Tips for Raising Responsible, Caring, Happy and Healthy Kids

When you become a parent, there is nothing you want more than to raise kids who are educated, kind, and responsible. This doesn’t happen without putting in the work, though. It’s your job to guide your children and teach them to have a strong moral compass. You can help your kids grow into adults you can be proud of by leading by example and showing them what to do. Here are some tips to help you along.


Show Them That Family Is Important

Many families find themselves in the situation of caring for their aging parents. They want their parents who provided love and support during their lives to now count on them when they need it the most. Having grandparents in the home can benefit your children. They have an abundance of wisdom and patience. 

However, in some cases, aging parents have health issues that require personal attention, leaving you caught between raising children and tending to the needs of your parents. Thankfully, providing quality care is possible without giving up time with your kids. Reputable home care NYC residents can trust (and other cities) are easy to find. These companies have qualified nurses to offer assistance with things like bathing, medical conditions and medication management. Your children will learn to be more empathic when they see how you navigated these issues.


Money Management

You may want your children to have everything. However, giving them those things can have a negative impact on their ability to save money. Children who don’t have to earn the extras they want will have difficulty separating the wants from the needs as adults. It’s important to teach them to save for the things they want. This skill will build self-control and encourage a bright financial future.



It’s a wonderful and selfless quality to be kind to others. Children that treat others in this manner develop into caring and responsible adults. A great way to encourage this trait is to have your children at an early age start doing volunteer work. They can visit a children’s hospital and give sick kids handmade get-well cards or crafts. As they grow older they can donate toys and clothing to those without or serve food in shelters to help feed the hungry.


Perfection Not Required

Expecting perfection from your children is not going to build self-esteem. Instead, you’re going to encourage self-doubt regarding their abilities. This can lead to a life of missed opportunities and settling. As a parent, you want to encourage them to do their best. That doesn’t mean that they live up to your standards. Regarding school projects let them do them on their own. Rarely does a picture created by a kindergartener include fine detail. By allowing your children to do things on their own they gain confidence that carries over to adulthood. 


Be Happy

If you want children to be happy, you need to be happy. There’s nothing wrong with making time for you. A parent that feels satisfied will be a better role model for their kids. You’ll have the patience to deal with daily issues and won’t develop feelings of sacrificing your quality of life to raise your children. 



Giving kids responsibilities while they’re young will carry over into their adult years. Doing things like cleaning their rooms, doing their homework, and helping with the cleanup after meals will encourage them to be responsible adults. Some parents bring a pet into the home to teach kids to take care of another living thing. They are responsible for feeding, bathing and tending to the needs of their pet. In return, they bond together making both the animal and child happy and content. 



Keeping your children safe is a big part of your role as a parent. Having set rules in the home such as locking the doors when you are away and not letting anyone inside, periodically checking in and having a practiced plan for emergencies, are a few suggestions. When young, it’s also important to keep poisons up high, cabinets locked and outlets covered.   

Remember, parents are all just doing the best they can. Sometimes you will make mistakes and so will your kids, how you handle the tough times will teach them even more lessons.

How & Why to Stop Your Child from Thumb Sucking

You might think that thumb sucking is harmless. It’s just habit kids develop and eventually stops. While that is sometimes true, when a child has a prolonged thumb sucking habit it can result in some destructive consequences. These consequences include everything from the physical to the social to the emotional. Depending on the child and their development, the habit can harm their growth and ability to cope with their emotions and get through life. Below is how and why you should stop your child’s thumb sucking habit.

Physical Effects

One of the most obvious reasons for stopping your child’s thumb sucking habit is that it causes physical results that can be quite negative. Not only can it cause an open bite or an overbite, thumb sucking leads to the development of a speech impediment and skin irritation. When the teeth are misaligned, it can require professional orthodontic treatment. This occurs most commonly in the top row, creating an overbite. But it can also occur on the bottom row as well. Since the habit impacts the mouth, teeth, and jaw, it can lead to the development of a lisp or the inability to pronounce specific consonant sounds. Finally, moisture from the mouth can cause a skin rash, irritation, ingrown nails, peeling, bleeding, and cracking.

