial intelligence, along with robotics, sounds like it belongs to a distant future. However, both technologies are already part of our lives. Although we don’t always notice it, we use artificial intelligence more than we think. AI refers to a discipline that focuses on helping machines mimic human activities. Therefore, AI is crucial for automation.


Artificial intelligence could replace jobs that require repetitive or redundant tasks. That’s why many companies have started to invest in AI. Some of the industries that are more affected by AI are retail, manufacturing, and logistics.


Machine Learning 


Machine learning is also a strong trend in the tech industry that’s disrupting many industries. Machine learning helps computers learn from experience, but they don’t need to be programmed to do it. This is a powerful technology that can optimize many processes. That’s why many companies are now using machine learning-driven software for business purposes. 


Some of the industries that are most impacted by machine learning are animation, finance, and healthcare. The animation industry is using machine learning software to automate the process of design. Although it still requires creativity and innovation, designers don’t have to spend as much time on programming. 


Something similar happens in the translation industry. With machine learning and deep learning translation software, the results are more accurate. This means that human translators don’t have to do all the work. 


Internet of Things


IoT refers to how devices are connected via the Internet. This trend has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and will continue to do so. IoT is widely used by companies to optimize processes and gain remote access to devices. Companies now have IoT security cameras or smart thermostats that reduce energy consumption. 


IoT could potentially disrupt industries like agriculture, healthcare, and the automobile industry. With IoT devices, doctors can make a more accurate diagnosis and make the process more effective to save lives. Today we even have smart pills that help doctors see what’s happening in the stomach.


On the other hand, IoT can also make autonomous vehicles more secure. Since automated cars are still in their early stages, they don’t recognize traffic lights. However, in an IoT-powered world, this wouldn’t be a problem.


Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is here to revolutionize the way we store data. It could be the safest and most efficient way to store data. In the past, when companies saved their dataset in the official servers, the system used to be very slow, and there was a high risk of cyberattacks. However, companies can share their files more easily with cloud computing systems, improve their communication with customers, and avoid cybercrime. 




It’s hard to predict how technology will change the world, even with the most sophisticated analysis. However, there are indeed some hints that alert you about the upcoming trends that affect your industry. The best thing to do is to continue to acquire innovative knowledge and capabilities that will create a sustainable business. And don’t forget about soft skills; remember that resilience and innovation could be the most life-saving skills in the future.

7 Super Benefits of Leveraging Instagram Stories for Your Brand and Product Promotion

Instagram Stories lets you share photos and videos that last for about 24 hours or so. Initially, many businesses think there is no point in using this Instagram feature due to its limited period. Some business leaders even think that the feature is of no use. Then, the reality is far promising if you have not used IG Stories until now. You can reap the maximum benefits of Instagram Stories to promote your brand and products. It will help you build engagement, boost content visibility, and make followers like your Instagram Stories content. 

According to an article published in Forbes, IG Stories garner more views than regular Instagram posts that you see daily. Then, why not use this feature for the benefit of your business? 

In this article, we will walk through the seven super benefits of using Instagram Stories for your branding and product promotion. Read on to learn more. 


Helps in expanding your marketing strategy 

These days, you need to expand your content and marketing strategies to retain the interest of your followers or target audiences. You need to find out what your potential customers like. It means including a new social media site, channel to your marketing strategy, or plan. It means you may need to start right from the beginning as far as your IG account is concerned and its audience. 

You must use Stories because it is a useful Instagram feature on the same platform that you have been using for some time. When you have an IG profile and a set audience, all you need to do is diversify the content using the tools and resources you have in place. 


Helps you maintain a quality business account 

The images and videos you usually post on Instagram are saved to your account unless you decide to delete them. Then, you know that the content in your Instagram Stories goes away after 24 hours. You might be asking how that is beneficial to your business. It is a natural observation and therefore, you need an explanation. The images and videos in your IG Stories have real-time benefits or value and that too in the right context. That does not mean you need to post high-quality content all the time when it comes to your IG Stories. 

Even casual behind-the-scenes shots of your office or employees will make your content resonate with your target audience. That is because you are doing real-time marketing that has context. Keep your IG Stories content simple and clutter-free. You may even treat it like your portfolio, highlighting the best, evergreen Instagram content. Here best means of high value that has contextual importance and not necessarily imply highly curated content like normal Instagram posts. 


Makes your content visible in followers’ feeds 

The new Instagram algorithm might cut back on the number of times your posts appear in the followers’ feeds. That is because Instagram will show your normal posts to those the algorithms think will interest followers. It’s one of the key reasons why brands are using Instagram Stories more and more. 

You know that standard Instagram posts compete for a position, IG Stories show up at the top of the feeds. You will notice a colorful ring to show that a new story has come up on Instagram. This amazing Instagram feature helps your content to stay at the top of the feed so that followers can view the content without any obstacles. Moreover, when your IG Stories content is meaningful and engaging, you can expect to buy followers for Instagram in less time. 


Lets you stay in touch with your followers 

IG Stories disappears after 24 hours and therefore, it is no use spending lots of your time creating high-quality photos or videos. The Stories content could be spontaneous, raw, and authentic, and of course relevant to your business and products. The content should be related to a specific moment of your business. 

