How to Help Your Child Get Motivated in Elementary School. 10 Tips

Learning and homework are never fun for students in all grades. It is the desire of every parent to see his or her child perform well in school. MyHomeworkDone provides the best academic assistance services for students in all grades. Lack of motivation will affect the speed of completing the assignments and the urge to study.




In an attempt to keep the students focused on academics, the parent will be required to motivate his or her children to focus on work. This is a delicate task that each parent should master. Here are tips on how to motivate your child to keep working on his academic work.

1. Get Involved In School Work

Talking and staying away from schoolwork is one of the ways to motivate the student to work on his or her own. However, it does not deliver as many fruits as getting involved directly in school work. A parent should follow the assignments his or her child is supposed to handle, how well it is completed, and performance in school, among other factors. The child feels the weight and needs to perform well.

2. Use Positive Reinforcement Strategies

The progress made by a child should be recognized and emphasis placed on these areas. Positive reinforcement with tangible rewards may appear like the best way, but this path is slippery because the child becomes dependant on these rewards. However, such reinforcements as kind words, hugs, hi-five, and such praise formats will transform the academic approach of your child. Ensure that the child will still make an effort to perform better in the absence of reinforcement.

3. Recognize And Reward Effort Even As You Focus On Results

Motivating a student mainly focuses on results. This is a delicate approach considering that the performance will not always be 100%. An improvement from 40% to 50% should be recognized. It tells the student that he or she can perform better tomorrow with more effort. It also shows that the target is not to capture 100% all the time but to improve on the current performance over time.

4. Help The Child To Get External Help

Spending too much time on a difficult question or topic is heartbreaking. It sucks all the motivation and energy of such a student. External help enables a student to unlock some topics or exercises that could be taking a lot of time. Hire a professional assistant who will help your child to work faster and tackle some of the most difficult topics.

5. Talk To The Teacher

The teacher spends a lot of time with students and their academic work. This provides the teachers with sufficient time and data to understand the challenges of such a child. Some of the challenges can be solved by the teacher, while others require effort by the parent. Discuss the challenges the child could be facing and possible solutions. You will find the best ways to keep your child motivated about academic work.

6. Break The Assignment Into Manageable Portions

A complex and voluminous assignment discourages a student and may suck most of his energy. A student will feel the weight of tackling such an assignment. The secret is to cut the assignment into manageable portions. These portions provide a chance for quick wins that are a great source of motivation.

7. Discuss A Reasonable Homework Plan

A homework plan helps the student to tackle all the assignments within the required duration. Develop the plan in consultation with the student. Engaging the student gives the kid control over his or her academics. The responsibility feels like it is his or hers and, therefore, has to be completed.

8. Show The Kids The Bigger Picture

The student should get a bigger picture of studying. The students must drop the mentality that academic work is tough and bother. Help the student to connect the achievement of his dreams with education. A student will make an effort to perform better in school.

9. Allow The Child To Take Charge Of His Or Her School Work

While the assistance from a parent is necessary, it must never go to the point of taking over homework. Children must complete their assignments regardless of the level of difficulty. Let the student design his or her timetable. Only assist the student when the need arises.

10. Diversify Learning Methods

Use different methods to deliver content and teach about different ideas. Each student has a unique way of learning. Applying the same method on all students disadvantages others. The conclusion will, therefore, be erroneous. Using diverse methods like videos, audios, text, field trips, demonstrations, and such varieties will assist the student in understanding complex ideas better and in the process, enjoying learning.

Motivation in elementary school does not translate into helping the kids with work. Follow up on the work they do in school and consult the teacher to give you a better understanding of performance in school. Provide all the support necessary, but still allow the student to take charge of his or her schoolwork.







Ways to Earn an Online Degree As a Busy Mom

Ever since you became a parent, your dreams of earning a degree might have taken a back seat. Between parenting and managing the house, it might seem like you barely have enough time for anything else, least of all yourself. But thanks to the internet, busy people—most especially busy moms—can earn that much-coveted degree without having to physically go to school.

But how would you do it with your hectic schedule, you ask? Let’s take a look.

1. Seek the Babysitter’s Help

You’ll need a few hours to yourself while attending your online classes, which means you will most likely not be able to attend to your kids in that span of time. Call your babysitter and ask for help. There’s no shame in relieving yourself of your babysitting responsibilities once in a while, especially if it’s to learn something new. As they say, reliable child care actually helps mothers improve their career.

