Ways to Earn an Online Degree As a Busy Mom

Ever since you became a parent, your dreams of earning a degree might have taken a back seat. Between parenting and managing the house, it might seem like you barely have enough time for anything else, least of all yourself. But thanks to the internet, busy people—most especially busy moms—can earn that much-coveted degree without having to physically go to school.

But how would you do it with your hectic schedule, you ask? Let’s take a look.

1. Seek the Babysitter’s Help

You’ll need a few hours to yourself while attending your online classes, which means you will most likely not be able to attend to your kids in that span of time. Call your babysitter and ask for help. There’s no shame in relieving yourself of your babysitting responsibilities once in a while, especially if it’s to learn something new. As they say, reliable child care actually helps mothers improve their career.

2. Plan Ahead

If your online classes are scheduled, this means you would have time to plan your activities for the day. So if you have to take your son to basketball practice at 5 p.m. and your classes are at 5 p.m., then take him earlier. If you have to attend a meeting between parents and teachers at your daughter’s school next week, make sure to tell the school to schedule your one-on-one with the homeroom teacher at a time you don’t need to log in to study.

To keep track of all the things you have to do, and to avoid any overlap, make sure to bring a journal and jot those items down.

If, on the other hand, your online classes are not scheduled, then you wouldn’t have any problems. You’d be able to log in to your classes at a time that is most convenient.

3. Take Courses that are Flexible

There are online courses that are “friendly” to the busy people because they are more flexible. Consider avoiding a course that might require too much writing assignments and puts a lot of emphasis on deadlines. Courses like journalism might not be the best because you’ll be tasked to write a lot and trained to respect the dates of submissions, precisely because this is exactly what you’ll be doing once you become a media professional. In communication research, on the other hand, students are trained to conduct different types of research, which includes a lot of fieldwork and a lot of writing. These courses are obviously very time-consuming and will require your full attention. As a very busy mother, you may not be able to give that in the first place.

So, in thinking about which course to take, also consider what kind of career path it can give you. How about getting a marketing degree, where you will be taught how to effectively reach people? While your professor might also be the kind who likes to give deadlines, a course in marketing would be a lot less stressful and time-consuming compared to others.

You might also want to consider learning how to help manage branding and public image. With this course, you can be a social media manager, an event manager or a public relations officer, among other things. These jobs do not require you to render as much time in the office as other jobs would—something that works to your advantage as a busy mom.

  • Social Media Manager: You’re essentially tasked to boost a company’s online presence and client engagement by producing good social media content and analyzing usage data, among other things. These do not require you to be in the office at all times since all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection. As a social media manager, you can actually also work from home and tend to your duties as a mom!
  • Event Manager: You’re in charge of running and organizing promotional events for a specific company. After attending the event, then, you can always go home and tend to other things. No need to report to the office afterward, unless of course there’s some paperwork you need to do. 
  • Public Relations Officer: A public relations officer, on the other hand, concerns herself with managing reputation through events and by writing press releases, among other things. These things can also be done outside the confines of the office.

In these situations, it pays to be practical but without sacrificing what you really want to be in the future.

Final Thoughts

Motherhood should never be a hindrance to achieving your dreams. If anything, motherhood should even inspire you to achieve them because you have a cheering squad behind you all the way—wonderful kids who look up to you in everything that you do.

Go and take that big step. When everything seems to go haywire, just remember that mothers are superwomen when it comes to raising their kids. Surely, earning an online degree is a walk in the park compared to that.

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