Emotional Effects

Beyond the physical consequences, the habit of sucking thumbs can stunt the child’s emotional depth and ability to cope with life. Thumb sucking begins as a way for the child to comfort themselves and deal with emotions they don’t understand. If the kid continues to suck their thumbs past a certain age, they may not develop the mechanisms necessary to cope with life and their emotions as they get older. This can also lead to other negative habits. It is very crucial to stop this habit so the child has a chance to cope in healthier, more productive ways. Furthermore, the child who continues thumb sucking may have trouble expressing themselves, which can lead to social problems.

Social Effects

When your child has a hard time expressing themselves, it can lead to social issues that make it difficult for them to make friends and have a higher sense of self-esteem. Not only does it make children difficult to communicate, thumb sucking is often the focus of ridicule from their peers. They may be made fun of and maligned. The child might withdraw into themselves and become socially anxious. There are a wide variety of social issues that can result from thumb sucking, which make it all the more enticing to comfort themselves in those difficult moments.

Methods to Stop Thumb Sucking

Luckily there are many methods to help your child stop the bad habit of thumb sucking. First, you can buy them a finger sucking guard. This guard wraps around the wrist and covers the thumb, making it difficult and not as satisfying. Since they won’t get the comfort they are typically used to, they will stop sucking their thumbs over time. A similar product is called a thumbsie, which is the cloth alternative to the thumb sucking guard’s plastic. If the thumbsie doesn’t work, try the thumb guard.

There is even a special nail polish for thumb sucking. This bitter-tasting polish is repugnant to children. Simply apply the polish to your child’s nails and they will hate the taste when they begin sucking their thumbs. They’ll stop because it tastes so bad.

Furthermore, if you have tried thumb guards and nail polish for thumb sucking, you should think about taking your kid to a child psychologist. Thumb sucking may be the result of stunted growth or a symptom of it. They will also evaluate the child and give you some tips on how to help them stop that are based on your child’s idiosyncrasies. It might provide some insight into what’s going on with them.

Thumb sucking is harmless at first, but then it quickly becomes a problem in the future. While your child may use it to cope and comfort themselves when they are young, if they keep doing it you should do your best to get them to stop. Talk with them. Tell them why it is bad. Use the methods above that will discourage them if they don’t stop on their own and, finally, take them to a specialist if they still don’t stop.

An essential guide to selecting a wedding band for men

Life is full of exciting moments. The wedding is one of them. Most individuals are thrilled by the proposal of marriage and cannot wait for the arrival of the day. Shopping is a considerable part of this journey. From the dresses to the venue to the food to the jewelry, everything is crucial. These days, wedding bands have become popular. However, their origin dates back to ancient Egypt. There are widespread rumors that the Egyptians used these rings to represent honor and eternity. You can make a band out of gold, iron, and other metals. Gemstones were for symbolizing love or strength. Wedding bands have thereby stood the test of time and have consolidated the needs and requirements of changing society. They are still a significant part of a modern community. There are millions of styles in which wedding bands are available for men. Some rings can be personalized with a specific word or phrase to add a special meaning. You can choose among them for listing your personality and image.


What must you keep in mind before choosing your wedding band?

 Buying a wedding band is a thrilling experience for both partners. However, for men, it is a bit overwhelming. It is because of the limited number of ornaments they wear. The band is a considerable part of the overall look of a groom. For this, you have to consider the following points:


  • Keep your style in mind:When you have an idea of your style and personality, it will help you choose the piece of wedding band that suits you. Following this, metal, gemstone, style, and size will get determined. When it comes to metal, you have to decide what type of metal you want, whether you want rose gold or white or yellow or others. Platinum bands are popular these days. Diamond is the most popular gemstone in modern society. Considering the size of the engagement band will help you in choosing your ornament.


  • Consider the engagement band:Choosing the wedding band has a lot to do with the engagement band. You may allocate popular solitaire with pave diamond bands, which gives a classic solitaire look. You may consider pairing it with diamond-studded bands, which are best for weddings. Wedding bands that offer a lot of shimmer and shine are best for individuals with jolly nature. On the other hand, the dazzling center stone goes best with introverts.


  • Start as early as possible:Never leave any work for the last minute. A wedding is a day where you have different issues cropping up at the last moment. Choosing the wedding band for the groom is a significant part. Hence, you cannot leave it for the last moment.


