5 Casual Date Fashion Ideas

Your date is coming up slowly but surely and you’ve already started to panic because you don’t know what to wear? Look no further because we’re here to help you out! Here are five casual date fashion ideas you should know about, so check them out and start planning your outfit right now!

Outfit #1: Black dress + oversized denim jacket + ankle booties

Let’s be honest – the iconic little black dress will never go out of style, which is exactly why you should choose it for your upcoming date. Of course, we aren’t saying that you should pick an elegant black gown – a casual mini or midi dress will do the trick, especially when matched with an oversized denim jacket and a pair of black ankle booties. Such an outfit is more than perfect for an informal dinner or a movie night, so go for it and you won’t regret it!

Outfit #2: Oversized washed-pink shirt + skinny jeans + leather flats

Pastels are making a huge comeback this season, so make sure to incorporate your favorite shade into your flawless date night combo. An oversized washed-pink shirt is always a great choice, so get a couple of trendy women’s T-shirts in this color and rock your casual outfits like a true fashionista. Combine this shirt with your favorite skinny jeans in order to balance out the entire look, and then add a pair of cute leather flats to complete it. The last thing to add is a thin belt around your waist and voila – your look is all done!

Outfit #3: Striped T-shirt + pencil skirt + ankle booties

On the other hand, if you prefer patterns rather than just monochromatic looks, you should go for a black-and-white striped T-shirt and match it with a regular black pencil skirt. Even though this combo probably doesn’t seem particularly attractive because of the lack of color, you can easily transform it into a stylish and eye-catching one by adding a touch of your favorite shade. For example, a nice red scarf and a red lipstick will do wonders for your overall look, as well as a pair of vibrant earrings that’ll make the entire outfit much more appealing. When you’re done with accessorizing, just slide into your trusty ankle booties and you’re good to go!

Outfit #4: Black one-shoulder shirt + denim shorts + white sneakers

If you’ve always loved to stand out from the crowd and wear something different than the majority of people around you, we reckon that an asymmetric top should be your garment of choice! A black one-shoulder shirt that features a long sleeve is definitely a piece you simply have to own, so get it for your upcoming date and combine it with cute denim shorts you love to wear. As for your footwear, a pair of white sneakers is a great choice as it’ll add a casual vibe to your outfit and make it much more wearable.

Outfit #5: Floral maxi dress + knee-high leather gladiator sandals

Maxi dresses are a massive hit in the fashion industry nowadays, and this is particularly true for pieces that feature a gorgeous floral print. So, if florals are your thing and you love to emphasize your feminine side through your fashion choices, you should certainly opt for a stunning floral maxi dress and match it with a pair of knee-high leather gladiator sandals. This combo is everything you can wish for, so give it a try and you’ll see what we were talking about!

As you can tell, there are a lot of potential outfits you can rock on your date, but these five are undoubtedly the best ones out there. All you have to do is to pick one that suits your preferences in the best possible way and get ready for a date like a real fashionista!

Database Administration Services – 5 Things to Consider for a Big Data Startup

Big data is the most trending topic in the technology world, but it is a complicated thing also to consider. We have seen the rise and fall of many big data startups, and in light of this, we are trying to put forth some guidelines for big data startups to succeed. These guidelines are given by keeping the new-generation entrepreneurs in mind who want to get into emerging technology fields to succeed.

This is a long story; however, jotted down here in short. As a startup entrepreneur, you need to choose your business battles very wisely and try to build a community around what you offer. However, if it is big data, then it doesn’t require an additional cheerleader. Without further, ado let’s get into the point.

Guidelines to big data startup business aspirants

  1. The infrastructure need is challenging

Building infrastructural tools for big data is difficult on the one hand, and selling them too is difficult on the other hand. This gets your troubles doubled, while you think of the big data tools like Hadoop, MapReduce, NoSQL DB, and real-time data streaming/processing systems, etc. The users need to have a lot of education and insights. This makes it mandatory for the providers to offer significant support to the users by addressing all their concerns timely and satisfactorily.

When it comes to big data applications, whether they are focused on specific workloads of various industries or applications to handle broader tasks like data visualization etc. are made easier. However, these sophisticated applications are harder to build, but the prospective customers can oversee how it can be made useful or this compared to what already exists. You will be able to sell big data applications directly into the lines of business without the need to invoke the central IT systems at all, which means that there is only less friction ultimately. Once if you start to talk about removing, replacing, or adding systems or putting sensitive data, things can be more complicated.

