Outdoor Wedding – Pros and Cons

Planning a wedding is a beautiful but stressful period with so many aspects to it that it’s practically impossible for one person to do it alone. That’s okay – it’s why there are usually two people doing it. But with so many things going on, it’s easy to direct your focus on the napkins or the flowers when you still haven’t taken care of the venue choice. And a big decision to be made will always be: indoor or outdoor? There are many downsides to an outdoor wedding, but do the positive ones outweigh it?

Pro: Longer guest list


Very often, having an outdoor wedding means that it’s easier for people to have a longer guest list and invite more people because there’s no strict restriction on how many people the space can fit. And even if you invite the same number of people that you would in a closed space – it feels roomier. When you are out in the open, everyone feels free and like they have more space.

Con: Weather


Let’s address the obvious one. If it was always a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze, very few people would actually have their wedding indoors. But the weather is unpredictable, and you might find yourself running under the nearest shelter to escape a sudden downpour. It’s important to pick the right date and to look at the weather forecast often, but most importantly – you need to have a backup plan. Whether it’s a nearby indoor venue or a large tent that your guests can hide under, you have to take it into consideration. There’s also the danger of some food ingredients melting or the drinks getting too warm if the weather is too hot.

Pro: It’s beautiful

There really isn’t any venue that can compare to a stunning beach wedding or a fairy tale forest getaway. Unless, of course, it’s a beautiful outdoor wedding venue location. It’s good to have the logistics support of a closed object nearby, but everything from the ceremony to the photos will look better if you’re outdoors. Nature is beautiful, and if you allow it to be your wedding décor, you will have the most breathtaking wedding day.

Con: Fighting with nature

As beautiful as nature is, it also has some downsides. When the night falls, it can rapidly get colder, and your guests might not come prepared, so have some cardigans and blankets around. Mosquitoes will come biting, so lighting up special candles to keep them away is a good strategy to use. Lastly, you can never know if one of your guests will be allergic to a plant that is abundant nearby. You can ask them in the invitations, or you can go out with an expert to the location to check if there are any plants that are known allergens or that can cause a negative reaction when touched.

Pro: Family-friendly

Two things can happen to kids at an indoor wedding: they will get bored because they have to sit down inside, or they will get irritated by the crowded space and the music that is too loud. But outside, kids can be free to be kids without interrupting any important parts of the ceremony. You can even set up a small play area where they can have fun and be loud without bothering anyone. Extra points if you hire a babysitter to watch them while the adults are attending the ceremony.

Outdoor weddings have so many amazing advantages, and the cons can most often be easily avoided with the right preparation. So, when you’re looking at venues, don’t be scared to look towards the outdoors. Enjoy your wedding with all of your guests under the sun and the stars and breathe the fresh new air of marriage.