6 Fashion Trends to Try out This Summer

Adding a modern garment can inject attitude to the most basic wardrobe. The catwalk styles are extreme and basically for display, but they become accessible and everyday versions that are sold at a massive level of fast fashion and retail. Some deserve our money, others do not. Go through the list of the great successes (and failures) of this summer to find your style. Additionally, to learn more about fashion check out ThreadCurve.com

  1. Animal prints

The leopard and cheetah prints are still incredibly popular. If we have loved it, we have bought it and we have used it since the 60s, so why stop doing it now? Wear blouses, mid-calf skirts, and dresses that are so “trendy”. Snake skin has also been included, but this trend comes and goes, and it is one of those options that you like or detest. Our professional advice: opt for the prints of classic animals, such as leopard and cheetah for clothes (the zebra is not one of them) and let the sandals or boots with relief reptile add a dash of style to jeans and pants.

  1. The utilitarian style

This trend looks great on the catwalk and is practical in real life. The jumpsuits similar to the old pilot or mechanic, cargo pants and military style jackets have been updated. Choose loose and loose garments with some definition at the waist (elastic inserts, a belt or adjusted to the shape) in soft and elastic combinations. These additional pockets are excellent for storing keys, cell phones, IDs, eyeglasses and lipsticks. Our professional advice: if you like wide jeans, you will love the cargo; but look for the ankle shorts. You will not see many cargo pants on the catwalks, but they are an overwhelming trend in stores. To make utility garments look a little more elegant when going to work or going out at night: wear the jacket with tight skirts and feminine dresses, add a silk blouse to the cargo pants, and put on your overalls with soother heels and a jacket.

  1. Dyed

Hippie’s splashes are reinvented in neutrals with controlled colouring. And this is not the fashion of a single season: this trend will continue until the following autumn and winter, thanks to the strange calendar of fashion shows in the fashion industry with a season of anticipation. I just saw it! Our professional advice: opt for white and gray dyeing, or faint black, instead of the striking kaleidoscope colours you see on the catwalks, or choose a dyeing effect in immersion that is more gradual and monochromatic to achieve a more versatile style and sophisticated. It makes more sense to wear it in mid calf skirts, sweatshirts, blouses and athletic clothing.

  1. Denim clothing

If you love jeans or the idea of ​​wearing jeans, but you have not put them in years, here you will see how to wear denim now. The straight and mid-calf structured skirts were not starring on the catwalks, but they really had an impact with the stores and online retailers that recognize lifestyle success when they see it. Our professional advice: opt for good knee-length skirts straight or mid-calf that resemble normal clothing (but without the seams and pockets that look like jeans) and t-shirt dresses that are really dressed (not only cambray shirts with curved skirts) and those with a bib overalls with bib.

  1. Yellow

The great colour trend is cheerful yellow in all its variations of tone, intensity and hue. It is not only the bright school bus, but also the yellow banana, butter, calendula, turmeric, honey and saffron. Yellow works just as well with white, cool tones as black or navy blue, and warm tones such as tan or brown. Our professional advice: if you are one of the people who resist yellowing, try it on a print, on a skirt, on shoes or in a bag. Ignore neon yellows or intense acid, such as lime or chartreuse, which are very strong for some skin tones, and opt for softer, lighter yellows such as banana, amber or caramel (yes, those are also yellow).

  1. A lightweight suit

Do not wait more. This duet never fails to make us look confident and elegant, even on the hottest, wettest or rainiest days. When your hair is rebellious, your makeup feels sticky and you feel sweaty and swollen, the firm and modern figure of a tailor suit will help you to cope with the day. The new factor is in the proportions; In current fashion the jacket is more relaxed and longer than in recent years, with a slight feeling that it is big, but without super shoulders. Our professional advice: choose a trouser that reaches the waist (your preference: the ankle, short, broad long, narrow or loose) and that goes well with your shoes, and accompany it with a jacket.

What to Do When Your Child is Struggling in School

Let’s face it: school can be difficult for kids. Between extra-curricular activities, social pressures, and struggles with the material itself, it’s normal for children to have a hard time maintaining a consistently high level of academic performance.

Unfortunately, when their grades start flagging it can also have a snowball effect on their self-confidence, leading children to doubt their own abilities and wonder if they have what it takes to excel in academics.

If your child is struggling in school, simply telling them to do better is probably not going to be enough. Instead, you need to come alongside them and brainstorm positive strategies that will help them succeed. Here are three tried and true ways of boosting academic performance that can also have a major positive impact on your child’s overall self-esteem.

1. Structured Study Time

Children thrive on structure, and nowhere is this truer than when it comes to learning. Carving out a regular time in the day for the study is an important first step toward normalizing study as part of the day.