2. Friendliness of cloud computing

People have known that the cloud is a very efficient solution for businesses. Nowadays, even if you sell infrastructure or software applications, the cloud can be an efficient option to leverage. This doesn’t mean simply hosting on the cloud, but it can also be beneficial in delivery services to clients in a cloud environment. You can gain better control over your product or service and a deeper understanding of its potential as it can run optimally on a set of resources.

There is no entering into the customer accounts or setting up on the servers and OS they are running. However, there could be some customized work to connect services with the data sources of the customers, but all get more or less the same thing. In this, most of the provider energy may be spared for product development.

After all, cloud computing will make it easier for users to play around with their products. For startups, this makes things much easier to get started, play around with the product, and prove the value of their tools. However, this is not so in all the cases, especially when you are considering larger-scale enterprise software applications which have to handle a huge volume of data. Big data startups may feel such pressure from the larger businesses in the same platform to offer cloud services too as traditional software applications.

3. Developers as your friends

Cater to them if you are a big data solutions providers. On the other hand, if you are providing big data analytics services too as a part of your big data database services like RemoteDBA.com, then analysts are your best friends. Whatever your solutions are, ranging from database to development or analytics solutions, aiming your development efforts to marketing on your target audience is the key to success.

In this case, CIOs may not be the ideal target audience. On target the CIOs, the major problem is that you won’t catch them speaking the buzzwords or answering the specific questions about the overblown concerns as compared to contact the actual users. Instead of this, targeting the actual developers or analysts may be the ideal tactic to work well for cloud startups.

4. Deploy data scientists at the front and the center

This is as much as a strategic marketing approach as well as sales too. This is important as data scientists are the professional who will show the users what is possible for them with the use of data and your big data platform. Expert data analysts are those whom people will be listening to at conferences and presentations.

You can see that almost everyone in the technology sector is already sold on Hadoop as well as NoSQL DBMS technologies already. So, for the marketers, there is little need to explain the merits of these further, and there is also no need to reinforce in terms of variety, volume, and velocity, etc. Discussing integrations and configurations seems to be important, but it is more interesting in a smaller audience who closely follow it unless you are talking about things at a massive scale.

While presenting your big data startup solutions, don’t simply talk about data and the kind of infrastructure you can offer for storing data or processing it, but you need to show them what kind of products you can build with the help of it. You need to point out how such products will help their business to grow further and make use of the real data to fuel their operations. Show then what type of analysis they can run or at the minimum, put it across in such way that you are considering data in a broader context than conventional.

5. Open source really matters if you consider it

Many of the big data startups now tend to rely on open-source applications. Some of the technology they have borrowed like Hadoop and Storm etc. Some others which they create by their own also come into the picture. In many other cases, it could be a fine combination of both with added functionality as to things like HBase. These type of projects are so popular because of community support.

The goal of technology in the open source arena is to create a solid community of experts working on the same set of codes to improve and streamline it. In such a scenario, you need to really get out and try to promote the technology inquest and explain every turn of it as to why it is so important to get more people willing to hack on the technology.

However, you may not be able to always count on any random startup that opens sourced the code, but only those companies which are pushing their projects to win a bigger community around their technology only stand out.

Baby Sleep Tips That Will Result in Rested Parents and Kids

If you’re a new parent struggling with sleep, both yours and your baby’s, you came to the right place. Sleep is vital because it will help you have more energy to bond with your baby and reduce your risk of developing postpartum depression. Now, remember while we typically associate postpartum depression with women, new fathers can also experience this. It can get so bad sometimes that they can regret having a baby as a lot of things change when a baby enters the equation. One of those changes is not being able to sleep properly at night. Now having said that, here are some of the best baby sleep tips that will keep you and your child rested.

Understand baby sleep

Babies’ sleep routine isn’t the same as yours. Keeping your baby awake just to make them tired and sleepy can often have opposite results. There’s something called over-stimulation that will make it difficult for them to fall asleep and stay asleep. An overtired baby will sleep shorter, so keep that in mind.

Start with a swaddle

During the early months (four to five), babies have the startle reflex that makes them feel like they are falling constantly. This causes jerking movements that can wake up your child. However, if you keep them in a tight swaddle, it will prevent them from startling themselves while they sleep and allow them to sleep longer and better. When your baby is snug as a bug in a rug, you will also get to catch more sleep!