The basic reason why brands are using Instagram Stories is that – the content gives a human face to their businesses. Yes, it makes your brand feel more human to your target audience. It is the best way to stay in touch with your followers. IG Stories makes your content transparent and real so that your audiences could interact with you deeply. 


Lets you do marketing in real-time 

One of the key reasons why businesses use Instagram Stories is because – it lets you do real-time marketing. Stories help to support the utilization of real-time marketing so that you can reach out to your followers at the right moment. 

For example, when you post behind-the-scenes shots of a live product launch or annual function, it inspires your followers to participate in that event. Even for people who are not present at the sale event or annual function, IG Stories help them to stay connected with your brand. That is that. 


Improves your IG content 

You post images and videos when it comes to your regular Instagram content. Then, IG Stories have an edge over normal posts. You might be wondering how. That is because Stories have emojis, drawings, and even texts to make that content more engaging and purposeful. The markup features help in making your content look more appealing and in synchronization with your branding. You may even tag other Instagrammers on your Stories by including the @ sign in front of a person’s name in the description section of the post or even in the comments segment. 


Lets you save and reuse content 

Brands may not like to use IG Stories because they remain for 24 hours. Then, you can save the photos and videos from Stories manually as well as save all content to the camera roll automatically. It means that all images and videos of IG Stories are saved, which you can reuse and repurpose when necessary. No content is wasted even if you use IG Stories because you can save images and videos for later use. 



Keep these benefits of Instagram Stories in mind when you use this awesome feature to promote your brand and products. Make your content look genuine, contextual, and spontaneous for gaining traction on social media.

4 Fun and Eco-Friendly Activities for the Kids this Summer

The best way to teach kids about sustainability is to instill them with a deep reverence for nature. If your kids are already nature babies and love the great outdoors, that is fabulous! There are ways you can incorporate earth-saving lessons when they are playing in the woods or picking wildflowers.  Helping your kids stay mindful of the environment throughout every step of their lives will ensure they maintain a healthy respect for the earth. Here are a few fun and eco-friendly activities to do with kids this summer that ingrains valuable teachings about caring for the environment.

Nature Walks: Pack a picnic lunch and take the kiddies for a walk in nature. While you and the littles are packing delicious treats for the trail, share information with your kids about sustainable ways to pack a picnic. Show them how to reduce waste by substituting plastics for reusable glass containers, and replacing one-use water bottles with reusable ones. Pack a nature guide book in the picnic basket too.  Then play a game of “eye spy” while on your nature walk and use the nature guide to look up the different kinds of birds, trees, and flowers your kids are spying on. The idea here is to fully involve children with every step of being aware, being kind, and honoring nature.

Road Trips: Now more than ever there are a growing number of eco-friendly destinations that are practicing mindful sustainability and also great summer spots for the whole family. Wherever you decide to go, you can teach your kids how to travel sustainably every step of the trip. For example, educate them about shopping and eating at local farmers’ markets and farm-to-table restaurants and how this reduces the energy required to ship and refrigerate foods which leads to a lower carbon footprint. Consider renting or buying an electric car with an EV charger for your family road trip and explain how these vehicles reduce emissions that damage the environment. There are endless ways to demonstrate how your kids (and you) can stay mindful about sustainability in every aspect of summer fun.

Gardening: Hands down, perhaps one of the most beautiful ways to illustrate the cycle of life in nature to kids is growing a garden with them. This activity has loads of benefits and rewards for you and your family.  Most obviously, you can practice sustainability by growing your own produce instead of buying it from the grocery store. You can take this activity with the kids a step forward and teach them how to honor nature by practicing green gardening techniques. For example, explain how pesticides are harmful to the earth and show them how to use alternatives for reducing pesky bugs and invasive weeds. Explain how planting native plants are more sustainable than exotic (non-local) options. You can also involve them in water-saving practices like irrigation or using rain barrels to promote sustainability. You can even encourage the kids to help plant a butterfly garden and explain the powerful role butterflies play in the ecology of our planet.

Repurposing for Nature: Another great activity to involve the kids in is building habitats for nature’s creatures from reclaimed materials. Make an event out of this by taking the kiddies along to rummage yards and pick through viable materials that can be repurposed for this activity. Once your home with your junkyard treasures, brainstorm what kind of homes you can build. The options are endless, from birdhouses to bat boxes.  You can even introduce your kids to the globe-saving art of beekeeping by building a beehive from reclaimed materials. This activity can open your kid’s eyes about how the important function bees play in pollinating plants so they can produce fruits, flowers, and veggies. Additionally, the act of upcycling and repurposing materials is an effective lesson on sustainability.

Whatever you plan to do with the kids this summer, there is always an occasion to share valuable observations with your kids about sustainability and caring for mother nature. The more our children learn that our earth’s resources are finite and should be nurtured, the better our odds are for preserving the planet. Involving kids with eco-friendly summer activities is a fun way to instill valuable lessons of conservation. Doing so will make this world a better place for their kids, your grandkids, and generations to come.