You must establish a budget and stick to it. Bring into consideration your current income, current monthly expenditures, existing savings, and projected expenditures. Bringing into account your lifestyle and your socio-economic background is crucial. The wedding band is a celebrated piece of ornament worn by men. You can take the help of the digital platform and visit for different alternatives.

How You Can Improve Your Relationship with Exercise

There are almost 7.8 billion people in the world. Among them only, 5% are engaged in daily physical activity.

With the impact on mental and physical health, it is most effective on the relationship. The health benefits of exercise can be supportive in creating a better connection and attraction among partners.

The majority of relationships get boring and unattractive due to the debris collected in your body. People who exercise together have witnessed a more energetic and attractive relationship.

There are many other benefits of exercise; I have mentioned some of the best tips to improve your relationship through exercise.

Why is Exercise Important for Relationship?

It may sound strange that exercise can strengthen your relationship with your loved ones. But it is a fact, 25% of couples get divorced due to poor health.

It is possible because of the wider dimension of impacts that exercise can create on the human body. See the following reasons that highlight the importance of exercise in a relationship.

  • The regular movement of the body releases endorphins reducing the impact of stress and anxiety.
  • The ideal physical appearance will increase your confidence and view of life.
  • The exercise session serves as the ‘Me Time’ and initiates the process of self-actualization.
  • Your fit self will be the role model for your children.
  • Physical fitness will enhance your sex drive.

Improving Relationship by Exercise

We all knew the benefits of physical exercise, but it isn’t easy to maintain the habit. This creates a significant impact on your personal life.

Following are the tips that will support you in the betterment of your relationship just by doing exercises.

1.      Create Shared Fitness Goals

The general perception of drafting a physical exercise routine is to be a tough schedule with intense training. But that is not the case; in every situation, you can set your own fitness goal.

It is preferred to create your fitness vision with your partner as the couples drop rate is only 6.3%. Discuss with your partner and set up a fitness goal.

  • Specify a time of doing exercise.
  • Start with light exercises; brisk walking or jogging.
  • Slowly intensify your exercise.
  • If you are starting exercise after a long gap, do it only for 30 minutes.

2.      Face Each Other

If you are solely working to strengthen your relationship, then this one is for you. Seeing each other creates a significant impact on the love bonding between the couple.

The US Navy’s divorce rate is 90% due to not seeing each other for a longer period. Turning around your back at your partner can create a negative impression.

Instead, facing each other and eye contact creates an intimate bond.

3.      Establish Love Maps

Creating a love map is an effective habit for couples. It is to create a draft of questions about yourself and let your partner answer them. You can do it by observing your partner during the exercise.

Keep an eye on your partner during exercise; after finishing exercise, while resting or returning home, play the game.

The game will sustain the bond that has been created during the exercise. Around 46% of people accept that knowing each other creates a positive impact on the relationship.

4.      Do what brings you joy

The regular fitness routine may bring joy to your life, but an excessive or intense routine can also destroy it.

You don’t need to go for intense exercise to prove it to your partner. Do what brings you joy is the basic formulae.

Just because of fitness idealism, do not lose your inner peace. The reason behind this is that; exercise at this point is only for joy and regulation of your health.

Therefore, speak as you feel and only adopt a routine that makes you feel good.

5.      Learn about Hormones

From the 50 different types of hormones, endorphins and endocannabinoids are released from the body when you exercise.

This hormone affects the rewarding feeling of the brain and releases natural opioids. The hormonal release creates a positive impact on the mood and increases the happiness level.

The main part is to learn the usage of these hormones. The natural release will make you feel sexually aroused. This will ultimately increase your sex drive. Use these excessive hormones for making your physical relationship better.

6.      Bring Variety in Exercise

As you know, the presence of a loved one is a source of calmness. You can also try duo exercises for intensifying your physical workout, as per buy dissertation online.

For instance, playing tennis or basketball with your partner can cement your bonding and make you feel alive. You can also go for yoga poses that are especially for couples.

7.      Celebrate Body Imperfections

Our body is leaning, expanding, birthing, and shrinking with our age. It is not possible to return back in time.