Try dreamfeeding

The dreamfeed is the feeding that you give your baby just before they go to sleep. This prevents them from waking up just as you get into your own bed which is the worst thing in the world for a tired parent. The dreamfeed will really help your baby get more sleep and give you some extra bedtime before getting up.

Limit day naps

Waking up a sleeping baby might sound cruel, but long day naps will definitely rob both you and your child of nighttime sleep. Make sure your baby doesn’t sleep more than 2.5 hours at once. Wake your baby up gently, offer to feed, keep them awake a little and allow them to grab another nap. If you feel like they need more sleep, prolong that one nap and go back on track with a next nap.

Invest in cozy baby clothing

Baby’s skin is very sensitive and even the slightest discomfort can cause irritation and even pain which will make it impossible for your child to get a good night’s sleep. Luckily, today you can find organic baby clothes made of bamboo that is stretchy and provides your baby with a perfect fit. These are super soft on your little one’s delicate skin yet are perfect for both sleep and daily activities. Plus, the cuteness factor is immeasurable!

Play some white noise

No one likes to miss a party, not even babies. If you leave your child listening to all the fun that’s happening around the house, it can be very hard for them to fall asleep. So, bring some party to them in the form of a light fan or white noise machine. Getting your baby used to noise will be super practical in the future when you have guests over or have a family outing. Your baby will probably end up sleeping right through the event without you having to shush guests.

Come up with good routines

Babies love a good routine. They bring some order into a chaotic world and provide them with a sense of safety. So, make sure to choose a good pre-nap or pre-sleep routine that works for you and your kid. For instance, you can take the baby to their room, close the blinds, turn on the noise machine, sing a song and end your routine with a few soft loving words. You can say “I love you and I hope you have a good nap”. A full bedtime routine might be a bit longer and can involve a bath, massage, reading a book and feeding. However, what’s important is to stay true to your bedtime routine as much as possible to cue the baby for sleep. Over time, your child will learn what follows after a bedtime routine and will instantly become sleepy.

Learn to move your baby

If your child falls asleep in your arms, it can be tricky to move them without waking up. However, there are a few tricks. Watch their eyes and see if their eyes are moving under the lids (this means they are in deep sleep). Wait until their muscles are relaxed and listen for deep breathing. You can even administer a little test: Lift your baby’s arm and drop it. If they don’t stir, you can safely move them. Still, try to be as gentle as possible when laying them in the crib. Keep one hand on their back and one hand on their tummy to provide a continuous pressure that eases the transition. If they start to move, pat their belly a bit before you pull away. Also, try to maintain the same position as you pick them up and lay them down (as flat as possible). If you struggle to keep the position while putting them down in the crib, grab a step-stool to make putting your baby down a bit easier.

Ditch harsh lighting

Sleeping in total darkness provides babies and parents with the tightest sleep. But, what do you do when you need to change a diaper or engage in a bedtime story? You need some lighting that doesn’t disrupt your baby’s inner clock. Luckily, there are light wavelengths that are less likely to awaken your child completely. White lighting that contains the blue part of the spectrum is the most harmful to sleep, especially when it comes to young children. So, if you can block that blue light, you might minimize the negative effects of lighting at night. Think of grabbing low watt amber bulbs that will provide you with enough illumination yet protect your baby from blue wavelengths. There are also blue light filters that can reduce the negative effect of viewing electronics at night.

Sometimes, even 5 minutes of extra sleep will mean the world both to you and your baby. So, keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a well-rested and energetic family!

Brave Enough? Here Are Some Cyber Punk Fashion Ideas

The cyberpunk movement started in the early 60s, along with the birth of Space Age and the fascination with the universe, technology, and futuristic ideas. It started as a simple experiment with plastic, synthetic materials, and new ingenuities has turned into a popular dystopian aesthetic, especially after the release of mainstream movies such as the Matrix and Blade Runner. If you are brave enough to embrace this alternative style, here are some trends are taken from this year’s runways that are ideal for creating a modernized version of the cyberpunk aesthetic:

Oversized sneakers

An unavoidable part of the cyberpunk aesthetic for years, the ever-popular platform boots, are slowly starting to be replaced with incredibly fashionable chunky sneakers. An ideal way to take any outfit to the next level and give it an edgy and futuristic vibe, oversized sneakers should be a staple piece in every dystopian closet. For example, a pair of fashionable black Balenciaga sneakers with a chunky platform sole is ideal for pulling an outfit together and giving it a cool cyberpunk twist.