Not only will this make it easier for your child to focus on their schoolwork, but it will also make their learning more effective. Scientists who study learning have noted that students who study for shorter periods but spread their studying out over time retain more information. This is because the brain learns through repetition, and going over new material every couple of days increases the likelihood that it will be locked into the long-term memory.

2. Tutoring Help

Sometimes, your child just needs more help in understanding and applying the concepts they are learning in class. In today’s education environment, teachers are often overworked, and growing class sizes mean that individual students get less one-on-one time with their teacher. Many studies have shown that as class sizes go up, student performance goes down, so getting your child the extra support they need is essential.

The best way to do this is through after-school tutoring. Tutors can play a pivotal role in helping struggling students overcoming their personal learning challenges. Because they provide children with a safer, more personal learning environment, they can also tailor instruction to the student’s actual needs (you can learn more at Prepacademytutors.com about how to find a local tutor who can work around your child’s schedule and offer in-home instruction).

3. Practice Positive Reinforcement

Just because a child is struggling in school doesn’t mean they will necessarily apply themselves to improve their grades, and it can be tempting to try to manage bad behavior through punishment.

Unfortunately, you can’t force a child to learn, and punishment often simply serves to create a negative association with schoolwork. Positive reinforcement is a much better approach. If your child improves their grade by even a few points, reward them with praise and something they enjoy. Instill a sense that improved outcomes lead to more freedom and responsibility.

When your child comes home with another C on their report card, it can be hard not to feel discouraged. But it is important to remember that overcoming challenges is essential to learning.

By teaching them to structure their time, look for extra help when they need it, and by emphasizing positive reinforcement, you can use these difficulties as an opportunity to equip your child with the tools and strategies they need to deal with adversity will set them up for the roadblocks they will face throughout their lives.  

8 Best Tour Companies in India

History of India’s travel companies is relatively impressive. The first significant travel ‘arranger’ to open on the Indian subcontinent was British-possessed Cox and Kings.

Today, India is home of some of the largest travel companies in the world.  Let’s get to know about the best of the rest and take full advantage of the tomorrow land festivals.

  1. Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation ranked as India’s leading travel company. IRCTC is positioned as the best travel website in India.

It is a subsidiary of Indian Railways-the world’s fourth largest railroad organize. The Indian railways are known for their gesture and hospitality. The quality of food served on the trains is mind boggling along with wi-fi connectivity.

  1. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is an online Tours and Travel entry and ranks among pioneers of India’s Internet-based travel agencies.

The company’s site claiming it held a 47 percent share of the online travel advertising, citing a 2013 survey. book your travel with the company and enjoy huge discounts on the tomorrow land festivals. it is also one of the most preferred store when you are planning for your holidays. Whether it is about booking flight tickets or simple booking of buses the store has a lot to offer. the best thing about make my trip is the discounts and deals it offers across the year to its customers.

  1. EaseMyTrip

Established in the year 2008, EaseMyTrip is the new contestant in this list has come to this position because of astounding services and offering transparency in airfare.

The travel company is among the most significant flight booking sites of the nation with twenty eight branch offices in India, Thailand, Maldives, Singapore, and Dubai. Last year, turnover of the company was Rs.2000 Cr.

  1. Cleartrip

Cleartrip is also a primary online travel website from India that operates with three offices in this nation and one in the Spread across three convenient offices in India and one in Middle East.

Thanks to the Middle East operations, it is the favored office among business and leisure travelers to the Arabian Gulf states.

Cleartrip also ranked among the pioneers of India’s online travel business.

Its website features blogs and other interesting articles about various destinations and trends in the travel and tourism industry worldwide.

  1. Yatra

Yatra is another top travel company that has a significant presence online.

The company claims that more than four million remote and domestic travelers have profited its services since its establishment in 2006.

Yatra also has a versatile application that makes it possible for individuals to book any travel related service while moving and at short notice.

Yatra’s services incorporate domestic and global air ticketing, lodging bookings, home-stays, occasion packages, bus ticketing, rail ticketing, activities, and ancillary services.

  1. Cox and Kings Ltd

Cox and Kings is the longest established travel company in the world that started in 1758. It started primarily as a travel arranger for British troops touching base in the Indian subcontinent.

The company assumed a primary job amid World War-I and World War-II by transporting Indian soldiers to different battlefields in Europe and Asia.

Cox and Kings is also considered as those handful couple of companies of the vintage that continues to grow and earn positive reviews till date and one of a kind in the travel segment.

  1. Thomas Cook (India) Ltd

Thomas Cook (India) Ltd was established in India in 1881. Thomas Cook has an extremely intriguing history.

It started as a social change adventure that was gone for helping individuals to conquer liquor abuse issue by instructing individuals through travel.

  1. Balmer Lawrie Travel and Vacations

Today an Indian government endeavor, Balmer Lawrie Travel, and Vacations follow its history back to 1867.

