Working Abroad: 5 Helpful Tips For Preparing Yourself And Your Family For The Big Move

Moving as a family can be quite stressful for everyone involved, that’s why it’s essential to be organized and prepared for everything that might happen during the moving process. Even though your first reaction might be to panic, it might be much better to take some time and start planning your next steps. Whether it’s you who’s will be working overseas, or your spouse or maybe the both of you, it’s crucial to stay calm and collected, mostly for the sake of the kids who are probably even more confused than you. So in order to make your transition much smoother, here are some helpful tips that will help you prepare for the big move:

Do your research

Before you start doing anything else, it is absolutely crucial to research your new place of residence, especially if it is culturally different from your home country. Therefore, getting informed regarding real estate prices, rent options, utility costs, crime rates, taxes, healthcare plans, and mentality. Of course, there is information that is only available once you go there, but nowadays thanks to technological advancements, there are many forums, message boards and groups on social media where you can find out everything without leaving your home.

Sort out the visas

Getting your visa sorted is essential, mainly since it is such a time-consuming and often stressful task. So, before you decide to start packing, it is recommended to visit an embassy or the consulate of the country you’re moving to, in order to collect all the information and start taking care of the visa-obtaining process. Similarly, you should update your passports, and if they’re expiring soon, make sure to apply for new ones in a timely manner. Even though visas might be the last thing on your mind, it is important to take care of that before saying goodbye to your friends and family. In case your new employer is dealing with these matters, then you should definitely keep in touch with them on a regular basis, so you could be sure that everything is in order. 

Plan activities for your kids

Enrolling your kids to a foreign school isn’t such an easy task, but once you get it done, you should also look for other activities that can help your kids adapt and socialize. In some cultures, such as Asian, parents prefer to send their kids to various after school classes in order to help them boost their grades. Hence, if you’re moving to that part of the world you can send your kids to the best playgroup in Hong Kong as this place boasts many international schools and kindergartens that can help your kids meet new friends from all over the world, while also teaching them a unique set of skills. Being busy can help them improve their language skills and become more used to their new home. 

Find the most suitable school 

Children are usually the first to adapt, but that doesn’t mean you should find the best school that suits their needs. You can contact other ex-pats and ask for recommendations, or even better, try contacting the schools yourself. Also, you should focus on international schools, or if that’s not possible, then look for those that are forthcoming and welcome children of all cultures and backgrounds. In case your children are going to learn a new language, you should also enroll them in language classes prior to the trip, so they’ll be able to communicate to a certain level once they arrive. 

Don’t worry too much

Adjusting to a new place takes some time, and remember that all people are different, so don’t get too harsh on yourself if you feel like you’re not living up to your own standards. This is very important for your kids, so be sure to treat them with kindness and patience, especially if you see that they’re having issues fitting into their new school. Moving to a new place is a big step, so always make sure to be patient and give yourself and your loved ones some time to adjust and learn the ropes, before making more permanent plans. So, if you or your child are struggling to adjust, it is best to plan a fun physical activity exercise that will be enjoyable for the whole family, especially if it’s done in a nice park or swimming pool. 


Preparing your family for the big move requires planning and knowledge, so before you start doing anything, always aim to get thoroughly informed as that is the first step towards having a safe, stress-free and easy move to a new place of residence. 

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