Cargo pants

Cargo pants are perfect for creating cool cyberpunk outfits that are equally trendy as they are alternative. If boiler suits and jumpsuits don’t really fit your personal style, cargo pants are the next best thing. With lots of big pockets to go around, these pants are as practical as they are fashionable, paired with chunky boots or a great pair of sneakers and embellished with some chains and thin belts.

Bike shorts

Comfortable and easy to style, gaining their popularity during the last year, bike shorts have become a staple piece amongst fashion designers and social media influencers alike. It’s no wonder these shorts became such a big trend that even made its way into the cyberpunk community. Having a certain rawness and edge to them, bike shorts are a futuristic piece of clothing that perfectly fits into the cyberpunk aesthetic, and they are an ideal option for anyone who wants to keep a low-key and comfortable vibe.

Boiler suits

Straightforward and easy to style, boiler suits are a great way to achieve dystopian aesthetic, without any need for too many layers or over the top accessories. A new fashion trend we saw all over the runways and street style looks during this year’s fashion month, boiler suits are simple, and very impactful items of clothing that perfectly fit into the cyberpunk category. Although they come in a wide array of different colors and designs, solid black boiler suits with plenty of zippers and pockets are the ideal cyberpunk option.


From transparent raincoats to vinyl trousers and glossy boots, plastic materials are slowly taking over the fashion world. The original cyberpunk staple, plastic materials are ideal for creating dystopian looks, from impactful clothing items to footwear and accessories. While a black vinyl coat resembling the futuristic movie look is a definite cyberpunk must-have, clear PVC outerwear is not only extremely trendy but also perfect for a modernized version of this alternative style.


Baggy on baggy

Brands such as Yeezy have popularized the ‘baggy combined with baggy’ look with intricate ripped pieces and asymmetrical cuts that slowly became a huge cyberpunk staple, so oversized trend doesn’t really stop with the footwear. It became a big part of the cyberpunk aesthetic. No need to be afraid anymore to lose shape by combining two oversized pieces, but rather embracing this extremely comfortable aesthetic, this chic look became extremely trendy even amongst the Instagram fashion elite.

Fanny packs

Aside from being extremely practical, holding all of your necessities and freeing your hands, fanny packs fit perfectly into the dystopian aesthetic and pair beautifully with anything from cargo pants and boiler suits to bike shorts and chunky sneakers. Among other 90’s trends that are slowly making a comeback, fanny packs have become an unavoidable part of any fashionable outfit. But apart from runway models and Instagram fashionistas, this accessory is also ideal for any cyberpunk enthusiast.


The cyberpunk aesthetic can now be easily achieved since the fashion industry is starting to experiment more with their designs and including futuristic and alternative clothing items into their collections. How? Simply, by incorporating a few trendy items into your outfits.

How to Help Your Kid Cope When a Grandparent Has Dementia

Dealing with a parent who suffers from some type of dementia is rather difficult, but if, on top of that, you have your own children to worry about, the whole situation becomes double the challenge. Still, keep in mind that you’re not alone. Many people face the same difficulties as you do and look for the best ways to approach their kids so that they can effectively help them cope with the change they see in their grandparent(s).

Try your best to answer the kids’ questions

It’s perfectly fine to open up to your kids on the matter of their grandparent’s dementia. After all, there’s no other way for them to learn more about this properly than by you talking to them. So, if they ask you questions, don’t hesitate to answer them. And if you happen not to know the answer, tell them so. There’s no reason to avoid this subject with kids when all they want is to understand what is happening to their grandparent better.

Of course, answer with the kids’ age in mind

As mentioned, being open with your kids about their grandparent’s condition is paramount if you wish to establish a better connection between your parents and children, and help the kids deal with the situation as painlessly as possible. But, you also have to provide the answers in an age-appropriate manner. You may be more open, logical and even use medical terms with a teenager, but if you have pre-school kids, use the simple terms they will understand.

Encourage the connection

Depending on the type of dementia and the overall condition of their grandparent, the kids can explore different ways to spend some quality time with them. Of course, you should suggest ideas as well. Sometimes it’s enough to watch TV together or have your kids read to the ill grandparent. And in case your parents enjoy some of the current dementia home care programs, the professionals on the matter can suggest activities that would both grandparents and children find entertaining. These programs are highly individualized with skilled and energetic staff that’s always there to help.