At this point in your relationship, you need to enjoy and support each other rather than challenging each other. Therefore, enjoy your exercise routine and do not intensify it.

Excessive routine can also result in fatal injuries. It is also part of the exercise routine to appreciate your imperfection and don’t desire idealism.   

8.      Practice Tenderness

Along with a physical workout, you’ll also have to exercise at home to enhance your relationship.

The idea of tenderness is to make you comfortable with the partner and make him/her feel comfortable also.

A similar level of comfort that thesis writing service UK provides to students. You can do this exercise after your physical workout.

Sit alongside your partner and gently massage any area of their body that increases intimation. Experiment with different body parts and trigger points daily.

9.      Do Zumba Dance

This is a relatively new kind of cardio exercise that can increase your health. The first effect it creates is by communication.

It requires couples to hold hands and make body connection. Working in a group of couples can also increase your team spirit, strengthening the bond between you two.

Along with this, you can burn 250-400 calories in a day.

Healthy Life is a Happy Life

We all have heard the phrase ‘Health is Wealth’. It is slightly changed in this era; health is not only wealth; it is actually everything.

The couple in their middle ages and even the young ones faces difficulty in their relationship. This difficulty is in the form of mental and physical fitness.

The intense working hours and too much dependency on technology have ruined the natural beauty of the relationship.

Around 8% of Viagra prescriptions are written for men ages between 34 to 40 years. However, it was originally created for men above 50 years. This reflects the physical health condition of men; women are also facing some similar problems.

The adequate and natural way to secure your relationship form all of this is by physical routine. There are number of different exercises that are specially made for couples and can strengthen their relationship.

The exercises and routines that I have mentioned above can support you in cementing your relationship.

Author’s Bio

Melissa Calvert is currently working as a devoted Lifestyle Counselor at Crowd writer, the organization famous for its best essay writing service across the nation. She is a dedicated writer and passionate counselor. Her passion for improving lifestyles is visible from her bogs.

Tips for Making Tech a Positive Force in the Life of Your Kids

When it comes to tech and kids, the headlines are not great. There appears to be no real protection from hackers and cyberthieves. They are not just a danger to your kids in some generic way. They are targeting your kids because they are easy marks. It is also not only a matter of sexual predation. Your kids are a fount of information about your family. And kids notoriously lack any form of discernment when it comes to what one should or shouldn’t reveal. Your kids are an uncapped firehose of information. And there is only a limited number of things you can do about it once they have a computing device and an internet connection.

As scary as that is, technology can also be the key that unlocks your child’s potential. The worst case scenario is not the only scenario. Your kids are so much more than the worst possibility. And they should have access to the tools that make them the best versions of themselves they can be. The tech that can bring them to their knees is the same tech that can raise them to the stars. It is just a matter of applying that technology in the most beneficial way. Here are some tips for how to do just that:

Teach Them to Program

It is hard to imagine any meaningful job of the future that doesn’t involve the use of technology. The screens from which you want to protect your children are the same screens that will one day pay their rent. It is counterproductive to make your children afraid or suspicious of technology. If you don’t want the technology to control them, teach them how to control the technology.

Don’t just teach them; teach yourself. The same coding games that teach your children how to program also work as coding games for adults. Many of your fears will go away once you understand how it works. When you have a healthier relationship with technology, you will be able to more capably guide your children into a healthier tech relationship.

The thing to remember is that as bad as the threats are, the tech is not the problem. Bad people doing bad things are the problem, as it has always been. Help your kids learn how it all works so that they can one day be a part of the solution.

Night Time Tech

The best parenting advice calls for children’s bedtime routine to be tech-free. But taken too far, this approach can throw the baby out with the bathwater. What you want to limit is screen time, not technology. That screen time also includes television and ereaders. If your child is staying up late reading books, that is probably a win rather than a loss.

Instead of making tech the night time enemy that robs your child of sleep, use the tech as an ally to help your child sleep better. Adjust the settings so that the screen takes on a warmer cast as it gets later in the day. On Apple devices, that feature is called Night Shift. Some people swear by it. Android has similar options. Set the smart speaker to play soothing sounds like crickets or waves. That is a known sleep aid for many. Use a sleep tracker to gage the quality of their sleep. Finally, you can set the devices to start the wakeup process in a gentle and natural way. Rather than you having to make several trips to their room to get them out of bed, technology can help them wake up more naturally and more refreshed.

