4 Simple and Fun Party Game Ideas

4 Simple and Fun Party Game Ideas

With authorities rushing to distribute vaccines, there’s encouraging news for folks weary of the confinement that the COVID-19 pandemic wrought. It will soon be safe to return to gatherings, and if you’re like many, you’re probably chomping at the bit. Here are four fun and simple party game ideas that you can play at your reunion bash with all your best buddies.

1. Charades

Charades is one of the most classic dinner party games of all time. You can find dozens of variations of this game online — or invent your own.


The beauty of this game is that you don’t need any equipment, other than paper and pencils, and perhaps a hat. Have your guests jot down a word or phrase, including books, celebrity names, and TV shows. Then, place all the slips in the hat and divide groups into two teams. One participant silently pantomimes the word or phrase they drew, and the first team to guess the correct answer gets the point.

2. Darts

If you are too low-budget to afford a pool table, you can often find dartboards for under $100 at many retailers. Many feature soft tips that won’t damage your drywall when you make a wayward toss. Plus, you can’t tack your in-laws’ picture to this style of board, sparing you an argument with your spouse.


You can find dozens of dart variations — from the standard 301 to games like cricket. The laid-back nature of this pastime lends itself to drinking and watching sports, which is why you’ll find these amenities in many bars.

3. Adult Scavenger Hunts

Many companies feature scavenger hunts as team-building exercises — it’s a fun way to get to know others. You can throw dozens of creative items on your list. Think outside the solo search box and partner up to make this game more collaborative. This can be a great way to partake in some outdoor activities.


If you want to make a super-tough variation, why not give out the clue sheet to guests before they arrive? After all, not all households have things like VHS tapes anymore. The couple or individual who finds the most items gets a free pass when it comes to helping with party cleanup.

4. Trivia

Trivia provides endless fun, whether your version features random questions from every category or resigns itself to entertainment and sports. Best of all, you can whip out this idea at your next Zoom happy hour — you don’t have to wait for a return to normalcy.


As with most party games, this one is more fun when played as a team. That way, blowing an “easy” question doesn’t sting individual egos — and two heads really are better than one.


Try to partner off like the fictional Jack Sprat and his wife. If you wouldn’t know a tackle from a fumble, pick the teammate sporting a Steelers jersey who has never seen a single episode of “Say Yes to the Dress.”

Try These Simple and Fun Party Game Ideas at Your Next Gathering

With vaccines rapidly arriving, it will soon be time to bring back the house party. Try these simple and fun games at your next gathering and enjoy chilling with your BFFs once more.

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