Share the fondness and love in your parent’s stead

In their state of confusion, your kids’ grandparent may not be able to express all the love, pride and fondness they feel for them. Not to mention that younger kids may misunderstand the behavior and think that their grandparent no longer cares for them. This is why it’s so important to talk about all the loving and nice things the grandparent has said about your kids and communicate the love they feel for the youngsters.

Make the most out of available literature

You don’t have to rely on your power of explanation only when it comes to helping your kids cope with their grandparent’s dementia. Thankfully, you can also utilize some books that carefully and engagingly deal with the whole process of dementia change. For instance, books such as Still Alice or Dancing with Rose are good for older kids, while the younger kids may benefit more from books like Still My Grandma or The Memory Box. If necessary, you can read it to them.

Whatever unfortunate situation you may find yourself in, don’t leave your children in the dark. They deserve to know what’s going on with their grandparent. What’s more, being able to understand what’s happening to their grandma or grandpa will help them overcome their own insecurities, and spend some more quality time caring and enjoying the company of their grandparent. This will mean the world for all of you as a family.

New Medicine Trends – Best Technology Impact on Medicine

Technological development can’t be stopped and there are many reasons why we shouldn’t even try. With information becoming globally available, instant communication and many other advantages of today, it’s pretty exciting to look into the future. If we take the audio-visual market, for example, and see how rapidly it’s been developing, we just have to be ready to embrace the new opportunities and make the most of them.

One of the fields that have greatly benefited from technological breakthroughs is definitely medicine. Modern technology plays an increasingly important part of diagnosing and treating patients from all over the world. So, what are the most noticeable trends in medicine that rely heavily upon and almost exclusively on modern technology?

Patients are more aware of procedures

Until not so long ago, surgeons had to have lengthy discussions with their patients before surgeries. They would carefully explain the procedure and most patients were not absolutely clear what to expect. Some argue that it was possible for the best and that the less the patient knows, the less they worry. However, in this day and age, you simply need to be informed, especially when it comes to such important matters as your health.

Nowadays, you can find recordings of various procedures, which give you an excellent idea about what you’re about to go through. If you are supposed to have a neurosurgical procedure, it would be a great idea to take a look at some of the videos by Dr. Timothy Steel performing surgeries of different kinds. Though you might find the content too graphic to your liking, you’ll surely appreciate the knowledge about what is going to happen to you.

Options are no longer limited

In case you need a second opinion or want to find the most skilled doctor, you’re no longer limited to your town or country. It’s now possible to get in touch with the most renowned medical institutions and experts in the search for the best possible health care. All this is made possible thanks to modern technology.

You can also find comments made by people who have received treatment from various doctors and institutions and see what they think about it. Needless to say, you have to be careful when considering such comments, because no two cases are completely identical.

AI in healthcare

Artificial intelligence is another feature that is becoming more and more prominent. There are still many regulations and compliance issues that limit its application in medicine, but the healthcare industry is definitely taking advantage of AI already. For example, smartphones and AI assistants are used to collect information relevant to our health.

That information is then used by doctors for analysis, which is made much more precise and time-efficient because all the relevant information has been collected by a smart device. Such a big data analysis was not possible before the introduction of modern technology to medicine. Following the analysis, doctors have a much clearer and more precise picture of the patient’s health.

Improved learning

While some future doctors still dissect frogs in order to learn anatomy, those privileged to be studying in technologically more advanced countries have a chance to acquire knowledge assisted by monitors, smartboards, and labs that facilitate virtual dissection. And there is much more! Professors are able to present videos to students in-person or remotely, which means more people can benefit from the state-of-the-art equipment.

Also, medical students can now listen to many lectures given by renowned experts in their respective fields and learn much more than they could if they only focused on the lectures at their universities. By bringing people together, in this case, present and future experts, technology is improving the quality of health care and providing benefits to both doctors and their patients.

Technology is improving all segments of our lives if used appropriately. Medicine is one of the greatest beneficiaries and we can agree that it’s hard to find more valuable benefits than those related to the health of our loved ones. While there are some limitations caused by legislation or lack of resources and know-how, it’s safe to assume that it’s only a matter of time before a wider community is able to benefit from technological breakthroughs used in medicine.

A Business Startup Guide for Choosing the Right Technologies

A business startup in itself comes as a great display of its values and prepositions. The concept of “startup” is all about conceiving an innovative idea and then getting taking it up to a higher execution level and reap the results. All these; however, depending on the technology which is picked by the business administrators, which may give a powerful start and ongoing scalability to run the business operations with a proper technology toolkit.