Use Tech to Keep Them Safe

Rather than taking away the ability for children to text in school, administrators are implementing new ways to help kids stay safe via text messaging. By giving kids smartwatches with tracking capabilities, parents can know where their kids are at all times. A watch that can double as a phone is better than a phone because it is worn all day and not subject to getting lost. It also doesn’t have the capability to play games and post other distractions.

There are definitely a lot of ways for technology to go wrong. But there are also a lot of ways for it to go right. Give your kids the best opportunity by teaching them to code, letting tech help them sleep better, and using tech to keep them safe.

5 Simple Hacks to Make Travel to Another Country Hassle-Free

Travel is exciting! The thing is, it can also be a hassle if you aren’t prepared with the information and items you need. If you want to make it more enjoyable, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few hacks that will make it just that.


Money Stuff

If you’re planning on buying things wherever you might be going, check out things like duty-free items. Make sure you know the rules where you are going. For instance, if you’re traveling to Mexico, read section 321 to ensure you know what you will and won’t have to pay taxes on at customs. You should also consider the current exchange rate so you can deal with that. Before heading out, also ensure that your credit and debit cards will work and be accepted at your destination. 


Destination Info

The more that you know about where you’re going, the more enjoyable your trip will be. For example, if you’re planning on going to China, it might help to know a few words of the predominant language of the area you’ll be visiting, along with a bit of the cultural norms and expectations. 

Spend a bit of time before the trip learning about customs, dining traditions, and culture as well as any other types of info that could help on the trip. It also pays to be respectful of local traditions so you don’t unintentionally insult anyone.



Most of the major cities and even many of the smaller, more rural areas across the planet have installed weather cameras that allow you to view the weather in real-time. There are also apps and websites you can check. 

Start checking these out a few weeks before you head out so that you can kind of get a feel for what the weather is like and pack accordingly. If there is a webcam that allows you to view it in real-time, make use of it because it can tell you more than news sites typically do 



Before you leave for your trip, it’s very important to have all of your travel documents and other paperwork ready to go. Print out everything you need, such as itineraries, reservations, and anything else you may need. It’s always much better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. 

E-reservations and tickets don’t generally lead to any sort of issues, but you never want to be THAT TRAVELER. You know, the one who stands at the counter arguing with whoever happens to be working because they’ve lost the reservation. It only takes a few minutes to print out everything you need and stick it in an envelope to take along. Also, ensure your passport is up to date and that you have any necessary visas or documentation for the countries you’ll be visiting. This can ease stress and expedite your travel time in the process.


Cell Phone

Today, most of us rely quite heavily on our cell phones. Most of the larger carriers work in other countries, but not all of them, or they might, but at exorbitant rates. Many carriers just won’t work at all in certain countries. You might be better off just getting a throw-away phone to use for your trip and then can get rid of once you return home. Call your carrier before deciding and find out if they work in your destination and what the rates are so that you know what your best option is.

Following the hacks you’ve just read about will help make your trip more hassle-free. You’ll be able to travel with peace of mind knowing that you’ve prepared and planned for a trip that goes as smoothly as possible.

3 Things to Look for in a Retirement Home for Mom

Retirement is a reward for a life well-lived. It is not a punishment. And no part of it should ever feel that way. Unfortunately, for all too many seniors, that is exactly what their latter years have become. They are punished by so many things including the following:

  • Loss of vision
  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of mobility
  • Income that feels more broken than fixed
  • Aches and pains
  • Children that don’t visit or call
  • Death of friends
  • Healthcare expenses
  • Loss of independence

This is not how it was supposed to turn out. The brochure showed octogenarians waterskiing out on the Florida Keys. There was no mention of the bland oatmeal or the lady down the hall who is convinced she is Queen Elizabeth. They never warn you of how painful the feeling of betrayal is when the kids take away your car keys and cut up your driver’s license.

For many, the worst indignity is being told they can no longer live independently. They have to sell the family home and move into a retirement facility. The choices range from upscale retirement communities for the rich and famous to full-on nursing homes that barely pass inspection on a good day.