2. Plan Ahead

If your online classes are scheduled, this means you would have time to plan your activities for the day. So if you have to take your son to basketball practice at 5 p.m. and your classes are at 5 p.m., then take him earlier. If you have to attend a meeting between parents and teachers at your daughter’s school next week, make sure to tell the school to schedule your one-on-one with the homeroom teacher at a time you don’t need to log in to study.

To keep track of all the things you have to do, and to avoid any overlap, make sure to bring a journal and jot those items down.

If, on the other hand, your online classes are not scheduled, then you wouldn’t have any problems. You’d be able to log in to your classes at a time that is most convenient.

3. Take Courses that are Flexible

There are online courses that are “friendly” to the busy people because they are more flexible. Consider avoiding a course that might require too much writing assignments and puts a lot of emphasis on deadlines. Courses like journalism might not be the best because you’ll be tasked to write a lot and trained to respect the dates of submissions, precisely because this is exactly what you’ll be doing once you become a media professional. In communication research, on the other hand, students are trained to conduct different types of research, which includes a lot of fieldwork and a lot of writing. These courses are obviously very time-consuming and will require your full attention. As a very busy mother, you may not be able to give that in the first place.

So, in thinking about which course to take, also consider what kind of career path it can give you. How about getting a marketing degree, where you will be taught how to effectively reach people? While your professor might also be the kind who likes to give deadlines, a course in marketing would be a lot less stressful and time-consuming compared to others.

You might also want to consider learning how to help manage branding and public image. With this course, you can be a social media manager, an event manager or a public relations officer, among other things. These jobs do not require you to render as much time in the office as other jobs would—something that works to your advantage as a busy mom.

  • Social Media Manager: You’re essentially tasked to boost a company’s online presence and client engagement by producing good social media content and analyzing usage data, among other things. These do not require you to be in the office at all times since all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection. As a social media manager, you can actually also work from home and tend to your duties as a mom!
  • Event Manager: You’re in charge of running and organizing promotional events for a specific company. After attending the event, then, you can always go home and tend to other things. No need to report to the office afterward, unless of course there’s some paperwork you need to do. 
  • Public Relations Officer: A public relations officer, on the other hand, concerns herself with managing reputation through events and by writing press releases, among other things. These things can also be done outside the confines of the office.

In these situations, it pays to be practical but without sacrificing what you really want to be in the future.

Final Thoughts

Motherhood should never be a hindrance to achieving your dreams. If anything, motherhood should even inspire you to achieve them because you have a cheering squad behind you all the way—wonderful kids who look up to you in everything that you do.

Go and take that big step. When everything seems to go haywire, just remember that mothers are superwomen when it comes to raising their kids. Surely, earning an online degree is a walk in the park compared to that.

How to Find the Best SAT Prep Material to Help Your Kid Ace the Test

Soon, your child might be taking one of the most important tests of their lives. As a parent, you naturally want to help them ace the SAT (or at least get a passing grade) so they can enter into a good college. You might spend the entire day thinking about what you can do to help but have ended up being unproductive.

Take a deep breath! In this post, we share with you the ways you can find the best SAT material to help your child ace the test.

1. Check the Internet

The Internet is a gold mine of online programs for SAT takers, but always remember that your child does not have all the time in the world to go through all of them. It’s best to be picky and to choose an SAT program like PrepScholar SAT courses, which will pinpoint your child’s strengths, and the weaknesses they have to work on. Choose a program that motivates your child, not one that coddles them. Inspire them and not make them lazy. In short, sign them up for that one program that already covers everything and has been proven to be effective.

2. Spend Time in a Bookstore or Go to a Public Library

If there’s anywhere you have to be to score good SAT material, it’s the bookstore or the public library. This is where you are bound to find prep books that will assess what your child already knows and doesn’t.

These tests are important because they will give your child an idea of what the SAT makers actually want them to learn. Your child can also get a feel of how taking the SAT would be, allowing them to precondition their mind before actually going to “war.” Remember that the SAT is not only about your child knowing their world history or Math; it’s also about them knowing how to cope with the mental stress of having to answer difficult questions for hours on end.

Check out the reference books section, and spend some time going through the books you think your child will easily understand. You can go to other specialized sections and browse through those, too.

