The Most Iconic Road Trips in Australia You Should Try This Year


From pristine, glistening beaches to lush green forests, including the dusty red outback, Australia truly offers some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes you can hardly come across anywhere else in the world. For this reason, adventurous road trips are among the most popular activities in Australia, especially during the time when holidays aren’t such an attainable goal, and you might want to enjoy your travel experience more, while you’re still able to head out and explore.

If experiencing the gorgeous sceneries and unique adventures is on your radar, here are some of the most iconic road trip routes in Australia you should definitely try this year:

The Great Ocean Road

Often described as an incredibly pleasant and picturesque experience, the Great Ocean Road is arguably the most popular, as well as the most famous drive in Australia. The road stretches nearly 250km through the windswept coastline of the Southern Ocean, providing some of the most beautiful sea sceneries and a number of charming coastal towns to visit along the way, representing the ideal drive to take regardless of the season. When planning a trip down the Great Ocean Road, it’s recommended to choose a route from Torquay to Port Fairy, stopping at destinations like Apollo Bay, Lorne, and the famous 12 Apostles sites, a gorgeous drive that’s suitable for family travel as well.

The Gibb River Road

Ranging over 660km, the Gibb River Road takes you from Derby to Kununurra, and is often touted as being one of the most legendary outback drives. With rugged ridges, hidden gorges, and that incredibly liberating feeling of the open road, this route represents the perfect road trip for the more adventurous at heart. Requiring a 4WD vehicle, the Gibb River Road is a bumpy ride, but it makes for quite a unique experience once you spot a bulging boab tree or the rocky Cockburn Range. However, the drive isn’t entirely deserted, as it also offers the opportunity to explore the Aboriginal culture, take a dip in a glassy waterhole, or even swim in the popular infinity pool at Lake Argyle while overlooking the surging islands.

The Grand Pacific Drive

Although a bit shorter at just 140km, the Grand Pacific Drive is still one of Australia’s most iconic routes, which makes for a brilliant day or weekend-long road trip. Starting in the Royal National Park just outside of Sydney and taking you down to the Shoalhaven region, the only thing this drive truly requires is for you to find a great car and truck rental option in Sydney, and hit the open road. The winding yet pleasant Grand Pacific Drive will take you through some of the region’s most popular holiday spots, such as Kiama and Wollongong, but if you give yourself an extra few days, you might be able to explore all the wonders that the South Coast has to offer, including pristine beaches, great wineries, as well as the well-known Kiama Blowhole.

The Seafood Frontier

If you want to learn about Australia as much as possible during your travels, the Seafood Frontier might be your best option. Following the breathtaking coastline of the Eyre Peninsula, this drive represents a true seafood safari where you could eat your way along the shore, from the incredible oysters in Coffin Bay to the delicious tuna in Port Lincoln. But apart from an incredible cuisine, this road trip will also offer a number of interesting activities you could try out, whether it’s simply walking along the stunning beaches, swimming with charming sea lions, or even going on a cage-diving adventure with great white sharks if you’re brave enough for such an undertaking. Although a bit different from other typical road trips, the Seafood Frontier truly combines the best Australia has to offer.

The Great Alpine Road

Taking you through the Victorian High Country to the Gippsland Lakes region, the Great Alpine Road stretches around 500km, and makes for a slightly different road trip experience. The drive winds through deep valleys, stunning mountain ranges, glistening waterways, as well as fantastic wine regions. Including charming historic towns, this route encompasses the best of Australia, and is a brilliant road trip option no matter the time of year. Whether you wish to try the famous lamingtons in Beechworth, taste incredible local wine in King Valley and Rutherglen, go on a hike through the Mount Buffalo National Park in the summer, or even opt for downhill skiing at Mt Hotham in the winter, the Great Alpine Road always makes for a unique and unforgettable adventure.


As a vast country offering some of the most incredible sceneries in the world, Australia is filled with beautiful road trip routes, and you surely won’t make a mistake no matter which one of these iconic drives you opt for.

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