When it is time for your mother to face this unwelcome moment in her life, it is up to you to make sure she is happy and well cared for in her golden years. Here are a few things to look for when reviewing communities:

Appropriate Technology

Some seniors could teach you a thing or two about technology. After all, they were once young and enjoyed learning new things. As we get older, we lose a little of the enthusiasm we once had for learning new things. We need things in our lives that are predictable and reliable and that make us feel competent and not helpless.

Something as simple as a TV remote can make all the difference in how a senior feels about watching television. Check to see that the retirement home TV is large enough to enjoy and easy to use for people who don’t want to be overwhelmed by the tech.

At the same time, you want them to have all the tech necessities of the modern day like computers and modern phones for communicating with the outside world and easy access to social media. Human connection is one of the most precious gifts for seniors. Make sure they can easily connect with all the classic entertainment they love, and all the new friends they are yet to make.

Options for Special Dietary Needs

Special diets are a fact of life. You don’t have to be a senior to know what it is like to be locked out of some of the greatest, gastronomic delights the world has to offer due to a food allergy. Some people can’t have nuts, or berries, or bread, or cheese, or… The list goes on. It is not enough to know that the kitchen serves healthy options. That should be a given. The kitchen needs to be flexible enough to offer options for special needs eaters. If they can’t do that, you need to keep looking.


Loneliness is not just a matter of feeling sad. Loneliness kills. The pandemic didn’t create that fact. It just exposed it. Visitations are still somewhat dicey due to the danger of non-symptomatic spread to a vulnerable population that remains largely unvaccinated. That means the retirement community will need to make up for it by offering a strong sense of community and the ability for residents to keep in touch with loved ones. Be sure they have the bandwidth to handle things like FaceTime calls.

You want a place that offers a variety of social activities that keep the residents not just entertained, but engaged. While they long for the familiar to give them a sense of grounding, they still want to learn. Look for retirement communities that offer classes for things like learning a new language, or yoga, or pottery. Make sure that mental engagement goes along with social engagement.

No one wants to leave their mother at a retirement community. But many seniors would rather be at a retirement facility than feel like a burden to their children. If you are in the position of searching for the perfect retirement community, see to it there is a suitable tech offering, special diet options, and a strong sense of community for mental and social stimulation

5 Ways to Reward Yourself After Losing Weight

You know how challenging it can be to lose weight. It takes a real commitment and forces you to make some sacrifices, so reaching your weight goals means much more. This is the reason you deserve a reward, and the following are five ways you can do this after you lose weight.


A Spa Day


One thing you can do after losing weight is just taking a spa day or weekend. These spa centers are wonderful and allow you to relax. The folks here create an atmosphere of peace that you’ll fall in love with. After all the stuff you’ve been through trying to lose this weight, you deserve a little peace. You’ll get treated to massages, beauty treatments, relaxing saunas, and much more. By the time your spa is done, you’ll feel like a new person because you are.


A Sexy Swimsuit


After all that work, you’ve finally lost weight, and your body looks great. It’s time to do that thing you didn’t feel like doing before this weight loss, which is wearing a swimsuit. Now, you can’t just get any swimsuit; you have to go all out. Take your time browsing designer swimwear and pick out a sexy new swimsuit. These types of swimsuits are designed to impress and will make you look great. Sure, they’re a little pricier, but they’re what you need right now. Go for a walk on the beach or take a few pictures. Do whatever you want to do.


Go On a Cruise


One thing you could do to reward yourself is going on a cruise. Although not an option during the pandemic, going on a cruise at a later time will give you a reason to wear that swimsuit a few times at different beaches depending on where the cruise takes you. It’ll double as a vacation since cruises take place over the course of days or weeks to finish, and you need a vacation after everything you’ve been through. Many cruises offer healthy meal options. Be sure to ask about this before you book though. You don’t want to start eating unhealthy after you lost this weight.


Try a Photoshoot


After losing weight, you probably feel good about yourself and what you look like. Maybe this is the perfect time to feel like a model. You can hire a professional photographer to help capture your success right now. A photographer can help create all sorts of amazing images that’ll make you look wonderful. The photoshoot could be more traditional, or it could be a little sexier, whatever you feel like. You should look at each potential photographer’s portfolio to make sure they can do what they promised.