It is an auxiliary of Balmer Lawrie and Co Ltd; an organization propelled in Kolkata in 1867 by two Scotsmen.


If you are planning to go and enjoy your vacations with your family then do consider the list of 8 best tour companies in India and enjoy your time with your loved ones. The stores will make your trip an unforgettable experience with endless facilities and affordable prices that will not burden you after you return back to your daily routine.

A Guide on Spring Cleaning Right Before You Move Home (And Other Ways To Make Your Move Less Stressful)

Moving house can be a stressful time… but it doesn’t have to be. One way to make your life a whole lot easier is to properly plan a spring clean so that when it’s time to move, you’re not left scrubbing the fridge at the last minute!

Not just this, but performing a spring clean means that your new home will feel as homely as possible right from the start. The fridge is clean, the floors are shining and there’s zero dust! Yay.

Naturally, spring cleaning is itself a daunting task (especially if you have to clean a lot of outdoor elements) So that it doesn’t add more stress on what can be an already-bulging stress pile before you move, let’s take a look at how to properly perform one. We’ll also take a look at other ways to make your move less stressful.

Clean High

Think dust is confined to just the countertops and floors? Think again. If you can get into your new home before you move, make sure to give things like overhead lighting fixtures and ceiling fans a good dusting.

In fact, tackle any features that are close to the ceiling as these can get really grimy.

Make sure to take a look at the floor directly underneath these features, too, as the dust has this nasty habit of trickling down. Ceiling fans in particular cause dust to actually rain down!

Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors take it personally when you walk on them your shoes on, and they tend to show the dirt! If you’ve been guilty of this in the past, make sure to give your floors a good clean before you move. It’s the same if you’ve got pets – floors will collect hairs.

Use a dust mop or vacuum to get rid of the grime, dirt and any hairs. Dust the hardwood floor with a mop, and make sure to use a dusting agent.

Want a new floor altogether? Go here for the best hardwood flooring.

Work On The Fridge

I mentioned the fridge earlier, and it’s a pretty big deal. Why? Well, just think of all those perishable foods you’ve got in there! Not to mention the fact that a fridge can get plain filthy over the course of time.

Before you move, take out all your perishable food. This could take a bit of time and you should set aside at least 20 minutes for this task.

Then, make sure to scrub the inside of the fridge – from the shelves to the drawers – with soap and water. In fact, you might want to make a solution of vinegar and water, as this can scrape off any stuck-on, stubborn fifth.

Move onto the freezer next, removing the shelves and giving them a good clean.

Tackle The Whole Kitchen

Once you’ve cleaned the fridge, it’s time to move onto the whole kitchen.

There’s a lot to do, so it’s important that you put enough time aside to work on everything from the tops of the cabinets to the corners of the ceiling.

Then there are the appliances, including the sink, the microwave, and the oven. It will all need to be cleaned so that you can move into your new home with a much bigger peace of mind.

And if you’ve got any stubborn stains that just won’t come off, trying mixing hydrogen peroxide with baking soda.

Clean The Bathroom

It’s a smart idea to replace your toilet seat before you move. It will only cost a small amount, and it will ensure it’s super clean.

Other than that, cleaning the barroom is a matter of disinfecting. Use sponges and soaps to scrub surfaces, and then use an antibacterial spray to eliminate any germs that are still hanging around. You want your bathroom to be spotless and free from harmful bacteria.

Other Tips To Make Moving Easier

Hold a Garage Sale

Got some stuff you want to unload before you move? A garage sale is a great way of getting rid of things you don’t want while raising a bit of cash. Plus, it can be a super fun way to spend the day and you can get the whole family involved!

(Just make sure no one sells your favorite cardigan without you realizing)

You can use moving sale banners to help you advertise your sale.

Pack in Advance

For everything else that you want to take with you, make sure to pack in advance. If you leave packing until the very last minute, you will yourself a major headache and arguments between family members could easily break out!

Pack an Essentials Bag

It’s unlikely that you’ll unpack everything on your first night in your new home. Heck, you might not have unpacked everything by the end of the first week! This is why it’s helpful to pack an essentials bag that contains all the stuff you’ll need on the first night.

Hire Professional Movers

If you have a friend with a van who can help, that’s great. Otherwise, it’s a smart idea to hire professional movers to help you out.

Not sure it’s really necessary? Just think of all that heavy furniture that needs lifting!


The hard work starts now. Make sure to use the tips in this article to give your home a spring clean before you move. Trust me, once that’s out of the way moving will become so much easier (and even a tad fun!).

This guest post contribution is courtesy of SignMission, an American owned, operated and manufactured company in Florida. Signmission offers custom signs such as moving sale banners, safety signs, and even license plate frames.