How to: Hosting a Father’s Day BBQ

Nothing says Happy Father’s Day like a day of grilling. Make this Father’s Day extra special by going the extra mile for the special dad in your life. From simple to fancy, make this special day of recognition represent everything that embodies who dad is. From tablescaping, to menu preparation, here are some ideas to help inspire a Father’s Day feast in your own backyard no matter how casual or elegant dad is.


While mom may enjoy all of the florals and pinks, dad on the other hand may prefer simplicity such as greenery and minimal table-setting elements. When it comes to setting the table, think simple. Simple succulents as centerpieces placed throughout the length of the table, mixed with small clear or gold candle votives against a black table cloth will really make the green in any plants you use pop. Green printed cotton napkins at August Table are a great touch to go along with the green and black color palette and will go nicely with white dinnerware and gold color flatware. If you prefer a brighter table-setting, use a white tablecloth instead of black and keep the rest. For a more casual approach, switch out centerpieces for food. Use appetizers and crudite platters to fill the center of the table. Be sure to use a couple of citronella candles to keep bugs away from your food.


Menu items

This should obviously be dad’s favorites. Whether it’s racks of ribs, hamburgers, sausage links, steak, or brisket, make his favorite the main course. If you know some of his favorite sides, make sure to incorporate them into the menu. Appetizers are always a must when grilling since grilling takes time and it’s best to keep guests munching on small finger foods as they wait. Easy appetizers such as chips and dip, crudite, and charcuterie boards are always a hit no matter the occasion. If you have time to prepare hot hors d’oeuvres some popular items include bacon-wrapped shrimp, chicken wings or small chicken skewers, crab cakes, pigs in a blanket, and jalapeno poppers are all perfect pairings to barbecue food.

Don’t forget dessert. This should also be dad’s favorite — whether it’s the famous pound cake he loves, cookies, chocolate brownies, or pie, don’t forget the toppings such as ice cream, fruit, and whipped cream.

To-do list

  • Be sure to prepare all foods that need to be marinated and any other foods that can be prepared the night before to make sure you’re not stuck in the kitchen for the entire celebration.


  • Cut corners where you need to. Whether it’s asking other family members for help or having the meal catered, don’t try to do it all. The less that you have on your plate, the less stressed you will be and more able to enjoy the togetherness of family and friends.


  • To keep food warm until it’s time to eat, set up a station of chafer dishes or buffet warmers. By setting up different food stations, the flow of the crowd will be easier since you won’t have a large crowd gathered all at once trying to dig in. It’s also a good idea to set up a beverage station with all of the fixings. Whether it’s beverage dispensers, a soda bar with syrups, and even cocktail mixers, be sure to have a station so that guests can refill their drinks and keep garbage nearby so that they can throw away their own disposables.


  • Set up any decor the day before if you can to take one less thing off of your plate.


No matter what type of gathering you have, remember that the most important thing is to be together celebrating the man of the hour. Try not to get caught up in the details. Afterall, it’s the thought that counts and anything you do is sure to make dad smile.





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