A Little Retail Therapy


Sometimes, the best gift is a little shopping. Maybe you’ve had a few fun things on your shopping list that you’ve been putting off for some time. Well, now is the time to take out that list of stuff and just go crazy. Maybe it’s time to purchase that big item you’ve been putting off for so long as a reward for this accomplishment. Purchasing these things will make you appreciate them much more. Every time you see the item at home it’ll remind you of everything you did to lose weight.


These are just some ways you can reward yourself after this milestone. Choose what works for you, or do a little mix and match. Do what you want because you’ve earned it.

Tips for Teaching Kitchen Basics to Your Kids

You have probably been wondering when your kids can start helping you out in the kitchen. Before you start letting them help you out in the kitchen, it’s appropriate to know what’s okay for them to do as well as what isn’t. The following tips will help you learn how to teach your kids different tasks appropriately.


  • Correct timing


You should remember that you shouldn’t teach your kids different kitchen skills during the late hours of the night. Wait for a convenient time like the weekend, when you don’t have to rush. You’ll be more relaxed and patient with them, which is very important. They also need to be more focused to learn tasks like how to make coffee and run the dishwasher.


  • Eye on the prize


When introducing your kids to cooking, you shouldn’t expect the type of food you get in restaurants. What you’re doing is boosting their self-esteem and encouraging their transition into independence. Don’t be hard on them; let them learn slowly. You have done a great job if you are excited to have spent time in the kitchen and helped you out at the end of the day.


  • Food safety


This is the most important thing you can teach them when they learn how to cook. The fundamental aspects of food safety include: their hands should be kept clean while preparing food, they shouldn’t lick their fingers, raw and cooked food should be kept separate, and when cooking, the right temperature should be used. Caution them on cross-contamination. Cooked food shouldn’t be put on platters that had raw food. The other rule is they should clean utensils after using them.


  • Using the dishwasher


The first step should be explaining to them how it works when it’s empty. Afterward, add dirty utensils and show them where everything goes depending on how you arrange yours. Teach them to always put plates and cups in the dishwasher instead of having the sink full of dirty dishes. Have their items on a low shelf to make it easier for them to unload the dishwasher.


  • Using a microwave


This is the easiest appliance you can teach them to use and most useful. You should teach them four basic things when they’re learning how to use most microwave models: melting, defrosting, cooking, and cleaning.


  • Watch your terminology


Kids aren’t as advanced as you’re in terms of words. If you use tough words like sauté, sear, or fold, they’ll be confused until you explain well. Therefore when you use such terminology, make sure you define them and understand what you mean. You can also use more straightforward language if you find that works better for them.


  • Use of hot pads


It’s easy to burn yourself in the kitchen, even as an adult. So have your children always wear hot pads when dealing with hot mixtures. They should be worn when food is removed from the oven or microwave and when holding all-metal pans on the stovetop. They shouldn’t lick hot food or even handle it, and if they get hurt, they should tell you or any other adult around. Ensure you always keep a first aid kit in your kitchen.


  • Shoes and Safe Clothing


It’s advisable to wear shoes in the kitchen, both for you and your child. You’ll be protecting your feet from accidents, and they offer traction. Safe clothing is also essential. Teach them not to wear clothes with long and flowy sleeves. Also, avoid wearing anything flammable such as synthetic fabric or loose clothing.

10 Home Security Blunders That Could Put Your Family at Risk

A secure home isn’t only about having a reliable security system, although that does help significantly. It’s also about keeping up habits that ensure the safety and security of your home.

If you want to ensure that your house is safe, you might want to avoid these ten home security blunders that could put your family at risk:

Hiding spare keys outside

Too many people’s contingency is to leave a spare key outside. This is in case they find themselves locked out of their homes.

If they also plan on offering a friend access to the house, they leave the keys under the welcome mat or a flower pot, which is pretty unsafe. These solutions might be convenient, but you’re still leaving anyone free access to your home if they manage to find the keys.

That’s why, as much as possible, try and hand out the keys to your place face-to-face. At the very least, your key location should be as far from the house as possible.