In broader terms, a technology stack for any business is an inventory of software including programming languages to develop a website or mobile applications, a database to store information, and support for hosting, etc. When you start with a business for which one needs to go through various steps, the real issue is of choosing the apt, reliable, and solid technology to meet the objectives. Here, we will discuss a few essentials for the startup business owners in terms of picking the right technology.

Developing a talent pool

With a big number of technology tools available in the market, the technology stack choice may become an intensive debate and must be based on the most competent units. The technology choices should be made by an experienced technology architect and not the mere developers or administrators. The users may suggest a tech stack which they are familiar or with instead of the most effective solution from a business point of view.

However, remember that the technology stack should not be taken as gospel. One should learn the requirements in-depth and try to find a middle-ground in terms of time and cost. It may be difficult and costly to replace a team member in light of technology. So, it is always worth to ask to assess the expertise of the team members in terms of technology tools to make a final decision.

For example, putting a Dot Net developer into a Java development stack doesn’t make any sense. Instead, if it is only some minor technology utilities which your team member has not expertise, it can be easily patched.

Technology platform

There are two most appealing houses not to choose for you as web and mobile. There are more than a dozen factors to be considered to find which could be ideal, but still, it may remain as a controversy. In fact, whichever choice you make, it won’t negate the other fully as both of these needs to be healthily co-exist in the modern-day technology gadgets.

The solution is to now the end-product of your business well. You should be aware of what and why it stands for and how to leverage it at best. Is it best to have your application a naturally looking mobile app, if in case it can be operated through simple swipes like authenticators, messengers, food ordering, or taxi services, etc.)? On the other hand, if the application requires many tons of options for filling data, more precise clicks, etc. for the best user experience like managing forums, torrent tracker, or movies platform, then web version can be a winner.

Business database, database migration, and security

The database is the heart of any online business. You may have come across Microsoft Excel and may agree to the usefulness of this stool to store and manipulate data effectively. Similar to it, the databases like MySQL or MS Access also helps you store digital data in tabular forms as tables with rows and columns. However, unlike MS Excel, the featured database is packed with a lot of advanced features to enable users to add and retrieve data using different criteria, do cross-reference of data with other databases, perform the most sophisticated calculations, and also use the tools for data visualization.

It is important to set up the startup business databases in a structured manner from scratch to ensure usability and scalability at a later stage. For organizations to ensure effective database management and security, it is advisable to avail the service of expert DBAs like RemoteDBA.com, which is fully worth the money spent on their services. There are desktop databases and server databases for startup businesses to choose from.

Some of the major desktop databases are:

  • MS Access
  • FoxPro
  • FileMaker Pro
  • Paradox
  • Lotus Approach

Desktop databases are much cheaper than server databases, being suitable for the low-intensity databases accessed and updated by a single person and one at a time.

Server databases are:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • IBM DB2
  • Cloud-based Azure etc.

Compared to desktop databases, server databases are much powerful and multi-functional. You can customize them easily through programmer-friendly APIs. For bigger web applications, multiple users may have to access and edit the data, so server database is advisable.

Database security

Security is a crucial part in database administration as data is the most valuable asset of businesses and hackers out there may try to steal it. Poor database management practices also may lead to corruption of data and loss. As databases grow bigger, they also become more vulnerable, and you need to enhance the protection with the help of a firewall, digital signature, and malware protection, etc.

Technology trends

Despite the various options in the market, the startup businesses can still see the patterns as to certain technology tools being preferred over others when it comes to administering the startup projects successfully. Here, let’s have a quick over of some of such latest technology startups tend to consider in their stack in 2019.

  • Programming languages: Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go
  • Frameworks: Angular.js, Node.js, Django
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB (NoSQL)
  • DevOps: GitHub, Docker
  • Servers: Apache, NGINX
  • Business tools: Trello, Slack
  • Utilities: Google Analytics

All these general overviews about technology stack for startup business we discuss actually only touches a minor fraction of the actual technology combinations one can consider to forge a system. Whether you choose .NET, Java, LAMP, RAR, or MEAN stack, one should take into consideration the scope and size of the future projects too as many a time it would be more important than the real perks offered by the aforementioned tech stacks.

Anyways, reliability is the key factor to consider while picking up your tech stack for startups. As a rule of thumb, the more matured tools you add to it will ensure the most consistency in performance and make the life of the technology administrators and stakeholder much easier and efficient.