How to Organize Your Stuff Before it Goes Into Storage

How to Organize Your Stuff Before it Goes Into Storage

Putting your things into storage can be whatever kind of process you make it — you can go through it by tossing things willy nilly, but you can also go a bit wild with the organization and drive yourself up a wall. There’s no need for either, though, because you can find the perfect system of organization to store your things before you put them into storage. No matter how much stuff you have, you can organize it so you can make the most of your storage situation.


Whether you’re moving, or simply learning how to tidy and organize your space, getting into some simple organizational practices can help you more than you realize. If you’re unsure where to start, here are a few ways to organize your things before you put them into storage.

1.  Pear Down

This step might be a little painful depending on what you’re storing, but it can be one of the most effective — not just in managing the load, but in going through your things and understanding what you have in front of you. You can go with the classic choice of figuring out what sparks joy or you can simply go based on what you actually need and use. Especially if you happen to be moving, getting rid of a few things can reduce a lot of the stress involved.

2.  Disinfect

While you’re cleaning out, you may want to make sure you’re literally cleaning out. Things can get dirty when you store them for a while, and if you find yourself moving during COVID, you can never be too careful. This can even help you be more thorough as you organize your things.

3.  Create a System

When it comes to the meat of the organization process, finding a system that works for your process and your belongings will lead you towards a successful move. Everyone is different, which means that someone with lots of clothes will likely have different needs from someone with an abundance of comic books. Maybe you need to organize things by year or by material. Look up the needs of your possessions and plan accordingly.

4.  Label

When you pack things away, keeping track of what goes where can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, and it becomes even more important when some items are fragile or require specific storing conditions. Use a label maker to label boxes and bins specifically based on their contents so when you move things to the storage facility, you can keep things moving smoothly with minimal mistakes.

5.  Use Coordinating Boxes

While this might not always be possible, using boxes and bins that can easily stack on top of one another, that fit into one another or store easily together is one of the best ways to stay organized when moving things into storage, both in the moment and when you need to find things again at a later date. If you can find matching or coordinating boxes for your things, you should definitely do it.

Organizing Before You Store

While getting organized may not always seem worth it, when you have your things neatly organized and ready for storage, you may find yourself thinking a bit differently. Organizing can make your life so much easier. What do you plan to organize first?

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