Forgetting to lock doors and windows

Did you know that many burglaries or break-ins that happen to people’s houses don’t occur because the criminals break into the house?

Instead, they find an unlocked door and window and manage to get themselves in the house. That’s why as much as possible, you should avoid leaving your doors and windows unlocked.

Even if you think you’re in a safe neighborhood, it’s still not advisable to leave your doors and windows unlocked without direct supervision. In some cases, going out for a couple of minutes is enough for strangers to come into your house without you knowing.

That’s why, even if you don’t think that you’re going to be away that long, make sure that you lock your doors and windows anyway.

Forgetting to set your home security system

If you ever managed to get yourself a home security system, make sure that you get into the habit of setting it. There’s no point in having a high-end home security system if you always forget to set it in the evenings or when you’re away from the house. Luckily, this is where alarm remote service integration could come in handy.

Set up an alarm in your phone or reminders to help you remember to set your security system. You don’t want to be miles away from your house before you remember that you didn’t even set your home alarm or security system yet.

Don’t forget to change the default code that your home security system has to something different. Ensure that you change it to something difficult and non-generic.

Failure to ask for the professionals’ help

Before installing all sorts of security measures in place, you might want to ask for professional help. Unless you’re a security expert, you probably can’t DIY your way through setting up security measures around your house.

When you have an alarm monitoring service, the security professionals can help you set things up and run things through with you. Their customer service can help you deal with any issues. And some of these companies even have the connections to patch you through other security professionals.

It’s a lot easier to connect with security professionals than you think, and this is but one of them. It would be best to consult a security professional. That way, you’d know that you’re getting the best security possible or that you’re installing things right.

Neglecting second-floor security

Many people tend to want to save money by focusing their security efforts on one floor alone.

However, you have to note that if you get yourself a persistent burglar, they’re going to find a way to get into your house nonetheless. Therefore, you should make sure that you also check on your second-floor security.

Try and look for potential spots that can help people break into your home through the second floor. For example, many burglars use the railing of the deck to climb up onto second-story windows.

Balconies are also a way for burglars to break into your house. Ensure that even if they manage to get on to your patio, your doors are locked and that they won’t be able to enter anyway.

Assuming break-ins only happen during night-time

People are more vigilant with their home security in the evenings, and for a good reason.

With limited visibility and the lack of people out and about, it feels like the night time is the time when hoodlums start crawling out of the woodwork. However, focusing all of your security efforts only during the night is a mistake.

You might be shocked to know that many burglaries occur during the day instead of the night. That’s why you shouldn’t let your guard down even during the day.

You don’t have to be extra paranoid in the day. You have to be just as vigilant in your home security during the day as you are at night.

Visibility of valuable items

Don’t leave any of your valuable items out in the open or at least in the home areas visible through the windows.

People with ill intentions might look into your home and find that you have valuables worth taking. It can tempt them to try and break into your home to get these valuable items.

Aside from inciting the attention of burglars, leaving your valuables out in the open makes them easier to grab.

No outdoor lights were installed

If you don’t have any outdoor lights installed around the perimeter of your home, you are losing out on a security advantage.

Outdoor light illuminates dark areas around your house. Thus, it’ll be more challenging for criminals to try and hide until they manage to get close to your home.

Aside from that, having a bright or having outdoor lights themselves can be a deterrent in itself.

Giving the burglars places to hide

Speaking of, you might also want to consider identifying potential around your house that could be a potential hiding place.

An example of that would be large bushes or shrubberies growing outside your home.

Try and trim those down so burglars won’t be able to hide in them. Of course, as we mentioned before, you should have outdoor lights too.

Sharing too much on social media

Social media platforms are powerful tools, but at the same time, they can also serve nefarious schemes. For example, many people have fallen victim to burglaries because they post about everything they do on social media.

As much as possible, avoid posting about your location or at least your current location in real-time on social media. That way, burglars or other strangers won’t use that information against you in any way.

Final Words

The home security blunders in this list aren’t because of negligence, but more often because of ignorance.

Hopefully, by knowing that these home security blunders could make your home unsafe that you would stop doing them if you have been doing them.

It should also let you know how to move forward and have your home’s security and safety and your family the priority. Good luck, and stay safe out there.