Here is a list of subjects you should cover with the books you purchase and borrow:

  • Literature
  • US History
  • World History
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Foreign Language: Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Spanish, Italian, German or Modern Hebrew

This is not to say that you have to limit yourself to these subjects alone. The more subjects you can cover, the better.

3. Talk to Other Parents

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for tips from other parents who have already gone through the grueling process of helping their child prepare for the SAT. If we go by the saying that experience is the best teacher, these types of parents, then, are the best teachers for you. Go ahead and call your friend whose daughter passed the SAT with flying colors, and ask for titles of books she got to help her prepare. Or maybe host a lunch meeting for the “experienced” and “not-so-experienced” parents so you can get each other’s recommendations for other SAT material. You may have to invest a little time and even money to organize this last one, but once you have that list for your child, you’ll feel like everything was worth it.

Below is a list of questions you can ask fellow parents:

  • What SAT materials did you get your child? Where can I get them?
  • Did you enroll your child in an SAT prep course? If so, where?
  • How did you help your child study? Did you implement a strict study plan, or simply allowed them to go at their own pace?


The SAT is arguably one of the most important tests your child will take. It will, after all, determine which colleges they can go to. But the process of preparing does not have to be as cumbersome for your child. As a parent, you can do your part by making it as easy for them as possible. Get the best materials and courses so they don’t have to spend precious time they could to studying instead. Also, make their environment as conducive to learning as possible. If they want a change of scenery while studying, you can help them design the perfect outdoor reading nook.

Those are only some of the many ways you can help as a parent. If you do your part and your child does theirs, there’s no reason they won’t ace that test.

Tips for Helping Children Develop Better Study Habits

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The “back to school” mood is a special one for parents and kids alike. In the first week or so, your little ones will excitedly share their impressions from the summer break, while parents still have some time to adjust to their new schedule, probably packed to the brim with extracurriculars, play dates, birthday parties, and let’s not forget the holidays. 

As soon as that youthful frenzy fades in the face of new homework assignments and upcoming tests, your kids will once again have to deal with distractions, study sessions, and limited access to their favorite TV shows. To give your kids the positive nudge they need to study more efficiently, give learning a fun twist, and to eliminate distractions, here are a few tips to get you started as soon as all that buzz dwindles!

Develop a routine

Much like with all else in their lives, kids work best and develop with ease when there’s a reliable, stable routine they can follow. Kids need structure so that they can develop good habits, and if you help them mold the right kind of routine around their studies, then homework and studying will not be any trouble for their curious minds. Although using a planner or a digital tool may be appropriate for older kids with established habits, perhaps a more creative approach would work best with youngsters.

Set up a little to-do board above or next to the study desk in your kids’ bedroom. They can use it to pin tasks, homework reminders, study groups, and new lessons they have yet to master, color-coded, and add any notes they please. You could even use planner stickers to make it more fun for them.

Create a study nook

Photo by Ellen Qin on Unsplash

The little board is neither the beginning nor the end of your project for the kid’s study nook, on the contrary! In order to inspire hours of uninterrupted learning, the kids need to immerse themselves in an environment specially designed for that task only. In addition to equipping their room with a desk of appropriate height and storage space, you should look for an ergonomic chair that will give your little ones ample support.

Help your kids organize their materials, books and notebooks, their drawing material, and other items they need. Encourage them to keep their desk tidy and to use the desk for their school tasks only, so that they can keep distractions to a minimum.

Encourage creative outlets

Every child has different proclivities, and they all have their own processes to master new skills and absorb all of this knowledge shared with them at school. Some kids like to write it all down in neat notes, others love brainstorming, while some enjoy a more visual approach. Both for their art projects and for underlining the most relevant bits of information, using paint markers can be helpful to give their study sessions a creative edge.

They can assign colors to different subjects, such as orange for history and blue for math, or they can use them to practice drawing and coloring. Add to that, help them master the art of mind mapping so that they can remember information with greater ease.

Inspire your kids to collaborate

Photo by Rachel on Unsplash

Some kids do enjoy studying on their own, but that is certainly not always the case. Plus, enabling your kids to study in pairs with their school friends can provide them with new perspectives and ways to better review the subject matter from each lesson, especially if they come up with unique ways to revise lessons together.

Teamwork is a life skill that every child should slowly develop, so even organizing study groups before tests can be a good way for them to revise and go over the lessons more than they would on their own. Plus, the prospect of some fun time with friends after the study session is a great source of motivation to inspire them to be truly efficient and dedicated to the task at hand. 

