Do I Use Tarpaulin or Patio Furniture Covers?

Garden furniture

I have a big furniture set that I only use during the summer. I don’t like using plastic furniture covers as they look awful and can damage furniture, plus also make me feel sweaty and closed in. I know some people use patio furniture covers that are breathable but those seem to be quite expensive. Please could you advise?


What Furniture Covers Do You Have For Your Patio?

I need to buy furniture covers for my patio as we never use it, even though we paid good money for it! Does anyone have any advice on where I can get cheap furniture covers? My garden is not exposed to direct sunlight or rain either so am thinking furniture covers made of tarpaulin might be best as they are inexpensive and waterproof.

I Need Cheap Furniture Covers for My Deck

We recently had our decking done and want furniture covers for it, mainly to protect it from the elements so furniture doesn’t get damaged. Can anyone recommend a site where I can buy furniture covers cheaply? We will also need furniture covers for several barbeques plus a small garden gazebo so would appreciate advice on places to buy them too.


Can You Use The Wind To Put On Patio Furniture Covers?

My patio furniture is quite big and bulky so struggle to put the furniture covers on it myself without breaking something! It’s time I got some help putting the furniture covers over my set but again didn’t want to buy furniture covers that would take two people to fit. I see on some furniture covers you can use the wind to put them on but am unsure as to whether this is a realistic option or not – any advice?

Advice on Putting Furniture Covers Over a Garden Parasol

Garden furniture is represented with a well-designed parasol and its cover

We have a small garden parasol and recently had a bad storm with lots of wind which blew it over and snapped one of the wooden posts. I need furniture covers for my parasol as we don’t want the same thing happening again, especially not when we’re having guests over! Will furniture covers help protect our garden parasol from almost certain future storms? Or will patio furniture covers be better suited? 

Are you looking for furniture covers to protect your furniture from the harsh elements of Mother Nature?  We will compare two products that are used for this purpose.


These are furniture covers and tarpaulin

Firstly, let’s look at Patio Furniture Covers.  This is a reasonable solution for these people who have patio furniture only, but not any other outdoor furniture.  The downside of this method is that you can store your furniture undercover, but if it rains while you are out on vacation the water unfortunately isn’t going to avoid getting your furniture wet. Another thing to keep in mind is that they look good when new but because they tend to be made from cheap materials they aren’t going to last after repeated years of use or even just one year.  The seams are not very strong and if the furniture covers take on moisture it tends to stretch out causing even more damage to the furniture.

Patio furniture covers are an option but read on to discover how tarpaulin can provide complete outdoor furniture protection all year round regardless of where you live in the world.

Tarpaulin furniture covers are for people who want durable long-lasting furniture coverings that will protect their furniture from rain, snow, ice, and other tough elements no matter what kind of furniture they have or where they live.  This is because tarpaulin is made up of tough waterproof polyethylene which means it won’t stretch, shrink or tear.  Tarpaulin furniture covers are also designed to protect furniture that is not covered by furniture like bars and desks.

If you want furniture that will last longer regardless of where you live then tarpaulin furniture covers are the best option for you.



Tarpaulin furniture covers are the best choice for furniture protection.  They are more durable, better looking with fewer bulky seams, and will last longer than furniture covers.

Patio furniture covers are best for furniture that you only have on your patio.  Tarpaulin furniture covers are great if you want furniture protection all year round or if you run an outdoor furniture business.


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