How to Choose a Safe Video Chat to Talk to Your Family

Cyber security is a real threat nowadays. While you might think cyber crime only affects businesses and billionaires, that’s not the case. All types of individuals are targeted online, and that’s why you need to be extra careful.

One of the ways criminals gain access to your information is through video chat. While there are a number of free or affordable video chat tools online nowadays, how do you know which one is safe? Here’s how to choose a safe video chat to talk to your family with confidence.


1. Protect Your Computer

The first thing you should do is make sure your computer is protected. The good news is that most video chats are unlikely to be monitored or recorded by outsiders. Most data transmitted through any trusted video chat platform is encrypted within the browser, and that means it can’t be intercepted by a third-party.

However, you should take action to make sure your computer is safe from harmful viruses or malware. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, there are 2,645 records stolen from data breaches every minute. TYu need to make sure your computer is clean and safe, whether that means recruiting the help of a professional or installing anti-virus software.


2. Set Safety Rules

Next, before you can choose a safe video chat platform, it’s important to set clear safety rules. Many kids don’t have experience online or talking to family over the internet, so you want to set clear rules from the start. Make sure kids know how to verify the identity of family members and to always come to you if they experience any problems.


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3. Check Security Features

Before choosing a video chat service, check safety features. Look for key things like encryption and privacy protection. Is it possible to have a private account that isn’t easy to find? How does this company keep your data safe from strangers?

These are important questions, and they might not always be clear upfront. If your kids will be using the chat tool to talk to family, are their child protection options to keep them from being contacted by strangers? Say Family Video Chat is an example of a platform built with family security in mind. It’s always a good practice to ensure safe internet usage, a big problem online can be identity theft and protecting your information is really important


4. How Easy Is It to Use?

Last but not least, make sure whatever video chat you use is easy for the whole family. If it’ll be used by grandparents and kids alike, everyone needs to know how to use it to their advantage. If it’s too complicated or confusing, this is when security mistakes are made.

In addition, ensure everyone in the family follows online safety rules like making a secure password and keeping your personal information private. As long as everyone’s on the same page about safety, odds are you’re ready to start video chatting right away.


Keep the Family Connected Safely

Video chat has come a long way, but it still poses a safety risk for families. Many families use video chat tools to keep in touch when separated long distances, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Like all tech tools, you need to be educated and safe.

These tips above will not only help you choose the best platform for your family, but they’ll make sure you’re using them safely. It’s time to get calling!

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