Actionable Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms

Busy moms have a lot to deal with, from work stress to household chores, school drop-offs, social events, and more. It is easy to forget self-care when you have so much to handle every day. Ignoring your wellness will take a toll on your body and mind eventually. The last thing you will want to happen is burnout that keeps you from handling your responsibilities at home and work. Fortunately, you can prevent the nightmare from becoming real by doing a bit of self-care despite the shortage of time and jam-packed schedules. Here are some actionable ideas that even super-busy moms can try.


Use early mornings to your advantage

The biggest barrier to mommy self-care is the lack of time. You can easily overcome this hindrance by waking up an hour early and using the extra time to your advantage. Build a self-care routine that fits this magic hour. Start your day with a cup of herbal tea and follow up with a few minutes of deep breathing and meditation. Invest half an hour in a strenuous workout, and you will have a perfect start for the day.


Sneak exercise into the day

If you want to go the extra mile for shedding some pounds, you can easily sneak exercise into your tight schedule. Walk to the supermarket and take stairs instead of the elevator. You can go swimming or cycling with kids every evening or start a dance class with them. Everyone in the family will stay physically active and have an opportunity to spend time together. When it comes to working out, consistency is the key. It hardly matters what exercise you choose as long as you are regular with it.


Try a natural stress-buster

You may be great at multitasking, but the pressure of being a busy mom will stress you at some times. It is best to try a natural stress-buster for relief because an anti-anxiety medication can do more harm than good. You can try honey oil for help as it relieves stress naturally without any side effects. It is high in THC, the cannabinoid that does wonders for your nerves and induces relaxation faster than you can imagine. You can vape or smoke it to get instant benefits. If you didn’t want to consume a cannabis product, you could look into an alternative like kratom. There are many uses for kratom but, among those, it helps to calm the mind and relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you wanted a natural, cannabis-free, option.


Take a break

Although it sounds impossible, you must take a break once in a while because you deserve it as much as anyone else does. Seek support from your partner or family, and leave the kids with them for a few hours. Go out with your girl gang, watch a movie, have dinner, and experience the pleasure of free life. You may even plan a solo trip twice a year. A little help from your partner can go a long way in elevating your self-care routine.


Get enough sleep

Getting adequate sleep is a crucial self-care practice that no mommy should miss out on. It alleviates stress, strengthens the immune system, boosts energy levels, and improves memory. Try going to bed an hour early to make up for the early morning routine. If sleep seems to evade you, try cutting down to screen time. Sip on herbal tea and meditate at bedtime, and you will surely sleep better.

You may want to be a supermom, but realistic expectations make life easier. Don’t try to be perfect, be real instead. Make conscious efforts to invest in self-care, and you will be a happy mom.

Choosing a Neighborhood That Fits Your Family Best

If you’re thinking of moving your family anywhere outside of your comfort zone, it can be an exciting adventure. The problem lies in picking a safe place where you can settle down because unless you live somewhere, you don’t really know what it’s like. For this reason, most people stay within their known areas or the places that someone they know and trust is familiar with. But even if you know the surrounding area, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know individual neighborhoods. What this all means is: If you’re looking to move, you have some research to do.

Of course, you could always rent a house in a neighborhood you’re considering, but renting usually commits you to a year at a time, and that’s a long time to stay in a place that doesn’t fit your family.


Do Some Preliminary Research Before You Decide

The first thing you want to do before thinking about moving to a new area is research the place online and talk to people who actually live there. Gathering viewpoints and opinions about what the neighborhood is like day to day will go a long way in helping you make the right decision for your family. Be sure to ask about the schools in the area, even if you don’t have school-aged children, because if the schools have favorable marks, chances are the place is family-friendly.

Check to see how strong the internet connection is in the area, where the water comes from, and the demographics of your possible neighborhoods. It’s also a good idea to see if the locale uses Nextdoor because there’s a Nextdoor racial profiling prevention program in the app that will ensure your safety and comfort with your potential new neighbors.


Talk to a Real Estate Agent or Two

Besides the people who live in and around the neighborhood you’re considering, the next best person to tell you about an area is a local real estate agent. Keep in mind, they have a vested interest in putting a positive spin on any areas they have active listings, but they also have their finger on the pulse of neighborhoods. They can give you information to help you choose which setting would fit you and your family best, giving you a good jumping point to start your research.

Be sure to use the information you learn from them as a start and back up that intel with other opinions and independent research you complete online and in person.


Chat With Others Who Know

The best way to get the real scoop on a place to live is to talk to the people who live there now or who have recently lived there. You might know someone who lived in the neighborhood 20 years ago, but a lot can happen in that time, and the landscape is likely completely different than it used to be. So, make sure the information you gather is recent and relevant to what you want in a home and the surrounding neighbors.


Visit the Area During Different Times

Once you narrow down your choices, it’s a good idea to visit the neighborhoods at different times of the day. Try first thing in the morning, mid-day, dinner time, and the evening to get a feel for the area. In addition, visit the neighborhoods on a weekday and a weekend day to observe the activity and vibe you get from the different places. 

Gathering all your intel ahead of time will give you a better sense of where the best fit is for you and your family.