Work on eliminating distractions

One of the biggest sources of study trouble for most kids is the time they spend using various digital devices. As soon as their social media apps notify them of a message, they’ll quickly abandon what they were doing to check their phones. This kind of disruptive behavior will only make it harder for them to develop self-discipline and focus.

So, from the very beginning, implement certain rules such as limited time of phone and tablet use, and keep those devices away or turned off during study sessions. Of course, you should lead by example, so make sure that you use digital devices in moderation as well!


Our kids live in a very noisy world oversaturated with distractions, so your approach to their schooling will make all the difference in how they form their own attitudes towards learning. Use these tips to teach them good study habits from day one, and they’ll later use them in life and work as well. 

Importance Of A Portable Water Filter Among People

Most people are unable to understand the importance of any machine which is easy to be transported to another location. There are water filters that are prepared using the mechanism of moving it along with all the added machines within it, as explained by Bonfilt. This helps maintain its function and also facilitates the process of getting the water filter to a new location. Portability has helped many people who actually need it for their basic requirements and such an important product which is also a part of the general lifestyle of the people should be handy in such a way. Therefore people need to follow a proper method in which they transport the filter. The water filters should be able to be transported without causing any damage to its internal parts.

Portable Water Filters And Is Huge Benefits

Maintaining a product like a water filter is a tough choice when it comes to keeping the filter at its perfect state. The water dispensed by it is basically used in the general life processes and hence it should be pure enough so that the people drinking it can refrain from facing problems like disorders and fever due to water-caused infections. There should actually be a chance that these water filters help people get the best quality water that they can use to serve all the basic purposes.

Technology which is used in the preparation of the filter is considered important at that moment. People tend to try getting all the help they can from the filters, which is why they need to work on getting the best technology they already have in their hands. The portable water filter has helped countless people because it is effective against different sources of water. There are so many sources of water all around the world and that should not be wasted since such technology can help people get the pure water removing all possible problems in it like that of heavy metals and impurity in the form of microorganisms.

There are some added benefits of the water filters being portable and that is why people are using the technology for moving it forward. There are actually some better choices made when it comes to getting the filters in the RO purifier set in the right manner giving out proper functions. The benefits surpass all the processes and that is why getting the benefits to come as an added facility in case of using the technology because purifiers have become a part of the lives of people. This is why choosing the best facility is towards making sure that there might be a chance of getting the filters in the best possible state.

  • Starting from the benefits of using the portable water purifier all those people who are having a transferable job would be getting all the help they can, during the process of transfer from one place to the next people are going to get all the things they require. People can actually carry the RO purifier with them and hence people would get pure water even after they move to the new location. This is why getting such a water purifier is actually a good investment which can help the common folks in the long run. This is where the importance of pure water remains being fully perfect.
  • Significance of the choices related to filter which can be all separated during the time of moving it to a different location is considered important. The parts which are separated can be placed again with perfection as there is the need for filtration of all the water. Supply of water should be constant which is why people should follow the simple choices they have when it comes to changing the place and getting a supplementary source of water. This new source would help get the purified water after the filtration is completed.
  • Common people who need to make proper investments and maintain a healthy lifestyle tend to choose something that keeps up its function at all stages. This is why when there is the chance of getting a water purifier service with RO technology, they would definitely use it. This helps them a great deal because if they intend to get a new place they would not have to spend more on having the same technology installed in their personal space.
  • Portable water purifiers are also easy to maintain as the parts can be separated easily. This is why the filters can work properly and clear out all the impurities present within it because of which people eventually get the idea of filtration. Proper filtration helps the people get the clear water that they are looking for and hence their lifestyle would finally be better.

All these processes are associated with water purification and many people are there who want the portable water purifier at their home. It makes installation simple and it can be removed and relocated that simply. Thus by properly using it, the machine will actually keep working for a really long time. This actually means the similar approach of clearing the water will be there considering the fact that pure water is made available and dispensed. This is why such a technology is being used so that people start understanding the reason because of which they can properly get hold of water they can use at every point.


Things like portable water purifiers are now possible because people have mastered the technology of reverse osmosis and the ways in which the filters are prepared. There are some impurities that are really difficult to tackle causing serious health concerns. All of it can be solved using the same method of getting potable water and that is readily available. This is why people need to carry out that level of purification where only water remains. The water purifier should actually be that good considering the importance of it in getting the necessary water for all the basic life processes.